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Male Ejaculation and The Sublimation of Sexual Energy

The male ejaculation is deeply misunderstood. Instead of following full body awareness and a deep knowing (second brain and cranial brain working together) men tend to work in a fragmented separated way only following the dictates of the conditioned mind/cranial brain. This is the separation or disconnection we feel from life and indeed the cosmos. This veil or mind created reality is reinforced by programming and cellular memory.

From this place, regular male ejaculation serves our genes and the perpetuation of the human race. It does not serve our overall health and happiness. A pathway known as the “reward circuitry” which is connected to an older part of the brain called the limbic system guarantees we will receive a powerful neurochemical hit (think dopamine reward) when we pursue hot sex. Dopamine is known as the “craving” neurochemical. It stimulates the brain’s primitive reward circuitry and drives us towards new partners and sexual satiety.

Unfortunately when ejaculation occurs, since the neurochemical-cocktail pendulum has swung very far one way, it must now swing in the opposite direction to bring balance back to the overstressed endocrine system. Where once there was the feeling of excitement and euphoria now there is the feeling of depletion, irritability and tiredness.

A man can lose up to a third of his daily energy in one ejaculation. Imagine what several will do on a regular basis. It is not surprising then that he needs some time to recover. A proper recovery period, where the chemistry of the body moves back into balance, can be as long as two weeks. During this time men can experience a fluctuation in moods which drive a wedge between themselves and their partners.

This recovery period is so uncomfortable that the promise of another ejaculation will raise dopamine levels once again and the cycle begins anew. Many men are actually having sex and/or masturbating as a self-medicating technique against recurring emotional discomfort with a loss in the longer term of overall well-being. They are being controlled by their biochemistry. Indeed many men actually mistake their constant need for ejaculatory sex as a high libido. When in fact it is an addiction. Think how many men now use pornography as a way of relief/ self-medication/comfort.

Non-Ejaculation and The Higher Way

The Nag Hammadi Codices, which are texts that were found in a cave in North Eastern Egypt in 1945, more closely follow the teachings of Jesus than religion ever did. They emphasise the androgynous nature of the Divine. They record that Adam was immortal and whole until he produced children instead of engaging in sacred union. The Codices state that Jesus returned in order to heal the separation between the sexes in a mystery called the sacrament of the bridal chamber. In verse 51. Leloup, Gospel of Philip: 109 it states that:

“…….if the woman had not been separated from the man (through incorrect union), she would not die with the man. Her separation was the origin of death. Christ comes again to heal this wound, to rediscover the lost unity, to enliven those who kill themselves in separation, reviving them in union.”

Ejaculation and Genes

In a nutshell, our genes require as much ejaculation as possible with as many females as possible. On the other hand, our emotional system needs a sense of belonging with a mate which increases oxytocin (the loving hormone) in the body. This sense of belonging is the androgynous state (male/female energy in one body). As an aside, it is important to understand that male/female balance within one’s own body is the priority before any sexual union. In other words, we must integrate our own lower emotions into our human electromagnetic field. If we don’t do this then we keep repeating co-dependent type relationships until we do.

Our whole spiritual journey could be said to be driven largely by sexual energies. They are a large proportion of our life force. The urge to unite with God and/or a beloved is run on the same biological “circuitry” but higher levels of expression. The separated mind, genetic urge and of course the fact we are in individual genetic vehicles is the reason we feel so separated from each other. It is the reason there is a rift between men and woman in general. At a genetic level, we are actually designed to “fall in love” and fall out of love (think co-dependent relationship).  This is a lower frequency of expression of the human being and connected to the genetic urge to procreate.

Ejaculation and The Healing Process

Once we integrate our lower emotions (by feeling them and not reacting to them) we automatically allow more light into our systems via the crown/pituitary and third eye/pineal gland mechanism. These lower emotions are transmuted to a higher frequency of vibration. We begin to operate from a higher level of expression. Once we do this and ejaculation is controlled we enter the relationship as two whole beings. We then create a third energy which is the Christ consciousness now entering this world. Please note we must not completely suppress our need to ejaculate. These are powerful energies and completely suppressing them when we have been used to ejaculating will cause psychological issues. For example, we may experience a feeling of being “mentally unhinged”. We should gradually wean ourselves off the need as energy increasingly finds a route upwards instead of outwards.

