The Big Secret of Life

….is the Coherence Pattern Between Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain

The Melding of The Feminine with The Masculine…

The Sacred Trinity Between the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus or Krystal Palace Illumination

But Let’s Keep It Simple….I like Simple!

You must use your Mind ONLY as a Focusing Tool, for Communication, Research and Laughter!!!

You must not “Descend” into the Mind and Think That is Who You Are….which is what we all did!!!

So now we must “Ascend” out of the Personal Mind Into The One Mind….How?

Meditate…If you can’t then try Exercising then Meditating….If you still have problems then Exercise, Abdominal Breath and/or do a simple breathing technique such as Alternative Nostril Breathing…then Meditate

Over time, what will happen?

“You Will Be in this World But Not of It!!”

You will Return to the One Mind/Unity Consciousness/God/Love

Welcome Home!

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