Consciousness and Body Alignment

Consciousness is important in our lives. In this article I want to make the affects of consciousness on the physical body a little more tangible. This will help those still feeling unsure about their lives or even in chaos. I’ve done this by partially explaining how consciousness changes the location of the physical body in time and space. It typically does this over an extended period of time so changes can be processed. Anyone who has experienced a really good bodywork session will understand what I mean. Feeling very relaxed but ungrounded for half an hour to several hours is common after a session. The brain needs time to adjust as the body changes where it is in space. Our proprioception is affected, especially if we have released emotions during the treatment. As we raise our consciousness, we raise our frequency of vibration. This directly affects the physical body. It directly affects our cells. Our  mental and emotional “patterning” and physiology change therefore our physical structure must also change. Our body will literally move to new “coordinates” in time and space.

“……the less intelligent are lazy and unable to evaluate the gift of the human body to achieve liberation from the material bondage; they become more interested in so-called economic development and work very hard throughout life simply for the sense enjoyment of the temporary body.” Srimad-Bhagavatam (over 5000 years old)

We have come to the end of a 13000 year universal energetic cycle of fear, separation and survival. Simultaneously we begin a new one of cooperation, love and wholeness. It is therefore necessary to become aware of our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions which are creating our personal realities.

It is important to help the physical body through its transfiguration or metamorphosis with as much harmony as possible. This is because it is the final manifestation of who we are and most “dense” of all the bodies. It is the slowest to change or recreate and generally needs help in the form of bodywork and stretching. Our consciousness may rise and physiology change, but our anatomical structure takes much longer to realign itself. It is crucial to stop focusing our (chi) energy on outdated and clearly fraudulent social and economic systems. We must move into the body, know thyself, and lovingly restore our sacred temple to its former glory. Chi energy goes where the mind focuses.

Consciousness and the Cosmos

I am a former Physical Education Instructor and practising Sports Therapist and Energy Healer. I am very aware therefore of the need to have the pelvis orientated properly. This is so that the sacrum and spine sit correctly and general hip movement is unimpeded. When this is achieved we can have a pain free. Furthermore cosmic energies can be integrated effectively via the spine/human electromagnetic field. Also life force/kundalini/sexual energy can travel unimpeded up the spine to meet “shien” or spirit.

Spirit is the positive or yang polarity energies (electro) of the cosmos meeting the negative or yin (magnetic) to create a circuit. We are batteries which have largely been running on empty. When we make the effort to know thyself and transmute lower or negative patterns the circuit is strengthened enormously. It is therefore essential that certain muscle groups and practices be worked with. These should be given priority as we move into the new era.

In this article I am going to look at a particular muscle. It closes down the hips due to anxiety and fear issues. It therefore needs to be progressively released. Also, muscles that build the core and support the spine especially the thoracic diaphragm. Finally, I have written about the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms. These must be strengthened if we are to stop chi escaping from our systems.

Consciousness and Pelvic Orientation

The hips represent the thrust forward in life, not just physically, but metaphorically. Any tightness or inflexibility here is indicative of mental and emotional “tightness” on a higher level. This filters down into the physical body. To keep this forward thrust smooth and harmonious we must integrate the yin and yang energies or female and male energies. Yin and yang must be in perfect balance in the body if we are to navigate through life with few issues. This will allow complete openness to creative solutions and possibilities while moving forward if that is the requirement in the moment.

On a physical level it is necessary to move forward from the “lower tan tien” or abdominal area as do experienced martial artists. We must not have the hips flexed in a defensive position and lead from the shoulders, chest or knees. The hips represent the major male/female axis in the body irrespective of gender. When we are lopsided integrating more of one type of energy this affects muscles acting on the hips. If we are constantly in the mind (humanities main issue) we are in the masculine energies. The main focus now for humanity is to be heart centered (feminine). More accurately humanity is moving towards heart/mind integration. The processing for this takes place in the second brain/abdominal/lower tan tien. A muscle I want to focus on first though is the Psoas.

