Reconnect to Nature and Reality

The Experiment is over! Reconnect to your Higher Self/Source/Universal Grid. The False Grid is collapsing.

So there is good news and bad news….

The Bad News

Please note! The Bad news is going away because of the number of us who have now made an effort to reconnect to Higher Self/Source. If you are aware of the bad news you can skip it and move straight to the good news below. If you feel fearful after reading the bad news then think of it like this. We have become aware of something that was always there but hidden. Now that we are aware of it it cannot persist. If you feel very fearful then that is an area of your life you will need to address/integrate so you can reconnect to Higher Self/Universal Grid. More information is given within this article.

Moving Away From Galactic Centre

Approximately 26000 years ago enlightened societies such as Atlantis fell in consciousness after a number of events. Firstly it was the ending of a particular Universal Cycle in which energies from Galactic Centre/Source/God became less powerful. The planet followed a natural planetary cycle moving away from Source/Galactic Centre. The 4 Yugas describe this process in much more detail. At a certain point we entered the Kali Yuga cycle when man forgets who he is (furthest point from Source). This cycle is about strife and deprivation as man follows “False Gods” and the Lower Self or Ego. Man apparently loses his higher connection. Kali Yuga has ended!! It’s time to reconnect once again to Higher Self/God/Source/Universal Grid.

Service to Self

Secondly we had already been sharing our planet with “Service to Self” beings. These beings then made their move to dominate as we began to lose connection with our Higher Selves. These beings have a different geometrical pattern to the “Service to Others” beings. The planet actually contains a huge majority of “Service to Others” beings. The problem has been up until now they have been fast asleep. The hard core of “Service to Self” beings (the 1%) are the 13 Blood Line Families you are aware of on our planet today. These families control everything, governments, politics, science, healthcare, food, money and so on. They have systematically stolen, murdered, raped and tortured there way through history to the present planetary situation today. To reconnect to who you really are is their worst nightmare because then you will leave their false 3D matrix.

The Blood Line Families have deliberately hidden and falsified the planets true history. These people are the minions of the “False Gods” or Archons. You have effectively been living in the “Lower Worlds”. The Universe has up till now energetically “quarantined” the planet and us because of the energetic damage that would have affected it adversely. This was necessary to play out this “Experiment in Happenstance”. This is because what was happening here would have affected all levels of creation. (as above so below, as below so above) Planet Earth has been a Prison in terms of awareness. Humanities journey now is to fully awaken to everything that has been hidden from them. Only then can we help the planet to once again become the jewel it was previously in this Solar System. To do this we must first reconnect with who we really are.

The Illusion

Many people cannot understand why our leaders don’t just use a bit of “common sense”. Unfortunately the systems that have been created are not for our benefit. They are to control and manipulate one thing. Our consciousness. To close down our awareness and prevent reconnection with who we really are. The bloodline families have done this by infiltrating every system that could have been of benefit to humanity. They have either changed its direction from within or they have created their own systems within those once beneficial systems. Their systems are anti-human and anti-God.

Western Religion is a good example of such a system. Originally a set of beneficial teachings from Christ that were to help us reconnect with Self. But they were manipulated, changed and otherwise subverted from their original purpose over several centuries. This has lead to the now clear exposure, especially in the Catholic Church, of Mass Satanic and Paedophilic Rings. This includes the ritual killing and abuse of thousands of children. Other examples are as follows:

The Western Education System

A massive level of programming comes from the education system and the way it is delivered. There is still no knowledge delivered about The True Self, or Higher Self. This knowledge has been deliberately with-held from our children and negated in favour of intellectual subjects. The “education” system favours left brain logical subjects.

The Two Hemispheres of the Brain

Therefore there is no coherence pattern set up between the two hemispheres of the brain. This creates a disconnection pattern from the Universe/Source/The Bigger Picture. After a decade or so the child favours logical and analytical thought processes. You cannot use logic to make important decisions in life. Logic can both prove and disprove itself. Big decisions can only be made when the bigger picture is seen. That is the domain of the right hand brain. A child that constantly “overthinks” a situation is driven into lower frequency patterns of anxiety, depression and fear. These become hardwired into the nervous, endocrine and respiratory systems. In fact all systems of the body. This further imprints unresourceful behaviors, that is, the spiral downwards in consciousness. The body then follows the mind and becomes broken and diseased after only a few decades.

