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Rebellion, Start Right Away

The true nature of rebellion is of individuality, of following a path rarely travelled by others. Unfortunately the masses choose mediocrity, security and sameness. In the past rebellion has been unsafe. Our cellular memories shout at us not to rock the boat. Our genes conform and remain in their shadow states. After all they have memories of torture and death at the same systems that rule today. For example the Catholic Church/Spanish Inquisition and the “witch hunts” that took place then.

And here we are again rebelling at the same dysfunctional systems but this time we realise that we must rebel maintaining energetic sovereignty and provide a pathway for the millions who remain closed and afraid. The traditional meaning of rebellion is only as good as the manipulated consciousness understands. True rebellion and what will be discussed in this article is a creative process. It uses as yet unexplored neurological pathways only experienced by the more “artistically” inclined. But which can be used by anyone once they follow their higher self.

Our living planet is rebelling and going through the same process against the rape of its resources. Parasitic systems of dysfunction are not being supported energetically anymore. Over a relatively short time they will cease to exist. The more each one of use maintains energetic sovereignty, refuses to compromise ones path and doesn’t feed the old systems via lower emotions the quicker they will disappear or morph into something more empowering for humanity. However it is up to each one of us to move into higher purpose and create the necessary systems to help humanity grow. Far from being another hierarchical structure based on power over and falling into parasiting energy the new systems will be based on heterarchy. They will grow from the hierarchal systems and many businesses will maintain both structures. In other words both yin and the yang will be in balance as nature intended.

Rebellion Directly Confronts Mediocrity


By accepting mediocrity and the same thinking as the masses one can never be their own hero or heroine. Instead we must look to others for their rebellious story or energy. In other words an authority outside of self. Mediocrity serves the machinery of society whereas rebellion forges a new pathway. Rebellion, properly harnessed as a “fire” energy, is the cutting edge of creation. It comes into being via ones own uninterrupted life force energy coursing through an unblocked energetic system. We must become aware of all our energy leaks, think five thieves (senses) and gain Self Mastery. Mediocrity makes you a slave and marries you to safety, predictability, sameness and more than anything the deluded consciousness of others. It is to believe and perceive one as separate from creation because of a compromised energetic system. It is to be stuck in the lower mind.

Rebellion and the Mind

Instead of feeling the crisp cool air of freedom one is trapped, twisting and squirming in their own frustration. Mediocrity is to follow the well trodden pathways of a compromised lifestyle conforming to the prevailing regimes and showing little or no creativity or spontaneity. Those well trodden neurological pathways in the brain are the calling card of the lower mind and therefore mediocrity. They can be changed because of the neuroplasticity of the brain but few entertain this empowering reality.  It is the time of the freethinkers but be warned it is only for the courageous. For those who want to morph into an expanded version of self. Remember courage is not about having no fear. It is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. You will have no back up, no security plan apart from the sweet comforting nature of life itself and a single minded attitude of no compromise.

Rebellion and Style

By being rebellious you will need to follow your own rebellious and stylish spirit in the world. Until you can feel, fully accept and surrender to this energy you will always be a prisoner to your own mind. Until you use a different yard stick than materialism and the hoarding of money you will not be able to have the confidence to follow your rebellious soul urgings. In this respect a truly rebellious nature cannot be faked. It cannot be imitated. It is experienced through the flowering of your own genetic gifts. By spiritualising and cleansing the body your rebellious and true essence will come on line.

Of course your rebellious nature will not sit well in mainstream society. Do you really care? Freethinkers are only interested in breaking the monotony of the imprisoned consciousness experienced by the human slave race. Rebellious freethinkers are only interested in freeing up other freethinkers so a new empowered and higher functioning society can be formed.

Rebellion is Nature Personified

The rebellious nature of true style mimics nature. It opens up a person who previously acted as a closed and separated self who compromised their life force into a mediocre pathway. Rebellion allows the cutting edge of creation to work through the individual’s unique genetic vehicle. It is wild and organic yet always has the discipline of self mastery. Previously the energy and work of these people was unappreciated very often until well after they had crossed over. Up until now that energy was expressed by the more artistic and therefore almost accepted as “normal” by humanity. In other words it was safely “controlled” to one area of society. Now many in all areas of society are awakening and allowing a creative force to run through them. This only happens when a suitable period of de-conditioning takes place. Yoga and meditation are becoming the new norm.

Self Mastery

A rebellious nature is one that centres itself in the belly, lower tan tien or second brain. A rebellious nature knows that to be creative one has to work with the cycles of nature and the universe. Mixing yin and yang energies in the “cauldron of the second brain” and at the same time keeping an open heart. To be both receptive and creative, to respond to creation and allow life to flow through ones purified body. To always move and abdominal breathe via the second brain. The abdominal area is both symbolically and scientifically the font of human power and fertility. The celiac or solar plexus is a complex network of nerves which feeds “fire energy” to the navel point. It provides the motivation and enthusiasm for life.

The solar plexus is noted for the place holding our personal power and will. This is the center of the spiritual and rebellious warrior because this is the chakra that gifts us with the ability to initiate one’s mission and complete it. This chakra is about action, being in integrity, and taking risks. Focus and the ability to use our feelings to fuel action come from this chakra.

“If you do not speak from the navel, you will never be alert, and if you will not be alert, you shall not have a mastery over time and space.” – Yogi Bhajan

Speaking from the navel point lends an air of authority as its base language is “command”.

The True Rebel

The rebel is never afraid to do things in their own unique way. They have unique flair but only because they have opened up their energetic systems to life. They refuse to compromise their wild and organic energies being now simultaneously connected to nature, the planet and the universe. This connection allows the rebellious creative energy to magnetise the right supportive and synchronised events and people to them as needed. As they follow their true calling they transmute poverty consciousness and the fear of success and draw to them all the material resources required to fulfill their soul plan and destiny. In doing so this world changes and morphs “in the twinkling of an eye”.

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Sovereignty and Proactively Taking it Back

An individual’s sovereignty is something which has been discussed on various levels for many years. Unfortunately it has always been carefully defined within the existing manipulated consciousness of humanity. Thus making various definitions yet another “false light”. These various definitions come with the back drop of a process or belief system repeatedly pointing to something outside oneself. We therefore become lost within the illusion or False Matrix. Wikipedia defines sovereignty as:

“…..the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian Model of state foundation.”

Initially we become hopeful that this definition of sovereignty points to the individual. However in the second sentence we realise it’s pointing to a political entity (polity) within state sovereignty (Westphalian).

But surely sovereignty always starts with the man or woman?

After all on the one hand are we not the units that make up a society?

And on the other surely we are something not of this world?

Society is being seen for what it really is. A control system for human slaves who work from birth to death to feed the system. Society is a trap and 99% of the work that takes place within it is meaningless. It does not evolve the individual or this planet but is an involving cycle of non sovereignty. A kind of collective frustration leading to “hell”. A cycle of conditioning via the homogenized educational system and work ethic creating “human doings” instead of “human beings”. It is a system whereby a few control the many and “feed off” their energy. Society and its systems are set up in such a way that “the rules” prevent sovereignty of the individual. The best example of this is the “birth” of the legal entity PERSON. 99% of the population unwittingly represent the legal entity PERSON in their interaction with the System.

Sovereignty and The False Matrix

This System or False Matrix is much easier to see now as humans awaken. It produces very little creativity. Those within it who are creative are subdued by bureaucratic dead ends and red tape. The system relies purely on intellectual superiority with no creative capacity which is bourne of a non holistic mind entrapped by its own ego. It demonstrates no wisdom or common sense relying on high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but no EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Those at the top of this Unholy Alliance work in direct opposition to creation and use smoke and mirror tactics. Their protection is large non accountable corporations such as those promoting the pharmaceutical industries and fractional banking systems. They capitalise on “investments” in deliberate war torn environments and the trafficking of woman and children for sex. They even disguise themselves as charities such as “cancer research”. Cancer is largely “cured” by bringing the body back into holistic balance. That is to say energetic sovereignty of the individual. That includes releasing beliefs and perceptions which affect our genes.


