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The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The Solar Plexus chakra has caused many problems for humanity. This is the area where we keep emotions accumulated in the past and bring them into the present moment by default. For example, I used to react fearfully or angrily to almost every situation that I felt intimidated or overwhelmed by. This was because my awareness was in this chakra and my third eye was closed.

To use the solar plexus chakra appropriately we must use it with the third eye open because it is the centre of emotion. To use it on its own with the third eye closed is to stay in the emotional/subjective reality. This is fine when we experience positive emotions but very undesirable when we experience lower emotions. Used with the third eye open brings clarity and objectiveness. It is the centre of personal experience and emotion in context to ones’ spiritual journey. In a healthy state, it directs, for example, a singer, actor or teacher and so on projects emotion. However, it also absorbs from our environment.

We have of course been living in an unhealthy environment. Our society is unduly centred in this chakra. We have therefore allowed ourselves to be overly guided by our emotions, feelings and self-centred desires. Without a balanced attitude to life, that is a conscious or spiritual approach this centre is vulnerable to emotional turmoil. We become agitated if we do not have the spiritual knowledge to comprehend the meaning and purpose of life circumstances. This requires the other chakras or ‘seals’ to work efficiently especially the upper chakras.

Without adequate awareness of the spiritual component of life the experience of being human often generates confusion, dissatisfaction and fear. These powerful destructive emotions located in this area can disrupt the other chakras, interrupt health, personal development and relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalance

Repeated conscious or unconscious focus on this area will enlarge the solar plexus area. This enlarged area of energy pours into the heart and identity (sacral) chakras, the latter, of course, is the source of worldly esteem. This affects the proper functioning of those chakras and therefore health. For example, the heart can become becomes vulnerable. Also, as the solar plexus blends with the identity chakra this creates self-esteem problems as well as difficulties in developing an identity in the world. In both cases, it brings with it a sensitivity to stimuli which very often results in us withdrawing as protection. We can also numb this hypersensitivity by using distraction techniques such as drugs, alcohol, overeating and so on. These behaviours only temporarily relieve emotional pain to do with over-emphasis on this chakra.

Behaviour that seeks protection and safety at all costs can manifest as a mother who is overprotective towards her kids. For example, making all their decisions for them in order to keep them “safe”. Or a business owner who exploits his employees because he believes the money will bring him security. Ultimately protection and safety are ephemeral and any karmic lessons, that is energy imbalances, will need to be addressed. Also, excessive focus in the solar plexus can lead to the compulsion to meet the needs of everyone in order to create external harmony and find peace. This stems from an inability to experience harmony internally. This in turn leads to the dependence on the happiness of others for one’s own personal fulfilment. This leads to feelings of being inadequate to meet this impossible task.

The Remedy of The Third Eye

The remedy is, of course, the third eye. Focusing here instead of the solar plexus brings clarity. By doing this we bring in spiritual aspects of self, therefore, our identification becomes spiritual. Within this expanded perception, the quality of experience shifts for the better and positive significance becomes evident. For example, the death of a loved one might be recognised as merely a transition or change of form. This being a part of the natural evolution of all life.

When we view situations from the solar plexus only a part of the picture is seen. However, it is interpreted as the whole picture. This will mar both the quality of one’s perception and the capacity to arrive at clear and appropriate conclusions. Without a spiritual frame of reference, we lack objectivity and therefore look at life subjectively from the solar plexus (emotionally). Or completely cut off from our emotions and stay in our logical/intellectual “left-hand brain”. Conclusions made from the third eye often contradict convictions held in the solar plexus. A person caught in his emotions (solar plexus) usually feels guilty, needy and overly responsible.

Objective Focus

From the third eye perspective, all souls have a specific function, everyone has a job to do. This then allows us to enjoy the emotions of the solar plexus while doing the job without getting caught up in them. Our happiness creates light. When we don’t use our third eye or it is not fully open the aura is diminished. This shrinking is due to an absence of positive attitudes and limited spiritual connection. This decreased auric emanation in the etheric body leaves the solar plexus unprotected. It creates a susceptibility to psychic absorption from our environment. This is why the solar plexus becomes enlarged and starts to flood into other areas. For example, anger into the ID or Sacral chakra makes you believe that you have an ‘angry’ personality. This also has a powerfully negative effect on the immune system.

It’s very common to absorb the emotional moods of those around us. This ‘energy exchange’ can make it difficult to maintain our identity chakra balance. We become reactive (solar plexus) to people and situations. When we experience life from the solar plexus we are always looking for a release or a reprieve. For example, food, chocolate, alcohol, drugs or self-imposed isolation. We have been a solar plexus dominated culture for far too long now. It has had a profoundly negative effect on our world.

Third Eye Activation Shields the Solar Plexus Chakra

Activation of the third eye expands the aura and shields the solar plexus. This diminishes our reactive behaviour. A basic exercise to heal the solar plexus is to always pause, concentrate on the third eye (or look through the forehead), before reacting to anything. This takes time and practise. In the meantime don’t judge yourself for not quite getting it right, to begin with.

