Chi, God and Energy Integration

Finding God is exactly the same thing as feeling and increasing the flow of chi in the body. When our bodies assimilate pure energy from the universe we automatically become healthier and feel better. Being able to take in energies from the cosmos via the sun, planetary alignments and mother nature without manipulating them to our own dualistic nature or false belief systems is “Oneness with God.” By allowing these pure energies to combine with our energetic systems empowers us to “ascend” in consciousness. We combine our divinity with our humanness and lead sacred lives. We become less “physical” and function in this world but are “not of this world”.

A Lack of Chi Flow Is The Illusion

However before we get there we must conserve chi in the body. In other words we begin to turn inwards and meditate. We disconnect from external focus especially those sensory perceptions which drain our energies. These are numerous and include everything from too much talking to too much genital orgasms. Notice how the “illusion” uses sex to sell. It is only when we conserve our chi and redirect it do we become aware of the multidimensional nature of our existence. We realise we have cut ourselves off from natural sources of energy. By doing this we have conditioned ourselves to believe we can only exist if we eat food. Yet there are hundreds of documented cases of yogis living off cosmic energies including prana and sunlight.

The body is fully capable of living off energy from the universe as our energetic system opens up. This is a process and not everyone in this lifetime will even want to transform themselves. The chakras and especially the crown once fully open take in energies from the cosmos. Our skin and especially our eyes take in energy from the sun. Our feet take in electromagnetic energy from the planet hence the reason it is better to wear no shoes as often as possible. Breathing through the nose takes in Prana energy from the air hence the reason it is so important to re-learn how to abdominal breath. Abdominal breathing reduces anxiety and fear and therefore physiological stress .

Our World Is Upside Down

chiAt the moment it is estimated we get about 90 to 95% of our energy and nutrition from food and water and 5 to 10% from other energy sources. This leads to manipulation by a few of food production and distribution. In our modern world this is equated with the money markets. When we are fully aware of who we are and how the body/mind/soul system works the above percentages are progressively reversed.

We learn to live off cosmic, solar and pranic energies and occasionally partake in the edible delights of the planet. Indeed it is only by lightening our diet or fasting for short periods of time that we begin to release our duality programming or false belief systems. It is only then that chi energy flows uninhibited throughout the body. To do this we must fully transmute the lower emotions especially anxiety and fear. We then come from a place of courage in everything we do.

The Fall

The major reason for forgetting this knowledge was the “Fall In Consciousness”. The “disconnecting” of “junk” DNA. This happened because of the “Involution” cycle whereby the planet cycled away from Cosmic Centre or Source Energy. The yogis call this the Cycle of Yugas. Kali Yuga is one such cycle and is a cycle of “forgetfulness.” Many consider we are moving out of Kali into the golden age, others that we still have a period of time to go. What is obvious is we are receiving huge energies via our sun and the world is in chaos. For those focused inwardly it is bringing liberating moments and of course eventual freedom. It is obvious that we are going through the biggest transformation this planet has gone through in the last 13,000 yrs approximately. It is purely a personal experience and when you are ready you will awaken to it.

Chi and Perception

Irrespective of what we presently believe if control of the body/mind/soul system is desired we must know ourselves intimately. This will release us from the clutches of those who want to control and manipulate. It is essential that we first go within to understand our own energetic systems. Thus helping us release the beliefs and negative emotions of the lower self. These are what is stopping the flow of chi or God or life force energy. Only when we have done this, raised our frequency of vibration can we experience chi energy coursing through the body. During this process we turn our awareness towards other sources of energy.

It is important for our health to become aware of cosmic and planetary energies including “mother nature”. These energies are constantly affecting us. By becoming aware of them we begin to understand our unique relationship to everything else. We understand we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You are made up of the same patterns and geometries as the universe. Remember your belief system about life is what manipulates those energies and creates your present reality. Your belief system manipulates pure light via the third eye mechanism. By moving towards surrendering your beliefs and acceptance in every moment we remain open to more source energy/god or chi bathing our body/mind systems.

Our Daily Priority

It is absolutely essential in these monumental and pivotal times of change that we focus on our own energy fields and “clean them up”. An individual’s reality is a reflection of his energy field. When there is negative emotion we are giving our power away to others who want to continue to manipulate and control. By cleaning up our own energy field and moving into courage we are on the first positive emotion of Dr David Hawkin’s map of the scale of consciousness. There are many purposes this scale can be used for. One of the most basic is to give the linear mind an understanding and route to enlightenment. I have personally found this scale to be very useful. If you want to know more about it you can go here.

Courage Within Reflects Outwards

All must move towards courage as a minimum emotional attribute before they see improvements in their individual realities. We are seeing change in our own personal realities and the bigger world reality as people move towards courage and higher frequencies of expression. As we collectively move into courage our awareness increases. It is therefore impossible for those perpetuating the fraud against humanity (banking, legal PERSON, pharmaceutical companies, mass media etc) to continue.

Eventually those systems will shut down or morph into something much more beneficial for humanity reflecting our divine heritage. This is happening right now. We are living in it. The movement towards the Golden Age has begun. We are cycling towards God/Source Energy/Cosmic Centre. We are now living through the transition between “the Out Breath and In Breath of Brahma”.

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