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The 4 Body Energy Gradient & Health

You are a 4 Body Energy Gradient or Biofield. Existence on this planet basically consists of biofields which are webs or grid systems of light and sound which carry information. There are many different types of biofields both off and on planet which interact with each other. This article covers the human biofield or 4 body energy gradient. This is the part of “All There Is” that you are responsible for. Our individual 4 Body Energy Gradient conforms to Universal Principles such as The Law of Structure. This Law identifies that the purpose of a structure both energetic and physical must be identified by the builder aka YOU. This usually means that the structure is intentionally destructive or intentionally positive and for the good of humanity. This creates duality and therefore experience.

Giving Your Power Away

Many people unwittingly give their power away because they don’t understand their 4 Body Energy Gradient ie themselves. They are conditioned or mind controlled. They are focused outwards and their biofield is used by the manipulators of human consciousness. Without a clearly defined purpose your structure will be open to attack by other forces. In its simplest form this could be simply not stepping up and taking responsibility for your own health or constantly giving ones authority over to other “experts”. A perfected and clear 4 Body Energy Gradient creates a powerful and higher functioning endocrine, nervous, and respiratory system for example – and therefore a more robust immune system in general. Genetic determinism and Germ Theory are fake sciences used by Big Pharma. Terrain Theory has been around for a long time but not promoted because it makes no money for the “Controllers”.

Scientists, in particular geneticists, know that our thoughts and actions are the effects of our genes. Our genes can be reprogrammed!!! Scientists can interfere with our operating system and replace it with another genetic framework. For example, by altering mRNA the messages sent to our DNA can now be programmed via something outside of ourselves. (This is genetic modification – very dangerous and open to abuse). However, we can reprogram our own genes via integrating lower emotions and changing our beliefs.

There are No Genetic Cures for Disease!

The fact is there has NEVER been a genetic cure for any dis-ease. The word dis-ease actually informs you that dis-ease is just a lack of ease. A lack of ease and peace in our 4 body energy gradient system. You can also affect your thoughts and actions via the power of beLIEving or not beLIEving and your focus or lack of focus. This is not simply believing that you will not become diseased for example. It is about you determining what is causing the lack of ease aka dis-ease in the first place. We can do this via contemplation, meditation and mindfulness. All attempts to prove that disease comes from genes has been a complete failure. (There are only a few diseases caused by faulty genes such as Huntington’s chorea, beta thalassemia and cystic fibrosis)

Resolving Polarities within the 4 Body Energy Gradient

When polarities within oneself are resolved via such practices as mindfulness, meditation and yoga the body moves from a dis-eased state to ease, from duality to unity. From this peaceful place joy, imagination and inspiration flow out into our lives and the positive affect we have on the world is immense. Please note this is often our higher purpose because without doing this we will not be capable of doing anything further from a place of energetic sovereignty. To get to this point we move from chaos to order many times in the same way that the planet and universe are going through a similar process (think microcosm/macrocosm). In other words we will be resurrected or reborn, sometimes many times. Collectively the light workers have created the organic ascension timeline as opposed to the inorganic controllers’ AI timeline.

The reason it appears to be so chaotic here on planet earth is because many have been unknowingly and unwittingly following inverted or satanic systems ie systems that are in direct violation of Universal Laws. For example, pharmaceutical based medicine where 90% of drugs are cell inhibiting and not cell promoting. When we follow these types of inverted systems via a belief system imposed on us from childhood our body has no option but to follow the directives of the mind. Therefore, if we don’t wake up from our trance life will become increasingly difficult and our health will deteriorate. (Fact: cell inhibiting pharmaceutical drugs are only effective for accidents and emergencies or very short term use. In other words to keep the patient alive/free from pain in extreme circumstances. Medium to Long term use actually increases morbidity and chances of death.)

The Biofield

The 4 Body Energetic Gradient is that part of the Universal Field/God that we are responsible for. It is the Spiritual or renewing function, the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Without the Spiritual or Renewing function we have no option but to live a co dependent and parasitical life because we are not self sourcing from our own “Father in Heaven” or Monad (ie our larger group consciousness). Not understanding this and insisting on an egoic or entropic and separated existence means we don’t understand the nature of reality.

Therefore we have to keep re-incarnating on a 3D planet because we are part of the overall energy or “soup” of the collective via emotional and mental attachments to others and the apparent realities on that planet. Thus being drawn back into physical form again and again because of these attachments. We appear to be “separated” from life because of an incoherence pattern in our brain. We will keep going on being “separated” and ill until we are fed up of the experience.

Evolution & The 4 Body Energy Gradient

Evolution is simply moving back into our natural state ie. functioning from the three brains. In one sense there is no such thing as evolution, only experience. The most we could say about this epoch we are leaving is that we developed the neocortex to its maximum creating outwardly while being in an out of balance state. Therefore our creations are often miscreations but can now be repurposed for the good of humanity.

For those who have not moved back into “whole brain” thinking (ie a coherence pattern in both hemispheres of the cranial brain) they will increasingly struggle to be here. Expanding awareness and consciousness is relative to the physiological evolution of the vehicle we inhabit and our willingness to surrender to the process. Expanded awareness relies on an openness to change and emotional integration. We could say internal alchemy. One person does it, another refuses. Those people who refuse to deal with their lower emotions will automatically have a much narrower awareness of life and will spiral downwards in acts and deeds during these times.