Ejaculation Separates

The separating force of ejaculation based sex derives from the Latin word secare which means “to sever” or “dissect”. Pure love is about putting all the parts back again and purity of motive. For example, putting love before lust. There is nothing wrong with desire and lust providing love is the basis of the relationship. When love comes first and ejaculation second a bond between lovers that is so complete and selfless happens. A third, spiritual energy is then created between the couple. There are the man, woman and the relationship itself. (1+1 =3…Another example of the Sacred Trinity)

Most men accept the lack of connection with their partners after ejaculation. This is a lower evolutionary urge and connected to making babies. This is why it should be avoided as much as possible until such times as a couple want children. When ejaculation is avoided love based sex and sexual intimacy tends to increase in the relationship. The separation between the man and the woman becomes less obvious. Intimacy actually increases.

Refining ones awareness of sexual energy and understanding of the male ejaculation is a simple way for a man to return to pure consciousness over time. A single ejaculation of 200-500 million sperm cells is capable of populating an entire continent. It is not surprising then that a considerable amount of energy is consumed by men when they ejaculate. Also not so surprising a period of sleepiness is felt immediately afterwards, very often to the frustration of a partner.

Orgasm and Ejaculation

The conservation of the male “seed” is therefore crucial. Men must awaken to the fact that orgasm and ejaculation can be separated when awareness is brought to the sexual act. Orgasm actually happens a second or so before ejaculation. We must bring awareness into our reactive patterns by way of finding “the gap” or being mindful. Similarly, we must bring awareness and a gap between orgasm and ejaculation. If we don’t the energy lost by releasing our “seed” regularly weakens the physical body. Our health can then deteriorate over time.

It also leads to an unconscious anger or separating influence between men and woman as “she” continually “drains” him of life force energy. In reality, awareness and responsibility for ejaculation must be at the door of the man. It’s his body after all. However, it is also important to be with a partner who understands the mechanism and “lower” and “higher” workings of the human body.

Ejaculation and Daoist Understandings

During sexual arousal, the sexual “essence” or “ching” expands rapidly in the testicles. Some energy rises to the higher centres in the heart, brain, glands and nervous system. However, ejaculation cuts this process off!!! As we become more open, progressively move out of the mind created reality, trust more in life and follow the subtle promptings of the body, subtle channels open up in our anatomy and physiology. From the testicles up to the spine to the head and back down to the navel. Daoists call this the “microcosmic orbit”. Note well that we can only move energy up once a certain degree of emotional integration has been done. This polarity balancing and harmonising is summed up well by Kenneth Cohen in his book “The Way of Qi Gong” where he writes:

“Qi then can be defined as the energy produced when complementary, polar opposites are harmonised. Vital energy, qi, arises when opposites are unified…….”

Ejaculation and Harmonisation

In two harmonised individuals the sexual act becomes the springboard to transform the sexual attraction into love for each other, spiritual awareness and higher purpose and service. Providing it is not cut short by the male ejaculation. This means that the unconscious power struggles that have existed in co-dependent relationships are gradually reduced and then transcended. The couple then begins to share one aura. Think back to the Nam Hammadi Codices in respect to the androgynous nature of the Divine. Adam was immortal and whole until he produced children instead of engaging in sacred union. A large part of the ascending journey and back to wholeness for a man is to engage in non-ejaculatory sex.

Balancing this sexual polarity within a couple is deeply spiritual work. It moves them out of the 3D paradigm or mind created reality and into higher consciousness and awareness. When enough people have done this the planet moves to a higher reality. At the time of writing this, this is ongoing. It is quite clear there are at least two distinct realities “co-habiting” the planet at present.