They are the parasites of humanity and must actively be seen, understood and denied access to our own personal matrix of energy. This is also called the human electromagnetic field or aura. This is not to deny that they exist. Instead it is to understand how they parasite our individual energy field. This redirecting of our energy strengthens their own False Grid of Energy within the larger Universal Matrix of Energy.

The biggest contribution we can make is to take back control of our own human electromagnetic field. This is easy in understanding and principle, but slightly more difficult in practice if we are constantly outwardly focused. Especially if we have strong opinions and beliefs about manufactured events such as false flags and the “noise” of manufactured political debate by the power over brigade. There are essentially two different geometric patterns that make up the human being. Both look very similar but are very different in reality. One is the service to self individual and the other is the service to others.

Sovereignty and Service to Self

Humanity are mostly made up of the service to others pattern. During the fall in consciousness, the cycling away from Galactic Centre/God/Source, we became disconnected from who we are. During this cycle back towards Galactic Centre and accelerated awakening explained by the yugas humanity are taking back control of self. The service to others human being essentially moves towards sovereignty and higher purpose for all since they understand that to do so is to empower and manifest new creative cycles. The service to self human being tries to individualise itself at the top of a pyramid structure. It is only interested in “seeding” itself as the “false god” with others in direct service to it.  Our society is presently set up in such a way. The chaos that is now ensuing is humanity waking up to this distorted “creation” pattern.

We can say that the service to self individual is an act of distortion while the service to others is a geometry which mirrors Source/God/Galactic Centre. It is also important to understand that both geometries are required in the lower worlds for duality and contrast to exist. It is by this contrast that growth and expansion are possible. As this happens new worlds are created as each type of human is polarised into the world they want to experience. This is presently happening where at least two very distinct but opposing worlds are in existence. This is the long awaited bifurcation process or “splitting of the worlds”.

Sovereignty and Your Responsibility

For those moving towards sovereignty of self it involves consciously taking back control on three levels. These are the physical, emotional and mental levels. Initially it involves putting energy into this endeavor. It does not deny the reality of this world but there is a deeper understanding. To take back control of ones own electromagnetic field is to “be the change we want to see in the world”. We begin this process by realising that we are not separate from nature and the cosmos. We are in fact a microcosm of the macrocosm. With this knowledge we begin to understand the human personality as a mixture of this awesomeness and “lower world programming”. It is this programming, this conditioning that prevents many from realising who they really are.


The whole “ascension” in human consciousness is essentially a deconditioning process. The lower world programming is just a bunch of default programs passed on by genetics and reinforced by our dysfunctional society “standards”. We can transcend this programming and indeed there are now many ways of doing this to gain Self Mastery. Initially we have to be willing to stop acting as closed systems and to progressively open ourselves up to the universe via higher chakras and axiatonal lines. We must be willing to put energy into our system via daily motivational and spiritual practices. This leads to growth and changing who we think we are.

In other words we have to be willing to step into courage, the first positive emotion on Hawkin’s map of the scale of consciousness. It is only when we step into courage and begin to transmute the lower aspects of ourselves that we know all power lies within, not over others. Evolving humanity are beginning to remember power WITHIN.

Sovereignty is a Three Step Process

So taking back control of our electromagnetic field or our sovereignty is essentially a 3 step process. It is not linear. It is the process of spiritualisation of the body that has long been taught by ancient lineages but largely forgotten about.


We must take care of our vehicles. This includes what we put into them in the form of organic diets and includes daily programs of exercise such as yoga and meditation. We should be aware of negative effects such as chemicals in our food, water and electromagnetic influences. This includes wifi, cell networks and other pollutions found especially in busy towns and cities. This particular transition has been well documented for thousands of years by various sacred texts.

Is it not obvious by now that the negative service to self element have been doing all they can to hold you back?


The most important thing to understand is that it is our Emotions that have been hijacked on this planet. Our reactive and unprocessed emotions are the fuel that the service to self polarity brigade use to create their “false grid matrix” on the planet. This is why there is so much strife and false flag attempts to harness our energy. Every time we have a negative emotional Reaction whether it’s on facebook or on a one to basis that energy contributes to the service to self polarity.

Reactive emotions are our unprocessed emotions.

Our individual realities are direct reflections of each one of us including those unprocessed emotions. However the good news is that this polarity is no longer being supported by the Universe. It is therefore imperative we take back control of our own matrix of energy, not by suppressing emotions but by feeling them deeply in a quiet and peaceful way no matter how powerful they feel.

This is the big one for most. It is our negative Reaction to situations and events that keep us in the “lower world”. However if we do have a negative reaction use it as a wonderful time to heal, to transmute the energy into a higher frequency. It is the suppressing and denying of emotions (or the unconscious acting out of them) that causes the problem and prevents us from being sovereign. We must learn to Pause, Relax and then Act Objectively with full conscious awareness;


We must reprogram the brain. The brain has been using favoured pathways of thinking to create our reality. That is our default programs which have been creating our lives so far following specific neurological pathways which can be changed. We can reprogram them because of what scientists call the neuroplasticity of the brain.

So humanity are waking up. We are realising how we have been under the dictates and imposed reality of 3D consciousness, the False Grid or Matrix. This particular false grid is policed, mostly unwittingly up until now, by us. Outwardly there are head slaves such as police chiefs, judges, high ranking armed forces officers and corporate directors who are in charge of the “slave plantation” and for their services are offered all sorts of inducements. They too are awakening. Of course the brain of the “beast” is the fractional banking system and the further extraction of our value via birth bond/legal PERSON structure without full disclosure.

Sovereignty, Higher Self and The Illusion

The higher self progressively became disconnected in the Fall in Consciousness on this planet. The higher self is each one of us in perfected form. To embody who you really are renewing energies must be downloaded and circulated into the incarnated entity. Without the higher self we are unable to see the bigger picture. We suffer from closed focus attention or tunnel vision and react to everything and anything. As renewing energies come through from higher aspects of ourselves – which always starts with the individuals willingness to open themselves up – our personal electromagnetic matrix is progressively cleared. Heavy and discordant energies are transmuted. Our DNA progressively allows more light in.

The way we feel higher aspects of ourselves is purely individual. Some may feel or have conversations with archetype energies such as angels and ascended masters. Others may just have an intuitive knowing about certain events and situations. As we move from duality or polarity to unity consciousness the quality and ease of movement of chi increases throughout our biological systems. As this happens there are physiological changes in the body. We change, grow and evolve.

Hijacking Our Matrix Prevents Sovereignty

sovereigntyThe reason our matrix is hijacked and both physical and energetic “false contracts” created by the service-to-self structures, is in order to prevent individual sovereignty. By preventing sovereignty individuals remain fragmented in their thinking and therefore victims. This continues the perpetrator/victim polarity structure. We could say that the contracts are “filaments and electrical wiring” connecting one aspect of the “false grid” to another. Remember each one of us is an electrical system. They are ‘false contracts’, containing false presentation. The entity is led astray by presuming he or she is following a kind of light. Yet the light is a ‘false light’, catching the soul into a net as a fish is caught in the ocean. The soul returns again and again through the fourth dimensional wheel back into a physical incarnation upon Earth.


This provides sustenance for the pyramid structures of service-to-self. The powerless entity is then absorbed by the self absorbed, its energy fuels the service-to-self structure rather than its own. The matrix is hijacked, the false contracts are created and the entire incarnation journey of the powerless structure is controlled. This is what has happened to humanity upon Earth for thousands of years.

