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Expectation Leads to Disconnection from Natural Cycles

Somewhere inside of us, we are living in expectation. We are waiting for our lives to improve and finally, everything will be exactly as we want it. Our relationships will be perfect, we will have all the money we desire and we will have the freedom to do exactly as we want.

We only have to see through the futility of living in the future, postponing our lives in the now (no matter what our circumstances), to see that our constant expectations about how our lives will play out are in fact keeping us locked out of the present moment.

It is expectation which mixes our minds with our desires and creates illusion and projection based on some future event. There is nothing wrong with desire as long as it is not creating imbalances in our body/mind complex. However, the moment desire becomes entangled with the projections of the mind it will lead to disappointment.

Expectation and Death

Expectation comes from our fear of death and that time is running out for us. It has everything to do with how the brain perceives life as flowing by in a linear way. From past to present and into the future. This causes us great anxiety and fear. It keeps us locked out of natural cycles and disconnected from nature. The body gives us the illusion of separation and the brain’s perception of time as linear further keep us locked out of these cycles. Being locked out of natural cycles programs us for premature death through disease and decay. In particular, expectation locks us out of important seven-year cycles. The most important of which is the seven-year cycle that governs cellular generation within the human body.

During the present physical cellular mutation on this planet, all life is mutating, adapting and innovating. As human beings, we must gain experience and finally, our spiritual essence must “detach” from the form. Instead of being trapped inside a physical body we learn to use the physical body as a tool to transcend form. (Hint: become more aware of your subtle bodies by using abdominal breathing)

Expectation and Natural Cycles

expectationWhen we have expectations about life we are very human and therefore show no trust in life itself. Our connection to something bigger is lost. When things don’t go our way our reactions will show how attached we are to our expectations. If on the other hand, we become aware of the bigger picture we realise we cannot comprehend it with just our cranial brains. We must see life through the interaction of second brain, heart and cranial brains.  Expectation is very much connected to focusing on the one event we are interested in and missing the bigger picture. It doesn’t matter whether our expectation is positive or negative, it narrows our field of vision. It drops us into separation and the lower self, keeping us away from the limitless potential that exists only in the present moment. Humanity constantly does this.

Expectation and Failure

Our expectations about our lives constantly set us up for failure. However, this failure is usually only perceived through the ideas and beliefs created by humanities interpretation of what success and failure really are. In today’s society, this is very much mixed up with money accumulation which is actually created by the need to feel secure. This is tied up with humanities separation programming and forgetfulness of who they really are ie. spirit having a human experience. In other words the fear of death. Expectation takes us out of the present moment so effectively that we lose our place in the greater flow of the cosmos.

Expectation tends to come to us in two different ways. We either grasp at life because of a fear of change or we constantly move from one thing to another unable to make any sort of commitment. When we don’t allow a change in our lives we do not allow things to die and decay naturally. We, therefore, prevent life from renewing itself. For example not allowing relationships to follow their natural course or in some way clinging to the past.

When we don’t commit to something but constantly move from one thing to another we don’t allow natural life cycles to complete and in some way get stuck in the same old patterns. By not allowing a natural cycle to complete we have to begin the same cycle again in a different form. This proves to be disastrous especially in relationships and finances.

The Antidote to Expectation

The antidote to expectation is of course detachment. But not in the way that is commonly understood. Many believe detachment is some sort of anti-materialistic philosophy which denies our true desires and feelings. True detachment once understood, practised and integrated into our lives is actually about deeply feeling the senses and our desires. At the same time being aware that they are just sensations. They do not have to be acted upon.

True detachment is not a discipline but entails deep acceptance of all our urges and senses. It allows us to be masters of our body/mind complex. When we are detached we work with our expectations and most of all trust life. Trust is a deeply feminine (magnetic) quality and involves understanding the cyclical nature of life and acceptance of our impermanence. As we detach from our particular story (ego/control) and allow space between the events of our life expectation begins to be seen for what it is – another form of fear.

Detachment and Fear

Instead of shying away from fear, we immerse ourselves in it. We begin to detach and separate the beliefs and perceptions of the mind and the corresponding emotional patterns. Over time this allows us to become deeply centred in our being. Simply put the solution to expectation is detachment which does away with the need to be in control of our life.

This is not about giving control away to others but to something much greater. This greater part of us is often called the higher self. This is where all our power lies. Often this comes through in the form of creativity and imagination. Indeed it is through our joy, creativity and imagination that our higher purpose for this life will reveal itself. It is through higher purpose that we set intentions rather than expectations. These are much gentler in nature and involve a holistic balance of the body/mind complex.







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Imagination Automatically Leads to Happiness

The faculty of imagination can only be fully experienced when the crown chakra opens entirely. An open crown chakra is the domain of original ideas and inspiration from Source. A fully open crown feels like the top of the head has been taken off and allows renewing energies in from the cosmos. When this happens we are no longer acting as a closed system. This automatically creates new ideas and promotes imagination. We can also take existing ideas or systems and add our new imaginings to them. It is, therefore, a prerequisite to open this centre to understand and connect with universal principles and qualities which reside in all of us via our genes.

As our crown chakra opens and a new found sense of spontaneity and imagination takes place our third eye begins to come online. This automatically means that the rest of our energetic system begins to open up and become free-flowing. We begin to feel that we are connected to something much greater, that the personality is very insignificant and small!! This centre is related to trust and faith (in oneself!!!!!), devotion, inspiration and spontaneity. Trust in oneself is very much connected to nature and the Divine feminine principle. It is about being able to feel through life rather than using only the logical aspect of the brain. This feeling aspect essentially comes from our primal awareness in the solar plexus which innervates the energetic heart. An open crown chakra is a key to imagination and happiness. It is the beginning of the reconnection process of our “junk” DNA.

Two very damaging ways of suppressing imagination are the fear of being inadequate and the fear of being unsafe in the world. There are also many more ways to suppress the imagination including cultural attitudes and environmental conditioning. The two main fears, however, are to do with being closed and identifying oneself with the ephemeral lower self/ego.

Instead, we should identify with the more expanded and eternal version of oneself. In other words, the spiritual or energetic being which sustains the physical body. This ‘forgetting’ is a direct consequence of the disconnection of the so-called ‘junk’ DNA. This goes hand in hand with the ‘dumbing down’ of society in general (The Fall of Man). This is particularly noticeable in Western culture where materialistic values have been carefully instilled by controlling influences. Spiritual principles which maintain the worth or essence of a person have been suppressed. There is a failure to actualise one’s true nature and instead evaluating oneself based on social measures.

The over-valuation of the intellect as opposed to the more creative imaginationimagination and therefore intrinsic knowledge or wisdom produces seriousness. Seriousness is a  modern day “disease” and should be avoided at all costs. Laughter must be engaged in daily as part of a spiritual practice.

Imagination and Logical Thought

When we refuse to be still and overvalue the intellect and logical thinking before feelings we automatically close down our imagination. Favouring analytical thought over intrinsic knowledge creates a barrier and inhibits the feeling of trust, openness and the expansiveness quality that comes with imagination. Ultimately this logical, analytical and left brain approach to life comes from our cultural conditioning over many fearful lifetimes. It is a product of not recognising our spiritual identity and basic interconnection to all aspects of life.

It is important to understand that our present life circumstances are a summation of “past” life patterns held in cellular memory. These patterns can be healed in this lifetime providing we drop our unresourceful beliefs and conditioning. Remaining open will also keep our imagination flowing. Unblocking a crown chakra takes inspiration, devotion and spontaneity. Inspiration can come from many sources, for example, music, art, exercise and so on. We can feel inspired any time and connect with the soul. Devotion can take many forms for example devotion to a spiritual path, to a partner or even to a pet. Both inspiration and devotion facilitates trust, dissipates fear and opens the crown allowing spontaneity, inspiration, imagination and carefree feelings to arise.

Imagination and Meditation

A fully open crown chakra is the key to a deep and expansive meditation. This is why beginners in particular struggle at meditation and find it very difficult to stop the mind chatter. [Hint: take your focus into the second brain and follow the breath]. Or do any pranayama practice. As we progress and meditate more we progressively “come out of the head” and start to appreciate the stillness. Stillness is the path to revelation. As our chakras begin to balance and clear out many lifetimes of trauma we begin to dialogue with spirit. With a fully open crown chakra, many insights and “aha” moments will occur.