We must integrate a balanced curriculum of both left and right brain subjects in the education system. For example yoga, meditation, art, creative and outdoor pursuits and physical education. These subjects must be given more importance so a coherence pattern is set up between both hemispheres of the brain. In other words instead of relying on analytical thought alone the child understands the bigger picture of life and relaxes into it. They realise they are part of life or an instrument of life and not separate from it. The heart then stays open because it feels safe. The heart is the connection between our physical and multidimensional realities. As adults we can reverse our own conditioning because of the neuroplasticity of the brain. We can reconnect to who we really are.

The Importance of Play

Furthermore, children start school far too early when all they want to do is play. Play is an extremely important developmental part of our lives. It develops the faculty of imagination (right brain) which is our connection via the crown chakra to Source. Adults have forgotten how to play. That is they are disconnected from who they are. Did you know that the Western Education System was created by the Rockefeller Family (one of the 13 Bloodline Families) who are involved in Satanism and control of Christian Denominations?

The Legal/Banking System

A Commercial Slavery System. It is the evolution of Admiralty law (Slave Law) and is based on the “fact” that you are a slave if you have a birth certificate (because you do not know who you are, ie lost at sea). They consider all crime against slaves as commercial. The legal system is built on something called Universal Commercial Code. It is used for the transfer of real assets such as Your Value, land masses, homes, vehicles, precious metals, funds and so on to them via legal entities which they “own” or control, for example Legal Persons, Corporations and so on.

The biggest asset they “own” according to their system is you. They transferred your value via the Birth Bond/Cestui Que Trust/Legal Person arrangement without telling you/your main caregivers. In other words they parasite your living energy by getting you to work for them in their societies, the 9-5 slave labour most are/have been involved in. You are the Creditor, the asset, because men/women cannot be debtors. This is why they always chase the Legal Person for money which you unwittingly act as agent for.

You are the value they use by manipulating your consciousness into believing that you owe them money. All mortgages, loans etc are created via your signatures on their forms which “magically” become financial instruments. You cannot be a debtor!!!! because all value comes from You. You are the Creator of Value. It is only from you that anything of value comes into this world. Therefore stop ACTING as debtors and legal PERSONS. When you do this you further disconnect yourself from who you are. You are a Divine Being. A Divine Asset!

Massive Hint

This is an internal journey of raising our self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. It is only when we transmute our fears and lower emotions that we realise without a doubt we are Divine!! We are of God!! By that time we will already have moved away from their systems/societies and be creating our own lives. Make no mistake about it we have been energetically tied into this system by virtue of having been born on this planet.

It is important now we work towards Energetic Sovereignty. You can download Dr Hawkin’s map of the scale of consciousness to help you in this endeavour. You will see from this scale that all emotions below courage are not real, not the truth. They have been “implanted” within you. It is stagnant energy within our energetic systems to keep us disconnected. It must be transmuted by us. We cannot destroy energy. It has to be changed from one form to another.

The Healthcare Industry

Infiltrated by them creating the monstrosity called Big Pharma. 90% of drugs are cell inhibiting. Long term use actually increases morbidity and therefore their profits. Using drugs should only be used in life threatening situations such as accidents and emergencies. As soon as homeostasis returns to the vehicle drugs should be tailored off/stopped and more holistic treatments sought of which there are many.

All emotional problems have a cause/source. Once you integrate those emotions via mindfulness techniques the emotional charge is integrated into the Human Electromagnetic Field (HEF). In other words the problem disappears!! Almost all issues with the body are Symptoms. There is an underlying cause usually found in our mental/emotional patterns which will draw a certain lifestyle to us (for example bad eating/drinking habits/late nights etc) and a certain way of being. This way of being is hardwired into our Endocrine and Nervous Systems. By integrating emotions and raising our awareness we reconnect to ourselves. We are our own healers.