Consciousness and the Psoas

psoasThe psoas is defined as a major hip flexor and core stabilising muscle. However, what is not often acknowledged is it is a muscle of perception. It is very much connected to the most primitive part of ourselves, the reptilian brain. Interestingly, in Tao and Chinese philosophy it is also called the soul muscle. The psoas, which grows out of the lumbar spine, spans down and sideways like a pyramid shape through the abdominal core, fanning open and attaching to the top of the femur or upper leg bone. It is the only muscle to connect the spine to the legs. The psoas and myofascial tissues translate the energy from the spine down and through into the legs and feet. As gravity transfers weight through bones, tissue, and muscle, into the earth, the earth energies rebound, flowing back up the legs and spine, energizing, coordinating and animating posture, movement and expression. It is an uninterrupted conversation between self, earth, and cosmos unless there is anxiety/fear in our lives.

The tightness and contraction I see in nine out of ten clients is actually the energetic patterning of family ancestry, current family patterns and environmental influences being played out in the body. By releasing and constantly bringing attention to this muscle there is the possibility of a huge evolutionary jump when negative patterns are released.


Because these patterns are fear based and as such contract/close the hips in a defensive pattern. When awareness is brought to this muscle and patterns released over time it allows spine/hip realignment. As more awareness is brought to the whole lumbar/hip and upper leg area our life force energy begins to recirculate unimpeded. Our soul can become more embodied.

The Spine and Core Stability

The spine is our flexible support structure. It is also the final manifestation of our perception of support on a mental and emotional level. As we raise our consciousness the more we want to rid the body of it’s issues. If we chronically feel unsupported in life or our family patterning is of that orientation then our physical spines will manifest those impressions eg. spinal curvatures such as scoliosis and kyphosis.

From an energetic level these conditions come about because of an inability to flow with the natural cycles of life courtesy of anxiety and fear. These curvatures are very often caused on a physical level by “wound up” myofascial tissue. This tissue covers the body from head to toe and reacts to mental and emotional “tightness”. This causes a lack of “new” chi energy to circulate in those same tissues. In other words our own subconscious programming bars “renewing” energies into the body via axiatonal lines which are connected to greater aspects of self and the universe.

The days of working exclusively on our six pack ie rectus abdominus, to feel and look good, are long gone. We have moved on from those days. We are much closer to understanding the links between our core, second brain or lower tan tien and consciousness. Working on all core muscles (including rectus abdominus) is a huge leap forward however it’s still not the complete picture.

It is important that we have a strong core since it is a bridge between upper and lower parts of the physical body. No matter how strong our upper and lower bodies are if our core is weak there is no connection and performance is sacrificed because functional strength is impaired. I have seen this repeatedly in the sporting arena. Whether you are a power lifter, rugby player or do no sport whatsoever it is imperative that the core is strong and flexible. We have less injuries, feel more empowered as more and more awareness is focused in this area, the second brain. Otherwise we over use the linear or left hemisphere of the cranial brain. In other words we come into balance and every area of our lives improves.

Consciousness and Breathing

The core muscles are numerous and include deep spinal muscles such as rotatores and multifidus, the erector spinae, obliques, transversus abdominus, quadratus lumborum and the rectus abdominus. However one of the least recognised and yet very important “muscles” of the core is in fact the thoracic diaphragm. The diaphragm is used for breathing and as such has a direct influence on our health and state of consciousness. It is essential that we once again move back to abdominal breathing as we did as children. This is because our dysfunctional patterns are fear based. We affect our breathing and nervous system and all other systems of the body. This lack of awareness of our core and especially our breathing patterns is quite literally slowly killing us.

diaphragmMobilizing and awakening the natural breathing rhythm of the abdominal diaphragm is vital because it is so central to the whole body. The majority of the dome-shaped muscle attach to the lower six ribs like a giant internal parachute. Its bottom strands attach to the front of the low-back spine and the psoas and quadratus lumborum muscles (spinal stabilizers). The top of the diaphragm is literally a seat for the sack of connective tissue around the heart. While exhaling during abdominal breathing the chest and sternum sink stimulating the thymus gland. The thymus gland is a major gland of rejuvenation and the immune system. It is therefore important that we move back into abdominal breathing the majority of the time.