Perseverance is a must when it comes to developing the skill of meditation. Be careful of opening the crown temporarily by inspiring oneself from the lower self. For example with new consumer items, holidays or even a new romantic relationship. You will find that the crown will quickly shut down again as these things are essentially ephemeral.


While a fully open and operating crown chakra is an essential first step to imagination and happiness, they inevitably cannot be maintained without a fully functional chakra/energy system. Problems in other chakras will unavoidably come up. Self-esteem issues and manifestation abilities, will disconnect people from life and quickly shut down the crown chakra once more. Once the crown is open however the next chakra that will have a huge effect on the sustenance of our well being is the third eye. The third eye is essentially a switch allowing more light to fully penetrate the body. It is essential that upper chakras (heaven) are now integrated with the lower chakras (earth) if we are to experience heaven on earth in a human body.

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Impatience and Natural Rhythms

Impatience happens because we disconnect ourselves from the natural rhythms and cycles of life. We function from the mind created reality. By giving the mind more responsibility than it is capable of we plunge ourselves into the lower self and it’s beliefs and perceptions about life. These beliefs and perceptions always come from the back drop of cellular memories and therefore take us out of the present moment. That is reality. In other words we use our will instead of Thy Will. We function from the limitation of the mind and are unable to see and feel the greater story being played out via the planet and solar system.

To move out of the mind and function from the higher self or God Self we must trust. We must have confidence in something greater than the lower or small self. By trusting universal rhythms and intuitive timing, the rhythms of the seasons, the timing of cell growth and decay and the natural cycles of nature we have moved into a higher consciousness. By not doing this we distrust life and become impatient. Being impatient cuts us off from living a heart filled life. It disconnects us from the heart beat of life. It will therefore undermine our health.

Impatience manifests because we see ourselves separate from life. Some would say that impatience shows up when we are goal orientated and want to get things going. They say that is a positive quality. As a former “goal orientated” person I would say that being impatient appears because we feel ourself so separated from life and others. The separated self wants to achieve something for itself because it doesn’t understand the unity of life. Very often this is at the cost of the beings very humanity. We don’t understand that impatience is not natural but instead comes about because we have lost our natural rhythm at a biological level.

When we feel impatient our breathing will also have moved away from its natural rhythm. This is because our nervous system has moved into one of its default patterns. We have moved out of trust of the feminine or heart of oneself which is our link to natural rhythms. Rather than being goal orientated it is better to have a daily intention in a certain direction. It is much more gentle but much more powerful. It allows for the natural ebb and flow of life. If we don’t then we are stuck in the realm of the mind and the separated self. Life becomes an uphill battle.

Being impatient is therefore rooted in the mind where all dysfunction begins. The mind sees everything in time. Past, present and future. It sees life as an endless “to do” list. To escape impatience is to move out of the mind and therefore time. Impatience is always accompanied by a feeling of lack of progress. In turn the lack of progress is always accompanied by impatience. It is always driven by anxiety and fear of course. In this case the fear of running out of time. We see this fear in humanity and in particular in the business and corporate worlds. Here, everything is driven by competition with time, the need to beat time. For example, unrealistic deadlines and too many appointments.

We have forgotten that life itself (open heart) sets all patterns and in this epoch, accelerated evolution. This is why we sometimes have felt that time is speeding up. We have forgotten that we are merely the agents of natural evolutionary patterns and cycles. Noticing ourselves being impatient is good because we have the opportunity to sink deep into our own center. Then we can open the heart and awaken. The more we sink into our own heart and life itself the more patient we become.

I mentioned above that impatience is very much linked to progress. In humanity generally this underlying impatience is seen as the need for “evolutionary progress”. This comes in the form of economic growth and technological progress. The first is an illusion and the second is our life force externalised. There is enough for everyone but resources are plundered for the benefit of a few.

All wars are about commandeering resources and keeping consciousness levels low (fear and survival). True progress has everything to do with the raising of consciousness and awareness. It has little to do with physical manifestations (the outer experience). True progress, in terms of consciousness and awareness, has been stunted in favour of external progress, for example technological progress. The outer world has evolved at the expense of the inner which has lead us to a ridiculous situation. While we are able to create energy from the ether, we are still raping, killing and destroying each other and our planet.

Impatience and Chemical Imbalances

One of the main reasons for impatience and the need for constant progress is distraction. Our hormone levels and especially serotonin – the feel good hormone – is very low in people generally. Lack of serotonin and the need for constant progress and fulfillment has lead human beings to reach for other avenues of distraction. Sex, drugs, food, money accumulation, religion, science and even war all increase serotonin levels briefly. Unfortunately if its not clear by now nothing external will ever lead to a natural chemical balance within the body. That especially includes those advertised by the pharmaceutical industries. Indeed it is our very impatience with life that fuels this hunger and our hunger that fuels the impatience. In a nut shell very few people know exactly what they really want but they want it now.

The lack of deep acceptance of this apparent imbalance inside of us has created a lack of peace. Indeed its not happiness that we crave its internal peace ie the balancing of polarities within each one of us. Its because of this lack of balance that we look outside ourselves in the first place for fulfillment. We blame situations and people for our lack of peace. Low levels of serotonin in the body lead to states of depression and cravings. Science still doesn’t understand that so called normal levels of serotonin are actually very low. What people are actually suffering from is a chemical imbalance. This chemical imbalance is created by an out of balance endocrine system which is in turn caused by a lack of circulation of chi around the microcosmic orbit.

Popping Pills or Higher Awareness

We cannot create a balance externally by popping a pill which increases serotonin. We cannot pop a pill to affect reaction A and B in the body because we automatically put C D and E out of balance. At that level we are dealing with symptoms and not causes. Hopefully people are beginning to move on from that. The only way to deal with our chemical imbalances is to allow higher states of awareness into our bodies. This allows more chi to flow around the microcosmic orbit.  We do this by progressively opening up our energetic system and moving out of closed circuit thinking.  Instead of looking out there for the solution we begin to internalise our own energy by whatever means we feel drawn to eg yoga, meditation and a much more balanced lifestyle. This allows us the opportunity to open the heart space and master self.


patienceThe antidote to impatience is …. well, patience. The more patient you become the more you learn that patience pays off. Patience is very similar to trusting in life. Many are disconnected from life and don’t understand trust. If you trust life you will trust life in every moment. When things are bad you will simply center yourself, for example by abdominal breathing and remain in the flow. As you remain in the flow more consistently you realise there is a natural movement and rhythm to life such as the annual rhythms of the 4 seasons. The more open hearted we are and less mind controlled the more healthy we become. Our auras become more magnetic.

Learning to become less impatient is very powerful. It will literally open the heart and a higher code will be activated in our DNA. The body is designed to awaken to higher frequencies, which is why we respond so well to states of love. Like wise when we move into the heart space we automatically realise the imbalance we have created by our constant need for external progress. Understanding becomes a given. The need for external knowledge dies down as we begin to understand life on a deeper level. In other words we don’t need external verification. When we are in our heart space the feeling of love is more readily available to us. Serotonin production is increased and stabilised within the chemistry of the brain. Finally the human being can evolve his inner world as well as his outer. In fact evolving the inner automatically changes the outer.

The Evolution of the Heart

The evolution of the heart actually takes place in the ganglia of the solar plexus or second brain. This area or “Cauldron” is where our primal awareness sits. Its where the yin and yang energies integrate. As this happens and polarities within ourselves resolve our three brains re-balance. The cranial brain, heart brain and second brain start to function in harmony with each other. It is important that we understand that the love we feel is nothing to do with a second person. Although it may be reflected back from another. It is self love, our natural state when we are connected to the cosmos and nature. We feel it “as all polarities within ourselves are resolved.”

Chi or God begins to flow unimpeded throughout our systems. We literally raise our own consciousness and by doing so natural physiological changes take place in the body eg our endocrine system re-balances itself as more light is allowed to enter our energetic system. The final frontier of human progress will in fact turn to adventure. This adventure will not be in external space and the cosmos although that may well happen. However that will only be the reflection of a much more profound adventure. The adventure I’m referring to is moving within and mastering self.

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cosmic order

Cosmic Order & Harmonious Living

There is a structure and energetic pattern to all existence which could be called Cosmic Order. At this time those who are awake and willing to move from the separated and fragmented lower self back into this cosmic order patterning or “music of the spheres” are being guided by the higher self. Each soul is born for higher purpose and not just for random experience. This means we are all unique vibrational frequencies and geometric impressions woven into the patterns of existence.

