Resurrection – Reptilian Man integrates Spiritual Man

The process of the resurrection of the physical body intellectually is easy to comprehend once one integrates a certain amount of self-knowledge and the right external education. However, this education must resonate with the whole being (think physical body) and not primarily through the mind. We should discard as ill-usion anything that doesn’t resonate with the body for resurrection to occur. The reason being it is the body that feels and knows the bigger picture, not the conscious mind. Being completely lost in the mind is common. The “manipulators of consciousness” are continuously directing these people; being lead by external control structures outside their own wisdom; unable to discern truth from fiction. Our bodies speak to us constantly in terms of symptoms. From a simple lack of flexibility to full-blown diseases!!

The resurrection of the physical body is harder to achieve until we release/transmute a certain amount of ego/blocked energy. De-conditioning being a large part of the process. Once the personality has done this in partnership with the higher self/witness one understands what energetic sovereignty is. He or she is, in fact, the divine asset or value that is being fraudulently bonded by service to self individuals. It is our lack of energetic sovereignty and unconsciousness that invited this scenario and prevents resurrection.

He or she realises they have been giving away their own energy in terms of lower emotions. It is our lower emotions which fuel our repetitive and mundane individual lives and on a group level the ill-usion. The ill-usion could only materialise because humanity self-policed their own slavery via their own blocked energetic system (unconsciousness). This is a lack of electromagnetic, male/female or mental/emotional, energetic balance. It is therefore crucial that we integrate lower emotions and move towards peace to allow resurrectionof the physical body to occur.

The Ego and Energetic System

We can only achieve further transmutation (deleting “glitches” in DNA) and resurrection of the body when the personality surrenders to the higher self. Another way of saying this is allowing objectivity/the witness to integrate into our lives and to merge polarities within oneself. The higher self is in fact the third energy in the sacred trinity and it’s you. It can only be integrated as we progressively transmute a certain level of duality in our body/mind complex.

As this transmutation progresses one no longer acts as an individual ego but moves into a higher purpose for the good of humanity. The sense of individual ego self becomes more intangible in relation to describing oneself using the narrative of the matrix. At this stage he or she will move towards a fully functioning energetic system. They will no longer be energetically a part of our dysfunctional society (but may outwardly still be in it). He or she will also progressively integrate energy and nutrients from cosmic sources in their total daily nutritional requirements. Polluted cities being a real hindrance to this mechanism. For example, intelligent light absorbed through the crown and axiatonal highways. Also prana via the breath during abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. If you doubt this mechanism, just think about how we already trigger vitamin D synthesis when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin.

He or she will have totally committed to their own spiritual journey and resurrection. They will also know of the creation and reinforcing of the new 5D energetic grid on this planet. Their own matrix or electromagnetic field being part of this new grid that is “the second coming”

Open and Closed Systems

The person moving towards resurrection will:

1. allow the full complement of universal energies to enter the body via the energetic and axiatonal systems. These are blended in the abdominal area or second brain. They will progressively act as an open system allowing resurrection to take place organically. This will massively influence all the systems of the body, for example stimulation and “awakening” of the vagus nerve. The awakening of the vagus nerve stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of us that is under stimulated in our “modern” world. He or she will only be able to do this by deeply accepting and surrendering to where they are at. Using as a guide, how centered they feel in every moment. Despite the huge energetic and often chaotic shifts the planet is experiencing;

2. understand that he or she exists as a gradient of energy. Commonly known as the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The physical body being the final manifestation of who he or she is in terms of frequency of vibration;

3. in every moment be mindful of every nuance in the emotional, mental and physical systems of the body. He or she will return to being human (human being) as opposed to a human doing. A constant human doing is an over stimulated sympathetic nervous system preventing resurrection. They will do nothing from a place of force, lack of centeredness or conditioned response. They are returning to perfect electromagnetic, male/female or mental/emotional balance. Another way of saying this is a place of androgyny. A prerequisite for the Christ Energies  to be integrated and resurrection of the body to take place;

He or She will be:

4. constantly and courageously integrating every emotion, no matter how frightening they may appear as awareness of them dawns. The breath/abdominal breathing being very important;

5. not Acting as a closed system but will be an open system (think nature/universe and natural cycles). He or she will no longer be allowing entropy to be the norm but are moving their system rapidly towards syntropy and resurrection;

6. contemplating, investigating and integrating every physical symptom in the body. It is the body that should be listened to and not the conscious (“monkey”) mind. Help can only come from others providing they understand the close relationship between body, mind and soul. From those that are awake or connected to the universal field; not those still lost in ill-usion;

7. able to move from fear and anxiety to courage and eventually to complete fearlessness as resurrection of the physical body progresses.

