Genius and the Move Away From Ignorance

Moving towards genius and away from ignorance in this lifetime is very much attainable by everyone! But first let’s examine the difference between ignorance and genius.

What is an ignorant person?

I can write with some authority here because I was once an ignorant person. Ignorant people do not necessarily have low IQ’s. In fact some of the most ignorant people on the planet have very high IQ’s. What separates an ignorant person from a genius is physiological function.

They have low EQ (emotional intelligence). They only function from a reactive or repressive basis in which there is no mindfulness, no gap, No Presence. In other words they have not integrated negative emotional energy into their human electromagnetic field (HEF). Reactive or suppressed emotional energy that has not been integrated into the HEF will cause a person to feel in one way or another out of mental/emotional balance. This deeply affects the proper functioning of all the systems in the body.

Health and Conditioning

Over time this has disastrous consequences for the correct physiological functioning of important systems in the body. For example, an under performing nervous and endocrine system will deeply affect the quality of life for the incarnated consciousness and his hidden genius. These people will essentially follow generic systems because they are afraid to follow their own life force out into the world. This is because by doing so means going against what society thinks. The ignorant person is essentially created by conditioning. For example, “our” education system has been woefully inadequate in creating a well rounded young person. It’s left brain intellectual focus and lack of creative/inspiration right brain development, the source of true genius, is a major cause of ignorance.

Repressive and Reactive Natures

All repressive and reactive natures essentially use their energy to maintain a state of ignorance. Ignorance in this context refers to the inability to look at our own pain and suffering. The deeper we keep our personal wound captive inside us, the more our higher faculties shut down and the more our genius eludes us. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is misery, but we don’t recognise this unless our world is turned upside down. This is inevitably what happens and we are forced to re-examine our lives.

The pervasiveness of this lower frequency is felt by everyone. As such, ignorance is still one of the greatest diseases in our world. It takes a massive conscious and unconscious effort to constrict the life force wanting to burst from our bodies and yet humanity do it everyday. The moment something triggers the letting go of our pain, there is a flood of release and relief around our constricted hearts. Unfortunately due to our default programming, we automatically repress this pain until we begin to awaken.

Mindfulness and Awakening

A lack of mindfulness equates to a lack of left/right brain coherence. In the long term a specific neurological pathway of thinking is favoured even though it is usually not resourceful. This keeps the ignorant person repeating same thoughts different day scenarios. The first advancement is the overcoming of entropy to develop mindfulness where a left/right brain coherence pattern is established. As we do this new or re-vitalised neurological pathways are established and the krystal palace developed. There are many techniques. Abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing in every moment is particularly powerful because it dissipates anxiety and fear and establishes a centre in one’s being. Inevitably this naturally leads to meditation.

Our Physical Bodies

On a physical level all disease is caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level. Therefore, surely, it would be prudent to adopt this way of breathing as soon as possible? This is the way we breathed the body as children until we became conditioned to the lower functioning of our genetics, our nervous system adapted and we learned to hide our true genius. This is outwardly represented by our dysfunctional societies. It is us who need to change, not society. Society is only the reflection. As the ignorant person establishes coherence patterns in the brain his/her Soul or Higher Self can now begin downloading fully into a progressively more prepared vessel. The lower self is transmuted over a period of time.

The lower self is essentially “stuck” energy as the person has not been fully connected to higher aspects of himself because of the lower physiological functioning of the body/mind. Notice how up to this time the existing systems promote this lower functioning via co-dependence and parasitical energy relationships. Here are a few examples you will be familiar with:

Symptomatology based Medicine

Symptoms have causes. Only dealing with the symptoms is not common sense. Think about the long term use of cell inhibiting pharmaceutical drugs which only deal with symptoms. Long term use actually increases morbidity. Even Big Pharma know that their drugs are not much better than the placebo affect. It is up to the general public to inform themselves.

Debt based banking

They fraudulently misappropriate our value via our signature/the birth bond/legal entity mechanism;

The Legal System

The legal system is a commercial transfer system based on us not knowing who we are. It is outdated and a commercial slavery system. It relies on people inadvertently ACTING as legal PERSONS. When we realise we are Divine men and women, that is,  Divine Geniuses or Enlightened Beings, and know this in every cell of our bodies, our physiology will reflect this;


Wars and survival of the fittest scenarios including competition based on Darwinian principles. The planets resources going to the winner and whole areas decimated to keep people in fear and poverty thus keeping the whole group consciousness low in that area;

Contamination of food and water supplies

Geo-engineering (chemtrails), the whole cell phone network, their attempt to keep us separated from the Universal field/Presence/God. Try meditating in an airport or shopping centre where there is so much electromagnetic interference from cell phones/wifi and you will understand what I mean.

Corporations use of the legal system

It was here when you were born and the evolution of Admiralty Law/Slave Law) to stop you having the right to protect Mother Earth. It allows them to acquire land masses to steal resources from Mother Earth that belong to humanity.

These are just a few of the most common examples.