Balancing ones body, mind and soul is essential for those moving back into cosmic order. This involves fully opening our hearts to unconditional love. Before this happens we must balance the left logical side (yang/male/electro) and right creative side (yin/female/magnetic) hemispheres of the brain. Transmuting lower energies to a higher vibrational frequency in our energetic systems is therefore fundamental to this process. To reflect cosmic order during this “change over” it is essential to use various yoga and meditation techniques as each soul takes back control of the body/mind apparatus. The microcosm, you, must reflect the macrocosm if you are to spiritually grow and remain in balance.

This cleansing each one of us must go through sooner or later to fully embody the reality of cosmic order. This is in direct contradiction to the conditioning and controlling systems on this planet. The universal truth or axiom, sometimes spoken of “as above, so below and as below so above” is very relevant. This is very obvious to the more holistic minded. It implies that we will find the answers to existence itself via an inner journey. This is perceived through a unique genetic vehicle, our physical bodies. Within each of our bodies and contained within our unique genetic profiling in our DNA can be found the answers to our exclusive higher purpose within this evolutionary cycle.

Yang Hierarchies

So far we have existed in hierarchies which is behaviour born out of mammalian history. This correlates with Darwin’s theories of “survival of the fittest.” There is an implication that life is not cooperative but instead competitive. The “strong” at the top of the (financial?) pyramid must be seen as role models. We must follow their low frequency lead to survive. This behaviour is bourne out of fear (yang without yin) and in direct contradiction to cosmic order and divine law. It is the separated self acting out unconscious mind programming, reacting and viewing life subjectively. Refusing to open the heart.

Cosmic Order or Misinterpretation

In genetics RNA is a chemical substance similar to DNA. Its role is to transcribe aspects of our genetic code so new proteins can be formed. RNA is a messenger that reads and copies the instructions for life. In the process known as transcription, messages can be misinterpreted before they are translated. This is what occurs within human society. Fear causes misinterpretation leading to a reaction from one party. This triggers the same fear and a counter-reaction in another party. The result is unrest. When the frequency running through a society decreases, unrest and corruption rule.  Higher principles and cosmic order are ignored or at best misunderstood. Instead of working with nature and the cosmos we try and conquer them. However when the frequency rises, although chaos appears to be all around us, eventually mankind will achieve harmony.

The Controllers Need Hierarchy

There are many examples of isolated societies and tribal groups that lived or are living at a high frequency. They enjoyed/enjoy a peaceful existence by following cosmic order and higher principles. For example the Mayans, Toltecs and the Native Americans. However, problems occur when different races, families and customs are forced to converge and live in the same general territory. It is then that the old fearful brain thinking once again springs into action. This fear mis-interprets and corrupts incoming data and cosmic order is not followed. Corruption of data can therefore be understood as the symptom of a collectively created reality. Corruption requires hierarchy in order to exist, and hierarchy is a low frequency attempt to maintain order within a community. Instead, each one of us should follow cosmic order in the form of universal and natural principles. We should maintain our own value and sovereignty.

The Cell and Quantum Physics

A major man made contradiction to cosmic order was the idea that the brain of a cell was the nucleus. In other words separate from other cells in the body. Something remarkable was found by quantum physics and applied directly to biology and the cell. The brain of the cell does not reside within the nucleus but in the cellular membrane. This provides an interface with the environment. In a nutshell, life is designed to be cooperative rather than competitive.

This new biological view makes enormous sense when considered alongside quantum physics. Quantum physics holds that all of life is interrelated and holistic rather than separated. According to the old view, we humans are the victims of our selfish genes; in the new view there are no victims, only a huge interconnected and interdependent cosmic ordering. Cells of the human body will adapt and change as the environment changes. The speed at which this happens though is often slowed or even halted by the lower self personality. It wants to remain fixed because of fear.

Third Eye

In this present evolutionary cycle out dated hierarchical systems, where humans feel the need to compete with each other are collapsing. This competition is bourne out of fear and survival and an older part of the brain known as the limbic system. The limbic system is part of the reptilian complex. This is because as we transcend fear individually a higher frequency is allowed to come into the world via our third eye and energetic system/genes in general.

When the light frequency descends in vibration and we allow ourselves to be overcome with fear/anxiety we remain in the reptilian brain. This has been clearly demonstrated or reflected into our world via past and present events. As more light is allowed to enter our third eye and energetic system/genes the brain evolves, in particularly the fore brain or higher brain. As more people make the leap a new higher society is born. In other words collectively we are on our way back to cosmic order.

New Societies

This higher society is all about harmony and equilibrium. This is what happens to individuals who have moved into courage and away from old fear based systems. This is about the proper transcription of genes. It’s about balance within each human being and externally reflected in each person’s life. Eventually this will be reflected in the society which develops as we all move back into cosmic order. This society will balance male hierarchical systems with female heterarchy systems, the yang with the yin so cosmic order can be maintained.

We get to this balance by honesty. We must lay all our cards on the table. Just because there are a few (the so called 1%) who don’t want to play ball makes no difference whatsoever. We remove ourselves from the existing systems and create new ones. We lay all our cards on the table because we are no longer interested in being competitive. We’ve been there done that and the world has gone to “hell”. We are interested in cooperation, our very survival as a species depends on it. Many are now moving back into balance and harmony within themselves and therefore the cosmic order of the universe.

Yin Energies and Heterarchy

cosmic orderHierarchal systems are bourne out of male or yang energy where female yin energy is suppressed. This imbalance causes us to lead life from the mind and fear prevails. On every level of creation, whether it’s the mental, emotional or physical planes these two energies must be in balance if cosmic order is to prevail.

So what does the physical plane, our societies, look like with both of these energies in balance?

Well this can only happen when a certain number of individuals are in yin/yang balance and begin to live their version of reality. A tipping point of 144,000 needed to create balance and ascend with the planet. A massive cellular memory cleanse has taken place amongst those individuals. Outwardly this will be seen as heterarchy, a social model beyond hierarchy. Interestingly, Christ energies can only come through individuals who are in yin/yang balance.

Heterarchy is based on the principle that if an individual is not in balance then it is impossible for the group to be in balance. Therefore individual equilibrium and balance is a prerequisite to a society based on heterarchy. By empowering the individual and recognising his needs while trusting him to make his own contribution a very powerful energy field builds in the group. Also by giving the individual the freedom to innovate engenders the spirit of playfulness and creative freedom that allows the heterarchy to empower itself. Only when individuals are trusted with their own freedom does a community truly begin to radiate health.

Equilibrium & Harmony

Herein lies the great secret to humanity’s future collective harmony — it can only be achieved through individual freedom and trust in the self-organising intelligence that emerges from that freedom. This involves moving back into divine law and cosmic order. Maintaining social equilibrium involves fulfilling the needs of both the individual and the group as a whole.

Creating equilibrium is an on going process of balancing the opposites, but eventually the slide from one side to the other becomes smaller and smaller until perfect balance is achieved. This is true harmony — a vibrational code that brings all elements within any system into perfect and permanent resonance. Equilibrium can be lost, but harmony is constant and infinite. Harmony is the true nature of the universe and can only be achieved by following cosmic order and yin/yang balance within the body. It is simply a pre-existing field that must be entered into rather than created. It must be entered into individually so that consciousness can experience equilibrium as part of a wider social equilibrium. Feeling a real sense of belonging in a group can induce a deep state of inner balance at a cellular level.

The on going shift in consciousness is now producing these social heterarchies. These are groups of self empowered people working creatively together without the limitation of a hierarchy. However heterarchies are coming into play via hierarchies. We still need a focal point, male or yang energy, otherwise the heterarchy loses its structure.

The Descension of Spirit into Matter

Since there is more and more evidence of heterarchies coming into being, this is indicative that we are moving back into cosmic order. The yin and yang energies in each one of us moves back into balance. As our higher bodies transmute our lower instincts and emotions, so we come into the frequency field of higher harmony. This field draws us into itself and gradually transforms our cellular DNA into its highest mode of functioning.

As the awakening becomes progressively more widespread, the awakened higher bodies of individuals will come into a heightened communal harmony. This quickens the frequency of the whole of humanity. Eventually all human beings will understand that they are fundamentally elements of music. As consciousness reaches more profound levels everything is experienced as music. The realisation that individual lives are notes threaded along a universal score that gradually becomes sweeter and sweeter to the ear as evolution reveals deeper and deeper harmonies. This higher social harmony, this cosmic order will progressively reveal itself as human beings move beyond the domain of shadow consciousness and realise the harmonic blueprint that underlies all human civilisation.