Open Systems are Happy Systems

  • The whole spiritual journey is about moving ourselves from a closed to an open energetic system. This is a prerequisite for resurrection of the physical body to take place;
  • the healing journey is moving ourselves from a closed energetic system to an open system;
  • the journey from illusion to reality is moving ourselves from a closed system to an open system;
  • the de-conditioning process is moving ourselves from a closed system to an open system;

Happiness is not out there somewhere. It’s inside you. We can only find happiness when we are at peace!! We find peace when we move from acting as a closed system to being an open system. This is because we see/feel and therefore understand the bigger picture. Happiness is a chemical process within the endocrine system. Being an open system with no manipulation of light (strong beliefs and perceptions) allows the soul to more fully incarnate. Communication between the soul and the “personality” becomes one.

Disease and The Renewing Function of our Galactic Body

axiatonalThe road to the resurrection of the physical body is via the physical body. All diseases, conditions, and so on are symptoms. We finally feel them in the physical body. They exist because the lower self/you/small you act as a closed energetic system and prevent universal energies from integrating into the body via the energetic system and axiatonal highways and therefore “accept” pollutions/negativity into the body via your lifestyle. I can explain this via a quote from:

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

“There is at work within all biological systems a path of interchangeability to standardize unique vibratory levels. Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems. These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open-ended and connect the body vehicle with axiatonal lines that emanate from the various star populations. When Man can discover this connection between his life space and the axiatonal grids controlling the body through endless cell division, Man will have a new super-science known as medical astronomy. For the human body is a microcosm or small space-time field within a larger field. If we can maintain this view, we can recognize that acupuncture is one of the first empirical demonstrations of biological scaling within the universe.”

Each being on earth is here to experience being filled with light. This is so we can fully and richly experience our divine nature, which is our highest purpose. From there we can create the reality we reflect from that place of presence or peacefulness. Once we purposefully fill our sacred temple (the physical body) with light by opening to life/universe we will experience its transformational powers of dissolving false beLIEf systems, false identities, dis-ease, discord and all the perpetual burdens of living in ill-usion. When we finally live as sovereign beings we will understand the ill-usion we have all lived in. When our cells vibrate in tune with the frequency of our once separated souls we will finally understand what it means to be fully incarnated and resurrected divine being.

Sacred Geometry

Light comprises fractal or sacred geometries. Here on planet earth, the microcosm, a few people can see light separating into its component 7 rays. Most people cannot see them apart from on a rainy day when light refracts through rain drops into what we call a rainbow. Light from Source similarly divides into seven rays. These archetypes or rays from Source are the foundation for all that exists. The body too is a wonderful microcosmic organism. It reflects the workings of the wider universe when we act as an open system. Or it can be a prison of desperate suffering and misery when we act as a closed system.

Just like the design of the macrocosm follows certain rules, the human body follows certain programs using intelligent light. Thus we can see and feel within our body a similar intelligent system of chakras and meridians. These feed more physical systems such as the endocrine system. These systems feed various organs and parts of the body.

The Great Experiment

A great “game” is being played by off planet service to self forces and their oligarchy minions here on the planet. This game was to program humanity via their rules and the mind as opposed to natural programming of intelligent light via the third eye/pineal gland mechanism. One good example being commercial slavery law, the modern version being the legal system. It has an intimate connection to courts and the banking system. That programming is passed onto the next generation by fear and intimidation courtesy of our genes. He who controls the consciousness of mankind, controls mankind.

On an even smaller level intelligent light programs each cell in the human body to follow certain rules. If a heart cell decided it wanted to be a kidney cell, it would cause havoc in the body. The heart and kidneys have to follow an intelligent program within the human body. Likewise, our human body has a particular function within the larger body of humanity. If our body followed this programming without the interference of the mind we would all be in our natural state of enlightenment. There would be no such thing as resurrection.

