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The Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi)

We can clear the Crown and Third eye quite quickly especially in these times of huge energy shifts. The Throat Chakra however will “open” gradually through consistent acknowledgement of our goodness and value. The throat is to do with “inner self esteem”. Our “outer self esteem” is to do with our relationship with the outside world. It is very much influenced by the Identity (sacral) chakra. We can have a strong throat chakra and feel confident and powerful within ourselves but a weak identity chakra. We can be frightened and uncertain about actualising our potential in relationships or in society.

I used to suffer from this because my Solar plexus chakra or emotional centre was full of rage. This was courtesy of genetics aka being born into the family lineage that I chose and conditioning. This over spilled into my identity chakra making me think that I was Mr Angry. This issue did not allow me to develop or demonstrate my true identity or essence till relatively recently.

Throat Chakra & Inadequacy

When we feel inadequate there is a decline in self esteem and therefore the throat chakra begins to weaken. Inadequacy is endemic in our society. For example, competition where there is always a loser. Or conforming our appearance and the way we act to social norms. We feel safer conforming to the group identity because our ancestors stayed alive doing this. It has been pre-programmed into our genes. BUT, this way of being is long past its sell by date. Staying in the group or tribal mind only serves the cogs of a dysfunctional society and not our individual evolution. Our own thoughts and what we say will weaken the throat chakra.

Our thoughts and words are greatly affected when we are constantly exposed to conditioning that undermines spiritual principles. All our words should be carefully chosen and observed. Attitude proceeds manifestation. When the throat chakra is strong, both praise and criticism are received with ease. When we unite and integrate the purity and power of the throat chakra with the open crown and third eye, power flows from source. Affirmations especially in the alpha/theta states (meditation) strengthen the throat chakra. A powerful general affirmation for the throat chakra is:

“Mistakes are necessary for learning and growing”

So let me try to give you a slightly more expanded understanding because no chakra works in isolation. We need inspiration and imagination to open the crown, objectiveness and open focus to clear the third eye and affirmations to open the throat chakra. But, the most important work, certainly initially, is to work on the second brain or lower three chakras.


Clearly, the throat chakra is related to communication. If we are unable to communicate effectively both knowing when and how to listen or when and how to express ourselves we will likely have issues in the thyroid, mouth or neck. Balance in how we communicate is essential for the smooth running of this centre. The thyroid gland is most closely associated with this chakra.

An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) tends to come about when we feel like giving up or hopelessly stifled;

An overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) tends to come about when we are very angry that we are left out.

There is also a condition known as goiter which is an enlargement of the thyroid. This can produce a swelling in the neck. This can come about when we hate being put upon but often feel like a victim. We tend to feel prevented from accomplishing anything in life.

Just keep in mind if you are having thyroid, neck or jaw problems your body is telling you to examine your communication skills. Your communication skills depend on your relationship with yourself as indicated at the beginning of this article.


It would be a good idea at this stage to sit down and contemplate whether you have any of these problems and to see what comes up for you. Doing this regularly keeps you in tip-top holistic balance. It is our beLIEfs and perceptions about life and about ourselves that keep us locked into a certain mode of operation and therefore possible imbalances. This is then reflected in the decisions we make in the “outside” world. For example such things as diet and exercise. Changing, or better still dropping beliefs completely is absolutely essential if we are to experience “Oneness” or Universal Mind. By feeling this we move into higher purpose. Therefore Contemplation on a daily basis is absolutely essential.

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