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Rebellion, Start Right Away

The true nature of rebellion is of individuality, of following a path rarely travelled by others. Unfortunately the masses choose mediocrity, security and sameness. In the past rebellion has been unsafe. Our cellular memories shout at us not to rock the boat. Our genes conform and remain in their shadow states. After all they have memories of torture and death at the same systems that rule today. For example the Catholic Church/Spanish Inquisition and the “witch hunts” that took place then.

And here we are again rebelling at the same dysfunctional systems but this time we realise that we must rebel maintaining energetic sovereignty and provide a pathway for the millions who remain closed and afraid. The traditional meaning of rebellion is only as good as the manipulated consciousness understands. True rebellion and what will be discussed in this article is a creative process. It uses as yet unexplored neurological pathways only experienced by the more “artistically” inclined. But which can be used by anyone once they follow their higher self.

Our living planet is rebelling and going through the same process against the rape of its resources. Parasitic systems of dysfunction are not being supported energetically anymore. Over a relatively short time they will cease to exist. The more each one of use maintains energetic sovereignty, refuses to compromise ones path and doesn’t feed the old systems via lower emotions the quicker they will disappear or morph into something more empowering for humanity. However it is up to each one of us to move into higher purpose and create the necessary systems to help humanity grow. Far from being another hierarchical structure based on power over and falling into parasiting energy the new systems will be based on heterarchy. They will grow from the hierarchal systems and many businesses will maintain both structures. In other words both yin and the yang will be in balance as nature intended.

Rebellion Directly Confronts Mediocrity


By accepting mediocrity and the same thinking as the masses one can never be their own hero or heroine. Instead we must look to others for their rebellious story or energy. In other words an authority outside of self. Mediocrity serves the machinery of society whereas rebellion forges a new pathway. Rebellion, properly harnessed as a “fire” energy, is the cutting edge of creation. It comes into being via ones own uninterrupted life force energy coursing through an unblocked energetic system. We must become aware of all our energy leaks, think five thieves (senses) and gain Self Mastery. Mediocrity makes you a slave and marries you to safety, predictability, sameness and more than anything the deluded consciousness of others. It is to believe and perceive one as separate from creation because of a compromised energetic system. It is to be stuck in the lower mind.

Rebellion and the Mind

Instead of feeling the crisp cool air of freedom one is trapped, twisting and squirming in their own frustration. Mediocrity is to follow the well trodden pathways of a compromised lifestyle conforming to the prevailing regimes and showing little or no creativity or spontaneity. Those well trodden neurological pathways in the brain are the calling card of the lower mind and therefore mediocrity. They can be changed because of the neuroplasticity of the brain but few entertain this empowering reality.  It is the time of the freethinkers but be warned it is only for the courageous. For those who want to morph into an expanded version of self. Remember courage is not about having no fear. It is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. You will have no back up, no security plan apart from the sweet comforting nature of life itself and a single minded attitude of no compromise.

Rebellion and Style

By being rebellious you will need to follow your own rebellious and stylish spirit in the world. Until you can feel, fully accept and surrender to this energy you will always be a prisoner to your own mind. Until you use a different yard stick than materialism and the hoarding of money you will not be able to have the confidence to follow your rebellious soul urgings. In this respect a truly rebellious nature cannot be faked. It cannot be imitated. It is experienced through the flowering of your own genetic gifts. By spiritualising and cleansing the body your rebellious and true essence will come on line.

Of course your rebellious nature will not sit well in mainstream society. Do you really care? Freethinkers are only interested in breaking the monotony of the imprisoned consciousness experienced by the human slave race. Rebellious freethinkers are only interested in freeing up other freethinkers so a new empowered and higher functioning society can be formed.

Rebellion is Nature Personified

The rebellious nature of true style mimics nature. It opens up a person who previously acted as a closed and separated self who compromised their life force into a mediocre pathway. Rebellion allows the cutting edge of creation to work through the individual’s unique genetic vehicle. It is wild and organic yet always has the discipline of self mastery. Previously the energy and work of these people was unappreciated very often until well after they had crossed over. Up until now that energy was expressed by the more artistic and therefore almost accepted as “normal” by humanity. In other words it was safely “controlled” to one area of society. Now many in all areas of society are awakening and allowing a creative force to run through them. This only happens when a suitable period of de-conditioning takes place. Yoga and meditation are becoming the new norm.

Self Mastery

A rebellious nature is one that centres itself in the belly, lower tan tien or second brain. A rebellious nature knows that to be creative one has to work with the cycles of nature and the universe. Mixing yin and yang energies in the “cauldron of the second brain” and at the same time keeping an open heart. To be both receptive and creative, to respond to creation and allow life to flow through ones purified body. To always move and abdominal breathe via the second brain. The abdominal area is both symbolically and scientifically the font of human power and fertility. The celiac or solar plexus is a complex network of nerves which feeds “fire energy” to the navel point. It provides the motivation and enthusiasm for life.

The solar plexus is noted for the place holding our personal power and will. This is the center of the spiritual and rebellious warrior because this is the chakra that gifts us with the ability to initiate one’s mission and complete it. This chakra is about action, being in integrity, and taking risks. Focus and the ability to use our feelings to fuel action come from this chakra.

“If you do not speak from the navel, you will never be alert, and if you will not be alert, you shall not have a mastery over time and space.” – Yogi Bhajan

Speaking from the navel point lends an air of authority as its base language is “command”.

The True Rebel

The rebel is never afraid to do things in their own unique way. They have unique flair but only because they have opened up their energetic systems to life. They refuse to compromise their wild and organic energies being now simultaneously connected to nature, the planet and the universe. This connection allows the rebellious creative energy to magnetise the right supportive and synchronised events and people to them as needed. As they follow their true calling they transmute poverty consciousness and the fear of success and draw to them all the material resources required to fulfill their soul plan and destiny. In doing so this world changes and morphs “in the twinkling of an eye”.

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Entropy and The Law of Vibration

For many entropy is all around them at the moment. One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in the human being is the refusal to be courageous. The refusal to move from illusion to reality until enough “way showers” have done it first. This “pack” or tribal conditioning has been built into our very genes because in times gone by it was unsafe to be different. Indeed this rigidity, this fear of being different has caused most on this planet to resent the prevailing systems of lack and sameness but do nothing about them. To continue to contribute to them by focusing their intent and energy in that same direction.

This sameness and conformity has caused many to constantly be in a state of inertia. They reinforce their illusionary mind “stories” created for them by the mass conditioning programs. This inertia, this rigidity of beliefs, or closing down of the energetic system creates entropy. Entropy causes the premature wearing down of the physical body. By refusing to allow renewing energies in from the universe and carefully policing and reinforcing outdated and rigid belief systems about how life really works.

This refusal during this changing cosmic cycle has slowed the whole process of human ascension (evolution) on this planet. Fortunately and especially for those still focusing their energy on the old electromagnetic matrix and stuck in the old systems of “maya”, the proverbial line in the sand has been drawn. In the coming physical events including the collapse of the Orion debt based slave money system many will realise that universal energies must be allowed to move through them unless they want to continue to inhabit the lower Orion/reptilian based network of separation, fear and competition. It’s now time to choose the reality you want to focus on. It’s time to completely let go of those outdated beliefs about how life really works. But only if you are to ascend to a higher understanding of self and the universe.


According to the mind we cannot do anything about entropy. The mind is in illusion though. A simple definition of entropy could be:

“A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a CLOSED system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.”

Human beings generally think they are closed systems. They generally want to stay separate. The more closed you are the more rigid are your beliefs. As human beings we generally do not accept ourselves which creates a kind of apathy or gloom. Entropy could be said is the opposite of love. We have shut down our system to source energies so much we feel alone and separated. Entropy is the black hole to creativities white hole.

However entropy is actually an extremely fertile state of awareness. Providing we don’t suppress this apathy or gloom but sit with it we can wait and it will automatically move to creativity. Human beings try to avoid the feelings of apathy and gloom like the plague. They constantly keep themselves in a false state of creativity and joy by distractions such as addictions or unresourceful behaviours. They then become the target for todays hyped up marketing nonsense. Promising fulfillment from something outside ourselves.