DNA and Light

This programming happens through our DNA. Higher evolutionary codes are already waiting inside our “junk DNA”. Unfortunately, humanity have not been following their individual function/uniqueness but instead following outside controlling influences. Instead of following their individual and unique body design they have followed the dictates of the mind. The body then becomes diseased because the soul cannot fully incarnate and therefore our connection to the Universe compromised. We must try to transmute the mind or the body then recycles the same old dysfunctional energies of fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, low self esteem and so on and does not function correctly. This is what we know as conditioning. The average human being is completely conditioned by the time he or she is 7 to 12 years old. Society reinforces this conditioning.

Unfortunately, one will never be happy following the dictates of the mind because of its habit of acting for itself (closed system) instead of following the superior programming of an open and universal system. Once we achieve this, we can use the mind for its original purpose, a tool to focus higher spiritual energies. To create higher functioning systems for the good of mankind and the planet.

The Cosmos and DNA

genesThe Cosmos is rich and overflowing with inter-dimensional life. These advanced forms of life no longer have a binary structure of DNA but a trinary helix. With a triple helix all beings move beyond local laws of time and space. This allows awareness to travel unimpeded throughout the cosmos. The triple helix cannot support a carbon-based body, however. It requires a crystalline structure, the underlying geometry of the universe itself. During this great transition on earth all who are open and willing are being upgraded to this new structure (resurrection). Up till now the binary helix has been very much a part of our experience. This is because evolution requires time and localisation requires space, a binary system. Over the next few years increasingly more people will upgrade to a trinary system. Is it not obvious that time is malleable and feels like it’s speeding up?

The New Human

As the new human form comes online, we can feel it as an ever changing architectural structure. It requires a new, higher level of understanding and responsibility, communication and relationship to maintain. We must work with it daily, through such practices as yoga and meditation!!!

With this level of cellular intelligence the body requires us to take part daily on a conscious level. As it comes more fully into our awareness as each of our cells light up from the increasing vibrations of “love“ energy that has been, and will continue to speed up the resonance of the human form. As this happens all our systems receive upgrades and most noticeably our endocrine system produces more feel good hormones.

We could say there are three avenues for true unconditional love: love for self, love for another and universal love. Love for self is the most important. It’s only when we truly love ourselves (no more criticism and judgement) that we can love another unconditionally. (Don’t confuse this with narcissism which comes about because of a closed heart). To do this, we must commune deeply with the body and simultaneously open to the universe (natural cycles). Each time we hear the body over the mind, true communion forms and healing happens. As we learn to love self we can fully love another. It is only then will we open to universal love.

An Open System: The Galactic Body and its Renewing Function

The individual gates, 64 genes and pathways (meridians), which affect our DNA in the body correspond to the many gates and individual star systems in the universe. When there is a huge shift in universal energies the human body via its genes and body systems can open to new energies. Meridians and gateways which have lain dormant for thousands of years in our genetic lineage (conditioning and disease) have the capability of clearing. But only if the individual personality prepares himself to be mindful, integrates lower emotions/energies and reprograms his nervous system.

Lower Emotions

We feel lower emotions because of the lower functioning of the endocrine system which is perhaps the most delicate system in the body and therefore susceptible to the smallest of changes in both internal and external environments. Once left and right brain coherence becomes the norm, the energetic heart opens. As this happens the thymus becomes stronger. A natural organic and alchemical process in the body takes place. As we raise our own awareness via acceptance and surrender and integrate universal energies a delicate process of interconnected chemical change takes place in the body. It is the unique and delicate balance of many chemicals and their interaction in highly specific amounts and blends that change the physiology when one lives with an open heart.

Working with Higher Self

Once we show a certain level of openness and self acceptance and polarities integrated the higher self/full soul can download and function through the body. Instead of being an individual ego the higher self uses the personality to come into line with a higher purpose. We can now use our individual body design and its superior intelligence for its original purpose. We can use the mind as an instrument or tool of that design and intelligence. At the moment humanity has this reversed.

When we work with our higher self to resurrect the physical body consciously, we enter a process of alchemical co-creation within the body. As we raise our own consciousness through following our intuition, delicate chemical matrices spontaneously form within our physiology. It is a natural evolutionary process of refining and distilling our inner essences through the endocrine system.