Mind Identification Causes Imbalances in the Biofield

The “mistake” many are making if we can call it that (there are no mistakes just learning opportunities) is that people still think the cranial brain/mind is who they are instead of the great focusing tool it could be once our awareness broadens to our second brain which innervates our heart brain. (My self mastery course highlights this fact and takes you step by step through clearing the veil between you, the planet and the Universe/God). They allow the mind to make important decisions about life instead of integrating the emotions held in the physical body. We can employ techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and massage in general to help integrate our emotions.

To understand the 4 body energy gradient is to begin to understand what life actually is. We are life. We were never separated from life until we beLIEved we were. Once we understand that we are deeply connected to the planet via primal awareness in the second brain and the magnetic universe via unconditional love through the heart brain, the cranial brain is relegated to its true function. It is a tool to play with the patterns of existence via communication research and play.

Once we become self sourcing via dealing with our lower emotional patterns we transmute mental patterns of dysfunction. That is, we change our beLIEfs about life, first by having more empowering ones, then by seeing the truth of life itself and not the “truth” given to us by others such as the mainstream narrative.

A Coherence Pattern in the Brain Brings Balance to the Biofield

It was our lower emotions and mental patterns that were creating the veil between what we see as ourselves and the Universe/God/Monad/Father in Heaven. We are part of a much larger being and indeed were never really completely separated. However our beLIEfs are so powerful that it felt this way. Our beliefs create energetic or psychological blocks. Releasing these blocks opens up our meridians and unblocks our chakras. Indeed as many are beginning to understand a collective belief about life is an almost impossible one to wake up from. That is, until something traumatic happens to shake us from our stupor.

As a coherence pattern returns to both hemispheres of the brain we become more peaceful. On the one hand we can use focused and logical thinking via what is commonly called the male or left brain function while at the same time we are aware of our connection to the more feminine and intuitive right side of the brain which works in tandem with inspiration and imagination. All higher ideas and inspirations do not tend to come from our brains. Rather, they are received by our brains from the Universal Field/Monad. Our brain is a receiving unit which has been shut down by fear. (Look at the enormous effort “the controllers” have gone to to keep us in fear). Indeed creativity is our natural state when fear is removed and source energy floods the energetic system.

Coherence patterning & Energetic System

A coherence pattern in the brain is a prerequisite for a fully functioning energetic system, in particular the fully functioning toroidal field at the heart area. Once a coherence pattern is established and a certain amount of psychological/emotional blocks removed from the lower three chakras the second brain or primal awareness comes online. The second brain actually innervates the heart brain. Once we function from all three brains at the same time we regain our energetic sovereignty. This is akin to seeing a problem with the whole body rather than just the cranial brain. That is, cranial brain objectiveness, heart brain unconditional love (universal) and second brain primal awareness (intuitive knowing about a danger before it happens). But to get here we must have healed on all levels. As I said already this mainly involves the emotional body.

When all three brains are working optimally there is a further advanced stage. We begin to operate from the awareness of all three brains being connected via the Heart Toroidal Field. That is, we move our awareness of all three brains into one at the heart centre. By that time we are no longer “of this world” but are still grounded in this world. There are further stages which actually involve the full activation of the merkabah or lightbody but are beyond the scope of this article.

Exiting Old Earth Mind Control

As we reconnect more and more to our larger self (renewing function of spirit) via axiatonal highways and clear psychological blocks in our emotional bodies we automatically become healthier. For many, sometimes for the first time in their lives, there has to be a complete departure from internal beliefs and external “priorities”. An understanding must develop that they make as a goal, on a daily basis, time spent within themselves. Our personal development must be balanced. Absolutely no lop-sided development since that’s what got humanity into the predicament we have all long endured.

My suggestions for a Balanced Development

The following 3 general areas is a priority:

  1. the physical body – exercise and grounding oneself onto the planet. Even those who exercise regularly have lost connection with the planet. Exercising outside in nature is preferable whether it be yoga, running or some other activity. Exercising has a direct effect on our endocrine system and indeed all the systems of the body. Furthermore long slow stretching is particularly good because it unwinds myofascial tissue where our lower emotions are stored. Once our flexibility increases in the body we also feel our minds becoming more flexible too;

  2. the spiritual bodymeditation and contemplation. Again in nature preferably. When we bring nature in it is extremely powerful because our Biofield or Human Electromagnetic Field does not have to deal so much with the electromagnetic pollution aka cell towers/phones and so on and other distractions. If you find it difficult to meditate try exercising, stretching or doing breathing exercises first. This will quiet the mind;

  3. the mental body – as I indicated above transmutation of the mental body is essential. This means deliberately thinking higher thoughts. This will take time as a coherence pattern develops between both hemispheres of the brain. Meditation and mindfulness are excellent techniques using the breath. In particular breathing techniques, often called pranayama actually creates a coherence pattern between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies!!!

God Sovereignty & Freedom

The sovereign man or woman self sources. They have completely opened up their other two centres or brains. That is, they have moved back into the body. Ascension of consciousness comes through the balance of the body and mind. They take renewing energies from their source, Monad or “Father in Heaven” while being deeply connected to Mother Earth. They do not use others to energise themselves via the lower emotions. The lower emotions cause 70 to 95% of ALL dis-ease. Dis-ease being the opposite of ease or peace. Dis-ease can only come about in a 4 body energy gradient system that is out of balance. Indeed it is not happiness you are looking for it is ease and peace. From peace that passeth all understanding comes incredible Joy, Imagination, Higher Purpose, happiness and good health.





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