Resurrection Energies

The Month of May is all about Resurrection into the higher functioning of our specific genetic profile or uniqueness. These are massively liberating energies unless you resist, don’t accept or stay closed. We must not focus out there as the theater of 3D unfolds. Your focus brings your reality. Perception is Creation. Out there is the mirror of you and many collective realities. Focus on your highest excitement via the heart and bring it into reality via the crown and third eye mechanism. If you are still stuck in mind then work on the three lower chakras (second brain) and mindfulness techniques. If all else fails now is the time to start abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. All three brains, the cranial, heart and gut or second brain must be in balance. If you are still going through emotional turmoil don’t forget I have a Free course called “Connect to Peace” that should help.

As an awakening being our only path is to surrender to the process of Alchemy and enjoy the process. The physical body will be resisting since it takes so long for the physical to change. Default patterns are hardwired into the body for up to 7 years via the nervous system. Massage of all descriptions is advised. In particular find a therapist who does trigger point therapy and myofascial release in your local area or contact me for advice.

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