A good physical example of this “false light” is in fact the birth certificate/bond mechanism. One “must” register the birth of a baby and the ensuing contract that being now supposedly has with the legal entity double. This is known as a PERSON. The energy stolen every time that beings signs their name ie. the signature creates more undisclosed financial instruments/contracts. (hint: always sign WITHOUT PREJUDICE before your signature).

Sovereignty and this Lifetime

In this lifetime we have the power to take back our individual sovereignty and control of self. It all starts by moving within. Acceptance, meditation and yoga type practices are essential at this time. All external mechanisms  to empower oneself are only dealing with SYMPTOMS. The internal journey deals with CAUSES allowing one to gain true freedom.

The human “DOing” is a human slave designed and conditioned by the system. By doing more he feels he is more and therefore feels more worthy. It is an old construct whereby the lure of materialism keeps him searching for fulfillment. This gratification or contentment can never be found in the action itself. By attaining true energetic sovereignty he returns to BEing human. He then realises that because he IS more he can DO more and with less effort too.







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Healing Awareness and DNA Activation

What is healing?

Well first of all let’s look at a couple of definitions of healing.

Wikipedia says:
Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Healing may be physical or psychological and not without the mutual reception of these two dimensions of human health……..

Longman dictionary says:
Healing is “the treatment of illness using natural powers or prayer rather than medicine” This dictionary goes on to say that “The medical establishment is taking healing increasingly serious.”

So we can see even from those simple definitions healing is a process that doesn’t just take place on a physical level. Yet society in the main still thinks it does. We have been brainwashed to think that all our physical ailments have a physical reason only for being there. That is not the case. Healing takes place on multiple levels, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. We are in fact a gradient of frequencies of vibration finally manifesting as a physical body.

Healing and Disease

All disease is caused by physiological stress.

This stress comes from one of two possibilities or a combination of the two. A belief system (usually unconscious) that causes negative emotions for example anxiety and fear. These then filter down into the physical body. Holding onto these for too long will cause physical problems and eventually disease. The second is toxic overload in the physical body caused by poor food choices and pollutants/heavy metals. This includes electromagnetic interference to the human electromagnetic field by wifi, mobile networks and so on.

Until a persons’ awareness increases his belief system will only allow healing to take place at a certain level. This is demonstrated, for example, by only believing in ‘medicine’ automatically barring you from the healing benefits of other healing modalities. This was summed up well in Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay when he said:

“The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physical focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer/meditation/energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.”

Healing and Bechamp

Bechamp, a 19th century French scientist hypothesised that germs were constantly present everywhere. He said that it’s the internal environment of the body (holistic balance) that determines how vulnerable we might be to disease. He observed that flies are attracted to garbage because it offers them a place to feed. But they certainly didn’t cause the garbage. Without it, they would go elsewhere to feast. The same is true, he reasoned, with the human body.

There must be some inherent condition in it that allows microbes to feast on us and cause disease or illness. So Bechamp’s theory boils down to being in holistic balance and therefore possessing a strong immune system regardless of what’s in the atmosphere, to prevent disease. Bechamp’s theory was in direct opposition to Louise Pasteur’s theory, another French scientist from the 19th century. He hypothesised that the reason we become ill is because microbes invade the body penetrating the mucous membrane in the sinuses or lungs contaminating our system.

Pasteur rescinded his position towards the end of his life. He agreed that the key to disease is indeed the internal environment of the body. Incredibly however this outdated theory has underpinned modern medicine.

It also gave rise to pasteurisation, vaccination and the development of antibiotics to attack and kill invading bacteria in the body.

The establishment have deliberately manipulated consciousness by hiding previous scientific knowledge to promote their monstrosity we call the pharmaceutical industry.

Healing and Limited Beliefs

healingHealing occurs when the mind allows universal energies into the systems of the body releasing and transmuting mental and  emotional patterns and therefore physical issues. These patterns keep us locked in to a certain narrow or focused perception of life which gives us a certain limited experience. Healing occurs because we drop limiting beliefs. As healing moves forward more chi circulates through channels in the body unimpeded. As the body comes into balance the physiological stress that it once felt lessens and eventually disappears.

Healing is actually about awareness and activation of dormant codes in our DNA strands (the so called “junk” DNA). This happens as we allow more light to pass through our crown/third eye system. In other words dropping limited beliefs or better still moving towards dropping all beliefs about how life really works.

As our awareness increases we cannot keep doing certain things which keep us in limiting patterns. We can’t keep eating junk food for example, or living a particular lifestyle or being a certain way. We feel the need to release or transform negative emotions which are keeping us locked in to a certain life experience. As we become more aware, we notice our mental and emotional patterns and our aches and pains in the body. We also notice higher intelligence and universal laws such as The Law of Magnetic Attraction. Healing therefore means keeping the 4 levels of our being – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in perfect balance, as our awareness develops over time.

You Are Not Fixed

We are dynamic ever changing points of awareness. We therefore must keep re-balancing daily as higher light comes to the planet. This is especially important at times of increased activations/light accretion, for example during a full moon cycle. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm and must reflect that. The only alternative is to remain in fixed belief patterns and emotions and act as closed systems functioning as a limited lower self/ego. This is becoming increasingly hard to do.

We know we have found our balance (for that day anyway) when we can be very focused enjoying what we do one minute and completely relaxed and into our being the next. The master knows how to do this using various breathing and yoga techniques. As we find our balance time begins to stand still, the present moment, and certain high level states of awareness come into being. States such as enlightenment, oneness, unconditional love allow a tremendous amount of light/chi/god into our body/mind/soul unit and healing accelerates.

Healing and Knowing Thyself

Never has there been a better time to heal from the unresourceful programs and thoughts which are keeping us locked into the 3D consciousness of lack, fear and dualistic thinking. We are moving from the “out breath of Brahma to the in breath”. In other words we are on an ascension/evolutionary cycle as opposed to a descension/involutionary cycle. Consciousness is increasing. We are becoming more aware. Our DNA, acting as antennae is picking up higher frequencies of light externally and internally. This has the affect of transmuting cellular memories keeping us locked into a limited experience. In a way we could say we are all beginning the homeward journey back to Source.

Therapies and Mastering Self

Healing therapies are again being thrust to the forefront. This is in opposition to many corporations still trying desperately hard to keep the status quo. Many of the “modern” ways of treating people are fast becoming obsolete as people awaken to the ethics of the pharmaceutical companies. People are more aware of the general focus on cost and profit models and treating symptoms rather than the underlying emotional or physical imbalances. New healing modalities are an out picturing of an increase in group consciousness. They are really about knowing thyself and keeping our energetic bodies in balance. The inward journey will increasingly be the focus of humanity from now on. For too long we have been externally focused and ignored our own ‘back yard’. We refused to look inwards and clean up the unresourceful programs which were creating our lives.

As we become more aware we notice our human electromagnetic field. We become conscious of the low frequency of vibration of our energetic bodies and their reflection into the world. This low frequency of vibration is constantly hijacked by those who want to control (eg their social and economic structures) and our reality thus created. By moving inwards and becoming conscious of the programs and patterns we automatically heal them. We cannot continue to keep doing something that is in our awareness and not in our best interests.

We automatically create a “firewall” and keep lower frequencies out. As we heal ourselves on all levels we can be the powerful divine conduits of source energy. We can create systems of service to evolve our consciousness and the planet. This will improve our lives as we learn to manifest and create purposefully. This is in direct opposition to what has been created so far by our hidden and unresourceful mind programs.

