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The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root or base chakra, also called Muladhara (sometimes spelt Mooladhara) is located at the coccygeal centre. The root chakra is related to how much physical energy we have. Its simplicity is its genius. The more unimpeded the life force energy is in the root chakra the more presence and groundedness we have in the physical world. Of course, this presence and groundedness can only be experienced when the other lower chakras are also clear of blocks.

Presence and groundedness is a clear statement and physical manifestation of power and vitality. The person with a fully functioning root chakra will often energise and recharge the people around him. He/she will act as a generator. If this chakra is blocked a person will tend to avoid physical activity and not particularly want to be here. He also may be sickly on a regular basis. Don’t confuse this with the obvious transition many of us are going through and the changing of our magnetic fields as we distance ourselves from old worn-out systems and the people who want to perpetuate them.

Until the crown chakra is unblocked adequately, the source of our inspiration and spontaneity, we often get stuck in the mundaneness of life. As Henry Thoreau said:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation…..”

The root chakra embodies order. It is the centre of discipline, key to responsibility, order, adequate attention to details and the actualisation of potential and comfort in the physical body on earth. Without the relationship between the third eye and root, we could not actualise clarity and creative potential in our lives.

Discipline and The Base Chakra

Without a strong disciplined physical routine (that is DOing) we do not have stability in our lives. If our disciplines are weak when life hands us challenges we struggle.

But what about flexibility and freedom?

These traits come from the spontaneity of an optimally functioning crown chakra. If the root is strong and the crown is closed then life is just felt as endless tasks, an ongoing list of drudgery. If the root chakra is weak and the crown is open then we lack discipline and life is chaotic and irresponsible although it may begin as lots of fun. When both chakras work together it feels like we have both feet planted and our head in the clouds. That is, we are able to handle life’s situations easily and also have a connection to source/the divine.

Most people are not spontaneous enough AND disciplined enough!!!

The ideal is to be both at the same time rather than going from one to the other! A good affirmation is:

“I am full of discipline and spontaneity” while focusing on respective chakras.

For example, when I am exercising (discipline) or doing a mundane routine task such as cleaning up (discipline) I often think about my aspirations and passions (crown/connection to the divine)

The Three Areas of Discipline

The three areas of discipline are the body, mind and soul. Each day DO something towards each. No lopsided development!! When discipline is weak it feels like our lives are falling apart and vice versa.

Disciplines of the Body

This includes nutrition, exercise, fresh air, clean water and sleep. People who generally get enough disciplines for the body focus via the third eye. People who don’t discipline themselves focus from the solar plexus and their lives become imbalanced because they react to every emotion. Remember to unite the root with the third eye. This means we take our disciplines, look at them objectively and get on with them. The base is the centre of work and how we feel about life on earth. In the spirit world thought alone is enough to manifest what we want. On this planet, we have to do! Like Nike say “Just Do It”

Disciplines of the Mind

This includes reading, writing, contemplating and working on creative projects. Our conditioning and schooling focus on the intellectual which means people feel they don’t have enough time for the other two disciplines. Ultimately this lack of integration between the intellectual and creative causes problems.

A useful exercise: place everything you need for your creative project at your desk. Make a rule that you have to sit for one hour per day and create something every day. Even if you do nothing you have still disciplined yourself to stay there for an hour. Soon you will be so bored that you will create something. When our surroundings are supportive, we naturally want to learn and create.

Disciplines of the Spirit

These are meditations, chakra opening disciplines, meridian unblocking disciplines, proper use of the third eye and positive affirmation thoughts. There are many meditation practices, for example opening the crown through poem, prayer, chanting, music and visualisation while imagining you are grounded to the planet via the root chakra, like the roots of a tree.

With regard to third eye focus, this will give you spiritual clarity and perspective during your human experience but it must be paired with the root through repetition. This repetition is fostered through effort. It is through repetition that we change and grow, for example, it is considered that to create a habit it has to be done a minimum of 21 times. This is to move you into new habits of effort and discipline.

A strong root chakra of discipline is necessary for actualisation to occur. Repetition is the key to manifestation. In the physical plane work and repetition are necessary for actualisation to occur. Repetition is the key to manifestation. Work and repetition are necessary for achievement and materialisation. A positive attitude is another aspect of disciplines of the spirit. If we perpetuate negative attitudes as a result of habit and conditioning fulfilment evades us. Think of it as a tennis game, a negative thought (the ball) comes over the net straight at you and you hit it back using positive thought. Always remember that Perception IS Creation.

Teaching the Disciplines of the Material World

“The form is a direct manifestation of the maturation process of the chakra system”

Ellen Tadd

A baby when it is born has a large head which mirrors the open and expanded crown chakra. This happens because of the rejuvenation process following time spent in the spiritual realms. The tiny legs reflect the underdeveloped root chakra and therefore the disciplines of the world. A newborn is in complete spontaneity of the crown chakra and has no training in the material world or self-control.

It is essential young children while being taught the basics in the material world are also taught the integrated balance required between base and crown, between discipline and spontaneity. Our education system so far has been woefully short in this regard. Greatness comes from blending discipline and spontaneity, for example, a pianist who has too much discipline and not enough spontaneity or the same pianist having too much spontaneity and not enough discipline. Both scenarios will produce problems for the artist. Therefore a blend of both would be the ideal solution.

Attending to Details, Organising Priorities

People tend to refer to being grounded in relation to the root chakra. It is better however to be attentive to detail. Attending to detail creates a feeling of being grounded irrespective if you are talking about spiritual matters, travel or the human body. However, a lack of focus from the third eye and excessive attention to the emotional centre (solar plexus) can create a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the endless details in one’s life. This usually means you will try to accomplish the impossible or avoid what needs to be done.

Focusing via the third eye simplifies everything because it has the ability to prioritise and to recognise the one step at a time process for success/achievement. Being methodical, establishing order, and not rushing eliminates scattered feelings and strengthens the root. The discernment of the third eye can determine how and what to do. Then the root chakra can implement these insights into daily life by manifesting the organisational plans required.

The Simplicity of the Root Chakra

The simplicity of the root chakra is its ‘talent’ It teaches us to do one thing at a time. Notice how the corporate world focus on multitasking taking you out of this centre and often into the emotional centre causing stress!!!

Is your home cluttered?

Then start discarding things.

Have you ignored bills/statements?

Slowly start going through them.

Have you put off making a phone call?

Now is the time to do it.

Once or twice per year play a game. Pretend you are moving and by focusing on the third eye decide what to keep. Stay current with the clarity of the third eye and action of the base. The order that will come from this exercise will support your creativity and fulfilment.

Root Chakra Training in Progress

However, because life in the physical/material world is so taxing it is important to keep uniting the spontaneity of the crown, the clarity of the third eye and the discipline of the root. Many spiritual lessons can only be learned in the material world with its limitation of time, vitality and money. The base deals with these limitations and the discipline necessary to use these commodities wisely. For good decision making use the third eye to review how you spend your money, use your time and employ your vital energy. Then actualise your base to apply this knowledge.

If the energy around one’s feet flows strongly downward from the feet into the earth there is a delight in details and good daily habits. Conversely, if the energy pulls upwards away from the earth, there is unhappiness being in one’s body, dissatisfaction with everyday life and sometimes erratic behaviour. Occasionally we may have to focus on the root chakra first, for example, by cleaning up a room or desk before creativity comes. Order supports creativity!! Sometimes people have great ideas and no ability to manifest. This is because of a weak root chakra. To manifest that inspiration just do it!!!

Source – The Wisdom of The Chakras: Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life by Ellen Tadd (Highly Recommended – a book you will refer to again and again)

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