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Hi, my name is David Kyle. I am a freedom lover who back in 2003 noticed an acceleration in my awakening. The conditioning and atrocities committed by “our authorities” in many different areas of our society became repugnant to me.

During my own healing process over the next few years it became obvious that both my evolution and humanities was very much linked to the ending of certain cosmic cycles. With every ending there is a new beginning. This is where we are now. The moving outwards has been replaced by moving inwards. We must now return to Energetic Sovereignty and Master Self.

This transition is being carefully orchestrated by many different groups both on and off planet. It has become very much more obvious to the human race. It is clear that many of us helping out within society, within the holographic illusion, incarnated for this very purpose. I consider myself a “foot soldier.”

The 144,000

I am part of a team of beings incarnated on this planet known as The Order of the Star. We are commonly called the 144,000. This is an actual group as it is a number. This number of “healed” beings was required to “tip the balance” in favour of a positive time line for this planet. This has now been done with huge assistance from other extraterrestrial races and groups both on and off planet.

In actual fact all beings are in soul groups of 144,000. The difference between the group I belong to and other groups is that we had a “higher purpose” of awakening and healing from “lower world programming” first. Part of that purpose is to teach others.

We are the “demonstrators” (NOT leaders) who actively renounced the existing control systems and have created our own energetic and physical pathway for others to follow in their own unique style. We have moved inwards and so shall humanity follow. It is the soul purpose of every being on this planet to heal and move into a positive time line. Indeed, since “The Fall” this has always been the purpose of life on earth. We have now energetically moved into a Galactic Society. We have “rejoined” the tree of life after our “brief” sojourn into the limited mind and illusion. The next few years will demonstrate unprecedented change and creative urge. New societies are forming as we change and morph in line with the “New Earth” energies.

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