Ejaculation and Balance

Cultivating sexual energy and controlling ejaculation is important. However, it is only one part of moving back into our Divinity, “The Tao”, Oneness, or Cosmic Harmony. Over emphasising sexual pleasure as some tantric methods do creates an imbalance between general vital energy (chi), sex essence(ching) and spirit (shien). As always the middle road in anything we do takes us out of polarity and extremes. If our pendulum swings too far one way it will have to swing an equal amount in the other direction. If it doesn’t then we remain out of balance.

At all costs avoid sex without love. Treat women with reverence, love and respect. Many women already have an intuitive feel for the transmutation of sexual energies. They are able to move ching upwards to the heart and higher mind. The receptive and intuitive nature of woman allows them to quickly learn “higher loving”. One of the reasons is that they tend not to have the same energy blocks. In particular between lower chakras and the heart chakra that many men do.

Final Comments

It is now time for men who feel drawn to step forward and master the processes in their own bodies. Awareness of this process must become mainstream. Even from a logical point of view, it is not “economical” to “spill your seed” so regularly and so wastefully. When not in the act of procreating surely nature created another way. Yes, she did and it is important to be aware of it.

“Accidents” in lovemaking will happen and are something to laugh at and not to feel guilty about. Men have been hard-wired to ejaculate for generations after all. It’s not an easy habit to kick. Especially since sexual marketing is everywhere and we can view pornography at the click of a button.

As our awareness increases of who we are it is something that each one of us will want to investigate. Our partners will certainly appreciate it as we become more conscious about our lovemaking if only to prevent premature ejaculation and increase sexual pleasure. Transmutation of our sexual energies is a natural evolutionary urge as awareness dawns. The key is to keep practising and enjoy ourselves. For me, this knowledge gives new meaning to the following quote taken from Matthew 18:3 King James Bible

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”



Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia. Free Copy here.

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson.


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sexual transmutation

Sexual Transmutation and Higher Purpose

Sexual transmutation is very much driven by our sex hormones. The whole spiritual journey could be said to be driven largely from sexual energies since they are a large proportion of our life force. The urge to unite with God and/or a beloved is run on the same biological “circuitry” but different levels of expression.

A basic understanding of sexual transmutation could be viewed at 3 main levels:

1. Our Genes

From a genetic point of view it is our genes that dictate to us how, when and where we have sex. It is the “job” of our genes to perpetuate the human race regardless of personal circumstances or what the reigning standard moral code at the time. This is the job of the basic self. From a genetic imperative sexual transmutation is not an option. Creating more humans is the only option. In this regard our genes have been highly successful. We cover every inch of the planet.

Sex or the thought of it creates the most powerful natural hormone and emotional cocktail in the body. Not having control of this mechanism leaves us at the mercy of today’s marketing systems. This can be viewed in a wide arena from plain old consumerism to sexual depravity. For many people they may have indulged in orgasmic genital sex and regretted it later. At the time it may have felt like the right thing to do as their dopamine and emotional levels soared.

In the Brian walker translations of Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu he writes:

“Although most people spend their entire lives following the biological impulse, it is only a tiny portion of our beings. If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we are married to the fertile reproductive valley of the Mysterious Mother but not to her immeasurable heart and all-knowing mind”

2. Therapy and Bonding

Sex is an enormous therapeutic agent when used as a bonding mechanism on a regular basis. However this “therapy” will always turn sour if genital orgasm and male ejaculation are not separated. These are two different processes. The male ejaculation feels good and for most men it has been hot wired into the nervous system. It provides a short term relaxation response.

However it has some serious side effects that you may not be conscious of. Symptoms of sexual satiety for example include feeling drained, irritability, a growing aversion to ones partner and energy imbalances. At its extreme there are many men who are addicted to ejaculation and sexual satiety. They are actually addicted to the dopamine high. They have no idea the harm they are causing themselves. This can be measured in terms of future physical exhaustion, lack of spiritual development and in the success or failure of relationships themselves.


