Focus on the New Banking System Not Covid-19!!!

I urge people to focus on the New Banking System which is quietly coming into being behind the Fake Pandemic. It’s clear that both the “good guys” and the “bad guys” have been using the pandemic to their advantage. The bad guys to completely entrap the population using the Legal System. To mandatory vaccinate the population and “lock people out” of society if they don’t accept it. To finally create their utopia of NWO and continue and increase all their anti-Human and anti-God agendas, which are being further exposed on a daily basis. To manipulate people into believing that the pandemic is real and further separate them via FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) from who they really are, Spirit having a unique experience as the Soul.

The Legal System has nothing to do with The Law. It is a Commercial Slavery System and relies on you not knowing who you are so you ACT AS A LEGAL ENTITY PERSON. This legal entity was created UNLAWFULLY at your Birth Registration process. The Birth Registration process is not about your birth, it is the birth of a commercial fiction in THE SAME NAME AS YOU!!! You unwittingly give life to the LEGAL ENTITY PERSON by acting as surety or agent for it, for example, Joe of the family Bloggs (man) gives life to the legal fiction Mr Joe Bloggs (legal entity person).

The Legal System is the evolution of “Admiralty Law” which is Slave Law and gives you NO SOVEREIGN rights at all. It relies on you, the soul being “Lost at Sea” and acting as a fragmented consciousness. This outdated and atrocious system will be superseded. In the meantime, the good guys have been quietly bringing in the new Quantum Financial System while simultaneously exposing the Deep State Plans to completely entrap the population at every turn using the Legal System.

On 31st August 2020 the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) System of banking was finally terminated and a new system known as CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System) came into being on 1st September. The main difference between these two systems is that the former was used to maintain the Private Debt Based Rothschild Banking System using Fiat currency which is UNLAWFUL. It used USURY as its main way of doing business. That is, it loans you a fictitious amount such as 25,000 Euros based on your future “Promise to Pay” plus interest (Usury). Your future “Promise to Pay” is the value. This solidified promise via a Promissory Note is then traded on the stock market. It entraps the Soul of a person because the Soul is where all value comes from. The Private Money System run by the Rothschilds is aware of this and creates an agreement for the PERSON to entrap himself by borrowing against the labour or future creativity of the Soul. In other words it manipulates your consciousness into believing that you borrow real value from them and then uses FEAR to entrap you. All systems on this planet dovetail into this UN(W)HOLY financial system including the legal system.

What humanity are mostly unaware of is that the first and most important stage of the New Financial System has now taken place physically. The introduction of CIPS, a system that is now backed up by the Value of Gold instead of the Human Soul (your future Labour/Creativity). In other words the entrapped Soul via debt is now FREE. The rolling out of the new financial system including the inevitable Debt Forgiveness Programs that will follow, because USURY is unlawful, will gain momentum over the next few months and with it Full Disclosure of what has really been going on!!

Why is this happening now?

Again, unknown to the majority of humanity our whole solar system is now travelling through “The Second Harmonic Universe”. This is where our Soul Matrix exists. Humanity is becoming more “Soulful”. By becoming more Soulful you begin to see the bigger picture. It is the Body/Mind/Soul Trinary System that allows Source/God into our lives via the crown chakra and axiatonal highways or not. In other words you have free will and God/Source knows this. It is up to each one of us to allow Source into our lives. That is, to be an Open System which is how our Trinary System is designed to work. Or, to ACT AS a Closed System, to separate ourselves from our Soul and therefore SOURCE by a beLIEf in FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). There is a big LIE in BeLIEf. Conditioning creates these beLIEfs. Each one of us must make this important decision. If you decide to awaken then you must start listening to that quiet voice of TRUTH inside you and bring all systems within your body back into balance. Stop believing the lies. As you do this you will be downloading your Higher Self into the body. You cannot download your Higher Self into a fearful and corrupted body. You must progressively move towards Courage over time. Then you will begin to see the bigger picture. It is now the time to do this. It is now SAFE to do this!!

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