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Mind and its Inevitable Transformation

Mind  is in every cell of the body. An individuals reality is what his mind thinks. It is created from within his own being. By assessing how one perceives life and progressively thinking higher quality thoughts in every moment will create a higher reality. Men and Women are growth or evolution itself. Alternatively they can drop below the consciousness levels of wild beasts reacting to every subconscious emotion and move backwards. This was the path many had been on. Now it is time to transmute the lower thoughts or energies of the mind. Only then can we evolve as a species.

Mind Mastery

Only when the individual masters every thought in every moment does he become the conscious creator, shaper and moulder of his character and therefore destiny and environment. Only when he discovers that this mastery can be aligned with greater aspects of himself does he begin to know himself. Knowing thyself is connection to divine power, love and wisdom. Through the ages this mental process has been called alchemy.

Although short term life circumstances cannot be equated with poor or negative thought patterns, continuing poor or negative life circumstances most definitely can be. In this case most if not all subconscious patterns and emotions must be transmuted. It is only then that mental focus and harmony can prevail.

We attract not what we want but who we are. Our life circumstances reflect the state of our human electromagnetic field (H.E.F.)

Mind and the H.E.F.

mindHumanity by and large don't even know that the human electromagnetic field (HEF) or aura is part of who they are. It is not surprising then that many are in turmoil and all apparently at circumstances they cannot control. We are in fact our own jailers. We will remain so until our thoughts are pure enough for us to realise that we get what we are in thought and action.

Many are fixated on changing their circumstances (effect) without changing the cause (quality of our thoughts). Very much like the pharmaceutical industry that promotes treating symptomatology rather than dealing with causative issues. Rather humanity should be taught about holistic balance through meditation, yoga, exercise and the transmutation of negative emotions and thoughts. When our systems are in holistic balance disease falls away. The pharmaceutical industry is the out picturing of group consciousness refusing to take responsibility for itself. We all created it!

Mind and Circumstances

One cannot directly choose ones circumstances. There are at least 7 billion others trying to create their own version of reality. Suffering in any way however is always the effect of wrong thought/s. Suffering is an indication that an individual is out of holistic harmony or balance. Incidentally the first indication of a change for the better is always when an individual chooses courage, the first positive emotion on the map of the scale of consciousness.

One is doomed to a life of imbalance, corresponding health issues and dis-ease until one chooses to no longer suffer the effects of wrong thought. Disease and health are rooted in thought and the resultant emotions. I have seen it not only in my own life but my clients too while working as a therapist and healer. We are an energy gradient, finally manifesting as a physical body. Until humanity waken up to this fact they are doomed to treating symptoms and giving their power away to others.

Mind and Focus

As the physically weak individual can build his body by consistent and focused exercise so too can the mentally unfocused build a training program of correct thought and action to create higher purpose in his life. Failure is only there to show you the way back home. It is impossible to not become successful and attain fulfillment once you have inspiration and purpose. Your positive and focused attention allied to an inspirational purpose becomes creative force and divine will.

Many believe that it is the few oligarchy on this planet that have been causing the problems. It is not. It is the majority of humanity acting as slaves, inhabiting the lower consciousness levels of victim hood, duality and wrong (negative) thought. Their obedience to clearly fraudulent systems of control is the reason why we sit and wait....and wait for someone else to 'take charge' You must take charge of you right now!! Higher consciousness levels and perfect knowledge, love and compassion sees the suffering for what it is. The out picturing of chaos and mis-creation is the refusal to take responsibility and connect to higher aspects of oneself. We all contributed.

Mind and Responsibility

It is the responsibility of everyone to dream and envision their creations. You are the saviors of the world. It is you who will create new realities by connection with your inspirations and purpose. First you must consistently step out of anxiety and fear which will relegate you to the same old dysfunctional thought patterns of the lower mind/self. Lower thoughts keep you in servitude. You must transmute lower mental patterns. Your dreams, imaginings and inspirations are your connection to higher aspects of self, to your higher mind. Only when you understand that the higher mind can always see how to get from point A to B will you realise there was nothing to fear or to become anxious about.

It is your life. Why would you want to lead it according to limiting group beliefs. Connect to your inspiration, release old out dated emotions and perceptions about how reality works. Move deep inside your own being, Know thyself and connect to your imagination. Live life in the moment and be as free as the birds.

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