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Body massage here in Orgiva and the surrounding area has become very popular in recent years. Clients now have a huge choice of different types of body massage. However, in that diverse choice clients can and do become confused about which massage to choose. Listening to their bodies and what their souls are prompting them to do (very often not heard) is the way to go. This greatly affects what type of massage they ultimately choose. Therefore, this article hopes to clarify how the body/mind/soul system works. How you (the soul) can ultimately FEEL what kind of body massage and therapist you need. You can only do this by listening to the quiet promptings of the soul in relation to the issues felt in the body.

The “arena” of the body is where everything is played out. Programming and conditioning disconnect people from their bodies (and souls). Thus, hopefully, this article will help you bypass the dominance of the mind in these important times of change. For example, it is not a coincidence that you are reading this article now.

The Soul

It is our souls and not our minds that must be followed. The mind thinks it knows what you need. It is in fact the soul which responds to the wider cycles of life. These are reflected in the body. Unfortunately, the mind often interferes and physiological imbalances are the result. The soul is often felt kinesthetically. It demonstrates humility and creativity and speaks through the heart. The mind speaks through the head and tries to hold onto old ways of being (conditioning). This “battle” is often felt in the body as tension and stress and eventually diseasedisease.

For example I frequently get clients coming to me around new/full moons and important energetic portals. Their minds tell them it’s just a coincidence. The mind sees a small proportion of reality and thinks it’s the bigger picture. This small picture of “reality” has been given to the mind via education and social systems while the person was growing up. It is in fact conditioning and total illusion.

Hemispheres of the Brain

You can only be conditioned when the left and right hemispheres of the brain do not communicate effectively. Add this to the fact that your mind is a focusing tool and not the real you. It is not capable of seeing the whole picture until both hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other adequately. Only then can the soul or higher self use this amazing tool effectively. The brain is in fact a receiving station for Universal Energies.

So then we must de-condition ourselves. This comes about when the brain’s dominant Beta state frequency waves are integrated with much more therapeutic frequencies such as Alpha, Theta and Gamma. That is by meditating. By this time a clients’ whole energetic system will have opened up. It is now much easier for this to happen as much higher brain wave frequency energies are now available on this planet. For example, Gamma frequency energies are available like never before. (see this website which is in REAL time). In other words it is now much easier to progressively move into more meditative states.

Massage and the Body

The body is the final manifestation of where all patterns play out. We could say that the body is playing out the symptomatology of past and default patterns of imbalance. Massage helps the body re-balance and move through energetic changes we are currently experiencing on this planet. Consciousness is moving deeper into form ie the body. A huge leap forward in a persons’ evolution can be achieved if the mind is willing to open up to the soul. If we allow ourselves to feel the default patterns of dysfunction in the body (created by our psychological blocks and resultant emotions) transformation of the mind occurs.

The energy which innervates the body/mind – we could say the small conditioned part of the soul – runs amok in our lives. When we awaken and allow renewing energies from the higher self/soul/cosmos into our systems, over time, we de-condition and take our energetic sovereignty back. The body/mind mechanism is the altar, however, the main part of the soul does not take part in this reality until we are ready. We could call it the higher self/witness or watcher. It is in fact our church or temple. This part of the soul has a direct connection to different star systems and the cosmos in general via axiatonal highways.

The Body/Mind Tool

Held WITHIN the soul is the body/mind tool. Taking back control and sovereignty of the altar, the body/mind unit, allows us to move forward with our personal evolution. Any separation or “veil” we feel between who we think we are (body/mind) and who we really are (the soul) is just our conditioning and physiological imbalances. Specific body massage techniques and the therapist applying them, here in Orgiva, can help free clients from their conditioning. Their bodily systems return to homeostasis. When we are able to do this on a regular basis we begin to feel “…..the peace of God that passeth all understanding…..”. (Philippians 4:7) Further coaching and the right information helps clients focus their attention on the soul and not the conditioned body/mind mechanism as in the epoch we have now left.

Practical Solutions

Specifically, physiological and anatomical imbalances within oneself are caused by lower emotions getting stuck in the myofascial tissues of the body. These tissues contract and the body is literally “pulled” out of alignment. These imbalances will affect all systems of the body, for example, a persons’ breathing patterns, endocrine system and nervous system.

All good therapists will see these imbalances in the physical body (everyone has them). He or she will be able to read what they mean in terms of a client’s emotional and mental patterns. This is why it is so important to use a therapist that understands the body and uses integrative treatments. For example, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure and passive/active stretching. Using a combination of these techniques coupled with a good knowledge of the human electromagnetic field (chakras, meridians etc.) is essential.

The energetic block can then be cross-referenced to associated psychological blocks, that is beliefs and perceptions about life. These are constantly being played out within the “arena” of the body and need to be pointed out to the client if they don’t become obvious during the treatment. These beliefs and perceptions about life are “held” in the chakras and severely limit the amount and quality of renewing energies entering the relevant chakra.

Life Coaching meets Universal Principles

Furthermore, clients can be coached (if open to it) about their individual breathing pattern. Breathing patterns have a huge impact on all systems of the body. For example the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. Thus mitigating the need to keep coming back with the same issues. However, do realise that it can take a full seven years for specific body default patterns to play out as each one of us becomes more and more aware of our persistent mental and emotional patterns. So self-acceptance is crucial during this period. Inadequacy feelings must be mindfully dealt with. Expectation must be recognised and Impatience transmuted. Be kind to yourself.

Trust The Body

So the shape and patterns arising in the body are a graphic expression of how we feel and think. The body is the final manifestation of who we are in physical reality. Our experiences of life are literally moulded into its structure. It reflects our personal histories. If we “awaken” and allow renewing energies in from the higher self/soul/cosmos we can change the bodies physiology and eventually even it’s anatomical balance. As the mind exerted its “authority” over the body these patterns were “etched in stone”. As we awaken to our true identity they can be released or transmuted. Changing our thoughts and resultant emotions is the way forward.

Holistic or Intuitive Massage

Although I am a Sports Therapist and therefore use many different types of remedial techniques the massage I offer is totally intuitive. This is sometimes called Holistic Massage. Intuitive or Holistic Massage treats the whole person on all levels of their being. For example I help the client address mental, emotional and physical issues. I do this by listening to “higher promptings” and use “techniques” as guided. Massage is not a mental exercise. If it were, the pure technique would be all that was required. Instead, the massage I offer is completely intuitive but uses various techniques which I learned as a Sports Therapist. This means that I am very often in a meditative state and allow my “higher self” to treat the client.

With the present planetary shifts caused by Universal shifts we have the ability to respond in a positive and resourceful way. We can change the way we think and feel about life. We can move to a new “operating system”, a HEART/mind system and away from the old MIND only created reality. A good massage therapist will both see and “feel” the history and present default patterns in his/her client. He will also provide a very peaceful space for the treatment to progress. If you require further information or want to make an appointment please contact me.

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