Child SexTrafficking/Body Parts

I hesitated to upload the following video but it is quite clear, at least from the beginning of the COVID-19 Scamdemic anyway, that most of the population remain in some sort of trance, stupor or denial about the world they are living in. Unfortunately, this also includes some who are on a spiritual journey and somehow think that they don’t need to at least acknowledge and therefore integrate “reality” in the hologram.

If you already know about the  child sex trafficking, the harvesting of body parts and the torture of children for Adrenochrome by the “elite” and the ongoing military rescue (since the summer of 2019) then no need to watch. Unless you feel it is necessary for your own healing.

I would further add that it would be a mistake to call the perpetrators/elite, human, because being human implies a certain amount of empathy is already built in to their being via a soul connection. These “humanoids” are simply not native to this earth. In case you are unaware they have broken Universal Laws by interfering with another species. It is time for them to meet their karmic responsibilities.

I think you would agree that the average empathic and native human who has been stuck here incarnating again and again and not evolving, now needs a good poke to wake them up so the collective can evolve as a human species (without such extreme duality) That means many of these “humanoids” must now be removed during this cyclical changeover. Hence, the reason the lightworkers/older souls are here en masse. Please use this page/video to wake them up if you feel called to do so. I think when they wake up to the child trafficking and the clear agenda to remove children from parents under the Covid-19 “rules” they might wake up to the real agenda.

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