Breathing affects the shape and tone of the core because the diaphragm is directly adhered to many abdominal muscles and organs. When breathing naturally the diaphragm expands and the abdominal muscles and visceral contents balloon out. When breathing out, the diaphragm contracts and moves back up toward the lungs, and the gut balloon deflates. Typically we are unaware of this process, as breath is an automatic function in the body. We are also largely unaware of the negative breathing patterns which accumulate as we become teenagers and beyond. These breathing patterns have a negative impact on the nervous system and structural health of the body. However, we can consciously take control of breathing once again and develop new habits. Abdominal breathing is our natural state of breathing.

By performing certain exercises and practices regularly we can increase the chi or oxygen pressure in the organs and abdominal cavity. This stimulates energy to move around the “microcosmic orbit” as we did in the womb. The microcosmic orbit is basically the governor and central meridians. As young children we breath naturally and use chi pressure in the abdomen. This assists the initial part of inhalation enormously. The lungs take in more life force energy or oxygen but use less energy. As we mature, poor breathing habits manifest as chest breathing and all associated patterns and we descend into unconsciousness.

By abdominal breathing we are closer to our own internal source of energy and our primary awareness in the “lower tan tien” or second brain. Prenatal life force or chi is drained out from the naval and kidney areas as we age. We move further into the ego, the illusion, and dysfunctional breathing patterns. As chi pressure is lost an energy imbalance takes place and fluid flow slows down contributing greatly to decline and old age.

Consciousness and the Pelvic and Urogenital Diaphragms

pelvic and urogenital diaphragmBy becoming more appreciative of the abdominal area brings awareness over time to the various diaphragms. The thoracic we have largely explored with abdominal breathing, however there are two others which are important. We must understand their function if we are to maintain chi pressure and ultimately learn how to redirect it upwards to keep organs and our physical bodies in tip top shape. Those are the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms. The pelvic diaphragm is the floor of the pelvic cavity which contains the vital organs. For example, the small and large intestines, the bladder, kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas. It is the pelvic diaphragm which lifts up and maintains the shapes of the vital organs.

If the pelvic diaphragm is weak which is so common in our culture then chi pressure is lost and we become tired and lethargic as we age. Below the pelvic diaphragm and above the perineum lies the urogenital diaphragm. Again if this is weak we lose chi pressure. The pudendal nerve attaches the muscles of the urogenital diaphragm to the vagina or penis and to the anus. I’ve purposely not gone into detail here because the important point is this. Both diaphragms must be strong and not in a weakened state or we will lose life force energy. If you want to know more then study and practice Mula Bhanda

The new era is about being sovereign. It is about creating our own individual realities from the essence of who we really are. Creating our reality from subconscious negative programming inherited from past generations and unconsciously acted out in the present moment is long past it’s sell by date. To be sovereign, meditation and contemplation are crucial so we can release any negative programming. However, we also have to re-learn where to draw our attention to. We have to learn to refocus our awareness on the lower tan tien or abdominal area. Eventually we integrate mind, heart and abdominal as one focused area.

As we slowly come out of the realms of the mind we begin to integrate the heart via the abdominal area. That is, we integrate male(mind) and female(heart) in this region of the body. We do this at our own pace using what were once sacred and guarded asanas/exercises. Everything is now out in the open with regards to spirituality. By refocusing our attention on the internal world instead of being dragged along by the outside world will go a long way to transmuting old beliefs and energies. By refocusing on self we become aware of unresourceful programs and conditioning which are creating our own reality. When we sit with the emotions instead of reacting to them we automatically transmute them to a higher form. We take conscious charge of our vehicle (body, mind, soul) creating in line with universal laws and our divinity.

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