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The Cycles of Life

I find it funny, perhaps you do too, when someone exclaims “Well, it’s my truth and I’m sticking to it!!” This is a way of ending a conversation and staying separated, with perhaps some form of mind identified individual intact and preserved. We call this the ego of course and it is completely based on a misunderstanding of who we are and life itself. It is blocked energy in our personal electromagnetic field. I often call it wind because it does actually cause us pain and suffering. We are all connected to the cycles of life, to the 24 hour meridian cycle, to the seasons, to the annual cycles and beyond. Of course, we are in a much bigger cycle of life right now, a 12000 year cycle of change which is causing many to literally implode.

This misunderstanding of the true nature of reality, our unique connection to the cycles of life, to organic nature via our body’s life systems pisses people off. Why? Because they want to remain in their mind identification. They are being forced to deal with their own mind stuff or nonsense (no sense). They can only do this by bringing both hemispheres of the brain back into balance thus releasing emotional trauma and connecting to peace. If they don’t they will remain separated from life and increasingly be seen as “moronic”. Indeed we are seeing plenty of instances of this on “the world stage”.

Cycles of Life & Body Systems

These life systems are many and include but not limited to the respiratory, immune, nervous, endocrine and energy systems. We are living eco-systems that have the ability to act closed via a closed heart, blocked second brain and mind identification or as open systems via open third eye, heart and fully functioning second brain or primary awareness. The first is a binary system and entropic. It has a shelf life. The second is a trinary system and involves bringing energy into the body which requires us to completely let go and accept the present energetic transition we are going through and the true nature of reality. That is, we are designed as free flowing open energetic systems connected to the cosmos. By becoming this we actually expand life, not just our own but all life.

Having an opinion about anything is literally us manipulating light via the third eye and crown mechanism into our beliefs and “truths”. There is nothing wrong with this of course until we begin to move too far away from “The Truth,” the organic nature of reality. When we do this we become disconnected from axiatonal highways. As a collective, Mother Nature begins to make herself known. The parts of the whole (cells or people) who are causing the unease, dis-ease or disease within the larger body are automatically removed for the survival of the species.

The Individual v Being Unique

When we are closed and “individual” we are telling ourselves a big lie. Yes we are in unique genetic vehicles with a certain history. It’s fair to say that there is no one else like each one of us on the planet. However, that makes us unique, not individual. An individual is separate from others, the cycles of life and the cosmos or God in general. Individuals only exist as an illusion (ill-usion) because of the limited 5 senses. Our energy fields intermingle with other biofields and morphogenetic fields in general. We are not separate. We are unique.

So the next time someone says “Well that’s my truth, and I’m sticking to it!” just smile to yourself because you know better. There is only One Truth. The organic nature of the planet and the cycles of life – the way, the truth and the life.

Here is a little more information for you in case you are not aware. The earth changes will become more noticeable this year, especially from April (Resurrection season) on wards. Why? Simply because the Christed energies will be fully grounded from then; and will continue to have a BALANCING affect moving forward.

Contrary to popular belief this doesn’t make things more peaceful initially. The physical earth must come back into balance just as our physical bodies must. So my advice is to simplify your life and strengthen your connection with mother nature via your body. This is especially necessary if you still dwell too much in the mental plane. Things are about to get more exciting here on the physical plane. That’s what we came here for, to be the change, reflect it outwards and be part of it. In this way we can also help humanity through the inevitable.

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