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higher self

Higher Self and Our Three Fold Being

To understand the higher self it is necessary to know that our being is three fold in nature. It consists of the basic, conscious and higher selves which is similar to the body, mind and soul analogy. Empowering ourselves requires knowing who we are. It is important to have at least a rudimentary understanding of these other two parts. This will help us fully understand our relationship to the higher self.

The Basic Self

The basic self is an expression of the five physical senses along with crying and laughing and other physical actions. If we wanted to make a distinction between the basic and higher self we could say that the basic self is instinctual whilst the higher self is intuitive. People who function mainly from the basic self are left brain and ego motivated. They allow their needs and wants to supersede any higher more intuitive thoughts from the higher self. We should remember though that the basic self allows us to integrate the higher self onto the physical plane. As we begin to integrate our higher self via our conscious self into the physical body we begin to bring the basic self under control. We begin to gain balance, peace and self mastery and therefore become the avatars that is our destiny.

The Conscious Self

The Conscious Self is the home of thoughts and attitudes. It is also the home of our joy and sadness as well as our ability to choose one or the other. It is the domain of memory, creativity and idealism. Conscious Self is the bridge between basic and higher Self, integrating our reactive and instinctive aspects with our spiritual values and centredness. It is the connection between the left and right lobes of our brain. When it chooses to be negative, conscious self becomes “unconscious and unresourceful self.” It becomes judgemental, reactive, evasive, stressed and adopts victim mentality. Without the integration of the higher self the conscious self is fragmented and purposeless. This is the “monkey mind” mentioned by the Taoists. However, if we allow it to fulfill its ultimate purpose, conscious self is the great evaluator.

It translates spiritual awareness into physical consciousness. Conscious self helps us interpret intuition, love and wisdom. It’s the place where knowledge, compassion and wisdom is translated into positive action. Conscious self is anchored in the memory; it links past knowledge with present experience to create an archive of pertinent information. When used positively this repository becomes the basis of our confidence and self-esteem. It expands to embrace enhanced creativity and even further, intelligent idealism. As we download more and more of our higher self the conscious self becomes more focused and less fragmented. We find meditation easier and we literally transmute lower energies into a higher form. We become courageous and eventually fearless.

Higher Self

The Higher Self includes our moral virtues, philosophical ideas and spiritual values. It is the essence of sensitivity and feeling, the aspect of our being that recognises and determines our needs. Higher self expresses itself as intuition, love and wisdom. It is our highest form of expression, the God within. Action through the Higher Self is largely right-brained demonstrating creativity, spirituality and compassion. Our higher self has always been there but hidden from us because of our drop in consciousness (frequency of vibration). It is the essence of our personality but filtered through conditioning or an unresourceful belief system.

Ascension in consciousness is effectively a de-conditioning process. An understanding that the processes of schooling and education as it stands today on this planet is a trap. The resultant career/job placement in society is mostly meaningless. It does not serve anyone apart from those who created the existing systems. Ascension involves connecting to higher self and bringing our own creativity and imagination onto the earth plane.

Higher Self Meets Our Other Two Selves

Many people confuse love with emotions. True love is a function of the higher self. Physical attraction (Basic Self) and mental conditioning (Conscious Self) frequently accompany love and even obscure it. True Love however has a depth that permeates every facet of positive human expression and comes from the higher self. It enjoys expression through the emotions, but it is not governed by the emotions. Higher self is best facilitated through the development of our intuition which comes from imagination. When we do this our crown chakra opens and an energetic remapping or rejoining and strengthening of axiatonal lines takes place. This leads to a new and deep sense of personal freedom. Attendant to such freedom is newfound wealth and compassion. It leads to a depth of wisdom that is legendary in human expression and which is emerging now. This wisdom will engulf the planet over the next few years.

We are multidimensional (existing in numerous frequency bands) spiritual beings having a human experience. The beginning of the fall in consciousness began to take place in stages. However approximately 26000 years ago we suddenly fell in the great cataclysms of earth. Since then a good deal of the experience of being here was forgetfulness. This also includes the universal laws which govern us. We are now experiencing a rise in consciousness once again. The higher self is beginning to make itself known and is progressively downloaded into our bodies.

You Must Raise Your Own Frequency

The higher self is that sacred part of ourselves that only knows peace, love and compassion. Everyone experiences the higher self differently according to life plan and higher purpose. The higher self is a higher energy frequency of you, of your consciousness. The more we raise our own vibration in terms of transmutation of lower emotions and detoxify the body the easier it is to “download” higher frequency bands of self. Once we are able to do this we can connect directly to higher self energies. Many however resist higher purpose fearing expansion, quite often denying their self worth because of conditioning. If however we dare to be different, instead of inhabiting a linear existence with purely analytical thinking a new more holistic connected and synchronistic world opens up to us. To do this it is necessary to de-condition and transmute the mind.

A Special Lifetime

All experiences on earth are about moving us back into holistic balance. In this lifetime our job is to act upon the very quiet and subtle promptings of the higher self. First we must move into courage and overcome a sense of entropy that all human beings experience. This may take us into some “dark” places but we can be assured that our higher self knows what it is doing. We may follow the promptings via intuition, life situations and our interaction with others. Life situations are the outward manifestation of what the higher self wants for us in terms of confronting ourselves so that healing can take place. This however, is filtered through the ego or lower self and may therefore not be completely clear. The more we entertain lower emotions and follow a less that divine life the harder it is to “hear” the higher self.

All Life Experience Is Spiritual

By beginning to meditate and progressively following a lifestyle of mental, emotional and physical detoxification will automatically lead to a devotional or spiritual life. We are raising our own frequency and the higher self is lowering it’s frequency. We have the potential to download the higher self, higher consciousness or higher frequency light into the physical body. This is happening more and more as humanity awaken from the conditioning programs of old systems. These will eventually collapse or morph into new systems of holistic wisdom.

We all have a divine blueprint or template. Once our frequency has risen high enough we can begin to accesss this blueprint. It is contained within our very own genes in our dna which are in every cell of the body. As we access this template we begin to know how life really works, the cyclical nature of the universe and sacred geometry for example. Awareness of past lives and future potentials becomes apparent. As our frequency increases and the higher self is completely downloaded into the body we have the possibility to know thyself and walk the earth in self mastery as ascended masters.

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Chi, God and Energy Integration

Finding God is exactly the same thing as feeling and increasing the flow of chi in the body. When our bodies assimilate pure energy from the universe we automatically become healthier and feel better. Being able to take in energies from the cosmos via the sun, planetary alignments and mother nature without manipulating them to our own dualistic nature or false belief systems is “Oneness with God.” By allowing these pure energies to combine with our energetic systems empowers us to “ascend” in consciousness. We combine our divinity with our humanness and lead sacred lives. We become less “physical” and function in this world but are “not of this world”.

A Lack of Chi Flow Is The Illusion

However before we get there we must conserve chi in the body. In other words we begin to turn inwards and meditate. We disconnect from external focus especially those sensory perceptions which drain our energies. These are numerous and include everything from too much talking to too much genital orgasms. Notice how the “illusion” uses sex to sell. It is only when we conserve our chi and redirect it do we become aware of the multidimensional nature of our existence. We realise we have cut ourselves off from natural sources of energy. By doing this we have conditioned ourselves to believe we can only exist if we eat food. Yet there are hundreds of documented cases of yogis living off cosmic energies including prana and sunlight.

The body is fully capable of living off energy from the universe as our energetic system opens up. This is a process and not everyone in this lifetime will even want to transform themselves. The chakras and especially the crown once fully open take in energies from the cosmos. Our skin and especially our eyes take in energy from the sun. Our feet take in electromagnetic energy from the planet hence the reason it is better to wear no shoes as often as possible. Breathing through the nose takes in Prana energy from the air hence the reason it is so important to re-learn how to abdominal breath. Abdominal breathing reduces anxiety and fear and therefore physiological stress .

