Ease or Dis-ease – It’s your choice!

I thought I would write a short article on the true nature of dis-ease because of the nonsense vomiting forth from the so called “controllers”. Please pass it on to others if you feel the urge. The controllers can only control because you are asleep. They do this via conditioning!!!!!!! You who are asleep are the “gatekeepers” of a paradigm that is ending on this planet whether you like it or not. You are trying to keep a false paradigm going!! It is the ending of a cosmic and planetary cycle and the beginning of a new one. Your only option is to wake up now, resolve polarities within your own 4 body energy gradient system and continue your experience here as an open system. Alternatively you can stay asleep and continue the incarnation cycle elsewhere via the death process.

The planet is also awakening. Are there not strange weather conditions as we and the planet awaken together? This will only increase. (Please be aware there are also weather manipulations too) Dis-ease is the opposite of ease. Both are intimately connected to the 4 body energetic gradient ie. The renewing function of spirit pouring into the mental, emotional and etheric/physical bodies…..or not! This is a time of chaos as both the awakened and the asleep co habit the one planet before the final magnetic shift which is coming soon.

When we act as a closed system we do not receive enough renewing energies(spirit) via upper chakras and axiatonal lines and we develop lower emotions. Contrary to popular belief lower emotions are not natural. In Chinese medicine they recognise that lower emotions are the first stage of dis-ease. In the western world we recognise lower emotions as natural. However, this is not true. They are part of the conditioning program in as much as they are the result of not allowing renewing energies (Spiritual/ “Father in Heaven”/Other Planetary Systems) from the cosmos to enter the body and not allowing “Mother energies” via being grounded in nature to meet within the body. (Sacred Union/Marriage)

You are a battery that has largely been disconnected via conditioning/psychological blocks (separation programming). The “negative terminal” is the Kundalini/Mother Energies held in the root chakra. The Father Energies can be accessed via the “positive terminal” at the crown chakra. Your body is “The Sacred Temple” or “Church” where Mother and Father energies meet to create the third energy inside you, The Holy Trinity, The Birth or Resurrection of a new you, Mother, Father and Child ….or not. Unfortunately you have a beLIEf about life (given to you by others) which manipulates these energies and causes them to stagnate or become blocked (the false self). We feel this as repressed emotions one day and reactive emotions another day. Many people regularly move from one to the other or perhaps favour one over the other. You move from ease in life to dis-ease. The word dis-ease means a deficiency of ease.

The culprit is usually the emotional body. This is why mindfulness and abdominal breathing are so important in bringing our four body energy gradient system back into balance. If we don’t do this our nervous system remains out of balance and ease turns into physiological stress. Over many years a “disease” develops. With an out of balance emotional body we may even develop disorders. A dis-order is a lack of order. It is a lack of order on a mental level, for example anxiety dis-order, attention deficit dis-order and so on. They are as a result of a fragmented consciousness, mostly coming from lower emotions. These lower emotions create an incoherence pattern between the two hemispheres of the brain. You are then stuck in the “monkey mind” – different day same thoughts. You are unable to access inspiration and imagination. All are a result of not knowing thyself and giving power to the inverted systems on this planet eg symptom based medicine.

Mother Nature does not produce VIRUSES. (Think Terrain Theory). Only psychopaths create artificial viruses. The whole illusion of virology is being exposed. Viruses are never isolated in spite of them telling you they are. There is always other organic and inorganic material in the “isolated” virus. They don’t make their assumptions from reality (See Sars-cov-2 link below). However if you beLIEve that some “virus” is attacking your system then you have given your power away to an idea that was given to you by someone outside of yourself. (Think Germ Theory) You move into FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and that will be true for you. Your body has no option but to conform to those beliefs and your actions will re-enforce those beliefs. That’s how incredibly powerful THE COLLECTIVE IS when they are MIND CONTROLLED and are unable to think for themselves. The controllers have been doing this to you for eons of time!!

On the other hand if you awaken to the truth that conditions play out in an out of balance four body system then your priority is to look within (aka integrate lower emotions, carefully order your thoughts and detox the physical body). You will then take back your power. By doing this you will NOT develop an infection ever!! (long term DIS-ease). Long term physiological stress leading to acidosis and a lack of oxygen at a cellular level is the root cause of all dis-ease on a physical level. By the way for those who already have “diseases” we can equally work backwards and find the underlying CAUSE. Something that the medical industry does not teach their doctors. It therefore remains up to the doctor to awaken and find the information for himself.

[As an aside, you may understand that COVID-19 is very much connected to a series of PATENTS registered well before their Plandemic took place (here’s one last updated June 2016 created by Andrew Rothschild before the Plandemic) You may also understand that Sars-Cov-2 has never been isolated]

My suggestion for those who are still confused is to:

  1. Understand and take back your Sovereignty; You have been living on a quarantined planet energetically separated from the rest of the Universe (until now);
  2. Understand that you are an energetic being. You are a conduit for Source if you open up your energetic system (aka release your conditioning/psychological blocks) ;
  3. There are always multiple realities going on. This is particularly true at the moment as portals open up within you (“aha moments”) and energies come from unusual astrological alignments. It is up to you to align with the highest frequency of vibration in line with your highest plan for yourself and the planet. Aligning with old paradigm models of dis-ease, old thoughts etc are not helpful to your evolution nor is focusing in on the ill-usion created by psychopaths, narcissists and satanists. Broaden your awareness. Read uplifting material. Learn to laugh again.
  4. The main focus of your attention should be on de-conditioning and bringing ease back to the body. The easiest way to do this is to feel in your body where you have tightness or inflexibility on a regular basis. These are the areas where energy is blocked. There are multiple ways for these areas to be released. Understanding myofascial tissue and trigger points will help you take back control of all your bodies. Emotion is held within these tissues. The physical body itself is also a vibrational field. Increasing the frequency of vibration in the body takes the longest because of default patterns held within the emotional and mental bodies and the fact that the physical body is so dense. However, the belief that you are solid and fixed and cannot elevate the frequency of vibration of the tissues themselves is old paradigm thinking. The only constant in life is change! Instead think about cellular detox. The four body energy gradient is not a layering effect like an onion. Each subsequent layer is in fact a more expanded version of ourselves. As you elevate your frequency of vibration you begin to become aware of these expanded versions of self. You begin to integrate your lightbody.


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