Entropy and Contemplative Awareness

entropyThis is impossible because life cannot live without a certain amount of duality. Instead of waiting patiently in contemplative awareness we immediately distract ourselves from the lower emotions. We try to “fix” them which doesn’t allow the cycle to finish. Since there is a physiological process taking place chemicals are released into the body. If this process doesn’t complete then we risk hardwiring lower states such as depression into the body. Depression usually comes about because we resist certain shadow frequencies. Every time a person moves cleanly through the lower frequencies, not attaching to them but just watching them they illustrate the creation myth….

“Out of the darkness there was light”.

Suddenly we find ourselves moving from the lower frequencies and into joy and the creative need to express it. As you are able to go through this process repeatedly and cleanly without trying to avoid it, a sense of freshness and newness will enter your life. Your vessel will become clearer for the creative process to take place as cellular frequency increases. The Law of Vibration begins to make itself tangible.

The Law of Vibration

Sometimes called the Law of Hierarchies, the Law of Vibration is in total contrast to our existing systems of hierarchy. They consist of an out of balance yang energy and therefore based on fear. Contrary to popular belief the spiritual realm is built on hierarchy but that is where the similarity ends. The higher a human being vibrates then the more awareness and therefore wisdom and unconditional love that being will demonstrate. This is simply because they are aware of how life really works. This automatically and naturally puts those souls who are of a higher frequency of vibration “overseeing” souls whose frequency doesn’t quite allow them to see the bigger picture. These higher frequency souls then become the way showers of “younger” or less experienced souls.

Contrast this with our 3D world. It is set up at present with lower frequency souls (the power over brigade) at the top of the pyramid. Older souls are left quietly embodying their divinity (higher energetic aspects). Thereby forcing the total collapse of existing slavery systems as group consciousness vibrates higher and higher.

Self mastery and the Older Soul

Another obvious tell tale sign of the “older soul” in this changing cycle is the focus on Self Mastery and the journey within, the fusion of the physical body with his or her higher energy bodies. We are quite literally allowing higher aspects of ourselves (spiritual bodies) to integrate into the physical body. At the same time purifying our lower bodies (the mental, emotional and physical bodies).

This fusion en mass by older souls all over the planet in tandem with the planet doing the same thing and us now being inside the photon belt is having a profound effect on human consciousness. This is in spite of those “ruling” powers causing chaos and dysfunction. Trying to lead humanity down the path of fear and terror. The new reality is about expanding our consciousness into the unseen, unheard and invisible realms. We mustn’t be ruled by the logic of the mind. To do this we first have to balance our polarity thinking whilst we focus on unconditional love.

The Resolution of Polarity Thinking

Polarity or duality thinking is the cause of all the problems in our lives and on this planet. We create our whole lives in the mental plane first. If there is duality here then it filters down into the emotional body as lower emotions. The physical body becomes tight and eventually diseased.

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration; True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art” The Kybalion

The process of evolution is the taking back of control of our mental processes and therefore energetic sovereignty. It is to realise that the mind is not who we are. However it is a tool which must be used correctly. Many still remain stuck in the mind to such an extent that that is who they think they are.

One Consciousness in Individual Bodies

We are One Consciousness inhabiting unique and individual biological vessels with a different perspective and understanding of life. As a human race we are all moving towards enlightenment. This is the regular habit of coming out of the mind and being this one consciousness. To do this we must come away from constantly “inhabiting” the mind and become aware of other areas of the body especially the heart and second brain. It is about seeing the bigger picture and therefore having a deeper understanding and wisdom about life. As we do this our thinking mind begins to calm and something rather extraordinary happens. Chi or qi energy in the body begins to flow again unimpeded by “mental/emotional” blocks. This has a huge beneficial effect on the physical body.

“Qi then can be defined as the energy produced when complementary, polar opposites are harmonised. Vital energy, qi, arises when opposites are unified…….” The Way of Qi Gong” by Kenneth S. Cohen

As we progressively move out of polarity thinking into unity by spending more of our time in the body our energetic systems begin to function again optimally. We can then concentrate on using our minds as a focusing tool in tandem with our hearts’ desires. Moving out of these mind programs and into non polarity thinking moves us out of the highly charged fear paradigm. It moves us away from existing slavery systems and attachment to their inevitable collapse. After all they are just a reflection of humanities unconsciousness.

Unconditional Love

The road to unconditional love can only be travelled once non polarity or neutral thinking becomes a habit. This in turn allows negative emotions to be transmuted. Unconditional love is of a higher order or vibration because it doesn’t allow the lower emotions to have an input. The person who exhibits unconditional love is a very high vibration being because he or she comes from a place of absolute neutrality. This person will listen to others’ point of view, but doesn’t necessarily agree. This person understands that the others point of view will not affect them in any way because they are not vibrating at “tick tock” speed. Therefore they are not easily pulled into that lower energy frequency.

A being who is demonstrating true unconditional love gives up all mundane efforts and activities and follows his/her soul which is now the dominant force in his/her life. Any effort to follow or comply with the demands of society affords an adaptation to the lower frequency, anxiety and fear based self preservation patterns that control current society. From this perspective society is an enormous trap to the ascending being. Therefore it is imperative that one follows the callings of his or her soul and demonstrates unconditional love.

The Heart Chakra

The 4th chakra (heart) or emotional centre is blocked in most individuals. Therefore for this reason many are not able to experience unconditional love. Most people who are ascending in consciousness and away from the fear based paradigm can attribute many of their issues to a blocked or closed 4th chakra. The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the experience of various angst or fear patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the DNA by the soul and profoundly affect human behaviour.

The 4th chakra is associated with the thymus. As the 4th chakra opens the thymus begins to grow. The growth of the thymus can be associated with chest pains, asphyxia, episodes of severe bronchitis and pneumonitis. It is often misdiagnosed by doctors who are still in the dark about the ascension of humanity. One of the most disturbing symptoms is the sudden onset of heart arrhythmia which is due to the heart regulating itself to the new powerful astral energies which flow unrestricted in the body once the 4th chakra is fully open.

Enjoy the Ride

As I mentioned earlier we are in a new cycle and with that comes the “death” of the old and the chaos that is the transition period. The transition period has been here for some time and depending on the adherence to the urgings of your own soul and your “contract” in this lifetime you may be experiencing various levels of chaos. The important thing to remember is that you cannot control life, nor can you remain separate from it. You are in fact the “container” that life flows through. In other words your not a container at all so stop acting like it!! The level of chaos or joy is indicative of the level of letting go you are prepared to undertake. But one thing is for sure life will move on with or without you. Personally I would rather let go and enjoy the ride.


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Constriction and its Removal Equals Love

The secret to love lies in not allowing constriction in our lives in any way. Love is our natural state.

Why then do people remain constricted?

Most are unwilling to release their constrictions because it requires a release of the person that their mind tells them they are. They are afraid of losing their identity. This identity is illusion and is created by programming and the lower mind.

For those who are willing to move towards reconnection with their higher self, courage must be demonstrated in every moment. Courage is the first positive emotion on Dr Hawkin’s scale of consciousness. Courage is not a lack of fear, courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. The act of courage calls forth that deeper part of ourselves that supports and sustains us. Courage comes from the heart.

Constriction and the Bigger Picture

Constriction comes when we are focused in on the illusion, when we don’t see the bigger picture. Look up at the universe, the moon, sun, planets and the stars. That space between them and you is filled with energy from those heavenly bodies which affects you. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm, your cells need that energy/light to function optimally. This light comes from the ebb and flow of moon/sun 24hr cycles, from seasonal cycles and important planetary alignments such as the equinoxes. Without correct metabolism and cleansing of our cells dehydration and acidosis turn up. This is followed by disease. This lack of awareness, this shutting down of our systems happens because we are exposed to the mass conditioning programs of this planet from birth to death.

Constriction and the Body

constrictionBy tuning into our bodies we feel constriction. We feel it when we become disconnected from higher states such as inspiration, joy and enthusiasm. If we don’t relax and reconnect, our bodies become tighter and our lives increasingly consist of the mundane with denial and distraction to “keep us going.” We can however move into courage and sit with our fears and worries. By doing this we allow the light of our consciousness to expose any shadow parts of self.

If there is any constriction it is there for a higher purpose. The “fuel” to catapult us into higher states. Since constriction is felt in the body it can be felt in myofascial tissue which unwinds as we become more present, freeing up parts of the body that are tight. As our body unwinds chi or qi begins to flow unimpeded. As chi begins to flow without constriction this is always registered as “ah ha” moments and an increase in consciousness.