The addiction to pornography for many men is a good example of being completely stuck in the basic self and dopamine addiction. Sexual energies are a huge chunk of our life force and therefore should be treated with reverence and respect. Therefore people should be aware of sexual transmutation of their energies. This is not suppression. This is just the realisation and raising of consciousness about regular genital orgasm/ejaculation.

In her book “Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow” Marnia Robinson writes about the “sexual hangover” after sexual satiety…..

“This hangover is subconscious for both men and woman, although men usually acknowledge it more readily because so many of them have experienced the urge to bolt after sex. In contrast, we woman sometimes feel unusually clingy, jealous, or determined to remodel our mates – emotions that certainly don’t feel like an urge to separate. Without realizing it, however, we are engaged in separation behavior that can drive a partner away. Either way, our powerful genes win the mating sweepstakes – if someone fools around.”

Sexual Transmutation and Tantra

sexual transmutationA gradual process of sexual transmutation via spiritual initiation is a natural evolutionary process. This is of course the start of true tantra and not the perverse ideas that circulate worldwide today about tantra. Many men/woman of great achievement are people with highly developed sexual natures. Many very good sales people fall into this category. They are always the ones who allow the magnetic qualities of sexual energies to circulate throughout the body. This is usually done without a second thought. Their unblocked/wide open hearts allow us to see that we are being shaped/molded for a sale. Nothing is hidden. Indeed it is only as we allow sexual transmutation to take place and increasing amounts of life force energy to circulate do we develop high levels of motivation, creative imagination, and desire in our chosen direction.

The Mysterious Mother

In the Brian walker translations of Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu he writes:

“If you wish to unite with her heart and mind, you must integrate yin and yang within and refine their fire upward. Then you have the power to merge with the whole being of the Mysterious Mother. This is what is known as true evolution”

It is interesting to note that the Mysterious Mother is not the Holy Mother depicted by religion. She is in fact a highly charged sensual and sexual being whose shakti liberated energies actually devour the separated self. Anyone who is on the path of self realisation will eventually become much more interested in sexual transmutation as they transform their lower nature.

He explains further….

“The first integration of yin and yang is the union of seed and egg within the womb. The second integration of yin and yang is the sexual union of mature male and female. Both of these are concerned with flesh and blood, and all that is conceived in this realm must one day disintegrate and pass away.”

So let’s move onto the 3rd level of sexual transmutation. This is the level that many are either unaware of or confused about.

3. Sexual Transmutation

As sexual transmutation continues and we move towards the complete sublimation of our sexual energies we experience a letting go of the “separated self” or lower personality. This corresponds to the complete opening up of our energetic system. This is always a gradual process to allow the initiate time to adjust to the higher frequencies of light now integrating into their human electromagnetic field. Our genes are in fact now operating at a higher level. Eventually we will transcend our genes.

For long periods of time we will move between allowing the energies to circulate around the body and keeping them locked in the lower triangle. Genital orgasm as per our hard wired nervous system dictates is not an easy habit to kick. We will however move towards the realisation that our bodies can be containers for our limited and lower frequency egos or our Higher God Selves. It’s a choice between limitation and corresponding symptomology in the body or living lightly and on higher purpose. When kundalini rises and the heart opens it feels like a lover. For those carrying a predominant female energy it feels like a male energy or lover. For those carrying a predominant male energy it feels like a female energy or lover.

In Brian Walker’s translated words of Lao Tzu he writes:

“It is only the third integration which gives birth to something immortal….The new life created by the final integration is self-aware yet without ego, capable of inhabiting a body yet not attached to it, and guided by wisdom rather than emotion. Whole and virtuous, it can never die.”

This mystical union of yin and yang can be achieved without a partner. It can also be achieved through sexual intercourse.

