Mindfulness is Key to Transformation

Mindfulness and the breath are not separate from each other. Making a decision to watch and focus on the breath is deciding to be mindful of that moment. As soon as we decide that our breath is more important than anything that is going on outside of us or in our heads we are in the present moment. This present moment, is all that exists. We have awakened, for at least a moment anyway. We have consciously disengaged from the emotional hold of the past in terms of cellular memory. Likewise, default mental patterns and the false I are transformed and the pull of the future subsides. Thy will be done on earth. Thy being our spiritual selves, held within the “sea” of Spirit. You could also call it “Father in Heaven” or the Monad.

So what does it really mean to be mindful?

It is to simply notice the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise within us from one breath to another. We become increasingly aware of the present moment, no matter how mundane, and refuse to go off somewhere else more “exciting.” In doing this we make all the parts of ourselves which were unconscious more conscious. All the ego structures which were drawing life force energy to maintain them are relinquished. We move back to “zero point” or presence where all higher creations takes place.

Mindfulness means doing one thing at a time, whether that is washing the car or writing an article. If we don’t do one thing at a time we have missed the present moment by spreading our life force energy into many things, for example thoughts from the past brought into the present moment to create a similar dysfunctional future. Mindfulness over a period of time always transforms the mind.

Being mindful or raising our awareness must be choiceless. In other words, we cannot manipulate being mindful to fit into our beliefs or concepts – how we think we should feel or how the present moment should be. Mindfulness is not about reaching some interpretation or fantasy where negative thoughts cease to exist on the one hand – that’s being unrealistic. Nor is it about staying in unhealthy situations and/or behaviors on the other – that’s acquiescence. Both are disempowering. It does mean we see things exactly as they are without any veil created by our minds and emotions. We must be deeply aware of all parts of ourselves. Bring them all to the light of our conscious awareness. Repressing or reacting to perceived negativity in the form of thoughts and emotions is what we have done for generations. That is not mindful.

Mindfulness and Meditation

When we live outside the present moment we live outside the simple and miss the opportunities life has for us. We always want something perceived as better or more exciting. Being mindful and meditating is not running away from life. Rather it is about confronting life, our life without the conditioning and beliefs. Mindfulness practices force us to confront our issues and automatically frees up more life force energy.

Contrary to popular opinion mindfulness doesn’t prevent us from creating a future. But it does stop us from creating emphatic goals from a place of imbalance. Rather, a future is created through gentle intentions with emotional balance and full awareness of our soul plan or higher purpose. Providing we don’t resist our higher purpose it will come into full view. It does however fade and reappear again with the changing cycles of the year and our astrological chart. Rather than taking guidance from our rigid beliefs and assumptions about life, we begin to take note of the reality of the present moment.

The stormy and discordant activity of 3D life is not the best place to begin our mindfulness practice. This is why many different Self Mastery Courses and formal practices have been developed by those who have gone before you. Beginning with just 20 minutes per day of yoga and meditation will bring ones awareness to mindfulness and the breath. In doing so, over time, one learns to be mindful in every minute of their 3D life transforming it to a higher plane of existence. It is not life that has to change, it is you.

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