Inadequacy Feelings and their Origin

The feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem are in epidemic proportions on our planet today. This energetic imprint takes place between the ages of 7 and 14. During this cycle our emotional body is being impressed with the underlying patterns of our parents and our local environment. Our energetic system becomes blocked with this configuration, in particular our spleen meridian and throat chakra. This is a vulnerable age for children and for various reasons are pretty much left to deal with it themselves. Parents often feel inadequate in dealing with these situations. They themselves never received adequate emotional support when they were that age. Therefore may deal with the situations that arise reactively rather than objectively.

Inadequacy and Change

The good news is that we as adults can change feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem (which are mostly unconscious) because of the neuroplasticity of the brain. We can unblock energetic pathways and vortexes such as the spleen meridian and throat chakra. In fact, it is the lower emotions of inadequacy and self esteem that are the raw fuel that can transmute into higher emotions of resourcefulness and ingenuity. It is in the  processing and integrating of unresolved emotions of inadequacy and low self esteem we can “upgrade” the energetic content of our human electromagnetic field (HEF), clear up many dysfunctional patterns that harm the body and lead to disease. When we do this we are raising our emotional intelligence (EQ).

Inadequacy and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is very important. It is the perfect complement to our more logical intellectual intelligence (IQ). We are balancing yang (mental faculties) with yin (emotional faculties). This has a huge positive effect on our energetic system and therefore our physical bodies. Integrating these lower emotions will affect all systems of the body, especially our endocrine system, and our physiology will change. We move into a more expanded version of ourselves. However, to begin the process it is necessary to be open to life, nature and the universe. Closed circuit, conditioned thinking brings the process of transmutation to a standstill. As we move away from "security" that is being sold to us by 3D consciousness (logical left-hand brain) and re-unite with more right brain philosophies (open heart/passion/alignment with Source). This gives us a much larger view of life and is a precursor to the heart opening.

Inadequacy and Mindfulness

This requires the individual to understand that they are not the body but pure awareness filtered through a unique physical vessel. By moving towards an acceptance pattern and trusting life we realise we are being “over lit” by our own unique light/soul/higher self who already has a plan. This plan is about us returning to a higher consciousness level, It has nothing to do with what the lower/basic self “wants”. It is about re-uniting us with our soul and therefore our understanding of the impermanence of this life. It is about understanding our permanent eternal life beyond this material world. When we do this all systems of the body begin the return to balance which means our health improves dramatically. We are going through the process of the resurrection of the physical body.

Previously I wrote that feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem are intimately connected to imbalances in the spleen meridian and throat chakra. Also, know the body works holistically. Alhough I’m focusing on these two areas all chakras, energy points and meridians have an input. You cannot balance one area of the body without affecting another. Likewise, the whole idea of “catching” diseases and symptomatology based medicine is unproductive. It causes more problems than it solves in the long run. We attract certain diseases because of our unique energy/genetic patterns, therefore it is those patterns we should change.

If we keep thinking the same thing again and again how can we expect our lives to change?

Inadequacy and The Spleen Meridian

spleen meridianThe spleen has a wide range of functions. The important ones regarding inadequacy and low self-worth are to do with movement or “digestion” of thoughts and the suppleness/flexibility of those thoughts (open-mindedness). The spleen is the residence for thoughts and intentions, and manages sharp analytical thinking, memory, cognition, intelligence, and ideas. Thoughts and intentions have a huge impact on the body. This affects all systems so having positive or negative thoughts will directly lead to issues with immune system function. We understand this from direct experience.

When we feel inadequate or down, it is difficult to have positive thoughts. All our systems “slow down”. Conversely, when we feel up and joyful we do not have feelings of inadequacy or negative thoughts and our systems speed up or come back “online”. Regarding our thoughts the higher function of the spleen represents a moment in the cycle of assimilating what is appropriate. It is about identifying toxic or harmful elements which we can eliminate. Over time, we must gradually move our thoughts toward positivity and joy (hint: when you feel down do not avoid these feelings, sit with them and allow them, but look at them objectively. They cannot harm you.)

