The Lightbody Process and Ascension

An understanding followed by contemplation of the 3 levels of LightBody (below) or Human Electromagnetic Field is important for “Ascension”. Both in terms of navigating physical life and the potential that we have to transform our lives. In doing so, we evolve and the potential contribution we make to the evolution of humanity is incalculable. Up till now the average person has been asleep. They were not aware of their “disconnected” LightBody or electromagnetic field (NB! You cannot be completely disconnected otherwise you would be “outside” All-There-Is which is impossible).

On the one hand, the disconnection or separation is the disunion from Source/Universe by a belief system. This belief system is created by the incarnated entity themselves living in an inverted society. On the other hand, the disconnection was deliberate from the truncated axiatonal highways at the body level. Humanities “warring” and fear based consciousness did not qualify them to be completely connected to the Universe. In this respect we can think of the Universe as the Oversoul/Monad or even Galactic Centre directly. So the more we believed we were separate, the more separate we became. The more separate we became because of fear the more we were disqualified from connection via axiatonal highways. Divine Paradox. This left our physical temples open to all sorts of “dark attack” through a wrong belief system and the fall in consciousness continued.

Energy Flow in the LightBody

I know through experience that once a certain amount of psychological work – mainly de-conditioning from our beliefs and former 3D world – energy/chi begins to flow again in the human electromagnetic field or LightBody ie. polarity integration. This is because a coherence pattern has been created in the two hemispheres of the brain. Intellectual quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) become balanced. Yoga, meditation and similar practices are excellent ways to do this. We begin to realise that the brain is in fact a receiving unit of Universal ideas and geometries. The person we thought we were changes. Kundalini energies rise up the spine and the LightBody repairs itself. The higher spiritual bodies begin to over shadow the lower bodies and the LightBody process speeds up. This is done in alignment with the annual Precession of the Equinoxes. The Precession of the Equinoxes can be used interchangeably with the term “Ascension”.

In this lifetime the whole planet is Ascending and is going through the same process as many of us. Key lightworkers are holding the geometric codes in their LightBodies to activate and support the earth’s LightBody process and vice versa. We have been working during key portal events to raise our own awareness of various malfunctions in our LightBody caused by planetary field reversals, manipulations and our resultant psychological and physiological blocks. The fusion of the LightBody with the physical body can progress only when these blocks are dealt with.

Subjective to Cosmic Being

From here on I shall refer to the human electromagnetic field as the LightBody or Merkabah. Our focus moves from a subjective human being with all his/her issues to a much “larger” objective and cosmic being who lives in the now. This takes many years of work. This is the process that humanity have been forced to begin. There have been numerous powerful portal activations in the time period 2020/2021. This manifested outwardly as contrived world events by “black hats,” “dark magicians” aka “deep state”. This has been met with the Lightworkers focused and continued reconnection to “All-There-Is”.

These events have the accumulative effect of helping the average asleep person to turn inwards. Always focusing outwards results in a lack of energetic sovereignty. That is, the “take over” of our 4 body system by lower frequencies of energy or thought forms. This is the Universal Law of Structure which is always in force. It is you who must define your intent with regards to your temple. Otherwise other entities will do it for you.

The Ascension process will take many years depending on when you were “activated” and your own soul plan. Moving from a “physical” and sleeping human to an awakened cosmic light being is not easy. It involves a massive purging of imbalances and physiological and psychological blocks mainly from the second brain. A moving from a binary to a trinary system (think junk DNA) and a massive upgrading in systems. However, the proverbial “line in the sand” has now been drawn by “All-There-Is”. That is, the Universal Cycle Mechanism already built into creation.

This LightBody Article

For many the LightBody Process will not complete in this lifetime. Although many will experience a big shift in consciousness reaching cosmic ascension or a physical ascension is not part of their soul plan. Many will choose to leave the planet and come back in a “new body”. Their aging body and old mental/emotional patterns are deemed by themselves too difficult to change.

This article is therefore for those awakening Masters who have not yet lost the physical body beyond an acceptable turning point. Masters who are able with dedication and commitment transmute their mental and emotional programs. As they do this their Ketheric Template or Causal Body can fully incarnate/descend into the physical body. They, at last can take back control of their 4 body energy gradient system. This is that part of “All-There-Is” that they are responsible for (Our church/temple!!) Taking back control of the lightBody is the same thing as energetic sovereignty.

So this article is for those people who have already stopped listening to the egoic personality and now only follow the soul. These people will already understand the need for mindfulness as the higher self/soul takes control of every aspect of ones life. This involves a complete departure from mainstream society which is the lower based fear driven survival patterns of egoic/subjective self. To remain in this society both physically and energetically means an adaptation to these fear patterns which is in direct contradiction to the LightBody process. Indeed, this is the higher reason for the collapse of 3D or mainstream society. Humanity are beginning to follow the urgings of the soul lead by the first group of indigos and starseeds. These are also known as the first group of 144,000 ascending souls.