Sexual Intercourse

Lao Tzu according to Brian Walker goes on to say:

“Because higher and higher unions of yin and yang are necessary for the conception of higher life, some students may be instructed in the art of dual cultivation, in which yin and yang are directly integrated in the tai chi [disciplined practice] of sexual intercourse….If genuine virtue and true mastery come together…the practice can bring about a profound balancing of the student’s gross and subtle energies [otherwise it can have a destructive effect]

“The result of this improved health, harmonized emotions, the cessation of cravings and impulses, and, at the highest level, the transcendent integration of the entire energy body.”

A Basic Understanding

Sexual energy is non other than life force energy expressed for the purpose of creation. In the case of a man his semen is extremely potent. To use it unconsciously in the long term will eventually lead to his demise emotionally, physically and spiritually. Men have the choice of creating another life, ejaculating for egoic and personal advantage or using it for a higher purpose. It’s also important that a man’s partner is on the same wavelength in regard to sexual transmutation. Having a partner who doesn’t understand the importance of non ejaculation for higher spiritual work is an issue. A woman who wants her man to regularly ejaculate because it “turns her on”  doesn’t produce the best conditions for sexual transmutation.

Sexual transmutation of energies does require regular will power. Especially if your nervous system has been hard wired to automatically move towards genital orgasm and ejaculation (most men). The long term rewards of semen retention far out way the effort in terms of creating expressions which enrich the body, mind and spirit.

Suppression or Middle Road

Its also important to understand that suppressing genital orgasm/ejaculation is not healthy. If you have spent a lifetime ejaculating on a regular basis suppression can have a detrimental affect on the body and mind. In this regards it is important to have a regular practice of recirculating sexual energies. Holding them in the genital area for long periods of time is not recommended.

In one study prostrate cancer amongst Catholic priests was as much as 30% because they did not recirculate sexual energies. With Taoist monks who recirculate energies around the microcosmic orbit the incidence of prostrate cancer was zero. Also, many Taoist monks practice diaphragmatic breathing and breath retention which I highly recommend in conjunction with any sexual urges you may experience. However when the urge becomes too great the middle road is often the best recommendation. So in my experience it’s best to ween oneself off ejaculation gradually whilst performing various circulatory techniques. This also involves not being too disciplined with oneself at the beginning.

Path of Initiation

At some point during spiritual initiation and sexual transmutation we understand that our lower nature will be sacrificed to our higher. The higher spiritual frequencies will integrate and purify the body/mind complex of lower frequency energies. This is the lower or separated self. These spiritual initiations are basically the same in all traditions. In the Christian tradition the 4th initiation of Matrimony is the first initiation into the collective way of life. It is the higher octave of the first initiation of birth. It is the birth into a higher dimension or higher frequencies of energy.

In Christian traditions it represents the marriage of the seeker to Christ. It is the beginning of the higher life in which the primary focus is to incarnate or integrate the causal or soul body fully into the physical body. Our life’s work is then offered in service to the whole. Rather than our work being about money and surviving it becomes our worship to the divine “until death us do part” Our true beloved is in fact the higher self or divine consciousness. During this period our lower nature increasingly becomes more “organised” by the soul body. In other words, polarities or yin/yang are resolved. Our sexual energies are transmuted and routed into creative work of a higher nature.

2017 Forward

The 5th initiation of Annunciation flows naturally from the 4th. It is one in which we become “pregnant” with the “Christ” energies. In Taoist philosophies this is the “immortal fetus”. Like Taoist teachings the energies surrounding this initiation are very feminine. We can see why the “controllers” of this world have abused and raped the feminine aspect through out history. It was to keep humanity “stuck” in the lower or separated self where our consciousness can be easily manipulated.

The 5th initiation is about allowing the exquisite and refined energies of the buddhic body – which is the higher octave of the emotional body – to pour into the body/mind complex. This is a highly tantric experience and represents the sublimation of our sexuality into pure spiritual essence. We become aware that our bodies are being purified and cleansed in preparation for a great inner event – the birth of Christ Consciousness. Collectively we have already entered a time of great spiritual cleansing.  Annunciation however, may take a few decades for individuals to register their own personal initiation.


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