The Mask of Deception

Wearing a “Mask of Deception” during the Scamdemic is all part of the narrative given to you by those that want to control society and lead it in a certain direction. However when we openly see politicians, doctors and media personnel not wearing Masks, then why are the population so adamant about wearing them? It’s quite simple, fear and a lack of critical thinking. There is nothing like a good dose of fear to keep people narrow minded and focused on individual survival. So here is my light hearted view on the “Mask of Deception”. For the record I have never worn a mask or gloves but took part in “sensible practices” such as distancing myself from more vulnerable groups and supporting my own immune system. My dog also took this view.

The Mask of Deception can be worn in various places, over the mouth/nose, on the chin, under the chin and even on the forehead and top of the head. It can also be worn on alternative days when the person feels like they want a bit more protection on that particular day. Traditionally however it is worn over the mouth/nose on a daily basis in public places.

Apparently wearing it on the mouth/nose is a more effective way of stopping bad bacteria and viruses from spreading although this is constantly being debated. This is likely because wearing a mask also stops good bacteria from spreading. We need good bacteria to keep our immune systems in tip top condition. Another definite is that a mask reduces the amount of air entering our bodies, and therefore life giving oxygen. Anyone wearing a mask will find it restricts their breathing. Indeed our bodies tell us to take it off by becoming more and more uncomfortable with this restriction. This is common sense. Common sense comes about when there is a coherence pattern in both hemispheres of the brain. We become more peaceful and therefore listen to our bodies. Our bodies tell us the truth but our minds dissect the truth and give us a point of view. A point of view is not the truth. If we listen to our bodies we feel centered and become more contemplative. We may even want to meditate. The average person hooked into common sense automatically removes the mask, if they chose to wear one in the first place.

The person who is very afraid is completely focused on individual survival at all costs and will only believe what they are being told by the loudest voice. This of course, up till now, has been mainstream media. These people even wear their masks during phone calls “just in case”. They have not yet learned to listen to themselves because they don’t feel good enough. They actually need a big hug but it is best not to because they might phone the police and report you for not keeping your distance. Interestingly enough we actually need physical contact to spread good bacteria to each other.

A coherence pattern between both hemispheres of the brain can be set up by abdominal breathing. It is also very interesting to note that on a physical level:

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” Dr Arthur C Guyton

Relative to the elderly, many are chest breathers and mouth breathers and therefore already have a compromised immune system. That is, all systems of the body follow the breath. In my own view I find it alarming that it is many of the elderly that are actually wearing masks.

Take control of your breath and you take back control of your own body systems. Doctors have reported that many of the symptoms of CV are mimicking high altitude sickness where the lungs and therefore the body experience a lack of oxygen. Clearly abdominal breathing without a mask would be more beneficial for many people. For the sake of clarity a natural breathing pattern is abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. This is how you breathed the body as a child before you became programmed by anxiety/fear and became fragmented in your thinking. As has just been demonstrated people are easy to control when fear is put into the mix. Indeed hyperventilation is caused by anxiety/fear and shortness of breath. It has also been reported that several people have had accidents while wearing the Mask of Deception because they have fainted. I suspect many people, especially those with a compromised breathing pattern, have taken them off because of feeling unwell or light headed.

The Mask of Deception can be worn over the chin. This is demonstrated very adequately by those who want to get their point of view across to a group gathering, perhaps outside of a supermarket or shop, where it is more difficult for our voices to be heard. Muffled sounds coming from our friends is not conducive to good, intelligent conversation. In these situations CV transference is temporarily suspended while our point of view is discussed with mask positioned over the chin. Later the mask can be donned over the mouth/nose area again and CV can do what it likes.

The Mask of Deception can also be worn on the forehead or third eye position and also crown of the head. Frequently these positions can be alternated. Since crown and third eye work together it is suggested by this author that many using these positions for their masks are quite advanced beings and have temporarily suspended their fears. They are intuitively using the masks as a device to bring in Universal Energies to these areas. Although more beneficial shapes could be used such as pyramids many of these beings are clearly awakening from the mass hysteria.

Finally, for the last group who are often seen wearing the Mask of Deception underneath the chin. I suggest that these people may be Deep State Operatives who have temporarily forgotten their assignment of infiltration of various communities around the world. In wearing the mask underneath the chin they are clearly showing us that they don’t belong in that community and should be carefully watched for other acts of ignorance and stupidity as often accompanies the service to self brigade. Alternatively they could just be advanced souls who have not had a physical earth life experience before and have forgotten where their mouths/noses are positioned. In which case please give assistance.

I hope my little rant made you laugh. There are very important psychological and physiological reasons to laugh as much as possible.

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