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Male Ejaculation and The Sublimation of Sexual Energy

The male ejaculation is deeply misunderstood. Instead of following full body awareness and a deep knowing (second brain and cranial brain working together) men tend to work in a fragmented separated way only following the dictates of the conditioned mind/cranial brain. This is the separation or disconnection we feel from life and indeed the cosmos. This veil or mind created reality is reinforced by programming and cellular memory.

From this place, regular male ejaculation serves our genes and the perpetuation of the human race. It does not serve our overall health and happiness. A pathway known as the “reward circuitry” which is connected to an older part of the brain called the limbic system guarantees we will receive a powerful neurochemical hit (think dopamine reward) when we pursue hot sex. Dopamine is known as the “craving” neurochemical. It stimulates the brain’s primitive reward circuitry and drives us towards new partners and sexual satiety.

Unfortunately when ejaculation occurs, since the neurochemical-cocktail pendulum has swung very far one way, it must now swing in the opposite direction to bring balance back to the overstressed endocrine system. Where once there was the feeling of excitement and euphoria now there is the feeling of depletion, irritability and tiredness.

A man can lose up to a third of his daily energy in one ejaculation. Imagine what several will do on a regular basis. It is not surprising then that he needs some time to recover. A proper recovery period, where the chemistry of the body moves back into balance, can be as long as two weeks. During this time men can experience a fluctuation in moods which drive a wedge between themselves and their partners.

This recovery period is so uncomfortable that the promise of another ejaculation will raise dopamine levels once again and the cycle begins anew. Many men are actually having sex and/or masturbating as a self-medicating technique against recurring emotional discomfort with a loss in the longer term of overall well-being. They are being controlled by their biochemistry. Indeed many men actually mistake their constant need for ejaculatory sex as a high libido. When in fact it is an addiction. Think how many men now use pornography as a way of relief/ self-medication/comfort.

Non-Ejaculation and The Higher Way

The Nag Hammadi Codices, which are texts that were found in a cave in North Eastern Egypt in 1945, more closely follow the teachings of Jesus than religion ever did. They emphasise the androgynous nature of the Divine. They record that Adam was immortal and whole until he produced children instead of engaging in sacred union. The Codices state that Jesus returned in order to heal the separation between the sexes in a mystery called the sacrament of the bridal chamber. In verse 51. Leloup, Gospel of Philip: 109 it states that:

“…….if the woman had not been separated from the man (through incorrect union), she would not die with the man. Her separation was the origin of death. Christ comes again to heal this wound, to rediscover the lost unity, to enliven those who kill themselves in separation, reviving them in union.”

Ejaculation and Genes

In a nutshell, our genes require as much ejaculation as possible with as many females as possible. On the other hand, our emotional system needs a sense of belonging with a mate which increases oxytocin (the loving hormone) in the body. This sense of belonging is the androgynous state (male/female energy in one body). As an aside, it is important to understand that male/female balance within one’s own body is the priority before any sexual union. In other words, we must integrate our own lower emotions into our human electromagnetic field. If we don’t do this then we keep repeating co-dependent type relationships until we do.

Our whole spiritual journey could be said to be driven largely by sexual energies. They are a large proportion of our life force. The urge to unite with God and/or a beloved is run on the same biological “circuitry” but higher levels of expression. The separated mind, genetic urge and of course the fact we are in individual genetic vehicles is the reason we feel so separated from each other. It is the reason there is a rift between men and woman in general. At a genetic level, we are actually designed to “fall in love” and fall out of love (think co-dependent relationship).  This is a lower frequency of expression of the human being and connected to the genetic urge to procreate.

Ejaculation and The Healing Process

Once we integrate our lower emotions (by feeling them and not reacting to them) we automatically allow more light into our systems via the crown/pituitary and third eye/pineal gland mechanism. These lower emotions are transmuted to a higher frequency of vibration. We begin to operate from a higher level of expression. Once we do this and ejaculation is controlled we enter the relationship as two whole beings. We then create a third energy which is the Christ consciousness now entering this world. Please note we must not completely suppress our need to ejaculate. These are powerful energies and completely suppressing them when we have been used to ejaculating will cause psychological issues. For example, we may experience a feeling of being “mentally unhinged”. We should gradually wean ourselves off the need as energy increasingly finds a route upwards instead of outwards.

