Healing is all about Going Within

Can you imagine being healthy all the time? That when you feel slightly off or have a pain develop somewhere in your body you become aware of why it’s there? Envision being able to take the necessary healing steps to understand and integrate the significance of what your feeling…..

Imagine having this sort of body-mind awareness?

This is not some situation in the future, this is happening now! People all over the world are dumping what they thought was real in terms of what they have been taught and are now starting to listen to their intuition, that quiet small voice of wisdom, their very own higher self. You will only have access to your higher self as your body comes into holistic balance. As you reconnect to the planet and the cosmos you will move into your natural state of being.

People all over the world are starting ”the journey” back to ‘Source Energy’ …..to their creative source, to their essence.

Do you want to come too?

If the answer is yes then open your mind to possibilities. Don’t close yourself down by believing everything you have been taught. It was put there for one reason only and that was to give you the experience of lack, of suffering and being separate. Now it’s time to go ‘home’. Home by the way is a frequency of vibration, a refined and “cleansed” energy so…….

Take off the filters…that beLIEf system you have used to keep you unconscious and asleep…it’s time to go within and reach for the stars.

You are not ‘going anywhere’ you are just changing your perception of the world by removing a limiting beLIEf system. You are viewing it increasingly through the truth of the heart and objectivity of the third eye. This means your frequency of expression will increase and physiology will change.

Effective Healing Means Listening Within

Effective healing depends on what I call Conscious Therapy, which recognises the importance of consciousness in health. Can you imagine being so conscious, aware and intuitive that you know why you have the symptoms you have, are aware of the cause and even put it right. Most people can and just need pointers in the right direction. Conscious Therapy sees the body-mind complex as an integrated energy system which is part of the universal energy field. By unblocking energy passages healing takes place. The body always navigates towards homeostasis. By assisting with this and applying physical, energetic and ‘talking’ therapies with my clients these healing processes come about much faster. This allows the client to experience a greater connection to oneself thus allowing a greater sense of peace. I help clients master self.

All holistic healing therapies I use are integrated and therefore heal the body-mind complex on multiple levels.

The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physically focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer, meditation and energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.

(Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay)

Treat Yourself on Four Levels

All you have to do is understand how this works and you can reap the benefits right now. Effective healing strategies such as back pain remedies must address issues on four levels:

1. Physically

– structurally – they must reduce the pain, any other symptoms and the cause on a physical level (eg. a tilted pelvis). Modern techniques such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release are extremely effective for reducing body pain. Non invasive techniques should always be a first option. More invasive techniques can be explored at a later date.

– chemically – a balanced diet is very important to how we feel. We intuitively know when our diets are poor because we lack energy and generally feel bad. It is reasonable to assume that back pain for example, can be a symptom of a poor or chemically toxic filled diet. After all do you not feel physically achy and ’hungover’ after drinking too much alcohol containing chemicals?

Sometimes however, issues will resurface or treatment is not effective after treating clients on the physical level therefore it is important to integrate other levels of treatment;

2. Emotionally

– addressing energy blocks in the emotional body. If a negative emotion is not ‘dealt with’ and acknowledged it shows up in the physical body eg stress. If you don’t acknowledge and deal with it, it will get your attention by bringing you more severe symptoms. Eventually this will show up as a chronic problem or even disease. The underlying cause of this negative emotion (or energy block in the emotional body) is invariably a program which runs automatically in your subconscious mind. Is it not better then to acknowledge these emotions? Very often awareness of them is enough to heal them.

These issues can be effectively dealt with by using techniques such as massage, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Axiatonal Re-alignment (very powerful), Magnified Healing, Reiki and so on…..

3. Mentally

– addressing energy blocks in the mental body. We are a product of our conditioning (most of which is done before the age of 7 and usually before 12). This conditioning by family, friends, main stream education, government, media, religion and so on cause us to develop programs, very often negative ones in order to help us cope and get through our childhood. These programs run automatically in our subconscious unless we become aware of them. We developed them as strategies to protect ourselves when we were growing up. However many are no longer resourceful now we are adults and are often very limiting.
So the benefit of effective healing remedies is that they will address these issues which are very often the hidden real cause of chronic pain and suffering such as back pain and disease. Developing mindfulness is an essential technique that I teach all my clients

4. Spiritually

– severe back pain for example and all disease for that matter are there to lead us into higher states of awareness leading to powerful new perceptions of reality. They inevitably bring with them big changes in lifestyle. Part of the responsibility of the therapist or healer is to help find the best combination of healing remedies for the client. It involves exploring not just the physical problems, but metaphysical causes too.

The important issue is this:

Healing modalities must include treatment at a ‘quantum level’ and not just a physical level.

The Medical Establishment will eventually be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the quantum revolution.

(The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton)

Time to get out of your own Way

If we accept that the body has an intelligent consciousness all on its own, then why do we end up having body pain and associated issues?

Before answering this I think it is important to recognise something very obvious. Many millions of processes go on in the body successfully every minute without our input. So there must be a consciousness or intelligence present that is far superior to our finite minds, and therefore our understanding.

If we assume that the body is receiving exercise and all necessary vitamins and minerals. That it is not receiving harmful substances which is a big assumption given our busy lifestyles and chemically rich diets. Then there must be something else that is causing the body to work at less than 100% efficiency. Which then causes symptoms such as back pain and associated issues.

What is affecting the flow of consciousness or energy and causing us sickness?

The answer is of course our minds which have been conditioned with all the trappings and negative beliefs of this world – fear, anger, poor/fad diets, little exercise, stress etc. We have given away our responsibility and power to others eg doctors, lawyers, the church, government and so on and forgotten that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have free will and until now we have depended on others to make us well. Likewise those same people have held the lofty status of someone who is more qualified to know rather than someone who facilitates our own intuitive knowing. It is easy for us to go to a doctor and be subscribed pills which even the pharmaceutical industry has admitted aren’t very effective (and many of which cause numerous side effects).

Without the placebo response, the pharmaceutical industry would have perished by now, since most drugs are only slightly better than placebos, as the industry itself admits. The placebo response is seen as a nuisance by medical researchers, yet it is the basis of all healing. Drugs mostly help because they give us hope – and at hope or above, the body-mind begins to heal itself.

(Conscious Medicine by Gill Edwards)

So why do our present medical practices have limited results?

Holistic healing remedies must first and foremost acknowledge the client as having unique issues. The same diagnosis/treatment/one cure fits all strategy is antiquated by virtue of it compartmentalising diagnosis, treatment and cure. Furthermore the body-mind complex is a ‘river’ of consciousness and changes and evolves from moment to moment.

The traditional approach of ‘Segmenting‘ the body and working on one area is wrong. You cannot treat individual parts of the body at the exclusion of the rest.  This also includes other dimensions/levels too (emotional, mental etc). All effective healing strategies and pain remedies have in common the four level approach mentioned earlier and also the unique nature of each clients’ issues must be kept to the forefront at all times. Healing on just a physical level means more often than not dealing with symptoms and not causes.

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