Inverted/Satanic Society

It was humanity who were propping up mainstream society via individual and group beliefs. These were given to them by “Deep State”. These controlling influences are now showing their true motives. What you have been seeing playing out is the continuing purging and death of those influences. The Great Awakening has begun and will become more widespread and engulf the whole planet.

Since existing society has been an inverted system and in direct violation of Universal Principles this will now change. Any being who follows their soul and activates their Merkabah will find it impossible to adhere to the demands of the old 3D based society. Many people in 3D society have indeed “lost their minds”. This is a society who up till the 2020/21 timeline had completely moved away from any organic timeline. This society and those who support it is doomed to extinction in a very short period of time. This is similar to the way that neanderthal man disappeared, in a very short period of time, when the early versions of modern man appeared.

Imagination and the Lightbody

So enough of this 3D society where many are lost in their own minds and willingly give their God Sovereignty away. It is up to them to either follow their own “I Am Presence” or not. We of a higher calling and reality must lead by example and build The New Earth. That first and foremost requires inspiration and imagination:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. The imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso

“Imagination Creates Reality” Richard Wagner

“The Man who has no imagination has no wings.” Muhammad Ali

In my article “Imagination Automatically Leads to Happiness” I make it very clear that imagination comes from an open Crown Chakra. In other words, you are receiving ideas and inspiration from Source. The brain and in particular the Ark of the Covenant and associated structures such as pineal/pituitary/thalamus is a receiving unit. In this way you can understand that you are not a closed system. We were never separated until we “forgot” at a very young age through conditioning. We were “coerced” and “bullied” by main care givers and peers to follow the ideas and mundane 3D fear based matrix aka outer authority.

Our Work as Subjective Beings

The uninterrupted flow of energy/chi in the chakra system and associated meridians is the most important part of being a healthy human being. It is a prerequisite for certain physical structures to be rehabilitated such as the pineal, pituitary, thalamus and thymus glands. It is only then that the incarnated consciousness can consciously participate in the LightBody process. The LightBody process is the Causal body or Higher God Self downloading into the four body system. The 4 body system is the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. For this to happen effectively the person must consciously “give up” directing soul energies towards ego structures. They must learn to move out of the “monkey mind”. Learning to abdominal breathe 24/7 as we did as children is very effective in this regard. Over time this will reprogram the nervous system.

LightBody Adaptation

There is a huge list of possible “Ascension Symptoms” reported on the internet. Apart from those you will experience many headaches. We move from limited to expanded thinking. This is possible because of the neuroplasticity of the brain. You may even experience what feels like cranial expansion as certain structures come online in the Great Arcanuum. From this point forward you qualify for Cosmic Ascension. You increasingly experience being in this world but not of it. Your frequency of vibration is much higher than 3D “reality”. You simply do not adapt your field to anything that 3D society can offer you. Your spiritualised field is directly at odds with Inverted Systems. This includes all the field reversals and manipulations that have been deliberately created by “black hat” technologies. One of the many reasons people are increasingly heading for nature.

However, make no mistake about it your Spiritual Field is now so strong and of the correct “spin ratio” that your impact on this world will be quite something. Obviously a huge amount of purging from the lower bodies must take place first. That is your work. Indeed that is the reason this website was formed.

This website represents a library of information detailing different stages of the LightBody Process as experienced by me. I went through all the purgings of the lower self first, as one of the 144,000 descended masters, who is now ascending. I’m not going anywhere. However, my Higher Self or Causal Body is now being fully downloaded into my physical body. I am one who has been quietly taking back dominion of myself on this planet and in doing so I help to take back dominion of this planet. Many are now going through this process much to the indignation of those still perpetuating Inverted/Satanic Systems.

The 3 Levels of LightBody

Level One

Tree of Life
Personal Tree of Life

There is both a Macrocosmic or Universal and Microcosmic or Personal Tree of Life. The structure of the Universal Tree is replicated within the Personal Tree of Life. Our individual human anatomy ie our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies manifest upon and within multidimensional layers. These are instructed by this manifestation body template. The Tree of Life is the main or Level 1 Light Body architecture. The Music of the Spheres is synonymous with the Tree of Life. It is the actual music that organises spherical vibration of multiple spectrums of frequencies. (Law of Vibration and Law of Resonance).

The Music of the Spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or tones of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds, that are all connected within a pattern of proportion. Our spiritual journey is through the branches of our own Tree of Life. The problem has always been the fear created by the “False Gods”.