This is why they want to keep us busy, tired and distracted by worrying about money/life. If we stopped for a minute and allowed ourselves some mental space using mindfulness techniques such as abdominal breathing we would realise life has us covered. This is the coherence pattern I have written about above between left and right hemispheres of the brain. This coherence pattern actually allows the third eye to open and the bigger picture to be seen and or felt.

Also, abdominal breathing brings more oxygen to our cells. On a physical level all disease is caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level. On an emotional level expectation and reactive or repressive programs are our worst enemies. Acceptance, trust and surrender of circumstances are our friends as we reconnect to the Universal Grid.


The systematic polluting of the air, sea, rivers, drinking water and planet in general. For example adding artificial chemicals such as fluoride to drinking water/toothpaste which inhibits the correct functioning of the pineal/pituitary mechanism. Chemtrails, mobile/wifi signals all interfere with the human electromagnetic field (HEF) and keep us disconnected, fragmented, unhealthy, tired and distracted from doing our inner work/connecting with Higher Self.

Mainstream Media

A giant system controlled by them to create disconnection, negativity and fear. This closes down awareness to the truth and wider reality. The Cabals favoured way of control because their propaganda is beamed straight into our living rooms via the television and internet!! They now widely use the internet. It is a system to keep people thinking and doing what they want you to do by motivating you to think in a certain direction. A system to keep people from actually living their own lives in the manner they want to by controlling their awareness.

These are just some examples. I do not want to go further because it is negative and not the purpose of this website. There are plenty of other sources. But if you are drawn to read such material keep checking in to see how you feel. As soon as your mood goes down you are effectively lowering your frequency. It is necessary to be informed but not necessary to keep yourself at a lower frequency of expression. You may want to read my articles on seriousness and the benefits of laughter at this point before reading about the good news and beginning your own journey of re-connection.

The Good News

It was seen that these controlling groups were going to destroy the planet as they furthered their agenda of disconnecting humanity from Source mainly through conditioning. Many positive polarity groups incarnated to change this negative direction. You will have heard of these groups. We are collectively called Star Seeds, Indigos and Lightworkers in general. The group I belong to is The Order of the Star. The Cabal/Bloodline Families hate us and attack us whenever they can. We effectively infiltrated their system (by waking up in the middle of it) However, although we all had different soul contracts, are positioned all over the world and have different vocations, our collective mission (once activated) was first and foremost to reconnect and heal ourselves. Because we had to incarnate onto the planet we were made to incarnate into very dysfunctional families.

Note Well

The incarnation process was previously controlled by them as they controlled the Astral Planes. This has now changed and the reason why many children are now being born who are more aware, self-assured and not emotionally polarised as we have been. Yes, the conditioning even started before we were born. We had to agree to certain conditions before being allowed to come here. For example, to disconnect ourselves from Source. Subconsciously this holds many back from living a heart-centred life as if they don’t deserve it. Also, it keeps us very “physical” and relying on systems outside of Self. A good example is our total reliance on food as our ONLY energy source. Guess who controls the food supply. Yes, the Cabal.

Therefore, by being born to a specific family, we inherited the shadow aspects/lower functioning programs via our parents genes. Many of us have been raped, tortured and abused yet we all had to go through the process of healing or dealing with our stuff or integrating our emotions into our HEF. This is no different than members of the population are doing/will have to do. Increasingly more are doing it.

Reconnect – Getting Started

However, you will have to overcome something called entropy which is you acting as a closed system or ego self which thinks it’s separate from life. This is the hardest part of the journey, that is, getting started. When you do get started you increasingly no longer contribute to their false matrix. This is because you allow more light to enter your system via crown/third eye chakras and axiatonal highways. This activates what scientists used to call “Junk” DNA. As you do this you will begin to realise that your Higher Purpose is all laid out in front of you. It is actually contained within your own mutating DNA!!!! All the answers are in your own Genes. This is why you must begin to reconnect now.

Your DNA is a Trinary system. However, it has not been fully connected. Only the Binary part has, the more physical aspects of you, that is your relationship to time and space. Consciousness needs time and space to evolve. We are now moving back to being fully connected, the Trinary configuration. We move beyond time and space to a more Universal Consciousness.


