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Third Eye Integration and Understandings

In yogic texts the ‘physical’ pineal gland is connected to the 6th chakra or ‘third eye’. The third eye is in the etheric body and is not ‘physical’. The pituitary gland is the cosmic receiver and channels selected frequencies through its hormonal secretions to the pineal. The pineal then amplifies and sends them throughout the body. The pineal has the control over what will and will not transmit to the rest of the body. It is the master “switch” which affects consciousness.

When this ‘switch’ is open clarity is experienced and all other chakra centres begin to open and heal as a result. More and more of our human electromagnetic field or aura becomes clear and radiant. This is felt as increased positivity and feelings of unity. This glow actually softens our appearance and we become more youthful and beautiful. The third eye cannot take action however, it only receives insights. It must align with the two lowest chakras. The identity (or sacral) and the base, that is the centre of creativity and relationships and the centre of discipline and responsibility. However first we must open the crown chakra to allow renewing energies in from the universe and to experience joy. If we don’t we remain as a closed system apparently separated from all life.

The crown chakra is associated with trust and faith in oneself, devotion, inspiration and spontaneity. An open crown chakra is the key to happiness and the beginning of the reconnection of our ‘junk’ DNA. Once the crown is open, activating the third eye is necessary to bring all other chakras into balance and harmony. This centre promotes trust, confidence, forgiveness, emotional balance and responsible behaviour. These traits and fundamental spiritual principles are associated with the other chakras. Therefore it is important that the third eye is opened after the crown to bring the others into line.

“If thy eye be single, the whole body will be filled with light” (Mathew 6:22)

Third Eye Awareness

third eyeWhen we are responding to a situation or even just trying to deal with our own negative thoughts it is important that we place our consciousness or awareness in the third eye. Placing it in the solar plexus, our emotional centre, will see the situation from a place of past emotions which will unlikely be resourceful. Dealing with situations and life from the emotional centre leads to a reactive response. Placing our awareness in the third eye leads to a calm unemotional response. The third eye is the centre of clarity and appropriate choice. It is more objective and promotes compassion without getting involved in the drama. The solar plexus usually brings some kind of reactive response depending on how much work has been done in this area.

The third eye distinguishes essence from behaviour, clarity from confusion and truth from falsehood. Third eye focus is the source of self esteem. People who enjoy their work focus out of the third eye. Others who focus out of their normal eyes only see a focal point or limited edition of life. When focus is maintained through the third eye we have open focus. In other words we respond to life with enthusiasm. When we lose focus, that is view life from our normal two eyes, we have closed focus and become overwhelmed by it.

Without Third Eye Focus There is NO Wisdom

In todays’ society we have lots of intellectual type thinking but unfortunately not much wisdom. Using the third eye allows us to use the intellect appropriately because it is tempered with a much broader awareness. It also permits us to use the emotions in the context of a spiritual or broader understanding of life. Wisdom is the ability to recognise the impact of conduct and its far reaching effects which in turn promotes good judgement. Intellectualism (or being over emotional) is one of the symptoms of only seeing life through the five senses.

Wisdom or the opening of the upper chakras in particular the third eye helps you recognise the impact of conduct and its far reaching effects. This automatically promotes good judgement. However remember that the third eye cannot take action. It receives insights but it must be in alignment with the two lowest chakras. The ID or sacral chakra and the base chakra. That is the centre of creativity and relationships and the centre of discipline and responsibility. This alignment will manifest creative solutions in line with our divinity.

Third Eye Perception

The first thing we need to do is discern the difference from ‘seeing’ through normal consciousness and ‘seeing’ through the third eye level of consciousness. Let me give you an example of both. If your third eye was completely closed it’s unlikely that you would be reading this page. However clearly there will be different levels of awakening/consciousness depending on how open it is.

If you were to go to a busy supermarket and be focused on the solar plexus/emotional centre perhaps some level of anxiety and frustration would rear their ugly heads. However if you went to the same supermarket and focused instead on the third eye you would feel detached from the drama going on around you. Focusing on the solar plexus would mean that you would always react to situations in the supermarket. It is important to live life through the forehead/third eye. It distinguishes essence from behaviour, clarity from confusion and truth from falsehood.

Another example. Walking down the street focusing through only our two ‘normal’ eyes which would mean a focal point is created. Life would be perceived as linear and 3D. The world of the 5 senses (Beta state). Instead try looking through the forehead/third eye where the ‘focal point’ would be all inclusive. This is similar to looking at a scene and seeing it all at once instead of just the “pretty girl” in the foreground (Alpha state). By using this method of operating in the world we always see the ‘bigger picture’ and therefore cannot be lied to. We see straight through the ‘illusion’.

Further Thoughts

The perception one has when looking through the third eye is a slightly ‘dreamy’ way of being. ‘Clear vision’ and indeed clairvoyance can be achieved by staring intensely at an object while simultaneously being aware of the background. When focus is maintained through the use of the third eye, we ride life, when we lose focus we feel overwhelmed by it. Third eye focus is the source of self esteem. It is noticeable that those who focus through the forehead/third eye are operating at a different frequency level. Their left and right brains are communicating and they enjoy their life. Those who focus through just 2 eyes are limited in their thinking because they operate through the left hand brain only and therefore tend not to enjoy life so much. They are not so connected to something much bigger.

There are many different methods of opening the third eye. For example tapping with a finger on the forehead, lowering the frequency of perception to alpha, theta, delta states using meditation. Always keeping a dreamy open focus in any situation is very therapeutic. Also concentrating on a fixed point while seeing the surroundings is similarly very effective. In truth opening the third eye will only happen when you begin to bring some ‘spiritual discipline’ back into your life. Refusing to be part of the insanity that has been our world so far. If you require help with this then consider taking my 36 Day Self Mastery Course.

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