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mind tansmutation

Mind and its Inevitable Transformation

Mind  is in every cell of the body. An individuals reality is what his mind thinks. It is created...

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Magnetic shift

Earth Changes and the Collapse of Corporate Governments

In 2012 I wondered why the physical ascension of this planet and those residing on it did not apparently...

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human electromagnetic field

Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura)

Understanding what the human electromagnetic field or aura is and how to maintain it is crucial. Our health and...

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Resurrection – Reptilian Man integrates Spiritual Man

The process of the resurrection of the physical body intellectually is easy to comprehend once one integrates a certain...

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Laughing Our Way to Enlightenment

Laughing our way to enlightenment and good health is an idea that came to me after reading Taoist philosophies...

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cellular memory

Cellular Memory and Consciousness

The awareness of cellular memory and the implications of this important mechanism is very important if we are to...

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Mindfulness is Key to Transformation

Mindfulness and the breath are not separate from each other. Making a decision to watch and focus on the...

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Genes and the Spectrum of Consciousness

Our genes, their patterns and the potential spectrum of consciousness they can release give us the possibility in this...

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Healing is all about Going Within

Can you imagine being healthy all the time? That when you feel slightly off or have a pain develop...

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Imagination Automatically Leads to Happiness

The faculty of imagination can only be fully experienced when the crown chakra “opens” entirely. An “open” crown chakra...

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