Meditation Wisdom and Value

There are numerous reasons why meditation is important to each of us and indeed to the collective. Although it is well known that meditation will centre the individual, reduce physiological stress and therefore disease the main reason we meditate is to remember who we are. We are not the mind and all its delusions. Meditation in all its forms is the start of the inward journey and activation of “junk” DNA leading to increased awareness, unconditional love, peace, joy and even siddhis and avatar abilities.

Meditation is an advanced technique of yoga, so advanced in fact that one can only begin to accomplish it effectively and with noticeable results after accomplishing the 6 previous limbs of Ashtanga yoga. The limbs are:

        1. Yama – moral codes;
        2. Niyama – self purification and study;
        3. Asana – posture;
        4. Pranayama – breath control;
        5. Pratyahara – withdrawing of the mind from the senses;
        6. Dharana – concentration;
        7. Dhyana – deep meditation;
        8. Samadhi – union with the object of meditation.

Meditation or Dhyana in Sanskrit is the 7th limb.

Is it not surprising then that it is unlikely we will be good at it or even capable of proper meditation until we accomplish and demonstrate the other limbs in every moment?

“So let us not be like little children who sow a seed today and dig it up tomorrow to see how much the root went down.” Pantanjali

We need patience, devotion, and faith.

That does not mean of course we can’t begin meditation immediately whilst following the 8 limbs of yoga. The limbs should not be seen as a linear process.

Meditation itself can be looked at as a three step process and certainly not one that can be learned and progressed in just a few days or weeks. The main purpose of meditation is to develop one pointed focus, release ourselves from the conditioned mind and become a spiritualised vessel (high frequency of vibration) for our God Self. Thus, higher purpose can come into view, be understood and acted upon. During this process our physiology will change as we quite literally evolve into our higher selves.

Evolving into our higher selves means we must gradually and progressively quieten the mind. When we do this we can put all our energy into what we want and use the mind for what it was designed for, a focusing tool. The alternative is to fill our time with scattered thoughts and resultant emotions which never amount to anything worthwhile. The Taoists call these scattered and unresourceful thoughts “the monkey mind”.

During this process we will move more into the eternal peaceful self. If we don’t do this the “monkey mind” will hide and distort the truth of who we really are. Furthermore:

“meditation must be done continuously for many years with full attention, the entire application of the mind and with faith in our achievement.” Panjali

Intention and Meditation

So the first of the three meditation steps is Intention. Remember, intention is not just a goal to be started at a future date. It is the doing part too. Therefore sit down even if it’s only for five minutes and meditate.

Well done if you have begun. meditation

If not why don’t you just start?

Most people do not know what to meditate on. We can meditate on anything but especially something elevating or inspiring. If we can’t think of something for ourselves the internet is full of good suggestions. If we are still stuck then maybe a teacher will help. Or a very affordable Self Mastery Course.

The part of you that is actually practicing meditation is the mind and the body. It is definitely not the soul. It is the body and the mind that are in illusion. The mind because of mind programs, unresourceful beliefs and constant thinking; and the body because of heavy energies (negative emotions) and environmental toxins including our food which further add to illusion or maya. When we finally get this then we will begin to release ourselves from the mind/body created reality.

Building The Bridge

The second part of meditation we can call “Building the Bridge” This is where we begin to activate our “junk dna” and accelerate the building of our crystalline structure which is happening naturally during the ending/beginning of this 26000 year universal cycle. We are metamorphising from a carbon based cellular structure to a crystalline structure which holds more light and can therefore process more information. When we have given the appropriate time to contemplating a lot of stuff and can feel that the mind does not distract us so much the practice of “Dharana” can take place much easier


Dharana is the binding of the mind to one place, object, or idea. Concrete objects, symbols or idols are very helpful for our first few practices. It’s not that easy for the mind to grasp or visualise. So, keep a photo of something you want to meditate on if you don’t possess it physically.

If it’s an idea on which you wish to concentrate, at least have something physical to remind you of it. While you look at this photo/object, think of the idea connected with it. Once again open the eyes. Slowly learn to grasp it within the mind alone. That means you will be developing that impression in your mind. If nothing comes, take another “snapshot” by opening your eyes to have a look. After a while, you can gently close the eyes and try to bring a mental picture of your object of concentration. Slowly learn to grasp it within the mind alone. A good starting point is often to just concentrate on the breathe, the natural in and out flow.