Inadequacy and Biorhythms

This brings up another very important function of the spleen which is its responsibility for our biorhythms which we intimately connect to the planet (the spleen and earth element work together). Most people do not reacquaint themselves with the planet or even ground and centre themselves daily. This is a big mistake!!! They are in one way or another disconnected or separated from the planet, following outside authority/systems not of their own making. When we attempt to reconnect daily by walking in nature or engaging in a spiritual practice such as yoga and meditation feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem quickly dissipate. These daily “disciplines” connect us to the planet via the root chakra. This demonstrates my point above that not one part of the energetic system or body can be spoken of in isolation to the rest.

Inadequacy and The Spleen and Stomach Meridians

The spleen intimately connects with the stomach meridian. The stomach meridian begins the digestive process (including thoughts) after we have chewed our food (thought about an idea). It is important that we ingest positivity both metaphorically and physically (organic food). This includes the assimilation and absorption of new ideas. The stomach connects us to honouring and nurturing ourselves. It is where we have our primal awareness, gut instinct or second brain. We must therefore be very careful of who and what we allow into our lives. Listen to your primal awareness and not conditioned responses such as social niceties!!!! Again it is an earth element and your connection or disconnection to the planet will largely affect the stomach and gut instinct.

Another important point is that muscles that the spleen meridian passes through or has a direct effect on will also show up any imbalances, for example latissimus dorsi, middle/lower trapezius and triceps. Interestingly, a branch of this meridian ascends through the diaphragm, throat and connects to the base of the tongue. So we can release tenderness in these areas by gentle massage, proper breathing, trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques.

Inadequacy and The Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi)

From my Self Mastery Email Course:

“While crown and third eye will open quickly especially in these times of huge energy shifts, the throat chakra will open gradually through consistent acknowledgement of our goodness and value. The throat is to do with inner self esteem...............”

“........ When we feel inadequate, there is a decline in self esteem and therefore the throat chakra weakens. Unfortunately, our society is set up to promote inadequacy, for example, competition where there is always a loser, or conforming our appearance and the way we act to social norms otherwise we don’t fit into existing boxes. Our own thoughts and what we say can weaken the throat chakra.

When we are constantly exposed to conditioning that undermine spiritual principles, our thoughts and words are greatly affected. All our words should be carefully chosen and observed. Attitude proceeds manifestation. When the throat chakra is strong, both praise and criticism are received with ease. When we unite and integrate the purity and power of the throat chakra with the open crown and third eye, power flows from source. Affirmations especially in the alpha/theta states (meditation) strengthen the throat chakra. A powerful general affirmation for the throat chakra is:

Mistakes are necessary for learning and growing..........”

We need positive affirmations in the meditative state to bring our throat chakra into full working order.

Inadequacy and Communication

The throat chakra relates to communication. If we cannot communicate effectively both knowing when to listen or knowing when to express ourselves effectively we will probably have issues in the thyroid, mouth or neck. Balance in how we communicate are essential for the smooth running of this centre. The thyroid gland associates itself with the throat chakra.

An under active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) comes about when we feel like giving up or hopelessly stifled;

An overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) comes about when we are furious that we are being left out.

There is also a condition known as goiter which is an enlargement of the thyroid producing a swelling in the neck. This comes about when we hate being put upon but often feel like a victim. We tend to feel prevented from accomplishing anything in life.

Just keep in mind if you are having thyroid, neck or jaw problems your body is telling you to examine your communication skills. Communication skills are foremost about our relationship with ourselves.

Remember that it is our beLIEfs and perceptions about life and about ourselves that keep us locked into a certain mode of operation and therefore possible imbalances. Realizing those beliefs is essential if we are to integrate these lower energy patterns. Once we do this we automatically recreate ourselves and can move towards co-creating our lives with Source. Daily contemplation is therefore essential.

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