Our World Is Upside Down

chiAt the moment it is estimated we get about 90 to 95% of our energy and nutrition from food and water and 5 to 10% from other energy sources. This leads to manipulation by a few of food production and distribution. In our modern world this is equated with the money markets. When we are fully aware of who we are and how the body/mind/soul system works the above percentages are progressively reversed.

We learn to live off cosmic, solar and pranic energies and occasionally partake in the edible delights of the planet. Indeed it is only by lightening our diet or fasting for short periods of time that we begin to release our duality programming or false belief systems. It is only then that chi energy flows uninhibited throughout the body. To do this we must fully transmute the lower emotions especially anxiety and fear. We then come from a place of courage in everything we do.

The Fall

The major reason for forgetting this knowledge was the “Fall In Consciousness”. The “disconnecting” of “junk” DNA. This happened because of the “Involution” cycle whereby the planet cycled away from Cosmic Centre or Source Energy. The yogis call this the Cycle of Yugas. Kali Yuga is one such cycle and is a cycle of “forgetfulness.” Many consider we are moving out of Kali into the golden age, others that we still have a period of time to go. What is obvious is we are receiving huge energies via our sun and the world is in chaos. For those focused inwardly it is bringing liberating moments and of course eventual freedom. It is obvious that we are going through the biggest transformation this planet has gone through in the last 13,000 yrs approximately. It is purely a personal experience and when you are ready you will awaken to it.

Chi and Perception

Irrespective of what we presently believe if control of the body/mind/soul system is desired we must know ourselves intimately. This will release us from the clutches of those who want to control and manipulate. It is essential that we first go within to understand our own energetic systems. Thus helping us release the beliefs and negative emotions of the lower self. These are what is stopping the flow of chi or God or life force energy. Only when we have done this, raised our frequency of vibration can we experience chi energy coursing through the body. During this process we turn our awareness towards other sources of energy.

It is important for our health to become aware of cosmic and planetary energies including “mother nature”. These energies are constantly affecting us. By becoming aware of them we begin to understand our unique relationship to everything else. We understand we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You are made up of the same patterns and geometries as the universe. Remember your belief system about life is what manipulates those energies and creates your present reality. Your belief system manipulates pure light via the third eye mechanism. By moving towards surrendering your beliefs and acceptance in every moment we remain open to more source energy/god or chi bathing our body/mind systems.

Our Daily Priority

It is absolutely essential in these monumental and pivotal times of change that we focus on our own energy fields and “clean them up”. An individual’s reality is a reflection of his energy field. When there is negative emotion we are giving our power away to others who want to continue to manipulate and control. By cleaning up our own energy field and moving into courage we are on the first positive emotion of Dr David Hawkin’s map of the scale of consciousness. There are many purposes this scale can be used for. One of the most basic is to give the linear mind an understanding and route to enlightenment. I have personally found this scale to be very useful. If you want to know more about it you can go here.

Courage Within Reflects Outwards

All must move towards courage as a minimum emotional attribute before they see improvements in their individual realities. We are seeing change in our own personal realities and the bigger world reality as people move towards courage and higher frequencies of expression. As we collectively move into courage our awareness increases. It is therefore impossible for those perpetuating the fraud against humanity (banking, legal PERSON, pharmaceutical companies, mass media etc) to continue.

Eventually those systems will shut down or morph into something much more beneficial for humanity reflecting our divine heritage. This is happening right now. We are living in it. The movement towards the Golden Age has begun. We are cycling towards God/Source Energy/Cosmic Centre. We are now living through the transition between “the Out Breath and In Breath of Brahma”.

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The 144000 – Brotherhood of the Star

The 144000 are a soul group who belong to the Brotherhood of the Star. They have been guiding evolution on this planet under the guidance of Sunat Kumara. The disciples of the Brotherhood of the Star consist of a community of 144000 star beings. These are known as the Order of the Star. They have incarnated onto the planet this time round for the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness.

144000The Brotherhood of the Star is the last pure vestige of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. The cabal have been unable to gain access to this secret society unlike all other societies such as the Freemasons and Illuminati. These beings are now so spiritually evolved that they are incorruptable. They would accept death before being used by the dark forces that have plagued this planet. The 144000 star beings have accepted their mission to activate ‘heaven on earth’. In turn the rest of the population will also be activated as Christ beings.

The 144000 contain vital codes in their DNA known as pulsar codes. These electromagnetic pulses activate the codes of light in dormant DNA. The geomatrix of the crystalline code (around the planet) is similar to the merkaba. Each fully formed merkaba of the 144000 is part of the code to activate the crystalline matrix. When all necessary merkaba are formed the code is activated. To activate the code the 144000 must heal on all levels and allow divine love to pour through them. Activation of this crystalline matrix is what many are calling ‘The Event’

The 144000 and Healing

In one respect the 144000 have a particularly hard job because this is the soul group that agreed to incarnate again and again after Atlantis fell to keep the three fold flame alight in the hearts of mankind. The threefold flame represents divine power, wisdom and love. This has resulted in this group being persecuted throughout history. They have been repeatedly tortured and murdered by negative elements both on and off planet. Many have entered this lifetime with extreme fear of authority, anger and rage at the very core of their cellular memory. Likewise the conscious healing of these lower vibration energies ARE having a remarkable healing effect on humanity as a whole. The quote from Ghandi seems very relevant here:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

The work that is unfolding on the planet is mainly to heal. We are all being given the opportunity to move into a state of oneness, love and grace. A spiritual renaissance is unfolding at a rapid speed. Through the process of each one healing on the planet a higher vibration is brought in and it becomes easier for the next. Each one of us is to stand as a sovereign being with his or her own truth. Therefore it is best to stop ACTING as legal entity PERSONS!!! Start acting as divine men and woman because that is who you BE! We all have unique and worthy histories which will influence our perspectives, such is the diversity of life on this planet. All are part of the whole and therefore all must honour each other as they do the whole.

An Important Lifetime

Healing and love energies are with us now like never before. It is up to each one of us to remain open and willing to make the leap into a new experience and a new way of being. Opportunities will be given to all to help us heal from our past and at last begin to feel empowered and worthy. Make no mistake that you will have to do the work. You can be assured however that it is becoming much easier because the 144000 and other groups have gone before you and are already accreting much light.

As we all awaken to who we really are our higher purpose awaits us. Be assured that it will be in perfect harmony with your skills and attributes you have acquired in both this lifetime and previous. Also be assured that it will be totally in line with your newly awakened passions and creative ideas. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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third eye

Third Eye Integration and Understandings

In yogic texts the ‘physical’ pineal gland is connected to the 6th chakra or ‘third eye’. The third eye is in the etheric body and is not ‘physical’. The pituitary gland is the cosmic receiver and channels selected frequencies through its hormonal secretions to the pineal. The pineal then amplifies and sends them throughout the body. The pineal has the control over what will and will not transmit to the rest of the body. It is the master “switch” which affects consciousness.

When this ‘switch’ is open clarity is experienced and all other chakra centres begin to open and heal as a result. More and more of our human electromagnetic field or aura becomes clear and radiant. This is felt as increased positivity and feelings of unity. This glow actually softens our appearance and we become more youthful and beautiful. The third eye cannot take action however, it only receives insights. It must align with the two lowest chakras. The identity (or sacral) and the base, that is the centre of creativity and relationships and the centre of discipline and responsibility. However first we must open the crown chakra to allow renewing energies in from the universe and to experience joy. If we don’t we remain as a closed system apparently separated from all life.