Another excellent way to practice Dharana is to choose a mantra and keep repeating it. An excellent mantra is one in which God names are used. (The quote in the bible “Pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 comes to mind here.) The mantra I use is the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra. The Maha Mantra is very much related to and part of Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Worship) It is as follows:

“Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”

This particular mantra is extremely powerful because the sanskrit words have been “untainted” by the physical world. They are a direct connection and communication with The Absolute irrespective of what you call it/her/him. A.C. BhaktiVedanta Swami Prabhupada has been making this mantra well known outside of India since the 1960’s. He recommends chanting the mantra a minimum of approximately 1600 times per day. The mantra has a certain frequency of vibration which is very healing to the mind and body. Furthermore it increases your ability to focus on one thing at a time tenfold!


The next stage is Dhyana. This stage of meditation is the continuous flow of cognition toward that object. The Hindu scriptures give a beautiful image of this “continuous flow.” They say it is like pouring oil from one pot into another. It is a continuous string; it doesn’t break. The mind is fixed. Communication between meditator and object of meditation is steady. Normally what we are doing is dharana and gradually the “flow of cognition” gets a little longer and it becomes dhyana. Again, the Maha Mantra is excellent to achieve this sort of mastery.

You will know when you have really meditated when you are surprised at how long you have meditated for, for example when an hour feels like five minutes. But when you feel five minutes as one hour, you are not meditating but still concentrating. Time and space have no meaning in meditation. Instead you lose track of both of them. Parts of you have left 3D. You don’t know where you are. If you break that meditation all of a sudden, you may wonder, “What happened to my body?” Even the body is forgotten in real meditation. You are out of the body. This means the mind transcends body consciousness.

Other Signs of Mediation

There are other signs of meditation also. In the beginning you feel so light when you transcend the body. Sometimes you get beautiful and elevating visions connected with the object you are meditating on or sometimes on something completely different. Sometimes you won’t see visions, you will simply see beautiful lights or geometric patterns. There are too many things that can happen to list. Your experience will be unique and valid. One of the important things as you integrate higher frequency energies as your practice becomes more profound is to remain grounded. Exercise and mundane detailed work is good for grounding.


Meditation culminates in the state of samadhi or absorption. You don’t practice samadhi. Nobody can consciously practice samadhi. Our effort stops at dharana. It becomes effortless in dhyana, just knowing that you are in meditation. But in samadhi, you don’t even know that. You are not there to know it because you are that. Firstly there are alot of interruptions in our thinking; that is dharana. Then you move into dyhana and then when you become what you think, that is samadhi.

Samadhi can also be expressed as “spiritual ecstasy.” It is a state of God-union and can only be experienced when the small you is not there (absorption). It is the ultimate goal of meditation and can be felt as a joyous experience, a splendid light in which you can see all of the higher worlds floating in a vast bed of joy and bliss.

Selfishness and Selflessness

In meditation you have three things: the meditator, the meditation and the object meditated upon. In samadhi there is either the object or the meditator. There is no feeling of “I am meditating on that.” If you keep working, you will know what samadhi is. All the thoughts, all the desires, become selfless. Selfishness is the germ that sprouts, saying, “I want something for myself!” When the selfishness is completely taken out, no selfish desires will sprout. That is called nirbija samadhi or nirvikalpa samadhi. One who has achieved this has learned the art of devotional worship and realises they are not the doer. As one progresses or perhaps better to say as the veil thins between the “separated” self and the Absolute ones “burnt selfish mental seeds” is the difference between ordinary people and the jivanmuktas (liberated beings).

They also eat, sleep, and do everything like everybody else. They could be doing anything, but they are not affected by what they do. There is no moisture of attachment to cause sprouting. They are living liberated people. Liberation is not something you experience when you die. Liberation can and should be experienced while living. [Jivanmukta: mukta means liberated, jivan, while still living.]


The practice of these two, dharana and dhyana and samadhi which follows when one has meditated for several years upon various objects is called samyama. From this practice come the siddhis. The siddhis are available to you once a certain light quotient is passing through your DNA. Samyama is usually done on objects or ideas connected with some results, for example the truth behind a body cell or piece of wood. When the results come you call them siddhis or vibhuti.