Constriction in our Communities

Constriction can be felt in most areas of life. It can be felt in our communities where bureaucracy and red tape hold us back, where passports and identification papers must be shown and where fences and walls keep us out or separated from others. It can be felt in our relationships where we cling to people and use them as “ballast” instead of allowing the natural flow of love. We do the same with money which gives us a false sense of “security”. We arrived on this planet naked and we shall leave with nothing. The security you pursue through money accumulation is a fear of death and if not contemplated and transmuted takes you further into illusion. Indeed the very preoccupation with survival keeps us away from who we are.

Fear and Ignorance

Fear creates a biofeedback system that ensures its survival. It is afraid of itself, which ensures that it never accepts itself, and guarantees its place in our lives. Fear is a vast constricting pressure choking the life out of everyone and yet ultimately it’s nothing more than illusion. However the fear associated with sudden adverse situations such as physical attack is natural and part of our fight or flight response.

Ignorance is also constriction. There has been a deliberate tendency for people to be ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss but another constriction which closes down the higher faculties. Ignorance is misery and the collective misery has been suppressed by distraction. We display ignorance when we are too serious about our lives. By trusting life we try to take control of the events that happen to us. We have a fantastic opportunity to remove constriction in our lives courtesy of the photon belt and set ourselves free so we can love again.

Anger is another constriction. People who remain angry are unwilling to own their stuff. They are not willing to take responsibility. They project their fears out into the world.

The Antidote to Constriction

By allowing the fear we are experiencing to rise up in ourselves we are owning the very sacred wound of separation which can then be worked with. As we allow ourself to feel it and accept it, it begins to transmute into a higher energy. The momentum of our life moves towards love. We are resolving polarity/duality thinking and allowing more energy into our system. We begin to feel more optimistic and joyful.

As we regularly feel acceptance in our lives and work through the various vibrational layers as with any emotion, the more we move into our natural state of love. By moving into acceptance and love the more we unwind and the more we open our hearts to human pain. As we do this we provide a huge service to mankind. Instead of being the problem we become the solution. Eventually we will make a permanent leap in consciousness whereby we have transmuted all our fear and it is no longer possible to “go back” into the lower vibrational dimensions.


It is our true natures that we all seek. It lies within our shadows and it is only by allowing ourselves to feel those shadows and accepting them that we will find it. Every situation and person we meet is a mirror or catalyst in helping our transformation. Accept all our suffering and don’t resist it because as energetic beings it is only in accepting everything that we can truly feel our hearts open. It is only when the heart is fully open that we can transform ourselves.

All spiritual paths are in fact an urge to stop suffering. Ironically it is our non acceptance of suffering that makes us seek in the first place. This very seeking is based on the urge to avoid the sacred wound of separation. It is only when we eventually get to acceptance and complete surrender to our helplessness that resistance to the wound falls away and our consciousness takes a huge leap. Our permanent state becomes love and we remove a huge genetic constriction from humanity. We have helped to raise the frequency of vibration of the planet immensely and Self Mastery is realised.


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Seriousness or Higher Purpose

Inside you, in the genes and DNA of your cells lies the emotion of seriousness and also your higher purpose. Your path is laid open to you by divine grace once you move away from seriousness about life and begin to feel lighter and more joyful. Divine grace could be defined as the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation.

Seriousness is one of the most far reaching and destructive forces on this planet. It comes about because people are out of sync with the whole, with planetary cycles and the flow of life. This is because they have lost connection via crown chakra and axiatonal highways to the universe and cosmos. We can reconnect using various practices and techniques and also through the power of imagination. However most are not even aware of their own energetic system or human electromagnetic field.

“Seriousness is one of the most far reaching and destructive forces on this planet.”

Seriousness and the Mind

seriousnessPeople become disconnected because they inhabit the mind and therefore are not in the present moment. They live their lives through the mind and become too focused on the past or the future. This creates imbalances not only in their own bodies but in the collective. Seriousness is a sickness and can cause lots of issues in our lives. This includes everything from ill fortune to physical disease in the body because we are out of sync with the whole universe. Our bodies become acidic and cells lose their polarity (dehydration). Being in the mind too much creates other issues. For example trying to control life which leads to separation and illusion. For those people their higher purpose is obscured from themselves until such times as they reconnect to the flow of life.

The First Seven Years

The first 7 years of our lives set the mental and emotional tone of our future experiences. In fact it takes a human being a full 7 years to fully incarnate onto this planet. During this time our posture and breathing patterns are set as is our relationship to the physical world through kinesthesia and touch. Certain genes are switched on and off during this period of “learning” (conditioning?). Hence our future patterns are laid down in the first few years. Living life without the loving knowledge of the higher realms through an open crown chakra is painful and means we can take life too seriously.

Seriousness and the Role of Parents

During this period and regardless of our physical circumstances it is the energy fields of the parents or main care givers that will hugely affect and mold the future life of the child. There is nothing more important than a loving and tactile relationship from parents who are whole in themselves. If the child doesn’t receive this and feels physically unsafe this will set him up for a very serious outlook on life. He will not be in harmony internally if he does not feel safe. The fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system) will be constantly stimulated. It is therefore important that the parasympathetic nervous system is equally stimulated, for example by the vagus nerve. Unless parents were firmly rooted in self love then their own constriction and seriousness will be passed on to the child.

Conditioning Through Control

Being serious cuts you off from the joys of the “higher realms”. It constricts your life so much that eventually love is throttled and the lower emotions prevail. Even those leading a spiritual path can take life too seriously. You can tell those who are too serious about life in general by their lack lustre appearance. Unless parents are rooted in self love it is impossible not to pass on their seriousness to their children. This lack of self love usually means parenting at a low frequency. This involves conditioning through control either consciously or unconsciously. Children naturally are happy and spontaneous until a point where the lower frequencies of the parents become embedded in the childs’ energy field. They then grow up with the same issues as one or both parents. The truth is many parents forgot how to play and be happy because of their own upbringing.

Until now we have had a genetic predisposition to be serious because we lived in our minds with all its subconscious memories. The secret, if there is one, is to realise we are the One Consciousness having an experience in a genetically unique body. Therefore tread lightly and don’t take life so seriously. When we are too serious about life we don’t trust it but instead try to take control of it. We even battle against the very flow of life. We constantly react to the events in our lives instead of using them to move to a higher consciousness.

Patterns of Seriousness

On the one hand if we are too serious we become “numb”. We don’t want to move our bodies or be sensual in any way. We may not like our bodies and therefore our life force energy becomes “frozen”. This freezing is locked into our nervous system and as we age it becomes harder and harder to even smile. We lose touch with the zest for life and our whole demeanor becomes closed and our appearance pinched. When such people learn to enjoy being in their bodies rather than worrying about what they look like a huge warmth is released within them. Others can’t hep but notice.

On the other hand we may pretend that we are really enjoying life because that is what is expected of us. We appear to take nothing seriously but underneath we are emotionally reactive. We may harbor a huge anger ready to explode. When this facade is revealed to us we realise how deadly serious we take life. These people generally run away from life because of fear. This is reflected in their relationships which are short lived and numerous.

Higher Purpose

A little gem is carefully hidden away within the shadow frequency of seriousness. Delight and openness to life is left when we finally come out of the mind and into the heart and let seriousness go. These are much higher frequency bands rooted in love and harmony. The opposite is seriousness which is rooted in a closed attitude and ultimately fear. These higher frequencies bring in the principle of synchronicity. This is the law that binds together all free moving objects in space and time. At these higher frequency bands we are able to see how life actually works. Our thoughts and attitudes bring us their reflection and with that the potential for financial and material success.

The only prerequisite to experiencing delight is that we stay away from seriousness (mind). By moving into the heart space we bring delight and openness to our lives. This requires great trust in a force beyond our control. This also means that our goals in life, although imagined and thought about daily, should be flexible. These higher frequencies will invoke divine grace. This means our higher purpose will become more and more obvious as we move into oneness.


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Resistance to Higher Purpose

There is an epidemic of resistance in our society. The resistance is to our true nature which is one of expansion creation and flow. We have acted so small and closed for that long we have forgotten. The problem is we become what we resist. When we focus on something we bring it into our lives. Our thoughts beliefs and perceptions bring things towards us. We do this unconsciously, so when things arrive that we don’t want the automatic response is to resist what we have just called into our lives.