The Ignorant Person

The ignorant person is in agony. He is disconnected from his soul sometimes almost completely. The ignorant person must be dealt with compassion and understanding but at the same time straight talking. This is because they both consciously and unconsciously manipulate people for their own ends. They have a purely generic identity based on conditioning and genetic memory (FEAR). It is only when they begin to form/remember their sacred identification that ignorance is progressively transmuted. This identification is held in every cell of the body and accessed via the healing of the lower chakras or second brain. This life force or sexual energy is moved upwards and outwards into the world as creativity and inspiration. Instead of eating sleeping having sex and acting as a lower mind higher purpose dawns.

There Is a Reason Why You Are Here

igmoranceIt is in your uniqueness and self expression that something new enters the world. Your ignorance or lower physiological functioning can become genius which demands self expression. This can only happen when we move towards our fears. It wants to create but often cannot because the being is stuck in repetitive cycles of dysfunction, for example over thinking, lower thinking scenarios and therefore a lack of doing the right thing. It is therefore imperative that one transmutes the mind which is essentially a de-conditioning process.  As one transmutes the mind the solar plexus area or second brain mutates and we begin to function objectively (open third eye) rather than subjectively (emotionally). The bigger picture is witnessed and our individual ascension progresses.

As the ignorant person moves into mindfulness in every moment and transmutes lower emotions/reactive patterns resurrection of the physical body becomes a possibility. We move from co-dependence to energetic sovereignty and then finally to interdependence. Our natural state of genius and enlightenment becomes a reality.

Holding Pattern

We have been kept in a holding pattern of ignorance for generations. The Fall in Consciousness was the separating of the Androgynous Soul into male and female. Further separation was created by splitting white light into its component 7 Rays (think 7 chakras/seals). Our conditioning created “the battle of the sexes”. This battle further played out with our own male(mental) and female(emotional) energies. As we transmute the mind and all our nonsense the 7 centres progressively work more efficiently as eons of stuck energy is shifted. We move towards integration of those seven main centres/colours, increasingly moving towards 3 energy centres or Dan Tiens as the Daoists call them. Eventually those centres also come together as three centres in one at the heart area.

Yet another way of understanding this is reconciling the fact that you the human being, is half animal and half Spiritual Being. This is depicted in mythology as the centaur. The lower “reptilian” self is analogous to the limbic system which is reactive, dominant and survival based. The evolutionary process at this time for the body mind mechanism is to bring the involutionary forces of the higher/god self into the body to calm and pacify this over used and out of balance survival mechanism. As we do this we bring sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance. A good way of doing this is via the vagus nerve.

The Lower Mind is Not Real

The ignorant person thinks his lower mind is real therefore refuses to transmute lower thought forms because he thinks that is who he is. He or she is caught in materialism. The lower mind does not conform to Universal Energy Patterns (Sacred Geometry) The road to genius begins when we step into courage. When we begin to find our true identity, which is found in the Identity or Sacral chakra, this energy can be moved up and out into the world. The whole abdomen area or second brain mutates as we integrate powerful lower emotions into the HEF. As we do this our identification completely changes from a subjective small “you” formed via the interplay of conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds to a Universal You. This new awareness opens the Energetic Heart.

This new awareness is actually an old one (Atlantian) and through it we realise the interconnectedness of all life. The small separated self disappears. You have now moved into a bigger version of self. With this new awareness our unique essence and genius begins to shine through and enter the world. We become more peaceful within ourselves and in doing so are naturally happier. This happiness comes from a place of acceptance rather than everything being just how “small you” wants it. Happiness comes from an ever increasing ability to transcend our genetics and understanding that we are half animal, half Spirit. Progressively resting in that place of Godliness brings Peace and Self Mastery. We are in this world but not of it.

The Demonstration of Genius

It is necessary to demonstrate ones moving away from ignorance in thought and action towards genius. For example if we know that existing systems are corrupt and are stealing our value then why persist in supporting them? The fear you have in you is where your greater gifts lie. Attachment to houses, cars, wealth and so on distracts you from your real higher purpose which is to stop acting as the “small you”, to allow Universal You to download into the body. Many will remain as they are due to laziness (entropy) and fear of change.

Lower Physiological Functioning

While we refuse to move into courage our body functions at a lower level. Body systems remain out of balance and symptoms we call diseases will be the inevitable result. When we integrate lower emotions by using such methods as yoga, contemplation and meditation we are automatically moving towards genius. We start to follow the promptings of the soul and our inevitable genius will awaken. As we do this we find ourselves moving metaphorically into bigger “boxes” of reality, each one with less rigid beliefs and perceptions about life. This constant dying and re-birthing sequence will actually be seen to happen in tandem with the seasons and cycles of the planet and universe (astrology). For example the Ascension cycle is actually the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Respond to Life

During this time it is imperative that we learn to respond to life rather than react. There is a time to physically act and move one’s life force in line with the promptings of the heart and a time to be patient and see what happens. However one thing is for sure, sitting at a desk mentalising and creating one’s life, although having its benefits in terms of understanding certain dangers, is not conducive to a soul in action on the physical plane. Having a large social media network is not what your soul came here for I’m sure of that. Too many people are stuck in the mental plane with nothing to show.

