Don’t Ever Shy Away From The Battle – Rest, Integrate It, Then Stand In The Middle of It In Perfect Peace!

A Call to all Lightworkers. As a polarity integrator and transformer or Builder of the New Earth I would like to call your attention to the nature of the “Battle” and some tools to help you no matter where you are in understanding or 3D location.

Universal Law states that we must incarnate into a reality to change it. We are not allowed to change it from the “outside”. Obviously we are now being assisted from the “outside” but it is US who are “boots on the ground” and therefore grounding the new energies into a time/space continuum.

The Christ Consciousness on a practical level has always been about taking the lower frequencies into oneself and transforming them. However, before you are capable of doing this you must open up your field and transform yourself as your MAIN higher purpose. Constant mindfulness, Abdominal Breathing, Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation, Connection to Nature, all with the purpose of changing your physiology are very important as per soul nudges. All these activities lead to enhanced vagus nerve activity, a coherence pattern between both hemispheres of the brain, enhanced second brain activity and a return to a balanced nervous system leading to no dis-ease.

As you move into this frequency you will firstly understand and then FEEL the following “Being in this World But Not Of It” aka Unity Consciousness (be careful you are not just ungrounded…energies are powerful). However, you will also become aware that you are in fact BECOMING something NEW by virtue of also still experiencing duality consciousness. You are NOT here to “move back home” or “miss home on another star system”. We have ALL experienced other realities!! Get out of your cranial brain and bring your other two brains online. The heart brain comes online the more you “clean out” the second brain!!

Your home is right here right now in this body experiencing the paradox of unity consciousness AND duality in PERFECT PEACE. In doing so you transform reality. You are not trying to get back to God/Unity etc etc. God is here right now. Allow him/her/it in. You are bringing God into this reality via activation of God within yourself. God wants to experience this reality through YOU and in doing so transform it. God is not separate from you. God is you!! You forgot. In allowing this Knowing to Penetrate You, you will find this Peace no matter what is going on in the outside world. Integrate, integrate integrate!!! When you constantly feel the “Peace That Passeth All Understanding” you have cracked it. When you don’t feel it you have gone into your nonsense aka mind programs.

In your determination and unrelenting passion to find this new consciousness/place you are CREATING IT!!!! You are creating The Christ Consciousness/Galactic Consciousness/Third Energy ON THIS PLANET. When you even approach this way of Being/Becoming You are going to feel so happy 🙂 However, it is PEACE you are “looking for” no matter what is going on “Out There” so be careful what you FOCUS on!!!

When you are able to hold the Christed Frequencies you will quite simply stand in the middle of “The Battle” – whether that is in your own head or standing in front of a line of moronic police dressed in riot gear – in Perfect Peace, with absolutely “….no thought for the morrow….”


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