The subconscious and universal minds work in tandem. They bring us what we focus on. A major issue is that they don’t differentiate between negative and positive instructions. I don’t want to be poor is processed as I want to be poor. Therefore we should always focus on what we do want in the present moment. I don’t want to be poor accordingly becomes I welcome prosperity into my life. All negative words like don’t, won’t and can’t invoke the Law of Resistance.

When we have clearly stated and asked for what we want we should then actually do something about it, no matter how small, in that very moment. If we neglect to do this we resist moving forward, either then or at a later date, distracting ourselves with things that are meaningless and don’t benefit ourselves or others. This can be in the form of consumerism, politics, mainstream media, too much social media and so on. This allows us to stay in resistance to our true calling.

If we are not careful we become what we resist!!!

Whatever we resist in life persists and uses up valuable life force energy in struggle. We can often feel this in our personalities when we are constantly having to push something forward while a seemingly invisible force pushes in the opposite direction. Our personalities keep us in mediocrity because we allow lower aspects of ourselves to take control.

When we feel this resistance, this frustration, we undertake to move back into neutrality and centredness. We endeavor to surrender to our higher self. This is not being defeatist. Instead it is understanding the nature of energy. It is having an intuitive understanding that we must allow higher aspects of ourselves to take charge because our lower minds are not designed to see the bigger picture. To do this requires great courage, awareness and trust in the flow of life.

If for some reason every soul on this planet woke up tomorrow morning and took the first few steps towards living their dreams our dysfunctional and parasitical society would collapse by the evening.

So what lies between that and the life of sameness and mediocrity that many lead?

……it’s resistance in the form of fear!

So let’s look at the sort of activities that invoke resistance. Here is a short list. You may be able to identify with some of them.

  1. The pursuit of anything creative as a main focus in your life. The common excuse is I can’t make money from it, not immediately anyway….. So what I lived in a tent in the pursuit of my dreams!! How bad can it get?
  2. The launching of your own business;
  3. Any diet, health improvement regime including yoga and meditation and spiritual awareness;
  4. Any activity such as a workshop or program to kick an addiction or habit;
  5. An educational course of any description;
  6. An act of kindness or aim to help others;
  7. An act of political, moral or ethical courage which of course predisposes that we look at ourselves first;
  8. The taking of any principled stand in the face of adversity including commitments of the heart;

What I am saying here is that any act that does not allow immediate gratification but instead favours long term health, integrity, moral and spiritual growth is immediately resisted. In other words we have all been living from the lower self rather than the higher aspects of ourselves.

What are the characteristics of Resistance?

resistanceResistance is internal even though it appears to come from outside of ourselves. We see this resistance pop up time and time again and blame others such as partners, jobs, bosses, kids and various situations. Resistance is none of these and most definitely not outside ourselves. Resistance is always internal. It is our own refusal to come out of the mind created reality and move back into the flow of life which sometimes creates, sometimes destroys and sometimes apparently does nothing. Resistance is self-generated and self-perpetuated. Resistance is our own egos refusing to surrender to a higher power which also just happens to be us too. It comes because of the refusal to allow renewing energies into our bodies from the cosmos. We insist that we are closed systems and separated from source and each other. We therefore perpetuate the same outdated programs of resistance and limitation.

Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from moving towards your higher purpose. Resistance is insidious and will fabricate lies and deceit especially to yourself to keep you away from raising yourself to your higher purpose. It will reason with you like a lawyer to prove itself right and as long as you stay in logic it will appear to be right until you awaken to the fact that logic can both prove and disprove itself. Resistance to your higher calling is the name of the game. The more resistance you feel to your higher purpose the more important it is to your soul’s evolution.

Resistance and Fear

Resistance is fueled by fear. It has no strength of its own. Every ounce of energy it possesses comes from us. We feed it with our fear. To master that fear we must sit with it, contemplate it, allow ourselves to move back into non resistance and surrender. We must meditate daily. We must learn to abdominal breathe as we did as children. When we move back to our centre point we become invincible and fearless Masters. We then conquer resistance and have gained back our energetic sovereignty.

Procrastination is the most common manifestation of resistance because it’s the easiest to rationalise. We give ourselves a goal but instead of beginning immediately we put it off to another day. This other day never comes or at best it comes intermittently and we lose our focus. Procrastination is closely connected with intention. Intention is not writing goals. Intention is writing goals and doing the first one right there, right then, however small. In our society we have separated the two. There is no separation.

The second we can sit down and do our work, our heartfelt passion, our joy we have beat resistance, for today anyway. Tomorrow may be another battle but the more we go into acceptance and surrender the easier it becomes. You are here to change the world in your own unique way. Screw the bills, the mortgages, it’s all illusion and built on nothing. Create goods and services which support life not those which parasite our energy. Stop thinking about surviving. You will always survive. Rebel!! It’s living a life of passion that you really crave.


When we drug ourselves to blot out our soul’s call, we are being good little consumers. We’re doing exactly what TV commercials, the system and mainstream culture have been brainwashing us to do from birth. Instead of applying self-knowledge, self-discipline, delayed gratification and hard work, we simply consume a product.

I estimate that seventy to eighty percent of a doctor’s business is due to the refusal to go within. All symptoms in the body are a reflection of unconscious parts of you. It comes down to entropy, acting as a closed system and refusing to allow renewing energies in, refusing to acknowledge that who you thought you are is just a bunch of programs and the real you is the one consciousness filtered through a unique genetic vehicle.

Freedom doesn’t come from anything outside ourselves, from any system. True freedom comes from the realisation that you are this one consciousness and that everything else is just programs created by beliefs and perceptions which we identify with. Once any unresourceful programs are released, and this realisation dawns, all resistance ceases. We become everything with no separation, no self identification. We become masters and govern ourselves while those who refuse to govern themselves are condemned to find systems and masters to govern them.

Are you paralysed with fear?

One of the biggest fears we have is not being good enough. All fears are good signs. The more afraid we are of doing something the more we need to do it. The more afraid we are the more certain that that is the way to go. It’s a good sign. The degree of fear equates to the strength of resistance. If we are brave enough to do it anyway the greater the soul growth. Fear and resistance actually show you where to go. The really cool part is that as you move into courage and do what you feared and resisted most you begin to heal on all levels. Resistance is like giving birth. It seems absolutely impossible and very scary until you realise that woman have been pulling it off for several million years.

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Sovereignty and Proactively Taking it Back

An individual’s sovereignty is something which has been discussed on various levels for many years. Unfortunately it has always been carefully defined within the existing manipulated consciousness of humanity. Thus making various definitions yet another “false light”. These various definitions come with the back drop of a process or belief system repeatedly pointing to something outside oneself. We therefore become lost within the illusion or False Matrix. Wikipedia defines sovereignty as:

“…..the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian Model of state foundation.”

Initially we become hopeful that this definition of sovereignty points to the individual. However in the second sentence we realise it’s pointing to a political entity (polity) within state sovereignty (Westphalian).

But surely sovereignty always starts with the man or woman?

After all on the one hand are we not the units that make up a society?

And on the other surely we are something not of this world?

Society is being seen for what it really is. A control system for human slaves who work from birth to death to feed the system. Society is a trap and 99% of the work that takes place within it is meaningless. It does not evolve the individual or this planet but is an involving cycle of non sovereignty. A kind of collective frustration leading to “hell”. A cycle of conditioning via the homogenized educational system and work ethic creating “human doings” instead of “human beings”. It is a system whereby a few control the many and “feed off” their energy. Society and its systems are set up in such a way that “the rules” prevent sovereignty of the individual. The best example of this is the “birth” of the legal entity PERSON. 99% of the population unwittingly represent the legal entity PERSON in their interaction with the System.

Sovereignty and The False Matrix

This System or False Matrix is much easier to see now as humans awaken. It produces very little creativity. Those within it who are creative are subdued by bureaucratic dead ends and red tape. The system relies purely on intellectual superiority with no creative capacity which is bourne of a non holistic mind entrapped by its own ego. It demonstrates no wisdom or common sense relying on high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but no EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Those at the top of this Unholy Alliance work in direct opposition to creation and use smoke and mirror tactics. Their protection is large non accountable corporations such as those promoting the pharmaceutical industries and fractional banking systems. They capitalise on “investments” in deliberate war torn environments and the trafficking of woman and children for sex. They even disguise themselves as charities such as “cancer research”. Cancer is largely “cured” by bringing the body back into holistic balance. That is to say energetic sovereignty of the individual. That includes releasing beliefs and perceptions which affect our genes.