Sometimes just doing it is the only way forward. This is when we start to move forward from the Primal Force that lies in the lower triangle or second brain. Our life purpose in a broader sense is quite simply to mutate with the planet. The planet is moving to a higher frequency of reality and we have the potential to move out of our heads and into our bodies once again. This helps disconnect our minds and reconnects the soul. 


In his book “The Gene Keys” Richard Rudd describes a genius as follows:

“,……you don’t have to be intellectual to be a genius. Genius describes you living at your zenith. It is you living your life without holding anything back, owning and therefore transcending your fears. To be a genius is to have the courage to live life with an open heart, as a deep romance.”

When we get to this point in our healing/spiritual journey our physiology which I mentioned in my opening paragraph will have completely changed. For one thing our endocrine system will be fully functioning as it was meant to. We could say that the endocrine system is the gateway to our subtle bodies in one direction and the physical body in the other. It is perhaps the most sensitive physical system we have in the body. Keeping it in daily tune via yoga, contemplation and meditation practices is essential.

Higher Purpose and Genius

Our higher purpose that so many people want to uncover is actually already laid out for us as we uncover and activate the codes in what scientists used to call “junk” DNA. This junk DNA is of course anything but junk but contains all the secrets of our final transcendence of the human vehicle. It can only be accessed via integrating lower emotions into our HEF and the resultant openness and positive attitude to life that follows. Our genius is in fact us living our higher purpose as life itself manifesting through a unique genetic configuration without the separated self or ego. Genius is us being truly radiant and joyful for no reason whatsoever.

The progressive movements toward these euphoric states actually reprograms the cells of our body and a massive transformation of the mind and therefore the body takes place. Depending on our particular genetic profile our particular ignorance is transformed into unique genius that is expressed through the HEF. Be particularly aware though our genius will only be expressed through the flowering of and openness of our heart which is innervated via the second brain or lower Dan Tien. The heart is the gateway to higher dimensions of reality. Our utter passion and love for life will be expressed through an open heart and unique genetic profile.

It is often given the name love but love can be expressed in at least 64 different ways corresponding to the higher functioning of our genes. It can actually be expressed in thousands of different ways as we combine and express all our genes through their higher functioning. The intellect must play second fiddle as this process unfolds. Yes, understanding will dawn via the intellect however it is the wild organic and indomitable passion of the heart that must lead our true genius.

Innocence and Playfulness

Our genius will be expressed through allowing innocence and playfulness (open heart) to meld with the patterns of nature creating new systems, techniques, products and ways of being which improve life on the planet. Our genius will bring something fresh to the world or combine what is already known into something better. Each one of us has a unique genetic vehicle. Only you can bring what you bring into the world. Just as we allow ourselves to open to creativity and inspiration so the cells of our bodies allow cooperation with their internal and external environment to mutate us. This mutation is especially happening in the second brain. But essentially all parts of the human being since we are holistic in nature. Our physiology must change if we are to function differently.

Children at Play and Genius

Most children are born with true genius. True genius is no different than a child at play. If you have ever watched a child play they can imagine and use their environment for just about any scenario. Unfortunately because of “our” education system this playfulness and imagination is never developed and by the time we become adults we have learned to compromise our genius. In fact even the definition of the word genius has been narrowed to include only the faculty of the intellect (IQ).

Adults, You Must Play!

Adults must learn how to play again. The sheer fun and lightness that comes through the heart is the key. The mental plain should only be used to adapt this playfulness to the local environment. In other words the mind is just a tool for the heart/higher self to use to rearrange the patterns of nature and the universe and to rearrange them in new and beneficial ways.

This genius will only arise when we stop making compromises in life. Unfortunately most will never do this because it involves going against society and what they have been conditioned to do. It involves style and panache. To be successful, prosperous and happy we must rebel against the whole of society. True genius cannot be copied because it always arises spontaneously and naturally. It also involves traveling along paths that are considered dangerous to the general public. Hence the popular quote from Henry David Thoreau “Most lead lives of quiet desperation……”


Genius then is the exact opposite of ignorance. It affects the physiology and ultimately the anatomy of the body in a very positive manner. We could say that genius is a prerequisite for healing and resurrection of the physical body. It is someone working at their zenith, creating spontaneously, playing like a child with the patterns of nature. Someone who knows they are connected to the Universal Field/God/Presence. It is about making quantum leaps inside ones DNA and consciousness. As we make these leaps our whole belief system and perceptive field changes, that is, life becomes simpler as we move into bigger boxes. Eventually we wake up one day and there is no longer a box to inhabit (enlightenment). Constant mindfulness in every moment is the prerequisite for genius. At the same time genius can only happen “when you are not there”. In truth a very small part of you will still exist “for learning purposes”. But this “small self” plays second fiddle to an awesome presence, Your Genius or Higher Self.

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