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Value Yourself. The Value Has Always Been You.

I have spoken about the idea of Value before. However this is such an important topic I feel the...

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natural cycles

The Cycles of Life

I find it funny, perhaps you do too, when someone exclaims “Well, it’s my truth and I’m sticking to...

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The Chakras and Energy Flow

You may be aware that personal chakras or vortices exchange energy with the Universal Energy Field. The 7 major...

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Chaos to Love – We Are Not Fixed

Chaos is the best thing to happen in your life! Chaos comes about when our existing beLIEf system cannot...

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Acceptance is Mastery of Life

To choose acceptance in every moment is a key skill of the "ascending" consciousness. The majority of humanity actively...

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myofascial tissue

Myofascial Tissue Affects Your Life

My philosophy as a therapist is always of integrating modalities. The benefits of which are profoundly demonstrated by integrating...

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Neuroplasticity and Recreating Self

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity describes the ability of the brain to accommodate change throughout a person’s life. In the...

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Healing Awareness and DNA Activation

What is healing? Well first of all let’s look at a couple of definitions of healing. Wikipedia says: Healing...

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The Mask of Deception

Wearing a “Mask of Deception” during the Scamdemic is all part of the narrative given to you by those...

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The Lightbody Process and Ascension

An understanding followed by contemplation of the 3 levels of LightBody (below) or Human Electromagnetic Field is important for...

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