They are the parasites of humanity and must actively be seen, understood and denied access to our own personal matrix of energy. This is also called the human electromagnetic field or aura. This is not to deny that they exist. Instead it is to understand how they parasite our individual energy field. This redirecting of our energy strengthens their own False Grid of Energy within the larger Universal Matrix of Energy.

The biggest contribution we can make is to take back control of our own human electromagnetic field. This is easy in understanding and principle, but slightly more difficult in practice if we are constantly outwardly focused. Especially if we have strong opinions and beliefs about manufactured events such as false flags and the “noise” of manufactured political debate by the power over brigade. There are essentially two different geometric patterns that make up the human being. Both look very similar but are very different in reality. One is the service to self individual and the other is the service to others.

Sovereignty and Service to Self

Humanity are mostly made up of the service to others pattern. During the fall in consciousness, the cycling away from Galactic Centre/God/Source, we became disconnected from who we are. During this cycle back towards Galactic Centre and accelerated awakening explained by the yugas humanity are taking back control of self. The service to others human being essentially moves towards sovereignty and higher purpose for all since they understand that to do so is to empower and manifest new creative cycles. The service to self human being tries to individualise itself at the top of a pyramid structure. It is only interested in “seeding” itself as the “false god” with others in direct service to it.  Our society is presently set up in such a way. The chaos that is now ensuing is humanity waking up to this distorted “creation” pattern.

We can say that the service to self individual is an act of distortion while the service to others is a geometry which mirrors Source/God/Galactic Centre. It is also important to understand that both geometries are required in the lower worlds for duality and contrast to exist. It is by this contrast that growth and expansion are possible. As this happens new worlds are created as each type of human is polarised into the world they want to experience. This is presently happening where at least two very distinct but opposing worlds are in existence. This is the long awaited bifurcation process or “splitting of the worlds”.

Sovereignty and Your Responsibility

For those moving towards sovereignty of self it involves consciously taking back control on three levels. These are the physical, emotional and mental levels. Initially it involves putting energy into this endeavor. It does not deny the reality of this world but there is a deeper understanding. To take back control of ones own electromagnetic field is to “be the change we want to see in the world”. We begin this process by realising that we are not separate from nature and the cosmos. We are in fact a microcosm of the macrocosm. With this knowledge we begin to understand the human personality as a mixture of this awesomeness and “lower world programming”. It is this programming, this conditioning that prevents many from realising who they really are.


The whole “ascension” in human consciousness is essentially a deconditioning process. The lower world programming is just a bunch of default programs passed on by genetics and reinforced by our dysfunctional society “standards”. We can transcend this programming and indeed there are now many ways of doing this to gain Self Mastery. Initially we have to be willing to stop acting as closed systems and to progressively open ourselves up to the universe via higher chakras and axiatonal lines. We must be willing to put energy into our system via daily motivational and spiritual practices. This leads to growth and changing who we think we are.

In other words we have to be willing to step into courage, the first positive emotion on Hawkin’s map of the scale of consciousness. It is only when we step into courage and begin to transmute the lower aspects of ourselves that we know all power lies within, not over others. Evolving humanity are beginning to remember power WITHIN.

Sovereignty is a Three Step Process

So taking back control of our electromagnetic field or our sovereignty is essentially a 3 step process. It is not linear. It is the process of spiritualisation of the body that has long been taught by ancient lineages but largely forgotten about.


We must take care of our vehicles. This includes what we put into them in the form of organic diets and includes daily programs of exercise such as yoga and meditation. We should be aware of negative effects such as chemicals in our food, water and electromagnetic influences. This includes wifi, cell networks and other pollutions found especially in busy towns and cities. This particular transition has been well documented for thousands of years by various sacred texts.

Is it not obvious by now that the negative service to self element have been doing all they can to hold you back?


The most important thing to understand is that it is our Emotions that have been hijacked on this planet. Our reactive and unprocessed emotions are the fuel that the service to self polarity brigade use to create their “false grid matrix” on the planet. This is why there is so much strife and false flag attempts to harness our energy. Every time we have a negative emotional Reaction whether it’s on facebook or on a one to basis that energy contributes to the service to self polarity.

Reactive emotions are our unprocessed emotions.

Our individual realities are direct reflections of each one of us including those unprocessed emotions. However the good news is that this polarity is no longer being supported by the Universe. It is therefore imperative we take back control of our own matrix of energy, not by suppressing emotions but by feeling them deeply in a quiet and peaceful way no matter how powerful they feel.

This is the big one for most. It is our negative Reaction to situations and events that keep us in the “lower world”. However if we do have a negative reaction use it as a wonderful time to heal, to transmute the energy into a higher frequency. It is the suppressing and denying of emotions (or the unconscious acting out of them) that causes the problem and prevents us from being sovereign. We must learn to Pause, Relax and then Act Objectively with full conscious awareness;


We must reprogram the brain. The brain has been using favoured pathways of thinking to create our reality. That is our default programs which have been creating our lives so far following specific neurological pathways which can be changed. We can reprogram them because of what scientists call the neuroplasticity of the brain.

So humanity are waking up. We are realising how we have been under the dictates and imposed reality of 3D consciousness, the False Grid or Matrix. This particular false grid is policed, mostly unwittingly up until now, by us. Outwardly there are head slaves such as police chiefs, judges, high ranking armed forces officers and corporate directors who are in charge of the “slave plantation” and for their services are offered all sorts of inducements. They too are awakening. Of course the brain of the “beast” is the fractional banking system and the further extraction of our value via birth bond/legal PERSON structure without full disclosure.

Sovereignty, Higher Self and The Illusion

The higher self progressively became disconnected in the Fall in Consciousness on this planet. The higher self is each one of us in perfected form. To embody who you really are renewing energies must be downloaded and circulated into the incarnated entity. Without the higher self we are unable to see the bigger picture. We suffer from closed focus attention or tunnel vision and react to everything and anything. As renewing energies come through from higher aspects of ourselves – which always starts with the individuals willingness to open themselves up – our personal electromagnetic matrix is progressively cleared. Heavy and discordant energies are transmuted. Our DNA progressively allows more light in.

The way we feel higher aspects of ourselves is purely individual. Some may feel or have conversations with archetype energies such as angels and ascended masters. Others may just have an intuitive knowing about certain events and situations. As we move from duality or polarity to unity consciousness the quality and ease of movement of chi increases throughout our biological systems. As this happens there are physiological changes in the body. We change, grow and evolve.

Hijacking Our Matrix Prevents Sovereignty

sovereigntyThe reason our matrix is hijacked and both physical and energetic “false contracts” created by the service-to-self structures, is in order to prevent individual sovereignty. By preventing sovereignty individuals remain fragmented in their thinking and therefore victims. This continues the perpetrator/victim polarity structure. We could say that the contracts are “filaments and electrical wiring” connecting one aspect of the “false grid” to another. Remember each one of us is an electrical system. They are ‘false contracts’, containing false presentation. The entity is led astray by presuming he or she is following a kind of light. Yet the light is a ‘false light’, catching the soul into a net as a fish is caught in the ocean. The soul returns again and again through the fourth dimensional wheel back into a physical incarnation upon Earth.


This provides sustenance for the pyramid structures of service-to-self. The powerless entity is then absorbed by the self absorbed, its energy fuels the service-to-self structure rather than its own. The matrix is hijacked, the false contracts are created and the entire incarnation journey of the powerless structure is controlled. This is what has happened to humanity upon Earth for thousands of years.

A good physical example of this “false light” is in fact the birth certificate/bond mechanism. One “must” register the birth of a baby and the ensuing contract that being now supposedly has with the legal entity double. This is known as a PERSON. The energy stolen every time that beings signs their name ie. the signature creates more undisclosed financial instruments/contracts. (hint: always sign WITHOUT PREJUDICE before your signature).

Sovereignty and this Lifetime

In this lifetime we have the power to take back our individual sovereignty and control of self. It all starts by moving within. Acceptance, meditation and yoga type practices are essential at this time. All external mechanisms  to empower oneself are only dealing with SYMPTOMS. The internal journey deals with CAUSES allowing one to gain true freedom.

The human “DOing” is a human slave designed and conditioned by the system. By doing more he feels he is more and therefore feels more worthy. It is an old construct whereby the lure of materialism keeps him searching for fulfillment. This gratification or contentment can never be found in the action itself. By attaining true energetic sovereignty he returns to BEing human. He then realises that because he IS more he can DO more and with less effort too.







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