The Law of One

Most have no idea what This Law is. I’m going to try and explain it using current events. For example the Corona Virus “Pandemic” and associated “rules”

It is clear that from a therapeutic and medical perspective there are several “realities,” however for the sake of clarity we can divide these into two main camps. These two diagramatically opposed understandings must be seen and integrated by the individual because of the particular consciousness level you are residing at. In reality, you will probably be residing somewhere in between.

Up to this point in human history the medical industry has followed the theories of 19th century French Scientists Louis Pasteur. He hypothesised that the reason we become ill is because microbes invade the body penetrating the mucous membrane in the sinuses or lungs contaminating our system. This particular model has been favoured by the establishment because they can make lots of money from it. For example, it gave rise to pasteurisation, vaccination and the development of antibiotics to attack and kill invading bacteria in the body ie Big Pharma.

Furthermore, it disempowers the individual and puts responsibility for a persons’ health onto “an authority figure” such as a Doctor. When you do this you have no option but to follow man made rules because you are fragmented and lost. You do not Know Thyself. This means you follow the LEGAL SYSTEM whereby you are considered (by them) “lost at sea” because you do not know who you are. It is not surprising then that the legal system is UNLAWFUL and does not follow NATURAL or UNIVERSAL LAWS such as The Law of One. The legal system is a COMMERCIAL SLAVERY system and you are lost to the extent that you keep ACTING AS a LEGAL PERSON instead of a SOUL, that is a SOVEREIGN BEING. You are lost to the extent you keep following their rules which don’t even bolster basic common sense and human psychological and emotional well-being.

Why do I mention the legal system?

Simply because they are bringing in all sorts of nonsensical “laws” such as mandatory vaccines, tracking systems, covid passports and so on to keep your consciousness FRAGMENTED. They can do this to the extent that you are afraid and comply to their commercial systems ie ACT AS A LEGAL PERSON. Louis Pasteur’s theory does not account for the millions of people who have moved away from the medical industry’s model of health and take complete responsibility for their own health. This is the other extreme whereby people including myself follow other theories such as that of scientist Antoine Béchamp. In reality most people are somewhere in between.

Bechamp, also a 19th century French scientist hypothesised that germs were constantly present everywhere. He said that it’s the internal environment of the body (holistic balance), that determines how vulnerable we might be to disease. He observed that flies are attracted to garbage because it offers them a place to feed. But they certainly didn’t cause the garbage. Without it, they would go elsewhere to feast. The same is true, he reasoned, with the human body.

There must be some inherent condition in the body that allows microbes to feast on us and cause disease or illness. So Bechamp’s theory boils down to being in holistic balance and therefore possessing a strong immune system regardless of what’s in the atmosphere, to prevent disease. Bechamp’s theory was in direct opposition to Louise Pasteur’s theory.

Pasteur rescinded his position towards the end of his life. He agreed that the key to disease is indeed the internal environment of the body. Incredibly, Pasteur’s outdated theory has underpinned modern medicine although many doctors are aware of it. However, you are seeing it being used by politicians and mainstream media right now for their own nefarious agenda!!!

Physiological Stress

All disease is caused by physiological stress!!!!

Right now politicians and mainstream media are causing people massive stress. For example suicide figures are up, domestic violence is up and so on. Yet they still proceed with their plans because most of the population are still confused. That is, they don’t know who they are. Your consciousness is fragmented. They deliberately put out false information and try to control your focus of attention by creating legal rules which only apply to legal fictions. ie somebody who acts as a fiction or gives power to the fiction. Now that winter is approaching it is likely we will see an upsurge in disease generally, purely because of physiological stress.

This stress comes from one of two possibilities or a combination of the two. A belief system (usually unconscious) that causes negative emotions, for example, anxiety and fear. These then filter down into the physical body. Holding onto these for too long will cause physical problems and eventually disease. The second, is toxic overload in the physical body caused by poor food choices, lack of exercise and pollutants/heavy metals etc. Unfortunately this includes electromagnetic interference to the human electromagnetic field by wifi, mobile networks and so on. Mainstream news and politicians have deliberately manipulated or avoided this subject although already proved by scientists.

Until a persons’ awareness increases his belief system will only allow healing to take place at a certain level. This is demonstrated, for example, by only believing in ‘medicine,’ automatically barring them from the healing benefits of other healing modalities. This was summed up well in Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay when he said:

“The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physical focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer/meditation/energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.”

In actual fact what is happening now is the population are being asked to move from polarity and fragmented thinking and a “point of view” to a more unified consciousness. You are being asked to move from Fear (fragmented consciousness) to Love (unity – Law of One). To get there you must step into courage and realise you are a Sovereign soul.

The existing systems are well past their sell by date. They are using outdated science and the legal system to try and control you. The planet is moving through a magnetic shift. Energies coming from the cosmos are becoming stronger by the day. Your body must integrate these if you are to remain here. Please try and move inwards. Yoga , abdominal breathing and meditation are excellent techniques to help you. They create a coherence pattern in the brain. They have been used for thousands of years. Disconnect from Mainstream Nonsense. It is your own fear that perpetuates it. Many still hold onto old systems, narratives and beliefs. Humanity, you are like a huge anchor making the shift in consciousness more intense for everyone. Please surrender to the fact you are a sovereign soul and not a commercial fiction. The Law of One is the Truth. The Legal System is Fiction. The longer you hold onto the fiction, the false self, the more difficult your life will become. Collectively, the false self is out-pictured as the legal system!! You will not make the shift. That is, you will not be able to adapt to the new energies. For practical purposes it is realistic to move from the model of Louis Pasteur to that of Antoine Bechamp over time. However, depending on how resistant you are to change will affect your own personal reality. The planet and all life on this planet is changing whether you like it or not. Those not resonating with the new reality will leave. That’s Universal Law and nothing to do with the legal system!

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