The Law of One

Most have no idea what This Law is. I’m going to try and explain it using current events. For example the Corona Virus “Pandemic” and associated “rules” It is clear that from a therapeutic and medical perspective there are several “realities,” however for the sake of clarity we can divide these into two main camps. […]

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Boxes & Labels

It’s funny, or rather frustrating actually, when people want to label you. The reason they do this is they want to either exclude you from their particular group, that is, their particular belief system, or welcome you to their particular group to make them feel safer. This is genetic (think tribal/past survival based living). However […]

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The Big Secret of Life

….is the Coherence Pattern Between Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain The Melding of The Feminine with The Masculine… The Sacred Trinity Between the Pineal, Pituitary and Thalamus or Krystal Palace Illumination But Let’s Keep It Simple….I like Simple! You must use your Mind ONLY as a Focusing Tool, for Communication, Research and Laughter!!! […]

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