Expectation Leads to Disconnection from Natural Cycles

Somewhere inside of us, we are living in expectation. We are waiting for our lives to improve and finally, everything will be exactly as we want it. Our relationships will be perfect, we will have all the money we desire and we will have the freedom to do exactly as we want.

We only have to see through the futility of living in the future, postponing our lives in the now (no matter what our circumstances), to see that our constant expectations about how our lives will play out are in fact keeping us locked out of the present moment.

It is expectation which mixes our minds with our desires and creates illusion and projection based on some future event. There is nothing wrong with desire as long as it is not creating imbalances in our body/mind complex. However, the moment desire becomes entangled with the projections of the mind it will lead to disappointment.

Expectation and Death

Expectation comes from our fear of death and that time is running out for us. It has everything to do with how the brain perceives life as flowing by in a linear way. From past to present and into the future. This causes us great anxiety and fear. It keeps us locked out of natural cycles and disconnected from nature. The body gives us the illusion of separation and the brain’s perception of time as linear further keep us locked out of these cycles. Being locked out of natural cycles programs us for premature death through disease and decay. In particular, expectation locks us out of important seven-year cycles. The most important of which is the seven-year cycle that governs cellular generation within the human body.

During the present physical cellular mutation on this planet, all life is mutating, adapting and innovating. As human beings, we must gain experience and finally, our spiritual essence must “detach” from the form. Instead of being trapped inside a physical body we learn to use the physical body as a tool to transcend form. (Hint: become more aware of your subtle bodies by using abdominal breathing)

Expectation and Natural Cycles

expectationWhen we have expectations about life we are very human and therefore show no trust in life itself. Our connection to something bigger is lost. When things don’t go our way our reactions will show how attached we are to our expectations. If on the other hand, we become aware of the bigger picture we realise we cannot comprehend it with just our cranial brains. We must see life through the interaction of second brain, heart and cranial brains.  Expectation is very much connected to focusing on the one event we are interested in and missing the bigger picture. It doesn’t matter whether our expectation is positive or negative, it narrows our field of vision. It drops us into separation and the lower self, keeping us away from the limitless potential that exists only in the present moment. Humanity constantly does this.

Expectation and Failure

Our expectations about our lives constantly set us up for failure. However, this failure is usually only perceived through the ideas and beliefs created by humanities interpretation of what success and failure really are. In today’s society, this is very much mixed up with money accumulation which is actually created by the need to feel secure. This is tied up with humanities separation programming and forgetfulness of who they really are ie. spirit having a human experience. In other words the fear of death. Expectation takes us out of the present moment so effectively that we lose our place in the greater flow of the cosmos.

Expectation tends to come to us in two different ways. We either grasp at life because of a fear of change or we constantly move from one thing to another unable to make any sort of commitment. When we don’t allow a change in our lives we do not allow things to die and decay naturally. We, therefore, prevent life from renewing itself. For example not allowing relationships to follow their natural course or in some way clinging to the past.

When we don’t commit to something but constantly move from one thing to another we don’t allow natural life cycles to complete and in some way get stuck in the same old patterns. By not allowing a natural cycle to complete we have to begin the same cycle again in a different form. This proves to be disastrous especially in relationships and finances.

The Antidote to Expectation

The antidote to expectation is of course detachment. But not in the way that is commonly understood. Many believe detachment is some sort of anti-materialistic philosophy which denies our true desires and feelings. True detachment once understood, practised and integrated into our lives is actually about deeply feeling the senses and our desires. At the same time being aware that they are just sensations. They do not have to be acted upon.

True detachment is not a discipline but entails deep acceptance of all our urges and senses. It allows us to be masters of our body/mind complex. When we are detached we work with our expectations and most of all trust life. Trust is a deeply feminine (magnetic) quality and involves understanding the cyclical nature of life and acceptance of our impermanence. As we detach from our particular story (ego/control) and allow space between the events of our life expectation begins to be seen for what it is – another form of fear.

Detachment and Fear

Instead of shying away from fear, we immerse ourselves in it. We begin to detach and separate the beliefs and perceptions of the mind and the corresponding emotional patterns. Over time this allows us to become deeply centred in our being. Simply put the solution to expectation is detachment which does away with the need to be in control of our life.

This is not about giving control away to others but to something much greater. This greater part of us is often called the higher self. This is where all our power lies. Often this comes through in the form of creativity and imagination. Indeed it is through our joy, creativity and imagination that our higher purpose for this life will reveal itself. It is through higher purpose that we set intentions rather than expectations. These are much gentler in nature and involve a holistic balance of the body/mind complex.







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