Ejaculation Separates

The separating force of ejaculation based sex derives from the Latin word secare which means “to sever” or “dissect”. Pure love is about putting all the parts back again and purity of motive. For example, putting love before lust. There is nothing wrong with desire and lust providing love is the basis of the relationship. When love comes first and ejaculation second a bond between lovers that is so complete and selfless happens. A third, spiritual energy is then created between the couple. There are the man, woman and the relationship itself. (1+1 =3…Another example of the Sacred Trinity)

Most men accept the lack of connection with their partners after ejaculation. This is a lower evolutionary urge and connected to making babies. This is why it should be avoided as much as possible until such times as a couple want children. When ejaculation is avoided love based sex and sexual intimacy tends to increase in the relationship. The separation between the man and the woman becomes less obvious. Intimacy actually increases.

Refining ones awareness of sexual energy and understanding of the male ejaculation is a simple way for a man to return to pure consciousness over time. A single ejaculation of 200-500 million sperm cells is capable of populating an entire continent. It is not surprising then that a considerable amount of energy is consumed by men when they ejaculate. Also not so surprising a period of sleepiness is felt immediately afterwards, very often to the frustration of a partner.

Orgasm and Ejaculation

The conservation of the male “seed” is therefore crucial. Men must awaken to the fact that orgasm and ejaculation can be separated when awareness is brought to the sexual act. Orgasm actually happens a second or so before ejaculation. We must bring awareness into our reactive patterns by way of finding “the gap” or being mindful. Similarly, we must bring awareness and a gap between orgasm and ejaculation. If we don’t the energy lost by releasing our “seed” regularly weakens the physical body. Our health can then deteriorate over time.

It also leads to an unconscious anger or separating influence between men and woman as “she” continually “drains” him of life force energy. In reality, awareness and responsibility for ejaculation must be at the door of the man. It’s his body after all. However, it is also important to be with a partner who understands the mechanism and “lower” and “higher” workings of the human body.

Ejaculation and Daoist Understandings

During sexual arousal, the sexual “essence” or “ching” expands rapidly in the testicles. Some energy rises to the higher centres in the heart, brain, glands and nervous system. However, ejaculation cuts this process off!!! As we become more open, progressively move out of the mind created reality, trust more in life and follow the subtle promptings of the body, subtle channels open up in our anatomy and physiology. From the testicles up to the spine to the head and back down to the navel. Daoists call this the “microcosmic orbit”. Note well that we can only move energy up once a certain degree of emotional integration has been done. This polarity balancing and harmonising is summed up well by Kenneth Cohen in his book “The Way of Qi Gong” where he writes:

“Qi then can be defined as the energy produced when complementary, polar opposites are harmonised. Vital energy, qi, arises when opposites are unified…….”

Ejaculation and Harmonisation

In two harmonised individuals the sexual act becomes the springboard to transform the sexual attraction into love for each other, spiritual awareness and higher purpose and service. Providing it is not cut short by the male ejaculation. This means that the unconscious power struggles that have existed in co-dependent relationships are gradually reduced and then transcended. The couple then begins to share one aura. Think back to the Nam Hammadi Codices in respect to the androgynous nature of the Divine. Adam was immortal and whole until he produced children instead of engaging in sacred union. A large part of the ascending journey and back to wholeness for a man is to engage in non-ejaculatory sex.

Balancing this sexual polarity within a couple is deeply spiritual work. It moves them out of the 3D paradigm or mind created reality and into higher consciousness and awareness. When enough people have done this the planet moves to a higher reality. At the time of writing this, this is ongoing. It is quite clear there are at least two distinct realities “co-habiting” the planet at present.

