Lower Back Pain

Recovering From Lower Back Pain

There has never been a better time to recover from lower back pain. Instead of seeking traditional remedies where you depend on an expert, many of whom are not seeing the bigger picture, let's move into this bigger picture and cure lower back pain once and for all.


All Lower Back Pain comes from an imbalance of environmental factors. More specifically a combination of internal and external factors. The internal factors can be put into broad categories of mental, emotional and nutritional imbalances. While the external factors can be categorised as ergonomics and clothing, pollution including inorganic or artificial electro-magnetics such as mobile phone signals and wifi. I havn't included natural electro-magnetics such as Schumann Resonance because although the planet and therefore all life here is experiencing spikes in Schuman Resonance which causes Ascension Symptoms such as back pain these are the natural effects from the raising of the frequency of vibration of the human being. In other words these natural changes to Schuman Resonance during this particular Universal Cycle highlight the imbalances in the physical body rather than actually causing them. All issues with the body including disease are in fact symptoms and are there to highlight imbalances in both internal and external environments. Your body is actually designed to go through present planetary changes.


There are of course many causes to lower back pain even in just one person. The reason being  that we function on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and this tends to change from day to day. When I write spiritually I'm talking in particular about Universal Cycles and our present Cyclical change over which as more and more people wake up is having a profound affect on the planet, humanity and therefore back pain. What I aim to do in this article is first of all write about the implicated muscles which affect everyone and then relate this on an energetic level via mental and emotional blocks in our psyche which correspond to a lack of flow in certain meridians via a contraction of myofascial tissues. If our tissues are contracted, our focus is on the minds because thats who we think we are then there is little understanding of the body as a tool to higher consciousness and who we really are, the Soul.  Much information is being written about Body Mind and Soul in recent decades. It is a requirement to understand what the body and mind is before we can release these as tools to navigate 3D and find our resting place in the Soul. In fact what shocks many people is that the body is actually contained within the Soul (Human Electromagnetic Field) and is the sacred "Altar" within the "Temple" ie the Soul and depending on your individual conditioning via your genetics you will have been treating your body/Altar not as well as you could have been. In other words everything comes together in the body...all worlds...mental emotional, spiritual and physical. Anyway let's have a look at the muscles that are implicated in all back pain and their relationship to certain meridians.


I have already written about the Psoas Major muscles. It is important you have an understanding of these muscles. In particular how they are connected to our perception of life. In particular these muscles only begin to relax as we raise our consciousness and progressively transcend the lower fear based functioning of our genetics. You can find this article here.

So in any one treatment for lower back pain the following muscles should also be treated on a physical level. However careful consideration must also be given to the energetic implications of tight and contracted muscles. For that I have tried to make it easy by talking generally about particular meridians that affect these muscles rather than going into too much detail about the psycho-spiritual aspects. If you want that information just look up the particular meridians I have written about and the many websites that come up with information to help you. I have also written about the particular Lumbar vertebrae that these muscles/meridians affect. It is a sad fact that many people are still having unnecessary operations as at the time of writing this article symptomology based medicine is still in full flow and is being promoted. Rather than taking the time to look at physical issues as the final manifestation of blocked energy in the body ie unresourceful mental and corresponding emotional patterns the medical industry is still treating the symptoms. Clearly teaching people about their bodies requires one to actually understand their own body which is sadly lacking in many fields today. In fact one etymology of the word Doctor is from the Latin word....to teach

So the muscles implicated in lower back issues are Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum, Tensor Fascia Latae, Gluteus medius, Gluteus maximus, rectus abdominis and believe it or not occasionally the soleus in the lower leg. For the sake of clarity Im going to limit discussion to the major muscles which cause back pain therefore the Psoas you can find here and the other three major muscles Quadratus Lumborum, Tensor Fascia Latae and Gluteus Medius you can find diagrams and information below

Quadratus Lumborum...talk about these 3 muscles on a physical level moving onto the meridians....

Then...talk about the ID chakra...

Today I want to say a little extra about the ID or second chakra. Interestingly enough of all the issues I have encountered in the body as a sports/physical therapist, imbalances in the hips and resultant issues of lower back pain and and hip dydfunction are most prevalent in my clients which is associated with an imbalance in this chakra. What I mean is people have forgotten who they are because of the conditioning on this planet and routinely worry about their financial situation and close relationships or lack of them thus making this chakra weak. We have of course been caught up in the fear paradigm because of the genetics we have inherited.

From my email course:

"The ID chakra must be balanced not only in itself but also in regard to the solar plexus chakra, the centre of emotion. When we are constantly “in” the solar plexus, that is reactive to situations (for example anger), it becomes enlarged and can spill over energetically into the ID chakra. The ID chakra becomes recessed and smaller dominated by the emotions that erupt from the solar plexus. These moods interrupt our full creative potential and distort the possibility of quality relationships with others. We lose the ability to see many creative solutions to problems. When the ID chakra is out of balance there is a dissatisfaction with one’s life, inadequacy and frustration. We either withdraw for self-protection or push forward too assertively so either timidity or aggressiveness can take over. People tend to be too aggressive and pushy, that is, accentuating the directive side of the id chakra or too passive accentuating the receptive side. Some people go from one extreme to the other. A good affirmation for both solar plexus and id chakra is:

“I am able to act and I am able to wait”

The second chakra is all about love and money. If you are not able to bring balance into your life in those areas you will be prone to health problems in the bladder, reproductive organs, lower back and/or hips. Negative thought patterns in this area will cause anxiety, anger, or sadness about gender identity and sexuality, as well as relationship struggles and financial concerns. Positive affirmations while meditating in any area that you uncover will help as will the exercises given in this course. To really move forward look at the bigger picture and see what is going wrong in your relationships and finances from an emotional point of view so you can address these emotions (via third eye of course). Write down any areas that you think need addressed. Doing this on a daily basis is very helpful and will reveal to you issues that need to be addressed.



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