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Entropy and The Law of Vibration

For many entropy is all around them at the moment. One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in...

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Healing Awareness and DNA Activation

What is healing? Well first of all let’s look at a couple of definitions of healing. Wikipedia says: Healing...

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second brain

Second Brain and It’s Inevitable Reawakening

Growing awareness that the Second Brain in the gut area is not just responsible for digestion is becoming more...

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root chakra must knows

The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root or base chakra, also called Muladhara (sometimes spelt Mooladhara) is located at the coccygeal centre. The root...

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sexual transmutation

Sexual Transmutation and Higher Purpose

Sexual transmutation is very much driven by our sex hormones. The whole spiritual journey could be said to be...

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Impatience and Natural Rhythms

Impatience happens because we disconnect ourselves from the natural rhythms and cycles of life. We function from the mind...

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Inadequacy Feelings and their Origin

The feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem are in epidemic proportions on our planet today. This energetic imprint takes...

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natural cycles

The Cycles of Life

I find it funny, perhaps you do too, when someone exclaims “Well, it’s my truth and I’m sticking to...

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The Lightbody Process and Ascension

An understanding followed by contemplation of the 3 levels of LightBody (below) or Human Electromagnetic Field is important for...

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Ease or Dis-ease – It’s your choice!

I thought I would write a short article on the true nature of dis-ease because of the nonsense vomiting...

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