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The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The Heart Chakra (Anahata), has been very closed in most of the population up until the last few years. In fact, most people at this point have no idea what a fully open heart chakra feels like. As such they have developed a false self or ego to function from. This false self or negative energy functions from the solar plexus chakra or emotional centre. This is where we repress or react to emotions. This is only a problem when the emotions are negative. This negative or lower frequency energy must be moved and eventually transmuted. The reason for this is because we have moved into the next cycle or Second Harmonic Universe. This is 4D, 5D and 6D where our soul matrix resonates. In other words we now have the opportunity to download more of who we really are.

When the Heart Chakra is unblocked, unconditional love is the natural force that flows from this chakra. As we age we accumulate hurts, sadness and disappointments held within the heart chakra. Over time a deep sadness and unhappiness settle here. Our desire to love fades and feelings of selfishness, indifference and even hatred may grow. The radiating force of love is then interrupted sometimes permanently. This feeling of sadness and unhappiness comes about through fears, hurts, wrong beliefs and misconceptions over a period of time.

Most of these beliefs are picked up as children especially between the ages 0 to 7 but also between 7 and 12. During this period children are like sponges soaking up stuff from the environment especially from main caregivers and peers. It has also been established that this ‘conditioning’ actually begins before birth. The 9 month gestation period actually prepares the embryo/fetus/baby for the environment it will inhabit.

The Heart Chakra and Environment

The environment we live in values competition and attachment to external results over creativity and spiritual growth through experience. So a blocked heart chakra interferes with the flow of love. The way to deal with hurts is not to go into the solar plexus (emotional centre) but to look at the situation from the third eye (open focus). We protect the heart chakra by using the third eye, by focusing on life from a spiritual perspective or objectively.

It is possible to see our circumstances in every moment. This includes seeing other peoples’ behaviour as part of a positive evolutionary process. By emphasising learning and development of consciousness each situation offers constructive knowledge and lessons. But only if we view these situations from the third eye. The ‘hurt’ of the heart is a by-product of being attached to the outcomes. These are created both consciously and unconsciously by focusing on the solar plexus, the centre of emotion and feeling.

Practical Solutions

Always shift focus to the third eye so we can perceive love from a spiritual or objective perspective. This leads to appropriate behaviour and loving feelings. This change of focus produces radical changes of feeling and perception. This will gradually heal disappointments and diminishes self-pitying feelings which make you want to disengage from life. Using third eye focus we discern an underlying purpose or plan for everything. This promotes objectivity and is an antidote to attachment. Third eye and heart focus equal wholeness and balance. Do Not ONLY “Follow your heart” if making important decisions. You must focus on the third eye also and away from the solar plexus.

Heart + solar plexus = emotional reaction;

Heart + third eye = objectivity, balance and wholeness;

By functioning from the solar plexus chakra people accumulate emotional pain and resentment if they do not receive reciprocation or attention from others as they would like. However, from the third eye, we see any emotional turmoil as a self-induced state. By using the third eye we eliminate our feelings of victimisation and restore our personal power. So someone who is focused on the solar plexus after a relationship break up will probably strike out at their former partner. By pairing the heart and the third eye the person would realise that it is their perception of events that are giving him/her the emotional turmoil. That is, pairing heart and solar plexus. Another example is excessive giving (because you want love back). In this scenario, both giver and receiver feel burdened and limited. When we give out of fear (of rejection for example) the heart becomes blocked.

The Heart Chakra and Immune System

The Heart Chakra has a direct relationship with the thymus gland in the endocrine system. The thymus gland is also very much associated with the immune system, therefore, issues in the heart chakra will often lead to immune system issues. These issues come up because of an imbalance in the heart chakra. More specifically, the balancing of your needs with the needs of others. This is especially true if you are in a close relationship with them. If you aren’t able to do this your body will create issues to do with the heart, breasts or lungs. The secret to mastering health in this area is to look at situations objectively (via third eye/looking through forehead). You must express your own needs and emotions while also taking into consideration the needs and emotions of others.

Once again this chakra does not work independently of others. For example, a blockage in the throat chakra will have you suppressing your own needs or expression in favour of others causing an imbalance in the heart chakra. Therefore we can see how the imbalance in one chakra will have an effect on another and indeed your whole energetic system.


Exercises to open the heart are foremost to do with opening the crown and third eye. Showing compassion for people instead of judging and criticising them (they are on the same journey as you but may be some ways behind) helps enormously. Chanting the word “Yam” regularly while focused on the heart area helps too. However, once the crown and third eye are “open” the main work is always in the lower chakras or second brain. This is where all your “stuff” is stored.

The following is a very effective technique especially when your heart feels like it is “breaking”. For example the break up of a relationship or death of a loved one. Try beating the area as an ape would do. This is extremely effective as the hurt or heartache you feel is ‘stuck’ energy. Beating the chest area breaks it up so it can disperse more easily around the body. I personally have used this technique and found it to be incredibly effective. Along with the attitude that I will never close my heart again.

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