The crown chakra is associated with trust and faith in oneself, devotion, inspiration and spontaneity. An open crown chakra is the key to happiness and the beginning of the reconnection of our ‘junk’ DNA. Once the crown is open, activating the third eye is necessary to bring all other chakras into balance and harmony. This centre promotes trust, confidence, forgiveness, emotional balance and responsible behaviour. These traits and fundamental spiritual principles are associated with the other chakras. Therefore it is important that the third eye is opened after the crown to bring the others into line.

“If thy eye be single, the whole body will be filled with light” (Mathew 6:22)

Third Eye Awareness

third eyeWhen we are responding to a situation or even just trying to deal with our own negative thoughts it is important that we place our consciousness or awareness in the third eye. Placing it in the solar plexus, our emotional centre, will see the situation from a place of past emotions which will unlikely be resourceful. Dealing with situations and life from the emotional centre leads to a reactive response. Placing our awareness in the third eye leads to a calm unemotional response. The third eye is the centre of clarity and appropriate choice. It is more objective and promotes compassion without getting involved in the drama. The solar plexus usually brings some kind of reactive response depending on how much work has been done in this area.

The third eye distinguishes essence from behaviour, clarity from confusion and truth from falsehood. Third eye focus is the source of self esteem. People who enjoy their work focus out of the third eye. Others who focus out of their normal eyes only see a focal point or limited edition of life. When focus is maintained through the third eye we have open focus. In other words we respond to life with enthusiasm. When we lose focus, that is view life from our normal two eyes, we have closed focus and become overwhelmed by it.

Without Third Eye Focus There is NO Wisdom

In todays’ society we have lots of intellectual type thinking but unfortunately not much wisdom. Using the third eye allows us to use the intellect appropriately because it is tempered with a much broader awareness. It also permits us to use the emotions in the context of a spiritual or broader understanding of life. Wisdom is the ability to recognise the impact of conduct and its far reaching effects which in turn promotes good judgement. Intellectualism (or being over emotional) is one of the symptoms of only seeing life through the five senses.

Wisdom or the opening of the upper chakras in particular the third eye helps you recognise the impact of conduct and its far reaching effects. This automatically promotes good judgement. However remember that the third eye cannot take action. It receives insights but it must be in alignment with the two lowest chakras. The id or sacral chakra and the base chakra. That is the centre of creativity and relationships and the centre of discipline and responsibility. This alignment will manifest creative solutions in line with our divinity.

Third Eye Perception

The first thing we need to do is discern the difference from ‘seeing’ through normal consciousness and ‘seeing’ through the third eye level of consciousness. Let me give you an example of both. If your third eye was completely closed it’s unlikely that you would be reading this page. However clearly there will be different levels of awakening/consciousness depending on how open it is.

If you were to go to a busy supermarket and be focused on the solar plexus/emotional centre perhaps some level of anxiety and frustration would rear their ugly heads. However if you went to the same supermarket and focused instead on the third eye you would feel detached from the drama going on around you. Focusing on the solar plexus would mean that you would always react to situations in the supermarket. It is important to live life through the forehead/third eye. It distinguishes essence from behaviour, clarity from confusion and truth from falsehood.

Another example. Walking down the street focusing through only our two ‘normal’ eyes which would mean a focal point is created. Life would be perceived as linear and 3D. The world of the 5 senses (Beta state). Instead try looking through the forehead/third eye where the ‘focal point’ would be all inclusive. This is similar to looking at a scene and seeing it all at once instead of just the “pretty girl” in the foreground (Alpha state). By using this method of operating in the world we always see the ‘bigger picture’ and therefore cannot be lied to. We see straight through the ‘illusion’.

Further Thoughts

The perception one has when looking through the third eye is a slightly ‘dreamy’ way of being. ‘Clear vision’ and indeed clairvoyance can be achieved by staring intensely at an object while simultaneously being aware of the background. When focus is maintained through the use of the third eye, we ride life, when we lose focus we feel overwhelmed by it. Third eye focus is the source of self esteem. It is noticeable that those who focus through the forehead/third eye are operating at a different frequency level. Their left and right brains are communicating and they enjoy their life. Those who focus through just 2 eyes are limited in their thinking because they operate through the left hand brain only and therefore tend not to enjoy life so much. They are not so connected to something much bigger.

There are many different methods of opening the third eye. For example tapping with a finger on the forehead, lowering the frequency of perception to alpha, theta, delta states using meditation. Always keeping a dreamy open focus in any situation is very therapeutic. Also concentrating on a fixed point while seeing the surroundings is similarly very effective. In truth opening the third eye will only happen when you begin to bring some ‘spiritual discipline’ back into your life. Refusing to be part of the insanity that has been our world so far. If you require help with this then consider taking my 36 Day Self Mastery Course.


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Awareness and Expanding Consciousness

At this time humanity’s consciousness and awareness of something other than just the physical aspects of life is dawning rapidly. In this article I would like to explain the evolutionary process of increased consciousness and awareness in a practical sense. But first we need a basic but satisfactory definition of both consciousness and awareness.

 Sri Maharaj Nisargadatta, an Indian guru wrote in his book “I Am That”:

“Awareness is first or the original state. Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change……..”

Awareness can exist without consciousness but consciousness cannot exist without awareness.

What is consciousness then?

Again from “I Am That” Nisargadatta continues.

“……..Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a surface, a state of duality. There can be no consciousness without awareness, but there can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep. Awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content; consciousness is always of something. Consciousness is partial and changeful, awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And it is the common matrix of every experience.”

Awareness In The Lower “Dan Tien”

awarenessIn Tao Chi Kung practices awareness is always felt in the lower “Dan Tien”. The lower Dan Tien is between the navel, kidneys and sexual organs. This is the area that is now being recognised as the second brain by scientists and it is in fact full of neurotransmitters. It actually supplies the brain with basic orientations, data and information which it can then process.

A growing imbalance and disconnection between the body and mind, thinking and feeling and the various forms of cognition and intelligence appear to be taking large parts of the population into fear and separation from who they really are. They are moving further from the source of their being. By routinely bringing one’s consciousness back to the second brain and therefore coming out of the mind will strengthen the body/mind connection once again. To strengthen this further abdominal breathing will help those most affected by the “monkey mind” or repetitive thoughts of the dysfunctional ego.


Our consciousness then is a reflection of our particular awareness levels. It is our perception and essence against the backdrop of awareness of our “original state”. For many this means reacting to particular subconscious beliefs held in our cellular memory by an emotional reaction or in some cases a rather unemotional intellectual “left hand brain” response completely negating any form of wisdom teachings. Thankfully human beings are beginning to learn that this outdated modus operandi is in fact causing all our global problems and must be transmuted to a new form of operation. That is to say the world we live in is a reflection of the group unconsciousness or ego. At this time the group unconsciousness is being largely transmuted to a higher form of being. This is being reflected back to us in terms of outdated practices and systems now collapsing.

Moving Back into Awareness

That new response is coming from a place of “wholeness”. It is coming from a place where our operating system is working as a whole unit. The upper chakras are open thanks to planetary and cosmic energies not felt here for thousands of years and many people now complimenting this process by meditating and getting to know thyself. As renewing energies come into the body/mind operating system our genes and therefore ‘junk’ DNA begin to mutate. Both consciousness and awareness expand. We can then respond to life situations from a place of heart centered  consciousness but with third eye objectivity rather than an emotional reactive response and constantly giving our power away to corrupt systems and individuals. We see life from a much more expanded self.

When our third eye is open it acts as a switch. It progressively clears out all the dysfunctional energies in the lower chakras.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Matthew 6:22 King James Bible

This process must be accompanied by the willingness of the lower personality to raise his/her consciousness. Raising consciousness to the level of higher self will over time cause a fusion of light body and physical body. This only occurs as one surrenders outdated beliefs and perceptions about life and accepts where they are at now. As these renewing energies (perfect fractal patterns) from the cosmos enter our field and upgrade our genetic coding our “junk” DNA “rejoins” and expansion of our lives increase. Abilities and skills long forgotten about come back on line.