Ejaculation and Balance

Cultivating sexual energy and controlling ejaculation is important. However, it is only one part of moving back into our Divinity, “The Tao”, Oneness, or Cosmic Harmony. Over emphasising sexual pleasure as some tantric methods do creates an imbalance between general vital energy (chi), sex essence(ching) and spirit (shien). As always the middle road in anything we do takes us out of polarity and extremes. If our pendulum swings too far one way it will have to swing an equal amount in the other direction. If it doesn’t then we remain out of balance.

At all costs avoid sex without love. Treat women with reverence, love and respect. Many women already have an intuitive feel for the transmutation of sexual energies. They are able to move ching upwards to the heart and higher mind. The receptive and intuitive nature of woman allows them to quickly learn “higher loving”. One of the reasons is that they tend not to have the same energy blocks. In particular between lower chakras and the heart chakra that many men do.

Final Comments

It is now time for men who feel drawn to step forward and master the processes in their own bodies. Awareness of this process must become mainstream. Even from a logical point of view, it is not “economical” to “spill your seed” so regularly and so wastefully. When not in the act of procreating surely nature created another way. Yes, she did and it is important to be aware of it.

“Accidents” in lovemaking will happen and are something to laugh at and not to feel guilty about. Men have been hard-wired to ejaculate for generations after all. It’s not an easy habit to kick. Especially since sexual marketing is everywhere and we can view pornography at the click of a button.

As our awareness increases of who we are it is something that each one of us will want to investigate. Our partners will certainly appreciate it as we become more conscious about our lovemaking if only to prevent premature ejaculation and increase sexual pleasure. Transmutation of our sexual energies is a natural evolutionary urge as awareness dawns. The key is to keep practising and enjoy ourselves. For me, this knowledge gives new meaning to the following quote taken from Matthew 18:3 King James Bible

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”



Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia. Free Copy here.

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson.


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Impatience and Natural Rhythms

Impatience happens because we disconnect ourselves from the natural rhythms and cycles of life. We function from the mind created reality. By giving the mind more responsibility than it is capable of we plunge ourselves into the lower self and it’s beliefs and perceptions about life. These beliefs and perceptions always come from the back drop of cellular memories and therefore take us out of the present moment. That is reality. In other words we use our will instead of Thy Will. We function from the limitation of the mind and are unable to see and feel the greater story being played out via the planet and solar system.

To move out of the mind and function from the higher self or God Self we must trust. We must have confidence in something greater than the lower or small self. By trusting universal rhythms and intuitive timing, the rhythms of the seasons, the timing of cell growth and decay and the natural cycles of nature we have moved into a higher consciousness. By not doing this we distrust life and become impatient. Being impatient cuts us off from living a heart filled life. It disconnects us from the heart beat of life. It will therefore undermine our health.

Impatience manifests because we see ourselves separate from life. Some would say that impatience shows up when we are goal orientated and want to get things going. They say that is a positive quality. As a former “goal orientated” person I would say that being impatient appears because we feel ourself so separated from life and others. The separated self wants to achieve something for itself because it doesn’t understand the unity of life. Very often this is at the cost of the beings very humanity. We don’t understand that impatience is not natural but instead comes about because we have lost our natural rhythm at a biological level.

When we feel impatient our breathing will also have moved away from its natural rhythm. This is because our nervous system has moved into one of its default patterns. We have moved out of trust of the feminine or heart of oneself which is our link to natural rhythms. Rather than being goal orientated it is better to have a daily intention in a certain direction. It is much more gentle but much more powerful. It allows for the natural ebb and flow of life. If we don’t then we are stuck in the realm of the mind and the separated self. Life becomes an uphill battle.

Being impatient is therefore rooted in the mind where all dysfunction begins. The mind sees everything in time. Past, present and future. It sees life as an endless “to do” list. To escape impatience is to move out of the mind and therefore time. Impatience is always accompanied by a feeling of lack of progress. In turn the lack of progress is always accompanied by impatience. It is always driven by anxiety and fear of course. In this case the fear of running out of time. We see this fear in humanity and in particular in the business and corporate worlds. Here, everything is driven by competition with time, the need to beat time. For example, unrealistic deadlines and too many appointments.

