Self Mastery Is Key to Ascension

Self Mastery was a 36 Day Email Course. It has now been upgraded to Self Mastery - Being Well Again! This course now has its own learning platform where students can participate at their own speed rather than at the speed of emailed lessons. It describes and takes the learner through the once esoteric process of alchemy of self. The transmutation of self to a higher form. 36 has special significance in the design and construction of the ancient pyramids. It represents the square of 6, the number of creation. Incidentally those same pyramids are now "phiring up" as we move to a higher operating system. Simultaneously our level of consciousness rises as both we and the planet "ascend".

Self Mastery and Alchemy

Lower aspects of oneself, lower frequencies of vibrating energy are transmuted to higher frequencies of expression. For example, the process of moving from fear to courage, the first and most important stage in the process. This is because courage is the first positive emotion on the map of the scale of consciousness. As we move into courage it allows the learner to understand how those lower aspects of oneself have hidden their "inner light". This inner light will rise from within and join with very high vibration photonic energy (spirit).

Another way of saying this is the negative polarity (kundalini) energy in the base chakra rises to meet the positive polarity energy above the crown (Holy Spirit). The resulting awareness then grounds back into the body. After all we are ascending with the body. Over time the body transfigures into a more perfected form. Only when a certain level of self mastery or emotional integration is achieved does the process of transfiguration or ascension progress.

Self Mastery - Being Well Again!

axiatonalThis Course provides theory sessions that describe the relationship we have to our energetic, endocrine and reproductive (life force) systems for example. The course shows how that relationship directly affects our consciousness levels. It also provides practical sessions such as exercises, meditations and asanas and interactive quizzes. The Course describes ways of moving from limitation (duality) to creativity and peak experience. Increasing our frequency of vibration still further, we move to the much talked about fifth dimensional consciousness (Oneness/Christ Consciousness) and total relinquishment of the lower/ego self. (By the way higher aspects of your personality will remain)

During the course you will use techniques such as abdominal breathing, open focus awareness, witnessing and visualisation. Furthermore the course gives clear and simple information about keeping the positive (male) and negative polarity (feminine) energies in balance on every level of your being. This "unity consciousness" (as opposed to duality consciousness) must increasingly be adopted so that Christ energies can be integrated. The Course provides further information about how we are light beings and destined to live off light. In fact a few on the planet have already mastered this process.

Self Mastery is Understanding Who We Are

We are Energy Gradients. Our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have a higher frequency of vibration than the physical body. Therefore what we think and feel has its final manifestation in our physical bodies. If we suffer from stiffness, aches, pain and disease in the physical body there is a very high chance that we have been creating it unconsciously with our negative thoughts and beLIEfs and resultant emotions.

BeLIEfs are lies we tell ourselves to keep a certain limited perception of reality foremost and therefore gives us a certain limited experience (energetic blocks). This is the manipulation or stepping down of undifferentiated light (love) via our pineal/pituitary/third eye mechanism. We could say that it is the process of separation and acting as a closed system when we manipulate or step down the higher frequencies so much (The "Fall" in consciousness). We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, not a separate system. This was the process of INVOLUTION of the soul where we become more physical and externalised our reality.

Evolution is Self Mastery

We are now beginning the process of accelerated EVOLUTION of the soul where we drop our beLIEfs and perceptions about life. One progressively learns to understand and know thyself which automatically will allow more light into the energy/chakra system. It is the movement inwards. As we do this we begin to feel issues coming up for us to transmute. Issues that we internalised and covered up when we were young. As we accept the lessons and surrender to the process life offers we love ourselves more. We correspondingly spiritualise (cleanse) the body and expand our energy system.

Our kundalini or life force energy sitting in the base chakra increasingly travels higher up the spine. It clears out discordant and heavy energies lurking in all our chakras and bodies. Ones whole energy/chakra system becomes more free-flowing and begins to transmute into a more unlimited and free-flowing system. As the light body fuses with the physical body and the process of transmuting ourselves into pillars of light continue we progressively are "resurrected" as masters. We then function as beings who are "in this world but not of it".

It is important through the self-mastery experience to understand that all knowledge lies within our own physical bodies or "temples". Therefore any course, teacher, or modality has been called forth by your soul to assist and not to do the process for you. This is because we are sovereign beings and all answers reside within each one of us. If you are interested in purchasing Self Mastery - Being Well Again be aware that my FREE Course is a pre-requisite.


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