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human electromagnetic field

Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura)

Understanding what the human electromagnetic field or aura is and how to maintain it is crucial. Our health and empowerment rely on a basic knowledge of the human electromagnetic field and chakra system. Many have realised that they have lost their sovereignty. They have given their power away to others. There is now a huge motivation to correct this imbalance.

The human electromagnetic field is that part of the universal energy field that is associated with the human body. It interpenetrates the human physical body. Each successive layer emits a finer and higher frequency of vibration than the previous body that it surrounds and interpenetrates. A favourite model describes the human electromagnetic field as being made up of seven ‘layers’ called bodies. This is based on observation and research.

Each successive ‘layer,’ or body, includes previous ones and all bodies interpenetrate the physical body. Understanding this is important. These bodies are defined by location, colour, brightness, form, density, fluidity and function. They will be perceived uniquely by each individual. This will be according to his or her own frequency of vibration and what particular “function” the individual soul is performing. In other words just like the bigger ‘reality’ the human electromagnetic field is discerned subjectively. There are however traits that are common to most people who can perceive it.

The Human Electromagnetic Field

human electromagnetic fieldIt is of the utmost importance to understand that the ‘layering effect’ of the Human Energy Field, that is the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral and upper spiritual plane bodies is not a layering effect at all. It is a more expansive version of ourselves which carries inside it the more limited forms. We should not be imagining it as an onion where you can peel away layers.

There is a vertical flow of energy which pulsates up and down the field in the spinal column. This etheric channel passes from the root of the cord in the sacrum along the whole length of the spinal column into the medulla oblongata and brain. This canal is the vehicle for the creative life-force. This energy extends above the head and below the root chakra in the coccyx area. Chakras are swirling cone shaped vortexes interpenetrating this field. They have open ends of which extend to the edge of each layer of the energy field they are located in. Each of these open ends in each chakra are the ‘Seals’ that are spoken about in esoteric texts.

Chakras and The Human Electromagnetic Field

Each chakra or vortex is associated with a ‘layer’ or body of the human electromagnetic field. The first body which is the etheric (ie physical and etheric body) is associated with the first or root chakra. The second body is the emotional body (which contains all preceding bodies) is associated with the second or sacral chakra and so on. There are 7 chakras associated directly with the physical body. The location of the seven chakras correspond to the major nerve plexuses of the physical body in the area where the chakra resides. They also correspond to the major endocrine glands.

Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the rear of the body (see diagram). The frontal aspect of each chakra is related to a beings feelings and the rear to his will. The upper three on the head are to do with mental processes. During this transitional period we are moving out of the head and into the body. We are distributing our awareness to the other two brains. These are the heart and second brain in the abdominal area. Humanities’ focus is still in the head area which is causing a huge imbalance in the body. We are forever thinking!!

Wherever we focus we draw a huge amount of energy to that area.

Chakra Layers

Each chakra has seven layers each corresponding to a layer of the auric field. In order for energy to pass from one layer to another seals have to be open in the roots of each chakra. It is common for many of these seals to be closed. These seals are being broken for those who are working on themselves. A deeper understanding and connection is being achieved to higher aspects of self.

Each chakra or vortex acts in a similar manner to a whirlpool or tornado. It sucks universal energy into itself and distributes it throughout the body.

Individual Chakras in the Aura

  1. The first layer of the field and the first chakra are associated with physical functioning and physical sensation. For example, physical pain and pleasure. It is also associated with automatic and autonomic functioning of the body;
  2. The second layer and second chakra are in general associated with the emotional aspect of human beings. They are the vehicles through which we have our emotional life and feelings;
  3. The third layer is associated with our mental life, that is with linear thinking. The third chakra is therefore associated with linear thinking;
  4. The fourth level is associated with the heart chakra and is the vehicle through which we love. This is not only our partners, but also humanity in general. The fourth chakra is the chakra that metabolizes the energy of love and is a “mixing station”. It blends the more physical experiences with “higher” experiences and faculties;
  5. The fifth level is the level associated with a higher will more connected with divine will. The fifth is associated with the power of the word, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions;
  6. The sixth level and sixth chakra are associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life. It holds all forms as precious manifestations of All There Is;
  7. The seventh layer and seventh chakra are associated with the higher mind, knowing and integrating our spiritual and physical lives.

ALL Disease is Related to a Dysfunctional Human Electromagnetic Field

Each vortex or chakra exchanges energy with the Universal Energy Field. All vortices including smaller chakras and even acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. When we remain ‘open’ in attitude we are quite literally opening up our vortices to universal energies. Since most of us have spent this lifetime being ‘shut down’ to varying extents because of family patterning it is essential that we now keep ourselves as open as possible. This allows old dysfunctional energies ie subconscious beliefs, to be released and renewing energies to enter our human electromagnetic field.

Working on a particular growth process that we feel we are in corresponds to different vortices or combination of vortices. As more ‘junk’ is released more universal energies can be drawn in and more realisations and discoveries about self will take place. The path back to wholeness is not easy and so may often feel chaotic. However, we have the chance in this lifetime to accelerate our growth exponentially.

The passageways which lead from one field to another are Sealed or closed in most people. This is because we descended into a very low frequency existence of physicality and duality. They open as a result of spiritual purification work. Since the chakras serve to vitalise the body they are directly related to any pathology in the body. Each chakra absorbs universal energy and sends it along nadis or meridian lines to the nervous system, the endocrine system and then the blood.

Openness is Key

The more open we are and the more energy we allow to flow into our energy system via all vortices, the healthier we become. This is a process as humanity has shut itself down to such an extent that disease is increasing exponentially. Individually, until people take charge of their lives and take responsibility for all their thoughts, emotions and mis-creations we have no option but to completely depend on institutions and powers outside of ourselves.  This lack of flow in the human electromagnetic field is responsible for all our perceptions and distorted thoughts which interfere with our experience of a full life.

The Functions of the Chakras

Each of the five senses is associated with a chakra . Touching is associated with the first chakra. Hearing, smelling and tasting with the fifth/throat chakra. Vision with the sixth/third eye chakra.

The chakras of the human electromagnetic field have three major functions:

1. To animate or vitalise each auric body or field and therefore the physical body;

2. Each chakra is related to specific psychological functions. Therefore an increasingly open and proper functioning chakra will develop specific aspects of self consciousness in that particular chakra;

3. To transfer energy between the different auric levels. Looking at pictures of the seven major chakras it is easy to think that there is only one set belonging to the physical/etheric body. However what is not understood by many is that each chakra is subdivided into seven chakras. Each is connected to it’s specific auric body and each chakra rotates at its own increasing frequency compared to the lower one. For example, with reference to the heart chakra the lowest frequency chakra would be connected to the etheric body, the next higher frequency chakra would be connected to the emotional body and so on.

The Process of Energy Transfer

So we have Universal Energies coming into each vortex and major chakra. This is being processed and leaving as secondary energies, transported along meridian lines or nadis to the nervous system. From there onto the endocrine system where various hormones are produced to regulate the body and physiological processes. Finally it arrives into the blood.

From a purely physical point of view each major chakra/endocrine gland governs a particular area of the body. The base or root chakra/adrenal glands affects the spinal column and kidneys. The sacral chakra/gonads affects the reproductive system. The solar plexus chakra/ pancreas affects the stomach, liver, gall bladder and nervous system. The heart chakra/thymus gland affects the heart, blood, vagus nerve and circulatory system. The throat chakra/thyroid gland affects the bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs and alimentary canal. The third eye chakra/pituitary gland affects the lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system. The crown chakra/pineal gland affects the upper brain and right eye.