Unfortunately, most people still use external means/distractions to give them the chemical highs. They don’t understand that the craving they seek can come from moving into the body. Instead, they waste their energy being distracted externally. Therefore, they use everything from sex to consumerism to drugs to fill the unhappy place inside them.

The easiest place to begin is to give to another unconditionally (but not over-give from a place of imbalance). When we do this, we secrete more serotonin into our own system. It also takes away the focus from our own perceived problems. If done regularly it automatically causes a speeding up of our own evolution. It increases our own frequency of vibration and affects the chemical processes of our DNA.


The road to enlightenment in this lifetime is through the body. We are taking the body into a higher frequency of vibration. The body is a mirror of mental and emotional patterns. Therefore, we must all develop a conscious dialogue with the body and in particular our muscles, tissues and cells. As we do this our body becomes our physical guide. Feel where you are stiff and inflexible in your own body. These issues correspond to “stiffness and inflexibility” in your mind/emotional system. The release of Trigger points and wound up myofascial tissue is essential. These physical issues are causing the holding patterns and diseases in the body. Once we release these holding patterns and polarity integration work progresses chi can flow through the body unimpeded. Further work on balancing meridians can then be our focus.

Enlightenment is our natural state. Enlightenment and our journey away from ill-usion can only be achieved through the body and not through the limited conscious mind. Our bodies must be allowed to do their thing. Energy must be allowed to circulate and be renewed via axiatonal highways. Our body must be allowed to reflect natural cycles. Therefore, it is crucial that our bio-energetic system is centered and balanced daily. We can do this using yoga, meditation and other modalities as appropriate. Unfortunately for most the body is kept in a prison via self limiting perceptions and beliefs about life and external narrative. It is not surprising then that these limiting beliefs and perceptions about self are then reflected in the body. Our bodies fail all too quickly as we become older, aches, pains and disease make themselves known.

Resurrection and Cells

cellular memoryDuring this remarkable time on earth, our human biology is literally transforming into a very advanced system of bio-dynamic intelligence if we are open enough to allow it to happen. Our cells are returning to their original divine-DNA template and are becoming more responsive and alive with vital, life-giving energy. This is because of acting as an open system.


The repair of Planetary and Galactic grid lines is taking place after the Fall in Consciousness/Galactic Wars, This means your own grid structure has the potential of being repaired. Our cells are a microcosm of the macrocosm. As above so below.

Cell Memory

Cell memory is a term used to describe how our physical bodies hold on to past traumatic experiences, however, it is also a way for us to understand how cells contain their own intelligence and communicate to us and all other cells. It also contains and stores information that is useful, memory that basis itself on all our life experiences as a soul incarnate and of our ancestors. Cell memory is actually a living library and is synonymous with the Akashic Record. You will have access to more of your “Record” as more DNA comes online.

Daily, we must discipline ourselves to work with the physical body and our perceptions. We must embrace the reality that becoming fully embodied during this ascension phase requires understanding and acceptance; that the new-human form operates from the perception of timelessness and immortality.

Timelessness and Immortality

The concept of immortality is not a new one. However, it’s in the integration and application of it, it becomes realised. The mind cannot fully understand the concept of immortality. It only sees time linearly, past present and future. Therefore, immortality to the mind would appear to stretch into an infinite future. Immortality has more to do with timelessness than an infinite future since without time one does not become older and die. To have this understanding, one must live in the present moment only. For a human being to do that the lower self must completely dissolve so there is no longer a sense of "small" self. Typically this happens in stages over several years.

We must consider immortality while we integrate emotions daily. While we do this we continually communicate immortality to the cells. The cells must be programmed daily with the directive “immortality.” When conditioning has been fully released and the lower self transmuted/dissolved one will be fully and permanently connected to the new grid or “force field”

As each one of us reconnects to the new “force field” or grid of Christ Consciousness and disconnects from the “false matrix of energy” created by oligarchy and their controlling influence we must prepare to lose connection with the understanding of cell death. Holding on to the concept of mortality at this stage of our evolution can cause discordance in our mind-body system. Ultimately, it is the decision of the soul when it leaves the body. It would be nice though if it completed its life plan. Leaving behind its contribution and legacy for the evolution of both humanity and the planet.

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