Focusing on the Breath

Since people insist on wearing masks everywhere I thought I would bring your attention to a few facts which I have uncovered over the last few years about the breath and in particular about CO2 (carbon dioxide). Rather than relying on the apparent facts, I have also experimented with this in my own life and I advise you to do the same if you want to remain healthy during the current global upheaval.

It is now clear that over the last few million years CO2 levels have decreased from an estimated 7-12% to 0.03%. Contrary to popular belief C02 is absolutely essential for the mechanism of breathing. Without C02 you would not breath period. There are many health benefits of C02. However if C02 levels ever were to reach 20% and above in the body adverse affects take place and pure C02 is toxic. That is, you would die. This is hardly likely to happen in natural conditions so don’t worry about it. The point being that with current levels of C02 being so low, if you are not breathing the body in a natural manner often called abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing your body is under physiological stress (the “physical cause” of all dis-ease) because there is not enough C02 in your bloodstream. Furthermore, if you are a chronic mouth breather even more C02 is lost. This is why you must always nasal breath as far as possible.

If you tend to use your upper secondary trunk muscles as your primary mechanism you need to change this and re-learn how to breath properly using the lower primary muscles especially the diaphragm. Furthermore, if you are to actively follow your own breath (become aware of it) in every moment it would bring you back to your natural state, that is a body focus, as opposed to being stuck in your head or distracted outwardly. I bring up the whole focus on your breathing pattern in particular because of peoples’ insistence on wearing a mask almost all the time because some “apparent government entity” is telling them to do so.

If you think about the matter a little more you will realise that your breath is sacred and connected to all systems of the body. Just as you are connected to the planet. You are a sovereign being not a legal entity and as such your breath is sacred and untouchable by any legal system. Yet they use the legal system to attack the planet and you. Furthermore, if you currently have a dysfunctional breathing pattern, most people do, wearing a mask is only going to make matters worse. Is it not time to value yourself after all they steal your value everyday by trading you as chattel.


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