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cellular memory

Cellular Memory and Consciousness

The awareness of cellular memory and the implications of this important mechanism is very important if we are to understand who we are. Cellular memory contains the complete blue print of our existence (“past” lives too!). Every cell in the body contains this blueprint. We could call it ‘mind’. This includes conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds. We normally think of the mind being in the head but that is only because of the abundance of cells in that area. In “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert she revealed how her study of information-processing receptors on nerve cell membranes led her to discover that the same “neural” receptors were present on most, if not all of the body’s cells. Her experiments established that the “mind” was not just in the head but was distributed via signal molecules to the whole body.

Also in Biology of Belief cell biologist Bruce Lipton writes:

“Through self consciousness, the mind can use the brain to generate “molecules of emotion” and override the system. While proper use of consciousness can bring health to an ailing body, inappropriate unconscious control of emotions can easily make a healthy body diseased”

This has been corroborated in my own therapy sessions. When working on certain areas of a clients body they have had ‘flash backs’ to memories which are holding them from moving forward in life. These cellular memories are coming up for release. Once these often traumatic experiences are released more empowering ‘programs’ can be learned using affirmations and ‘talking therapies’. This is happening much more often now as higher frequency energies become more accessible to us. We are moving through “Homo Sapien in Transitus” and will eventually morph into the Adam Kadmon light being mentioned in esoteric texts.

Cellular Memory – A Short Term Solution

cellular memoryThe storing of much of the trauma we have in our cellular memory was designed as a short-term mechanism to help us survive overwhelming situations. Later the trauma should be released when it is safe to do so. However this very often does not happen for a couple of reasons. Sometimes the trauma is so frightening and overwhelming that clearly it would not have lost any of it’s ‘energetic charge’ later, when it is safe to do so. Therefore the energetic imprint remains in cellular memory. Secondly when the trauma is ongoing and there is never a safe time or place to release those memories. This can happen to children, who are repeatedly abused. It can also happen to adults who are in dysfunctional relationships and are too frightened to leave.

Since cellular memory contains the subconscious mind we can influence it by changing our beliefs about our lives. It is our beliefs which keep us in the illusion of limitation and lower energies. It is our beliefs which affect our DNA. There is also a correlation between past life experiences and our attitudes then, which filter through to this lifetime and our everyday lives because of cellular memory. When we transition through the death experience we take the etheric body with us. We drop the dense physical body – which is made of the same elements as the planet – but take an ‘energetic imprint’ of cellular patterning. We always have our full ‘galactic history’ with us.

Mainstream Resistance

There is much resistance in the scientific community to even study this phenomenon. But as Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton said in his book, Biology of belief:

“The Medical Establishment will eventually be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the quantum revolution.”

….also with the higher frequency energies now available many people are encountering past life memories. Memories such as previous injuries, flashes of experiences they havn’t had in this lifetime. Or suddenly becoming interested in something they were not previously drawn to.

Cellular Memory Proof

In a paper entitled Knowing By Heart: Cellular Memory in Heart Transplants by Kate Ruth Linton (under the supervision of Tom Anderson)

Kate recounts how an 8yr old girl received the heart of a ten year old girl who was murdered. Shortly after receiving her new heart, the girl began having recurring nightmares about the man who had murdered her donor. She believed she knew who the murderer was. Her mother finally brought her to a psychiatrist and after several sessions, the girl’s psychiatrist “could not deny the reality of what the child was telling her.” They decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. According to the psychiatrist, “the time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him…… everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate” (Pearsall 7). Needless to say, the psychiatrist was eager to find any available explanation for this particular patient’s experience.

Several transplant surgeons have contributed to a theory for cellular memory essentially based on psychological and metaphysical conditions, which Dr. Paul Pearsall has pieced together. Pearsall is a psychoneuroimmunologist, or a licensed psychologist who studies the relationship between the brain, immune system, and an individual’s life experiences. Pearsall calls this theory the “Lowered Recall Threshold” (Pearsall 120).

Basically, it suggests that the immunosuppressive drugs that transplant recipients must take are what bring about associations to donor experiences in recipients. Immunosuppressive drugs minimize the chances of rejection of the new, foreign heart by suppressing the recipient’s immune system. Scientists believe these drugs could also possibly act as psychotropic, meaning “acting on the mind” (Merriam Webster 1090). Stimulants that lower the patient’s “thresholds for accessibility” and enhance their perception, allowing them to recall memories they may have long forgotten. In other words, transplant recipients who claim to be having experiences with cellular memories of their donors are actually just recalling their own memories of their own life experiences (Pearsall 120). However, in instances such as the eight year old girl’s who received the murdered girl’s heart, this certainly does not seem to be the case.

Growth or Protection (Love or Fear)…..Your Choice!

Cells exhibit a growth/protection range of activity which is essential for the survival of multicellular organisms such as humans. The catch is that both processes cannot happen optimally at the same time eg. The behaviour of a cell when providing nutrition as opposed to the behaviour when providing a protection response. (Lipton, et al, 1991)

This has huge ramifications when we look at the growth of humans. Humans unavoidably restrict their own growth (for example awareness) when they shift into a protective mode. The body reacts by “winding up” myofascial tissue. The human race up till now has largely been in this protective (survival) mode. Most of our energy has been used for the protective response which inevitably results in a curtailment of growth (both physical and emotional). Furthermore growth itself requires an open exchange between the human being and the environment via axiatonal lines for example. If this doesn’t happen the old protective programs are in operation by default. In other words we do not grow and try to enforce separation programming. It is possible to shut down the growth processes so completely that we start to develop diseases. This is because we automatically default to the old worn out belief systems.

Cellular Memory Put Another Way

Dr Candace Pert describes the same process:

“By default, your body is built to support health, harmony and connection between all parts. So why do we get sick, develop a disease or illness that won’t easily go away? If our bodies are meant to support vitality and healing then why doesn’t it just happen right away? The simplest answer in our experience over the last 20 years is that the Cellular Memory by nature contains both Positive Emotional Charge (PEC) and Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) that is constantly flowing and influencing our state of mind and body health.”

“The PEC is our soul’s birthright. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is free flowing, expanding, peaceful, non-fearful, whole and alive beyond words. The NEC is our human condition. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is contracted; held as unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative beliefs about ourselves and others, suffocation, fear and any emotion that is a derivation of fear such as guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger, etc.. We refer to the NEC’s collective energy field as the Pain Body. When the NEC becomes disproportionately higher than the PEC, this leads to massive dysfunction in the human body-mind system.”

The manipulation of Consciousness

We have been subjected to an enormous con in this world and in the west especially. We have been led to believe that all knowledge is outside of ourselves. For example in libraries, on the internet, or from so called “experts”. During this phase of involution (moving away from source energy) we have expected others to know better than ourselves. We have never been taught to look within. In recent years many have examined prevailing control systems. They have discovered the most diabolical and parasitical fraud and deprivation the world has ever seen. For example, the church, mainstream media, the banking system and the legal system) This has caused many to begin the inward journey because it is by our own ignorance that allowed those systems to continue.

Despite using practices such as meditation and yoga and taking an active participation in our own healing there has still been a tendency to look too much to others for wisdom. Once we do this we immediately negate our own unique path and place in this world. We “standardise” the response we receive. We accept the controlling rational or prevailing consciousness level for that inquiry. For example, how to be spiritual?

We have been doing that for far too long have we not?

It is now time for each and every one of us to venture inwards and discover what has been ignored for far too long. Our own essence, style and reason for BEing. It is time for each one of us to reflect that level of consciousness back into the world and recreate “the garden of eden”. We can only do that by knowing thyself intimately and beginning our journey back to source. It is time for evolution.

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