As you do this you will experience time moving more quickly until it stops and you experience living in the now moment. This is often called awakening but is in reality more of a moving from deep sleep to lighter levels of sleep. You start to see the lies and manipulations. When you are fully awake you realise there were no levels. You were in fact always asleep. Another way of saying this is that you were stuck in mind identification. Once you are fully awaken or reconnected it can be experienced as a sudden shock as you are fully connected to Reality, Truth, Love, Source. It normally happens more gradually to give the systems of the body and the person you thought you were (lower self) time to adjust.

The Second Brain – Reconnect!

Another change you will feel is that your awareness is no longer always in the head but regularly rests in the solar plexus or second brain. The second brain is your emotional system and as you transmute lower emotions the nerve plexus of the abdomen (solar plexus) actually innervates and opens the heart space once again. Eventually our awareness turns to just the heart centre. That is all 3 awarenesses, the head, the gut area and the heart all come together in the heart. The human race is at the early stages of a mass mutation process where the centre of awareness, the cranial brain, is being relocated to a much older centre of awareness, the gut, second brain or solar plexus area. Then, the cranial brain can actually be used for what it was intended, to play with the patterns of existence, not to try and control them.

Moving Inwards – The Return Journey

You must move inwards and depend more and more on your Higher Self/Inner Self. This is always about dis-identifying yourself from the lower mind. That is not who you are. We did this so that when the Father energies/Source energies started to come to this planet (ie moving back towards Galactic Centre) we could be conduits for this energy. These Father/Source energies make a completed circuit with the Mother or Goddess Energies (think ley lines) which have been “Imprisoned” here and used by the bloodline families for Satanic objectives (see video below). These Mother Energies are analogous to your own Mother energies (Kundalini energies stuck in your base chakra via conditioning) and Higher Self/Father Energies via the Crown not being present because of the disconnection from Source. Another way of saying this is that you are a battery that has actually been disconnected.

Since you have been disconnected, quite literally, because of conditioning on this planet, the Cabal/Bloodline families have “owned your consciousness”. At the time of writing this, early 2019 we are collectively at stage 2 of a 3 stage process which means a huge amount of Universal Energies are flooding the planet. Therefore you must make an attempt to disconnect from their systems and reconnect to the true planetary grid(via mindfulness techniques) otherwise you will still be contributing to the false matrix as it disintegrates. You will not be able to make the shift on a mental, emotional and physical level. If you are reading this then it is highly likely you have already begun to make the shift.

Gamma Timeline

False timelines have now collapsed. These were called Alpha and Beta timelines. The Cabal/Bloodline families are increasingly becoming more dysfunctional as they are not able to/don’t want to make the leap in consciousness ie develop empathy/compassion by turning inwards. If you are still on these old timelines your life will increasingly become more chaotic until such time you are willing to make the leap. Yoga and meditation are excellent techniques to get you started.

Collectively we are now on a Gamma timeline (higher consciousness). You can see this energy as white vertical lines on this Russian Website. It is in real time so some days may be more intensive than others. We are now bringing in this energy with the help of off planet and subterranean groups. It is having a profound affect (weather changes, earthquakes, and general chaos) as the planet along with those who are doing their internal work Ascends in Frequency of Vibration.


The process has taken much longer than anticipated because of repeated attempts by the Cabal/Blood Line Families to sabotage it but mainly because the population are/were still feeding the old systems. Please stop this now and take responsibility for your own Life. Look at your own issues. Move inwards and reconnect to Source/Higher Self. Surely living a life of Higher Purpose is better than one of Hellish Existence?

You are FREE to create your own life the way you want it once you stop following mind programs that have been carefully implanted within you. The whole Ascension in Consciousness is essentially a de-conditioning process. You are to move from co-dependency in all areas of your life to Energetic Sovereignty. Once you have done this you will realise the paradox of life which is in fact that we are all interdependent. The difference now is that you will not be giving your power away to false systems of control, whether that be in your relationships or the slavery systems highlighted previously. The purpose of my website is to help you in your transformation. If you need further help with this then you can read my free ebook, do my free course, paid course or contact me for further help. Good luck and “see you on the other side” 🙂

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