Separating The Wheat from the Chaff

The idea of a thing must always be “looked at” in a calm and balanced way otherwise the mind, already pre-programmed by societies apparent norms will jump in and give its “one sided opinion”. The one sided opinion is duality or polarity thinking and is our modern “dis-ease”. It comes about through our education system (among other programming techniques endemic in society) where the more logical side of the brain is over stimulated. When the more logical side of the brain becomes dominant you are in anxiety/fear because you don’t understand or cannot communicate with the more intuitive side of the brain which connects to life/bigger picture/natural cycles.

Remember logic can both prove and disprove a theory. For example, using the logical side of the brain only, I can both prove and disprove the ideas surrounding vaccines. Why? Because the logical side of the brain doesn’t see the bigger picture that the more intuitive faculties of the brain understand. It will only “see” or “look for” that which bolsters its theory. Then when it proves itself right it puffs its sense of false self up. That is, it separates itself even more from the intuitive bigger picture of life (The Whole/Source/God). It will mistake the part for the whole.

A good example of this in my own life was when I was studying Sports Science. For a whole year I was made to study the cell without reference to the greater Universal environment. Not once was there any information regarding the effects of astrological alignments and various energies that come to this planet daily and have an effect on the body. For anyone who is awake this is obvious and indeed Chinese medicine among others incorporate this in their systems of health. The teachers/professors refused to acknowledge this. Indeed if you are awake you will discover that our education system in the West was created by the Rockefeller Family – one of the families that believe that they own the planet and those who choose to come here..

This is a typical example of being so focused on one small aspect of life that you miss the bigger picture. Indeed science has discovered that the nucleus of a cell is not the brain. The cell membrane is the “brain” and it interacts with its environment. Similarly on a daily basis we must re-center ourselves within our environment integrating positive universal energies and rejecting negative energies created by those who want to control. You may feel calm today but tomorrow you may not. What has changed? If you insist on a limited view of reality then you are automatically discounting the bigger picture. The bigger picture is making itself known now because the bigger picture/God/Source wants you to stop suffering. We are in a natural evolutionary cycle on this planet. The more you insist on a limited version of reality as dictated by mainstream programming the more shock and abrupt changes will have to be made in ALL the systems of your body when the time comes. Many are so focused and discussing CV/vaccines etc that they have missed the bigger picture. For example, that the Gold standard has returned to America. The USA corporation is bankrupt and the Re-Evaluation of currencies moves forward to provide a minimum income for everyone. There is a very big information war going on to keep you asleep.

An even bigger picture is the fact that the Magnetic Field has been shifting on this planet and is preparing to flip. It is obvious our weather over the last decade or so has been changing. The prevailing systems on this planet even wanted to profit from that with their whole fake “global warming agenda” when in fact the planet is going through a natural evolutionary cycle. That is, there is a forking in the species similar to when Neanderthal Man disappeared and “Modern Man” took over. Scientists call this the missing link because they don’t understand it. It is similar to now because many want to stay asleep and programmed by the system whilst the rest of us are awake or awakening (junk DNA activation). No one knows when this flip will happen exactly. However, Scientists are now becoming aware of a major Extinction Cycle every 26000 years. This flip is a much smaller 12-13000 year cycle. Is it not obvious even now that there are more earthquakes, more volcanoes erupting and more floods/strange weather patterns? If you insist on staying asleep/programmed by mainstream your life is about to get harder. Why?

Using only well trodden and favoured neurological pathways in the brain will keep you fragmented and at the mercy of others. When you separate both hemispheres of the brain like this there is no coherence pattern. You rely purely on logic/intellect to solve your existential problems or stuck in negative emotional upset. When you are in these modes of operation you are in anxiety/fear based thinking which further shuts down the more intuitive/common sense parts of the brain. Your immune system becomes weak and your health suffers. You are more susceptible to “catching” viruses. The thought of a vaccine might sound appealing then. In spiritual circles we would call this the separation of the male and female parts of the brain. You are in fear by your own doing.

You also separate all the male and female parts of your body as well and invite disease because your systems are physiologically stressed. Remember your soul is androgynous. Male and female (yang/yin) cannot exist without each other. For example, most will favour the sympathetic nervous system (male) rather than parasympathetic nervous system (female) and will always be rushing around and cannot relax for a moment. If you notice anyone who is in the process of mastering themselves they are always bringing the polarities within themselves back into balance. That is, they are always mindful, conscious and are aware of their breathing pattern. They are also open to whatever “lessons” life throws at them. They are awake/awakening. They are DE-PROGRAMMING from the Fake System/Matrix and are moving or have moved from Fear to Courage and eventually to Love. They are tuning into natural cycles once more.

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