By the mastery of samyama comes the light of knowledge. This means that the truth behind the object on which we do samyama becomes known to us. That is what we call discovery. The truth was “covered” before; now we “discover” it. It’s not that anyone creates anything new. Some truth is hidden. By samyama, we understand what it is. That’s the true meaning of discovery. It’s practice is to be accomplished in stages. These three [dharana, dhyana, and samadhi] are more internal than the preceding five limbs.

Meditation and The Magic Layer

The next stage is the Magic Layer. I am speaking in the same context as co-creation. These are the things that go against what we were taught at school and conditioned to believe. However the masters of the planet were capable of superhuman feats and so can we. It’s when the separated lower self begins taking a back seat to the soul. It’s when we begin to stop acting as limited, dualistic and separated “particle” selves and begin to be unlimited, loving “wave-form” selves as described by quantum physics. In other words we begin to flow with life instead of protecting ourselves from it. We stop acting as separated and closed systems and understand our unique relationship to the universe. Clearly our physiology will change as more light is accreted into our DNA and blockages removed, the parts of us that stopped universal flow.

DNA and Genes

The Human genome is very interesting. Whilst studying the genes and sequences of the parts scientists became very puzzled. They couldn’t understand why so much of perhaps three billion pieces didn’t seem to do anything. Of course they named this the junk DNA. Just ask yourself when was the last time that nature and evolution was so inefficient that it produced so much “junk”? Of course it doesn’t, biology is very efficient. In fact in our DNA there is a patterning and it has everything to do with communication with the “junk” DNA. We can call this layer the magic layer and we can activate it by sustained and persistent meditation.

When we are in that third layer of meditation – the one the masters walked this earth in – you’re always in touch with DNA layer six. It is the most divine DNA layer of the entire 12. It’s name is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, and it’s the name of God. It means: I AM that I AM.

So the third layer of meditation is real communication. When we get there, it also activates the “junk DNA,” since 4D which humanity are in the process of moving to must respond to multi-dimensional instructions. When contact is made with this layer we will have to shift and change. This will only happen once we are convinced and believe that this is possible. Once we are convinced this can and will happen the pieces and parts of our DNA that are multi-dimensional will hear our message. They will have permission to change.

Did you know that your not fixed?

Did you know that you are a vortex of energy, in fact many vortexes of energy? You can change this energy. You can change your beliefs and your perceptions by using the neuroplasticity of the brain. What about the predisposition that says that you’re going to have a disease that your parents had? It’s there waiting to be changed by the communications array in layer one, talking to the multi-dimensional layer six!

These layer-one 4D chemical attributes of your DNA will continue to “play the same tune” until you change the song! What’s so difficult for humanity to understand is that the bridge many of us are building, which we call meditation and prayer, is a communication bridge with DNA layer one, and when the bridge is built, it will inform the rest of the DNA layers that we are ready to shift.

What happens when a certain number of people complete this bridge, let’s say a minimum of 144,000?

The consciousness on the planet changes that’s what happens. Just think about it, how would you like to write your own song? The masters did, and their DNA sang it!

Furthermore as you leave the old matrix of energy behind and shift to the new crystalline grid, that is, as you metamorphosise your carbon based cells to a crystalline structure you actually become part of the new “ascended” crystalline grid and therefore strengthen it. This is similar to how we strengthened the old 3D grid with our limited thoughts and negative emotions.

Akashic Record

Did you know that the Akashic Record for all the lives we have ever lived, including the first one, is in a layer of DNA?

Did you know that every single experience, every single question, every single frustration we solved, every single divinity question we asked and had answered through all past incarnations are all there?

Our wisdom is based upon the Akashic Record we’ve developed within our DNA. We affect the planet every single time we come in. Here’s an important spiritual understanding: A human being who gets in touch with layer six is the person who is able to change a far larger picture than he knows. The environment of the earth responds to him, and time itself can change around him.

Spirit wants you to remain a long time. It’s very inefficient to die and come back because you keep forgetting where you left off. It takes 20 years to grow up.

Why don’t we just stay here and work with this planet?

Why don’t we do yoga and meditate?

We will become “lighter” as more and more light energy (spirit) downloads into our body and we become capable of living for a very long time.

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