Fear and the LightBody

Fear closes the heart chakra and the incarnated entity becomes stuck in his mind. When the mind is manipulated like this our spiritual journey is retarded or even halted completely. This is what happened to humanity until the Lightworkers began to incarnate en masse from about the 1950’s. Please note that both the Universal and Personal Trees of Life are built on base 12 math (12 dimensions) and not base 10 or 11 as almost every Tree of Life I’ve seen. This is in fact the Inverted or Satanic system which has contributed to the patriarchal distorted realities or inorganic timelines.

Level two

Axiatonal Lines. At one end these energetic lines are connected to the Cosmic Orbit/Galactic body or Resonating Star Systems. At the other, the human body via 21 “spin points” or “calibration points”. Previously, they were truncated at the end of the body as man fell in consciousness. In other words, we were cut off from the renewing functions of our Overself/Monad. We became less aware of higher abilities and able to perform them because of the impact/damage we were causing both on and off planet. They connect 12 dimensions of consciousness to chakra seals. The Overself or Monad controls and modulates these higher frequencies. During this present Ascension Cycle those who are ready/preparing are moving into higher states of consciousness. We are working with the process of breaking these seals and the resultant psychological blocks removed as we become more mindful of our state of being.

The Three Fold Flame and LightBody

The Three Fold Flame (the logo depicted on this website) is the Three Primal Sound currents from Source. Many lightworkers including myself are representatives of these “Founder or Guardian Races”. We have been walking amongst you going through our own process. The Founder Races therefore represent the 3 Fold Flame Energies of Divine Will/Mind, Love and Wisdom (The Law of One). These have the potential to pour into an individuals’ Tree of Life when the heart chakra is open and the three fold flame comes online. Thus causing transformation.

This usually happens in the form of many resurrections or rebirths as Transfiguration progresses. This is the “burning away” of shadows in the second brain or lower chakras. Transfiguration has many cumulative stages which brings profound incites and moments of clarity to the person. Eventually as the LightBody Process advances further stages of Translocation and Transmigration may take place. Translocation is when our consciousness is high enough to Transfigure a portion of our atoms into light. We can go somewhere else. However our genetic imprint from our parents remains which means we have to keep coming back to Earth. The next stage, Transmigration, means we don’t have to come back as our parental genetic imprint is overwritten. We become Full Cosmic Citizens.

Unified Chakras

Before this can take place however the unification of all 7 chakras must take place (level 3 below). This is the most important part of any Self Mastery Program since without it you do not “qualify” for Ascension. Your frequency of vibration or consciousness is not high enough. Indeed many lightworkers themselves are not awake but are in fact awakening (Unifying Chakras) and confuse the two. Many of us incarnated for this important purpose.

We have been diligently working through our own issues to once again qualify for Ascension. We the “Ground Crew” can only change reality from within that reality because of the Free Will nature of this planet. Indeed if we hadn’t incarnated the planet and the people on it would have been destroyed by the same “black hats” “black magicians” and snakes who created the whole Fake Pandemic for example. They have been running an anti human agenda for eons of time. This included the genocide of humanity on many occasions and has been massively curtailed this time round thanks to the positive actions of many “white hats”.

Level 3

The chakra system itself. I have already written much on this subject including all the psychological blocks and accompanying issues with other systems of the body. I have also created a course called Self mastery – Being Well Again. This course extensively helps those who want to take back control of themselves aka Energetic Sovereignty so they may qualify for Full Ascension. The chakra system, the 7 “body” chakras are essentially a holding pattern. So consciousness can’t fall any further. The 7 Chakras roughly correspond to the 7 Rays. Each Ray has approximately 2000 years to develop in the population. We are now coming to the end of the 7th Ray or Violet Flame of Transmutation. When you ascend there are 5 more (secret) Rays which will come into your awareness.

Fragmented Consciousness

Once you have collected all the fragments of consciousness that you have given away (or had taken from you), and returned those that don’t belong to you, that is, integrated polarities within yourself, your heart will ascend first. In other words you will experience Divine Union. All other chakras will become Unified with the Heart Chakra. You will no longer feel separated from the rest of “you” and from the Universe. However, the chakras will still remain as different “foci”, but all united at the same time, one pillar of white light via the central column or sushumna. More chakras will then be made available to you as you Ascend “Jacob’s Ladder”

Before this can happen however, both Governor (Yang) and Central/Conception (Yin) channels or meridians must be free flowing. So from this perspective the merging of all chakras into one unified chakra or pillar of light is probably the most important (and most difficult) part of “Ascension”. This is because of the false structures of the ego and its limited perception of life. Without doing this we simply do not qualify for Physical Ascension or Full Transfiguration of the body.

Reference: Ascension Glossary

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