[The soul energies are a covering allowing spirit to have a unique identity. The personality is a vehicle for the soul, however, we must transmute lower aspects of the personality. This is because it is heavily influenced by genetics, conditioning and past life experience.]

The knowledge from the intellect (brain), the clarity of the third eye and the feelings from the solar plexus should work together to create a healthy synergy and attuned choices.

For some individuals, an accumulation of unresolved past emotional issues from this life and past lives can interfere with enjoying even desirable moments. This again is an imbalance in the solar plexus. That is, reactions to disappointments and the fear that life will be painful again. These disappointments and fears keep those individuals from being open to the moment. A review of past events from the third eye will stimulate a broader understanding of these experiences. This will help one move or transmute anger, sadness and emotional pain to a higher form. Remember energy cannot be destroyed only changed to another form.

Therapists, Coaches and Energy Healers

Working with therapists, Coaches and energy healers can dislodge blocks in the solar plexus. This allows an individual to once again open to the joy of being alive. This relief will not last without either a sustained attitude of acceptance (that we are evolving beings) and/or a strong and activated third eye. There are some excellent techniques for releasing blocked energy in the solar plexus area, for example, myofascial release. As mental/emotional work is done it is absolutely essential that awareness is brought to the third eye. If awareness remains in the solar plexus then we will only re-energise the emotion. All detrimental emotional/mental patterns can be improved with consistent focus from the third eye. When a third eye perspective is consistent we move into open focus (Alpha, Delta, Gamma) consciousness as opposed to closed focus (Beta).

Exercise One

Imagine for at least 5 minutes your work in the world focused on the solar plexus; Now imagine that same work focused on the third eye. Can you feel the difference? The second should be more expansive and joyful (depending on how open the third eye is). Your aura will brighten up as more light comes in. When you are feeling more expansive and joyful communication between you and your higher self becomes much easier. Imagination is normally the “language” used.

Third Eye Focus re-aligns Your Chakras

The third eye brings the solar plexus into alignment and symmetry with the other chakra centres. When our life is fine and going the way we want it to go – good emotions – it is comfortable to stay in the solar plexus region. This chakra is the centre of harmony. However, harmony is how we ‘think’ we want things to be. This is why most get discouraged and disappointed when we don’t get what we want. In other words our desires stem from confusion rather than clarity.

From the third eye perspective, harmony is perceived in all aspects of the process of living. Interactions and circumstances are put into a wider framework. We understand that the learning process itself is what makes a situation harmonious. All situations offer knowledge and potential to grow. If we focus on the solar plexus we become attached to our desires. Attachment is not aspiration. When we are attached to a desire, we are fearful of not being successful. This fear can generate pain, frustration and low self-esteem, especially if we do not reach our goals.

A Positive Philosophy

Melding the third eye with the solar plexus chakra (spiritual with the human) or larger perspective with acceptance expands our life lessons and recognition that life events are purposeful and interconnected. This philosophy establishes an emotional equilibrium in the solar plexus that keep it healthy, not agitated. The solar plexus centre remains calm when all situations and interactions are clearly seen and received as opportunities for growth (Third eye perspective).

People with health issues stemming from an imbalance in this area tend to fall into 4 categories:

  • Some who define themselves completely by focusing on the needs of others;
  • Those who derive a sense of self by career and material possessions;
  • Others who completely forego any sense of self and turn to a higher power;
  • And those who avoid looking at themselves by using feel-good distractions such as food, drugs and alcohol.

Since this area is often over energised by emotion which pours over into other areas such as the heart and ID chakra it is essential that a strong sense of self is developed. If imbalance remains long term then the parts of the body that are affected by an out of balance Solar Plexus Chakra are the digestive system, including issues with weight and addiction, the adrenal glands and the pancreas. Long-term imbalance can result in nausea, heartburn, ulcers, constipation/ loose bowels, colitis and kidney problems.

Further Thoughts

Thought patterns which create fear tend to affect the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Overweight problems tend to do with the need for protection. By the way, building one’s self up too much in the gym tends to be about protection too. Addictions tend to be to do with not dealing with emotions because you don’t know how to deal with them. It is possible to go into much more detail about specific ailments and the emotional cause but it is beyond the scope of this article. The book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay is very good if you want to know more. I still refer to it in my own clinic.

Once again please contemplate any emotional patterns that may be affecting you to do with this centre. They may be overspilling into the heart (love and joy) and/or the ID chakra (sense of self). Or you may already be feeling it in your physical body. Write down emotional areas that you need to work on to bring this chakra back into balance.

Exercise Two

Once again the best exercise, when we are feeling strong negative emotions, is to look out of the forehead/third eye. If it is an extremely strong emotion take your awareness 6 inches above the head. Now look down at yourself having the emotion WITHOUT any judgement. This is not denying the emotion it is using higher aspects of yourself to bring awareness to the emotion. Or it is bringing the light of your ‘5th-dimensional self’ or soul self in to begin the healing process.

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