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It’s not happiness you are looking for, it’s Peace – “The peace…. that passeth all understanding.” From this place of Peace all happiness comes. I’m giving away this Amazing Guide to help you understand why you have negative emotions and how you can transform them by doing a few simple daily exercises. Emotions have very powerful effects on the body. This course will help you to become more healthy. What are you waiting for it’s completely FREE!!


Self Mastery – Being Well Again!


In this Self Mastery Course, the student is provided with theory sessions that describe theaxiatonal relationship we have to our energetic, endocrine and reproductive (life force) systems for example. The course shows how that relationship directly affects our consciousness levels. Practical sessions, contemplation exercises, meditation, asanas and interactive quizzes are also provided. Self Mastery – Being Well Again, describes ways of moving from limitation to creativity and peak experience. Increasing our frequency of vibration still further, we move to the much talked about fifth-dimensional consciousness and enlightenment experience.

We are Energy Gradients, our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have a higher frequency of vibration than the physical body. Therefore what we think and feel has its final manifestation in our physical bodies. If we suffer from stiffness, aches, pain and disease in the physical body there is a very high chance that we have been creating it unconsciously with our negative thoughts, beLIEfs and resultant emotions. For more information click here!


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