Impatience and Natural Rhythms

Impatience happens because we disconnect ourselves from the natural rhythms and cycles of life. We function from the mind created reality. By giving the mind more responsibility than it is capable of we plunge ourselves into the lower self and it’s beliefs and perceptions about life. These beliefs and perceptions always come from the back drop of cellular memories and therefore take us out of the present moment. That is reality. In other words we use our will instead of Thy Will. We function from the limitation of the mind and are unable to see and feel the greater story being played out via the planet and solar system.

To move out of the mind and function from the higher self or God Self we must trust. We must have confidence in something greater than the lower or small self. By trusting universal rhythms and intuitive timing, the rhythms of the seasons, the timing of cell growth and decay and the natural cycles of nature we have moved into a higher consciousness. By not doing this we distrust life and become impatient. Being impatient cuts us off from living a heart filled life. It disconnects us from the heart beat of life. It will therefore undermine our health.

Impatience manifests because we see ourselves separate from life. Some would say that impatience shows up when we are goal orientated and want to get things going. They say that is a positive quality. As a former “goal orientated” person I would say that being impatient appears because we feel separated from life and others. The separated self wants to achieve something for itself because it doesn’t understand the unity of life. Very often this is at the cost of the beings very humanity. We don’t understand that impatience is not natural but instead comes about because we have lost our natural rhythm at a biological level.

When we feel impatient our breathing will also have moved away from its natural rhythm. This is because our nervous system has moved into one of its default patterns. We have moved out of trust of the feminine or heart of oneself which is our link to natural rhythms. Rather than being goal orientated it is better to have a daily intention in a certain direction. It is much more gentle but much more powerful. It allows for the natural ebb and flow of life. If we don’t then we are stuck in the realm of the mind and the separated self. Life becomes an uphill battle.

Being impatient is therefore rooted in the mind where all dysfunction begins. The mind sees everything in time. Past, present and future. It sees life as an endless “to do” list. To escape impatience is to move out of the mind and therefore time. Impatience is always accompanied by a feeling of lack of progress. In turn the lack of progress is always accompanied by impatience. It is always driven by anxiety and fear of course. In this case the fear of running out of time. We see this fear in humanity and in particular in the business and corporate worlds. Here, everything is driven by competition with time, the need to beat time. For example, unrealistic deadlines and too many appointments.

We have forgotten that life itself (open heart) sets all patterns and in this epoch, accelerated evolution. This is why we sometimes have felt that time is speeding up. We have forgotten that we are merely the agents of natural evolutionary patterns and cycles. Noticing ourselves being impatient is good because we have the opportunity to sink deep into our own center. Then we can open the heart and awaken. The more we sink into our own heart and life itself the more patient we become.

I mentioned above that impatience is very much linked to progress. In humanity generally this underlying impatience is seen as the need for “evolutionary progress”. This comes in the form of economic growth and technological progress. The first is an illusion and the second is our life force externalised. There is enough for everyone but resources are plundered for the benefit of a few.

All wars are about commandeering resources and keeping consciousness levels low (fear and survival). True progress has everything to do with the raising of consciousness and awareness. It has little to do with physical manifestations (the outer experience). True progress, in terms of consciousness and awareness, has been stunted in favour of external progress, for example technological progress. The outer world has evolved at the expense of the inner which has lead us to a ridiculous situation. While we are able to create energy from the ether, we are still raping, killing and destroying each other and our planet.

Impatience and Chemical Imbalances

One of the main reasons for impatience and the need for constant progress is distraction. Our hormone levels and especially serotonin – the feel good hormone – is very low in people generally. Lack of serotonin and the need for constant progress and fulfillment has lead human beings to reach for other avenues of distraction. Sex, drugs, food, money accumulation, religion, science and even war all increase serotonin levels briefly. Unfortunately if its not clear by now nothing external will ever lead to a natural chemical balance within the body. That especially includes those advertised by the pharmaceutical industries. Indeed it is our very impatience with life that fuels this hunger and our hunger that fuels the impatience. In a nut shell very few people know exactly what they really want but they want it now.

The lack of deep acceptance of this apparent imbalance inside of us has created a lack of peace. Indeed its not happiness that we crave its internal peace ie the balancing of polarities within each one of us. Its because of this lack of balance that we look outside ourselves in the first place for fulfillment. We blame situations and people for our lack of peace. Low levels of serotonin in the body lead to states of depression and cravings. Science still doesn’t understand that so called normal levels of serotonin are actually very low. What people are actually suffering from is a chemical imbalance. This chemical imbalance is created by an out of balance endocrine system which is in turn caused by a lack of circulation of chi around the microcosmic orbit.

Popping Pills or Higher Awareness

We cannot create a balance externally by popping a pill which increases serotonin. We cannot pop a pill to affect reaction A and B in the body because we automatically put C D and E out of balance. At that level we are dealing with symptoms and not causes. Hopefully people are beginning to move on from that. The only way to deal with our chemical imbalances is to allow higher states of awareness into our bodies. This allows more chi to flow around the microcosmic orbit.  We do this by progressively opening up our energetic system and moving out of closed circuit thinking.  Instead of looking out there for the solution we begin to internalise our own energy by whatever means we feel drawn to eg yoga, meditation and a much more balanced lifestyle. This allows us the opportunity to open the heart space and master self.


patienceThe antidote to impatience is …. well, patience. The more patient you become the more you learn that patience pays off. Patience is very similar to trusting in life. Many are disconnected from life and don’t understand trust. If you trust life you will trust life in every moment. When things are bad you will simply center yourself, for example by abdominal breathing and remain in the flow. As you remain in the flow more consistently you realise there is a natural movement and rhythm to life such as the annual rhythms of the 4 seasons. The more open hearted we are and less mind controlled the more healthy we become. Our auras become more magnetic.

Learning to become less impatient is very powerful. It will literally open the heart and a higher code will be activated in our DNA. The body is designed to awaken to higher frequencies, which is why we respond so well to states of love. Like wise when we move into the heart space we automatically realise the imbalance we have created by our constant need for external progress. Understanding becomes a given. The need for external knowledge dies down as we begin to understand life on a deeper level. In other words we don’t need external verification. When we are in our heart space the feeling of love is more readily available to us. Serotonin production is increased and stabilised within the chemistry of the brain. Finally the human being can evolve his inner world as well as his outer. In fact evolving the inner automatically changes the outer.

The Evolution of the Heart

The evolution of the heart actually takes place in the ganglia of the solar plexus or second brain. This area or “Cauldron” is where our primal awareness sits. Its where the yin and yang energies integrate. As this happens and polarities within ourselves resolve our three brains re-balance. The cranial brain, heart brain and second brain start to function in harmony with each other. It is important that we understand that the love we feel is nothing to do with a second person. Although it may be reflected back from another. It is self love, our natural state when we are connected to the cosmos and nature. We feel it “as all polarities within ourselves are resolved.”

Chi or God begins to flow unimpeded throughout our systems. We literally raise our own consciousness and by doing so natural physiological changes take place in the body eg our endocrine system re-balances itself as more light is allowed to enter our energetic system. The final frontier of human progress will in fact turn to adventure. This adventure will not be in external space and the cosmos although that may well happen. However that will only be the reflection of a much more profound adventure. The adventure I’m referring to is moving within and mastering self.

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