We have forgotten that life itself (open heart) sets all patterns and in this epoch, accelerated evolution. This is why we sometimes have felt that time is speeding up. We have forgotten that we are merely the agents of natural evolutionary patterns and cycles. Noticing ourselves being impatient is good because we have the opportunity to sink deep into our own center. Then we can open the heart and awaken. The more we sink into our own heart and life itself the more patient we become.

I mentioned above that impatience is very much linked to progress. In humanity generally this underlying impatience is seen as the need for “evolutionary progress”. This comes in the form of economic growth and technological progress. The first is an illusion and the second is our life force externalised. There is enough for everyone but resources are plundered for the benefit of a few.

All wars are about commandeering resources and keeping consciousness levels low (fear and survival). True progress has everything to do with the raising of consciousness and awareness. It has little to do with physical manifestations (the outer experience). True progress, in terms of consciousness and awareness, has been stunted in favour of external progress, for example technological progress. The outer world has evolved at the expense of the inner which has lead us to a ridiculous situation. While we are able to create energy from the ether, we are still raping, killing and destroying each other and our planet.

Impatience and Chemical Imbalances

One of the main reasons for impatience and the need for constant progress is distraction. Our hormone levels and especially serotonin – the feel good hormone – is very low in people generally. Lack of serotonin and the need for constant progress and fulfillment has lead human beings to reach for other avenues of distraction. Sex, drugs, food, money accumulation, religion, science and even war all increase serotonin levels briefly. Unfortunately if its not clear by now nothing external will ever lead to a natural chemical balance within the body. That especially includes those advertised by the pharmaceutical industries. Indeed it is our very impatience with life that fuels this hunger and our hunger that fuels the impatience. In a nut shell very few people know exactly what they really want but they want it now.

The lack of deep acceptance of this apparent imbalance inside of us has created a lack of peace. Indeed its not happiness that we crave its internal peace ie the balancing of polarities within each one of us. Its because of this lack of balance that we look outside ourselves in the first place for fulfillment. We blame situations and people for our lack of peace. Low levels of serotonin in the body lead to states of depression and cravings. Science still doesn’t understand that so called normal levels of serotonin are actually very low. What people are actually suffering from is a chemical imbalance. This chemical imbalance is created by an out of balance endocrine system which is in turn caused by a lack of circulation of chi around the microcosmic orbit.

Popping Pills or Higher Awareness

We cannot create a balance externally by popping a pill which increases serotonin. We cannot pop a pill to affect reaction A and B in the body because we automatically put C D and E out of balance. At that level we are dealing with symptoms and not causes. Hopefully people are beginning to move on from that. The only way to deal with our chemical imbalances is to allow higher states of awareness into our bodies. This allows more chi to flow around the microcosmic orbit.  We do this by progressively opening up our energetic system and moving out of closed circuit thinking.  Instead of looking out there for the solution we begin to internalise our own energy by whatever means we feel drawn to eg yoga, meditation and a much more balanced lifestyle. This allows us the opportunity to open the heart space and master self.


patienceThe antidote to impatience is …. well, patience. The more patient you become the more you learn that patience pays off. Patience is very similar to trusting in life. Many are disconnected from life and don’t understand trust. If you trust life you will trust life in every moment. When things are bad you will simply center yourself, for example by abdominal breathing and remain in the flow. As you remain in the flow more consistently you realise there is a natural movement and rhythm to life such as the annual rhythms of the 4 seasons. The more open hearted we are and less mind controlled the more healthy we become. Our auras become more magnetic.

Learning to become less impatient is very powerful. It will literally open the heart and a higher code will be activated in our DNA. The body is designed to awaken to higher frequencies, which is why we respond so well to states of love. Like wise when we move into the heart space we automatically realise the imbalance we have created by our constant need for external progress. Understanding becomes a given. The need for external knowledge dies down as we begin to understand life on a deeper level. In other words we don’t need external verification. When we are in our heart space the feeling of love is more readily available to us. Serotonin production is increased and stabilised within the chemistry of the brain. Finally the human being can evolve his inner world as well as his outer. In fact evolving the inner automatically changes the outer.

The Evolution of the Heart

The evolution of the heart actually takes place in the ganglia of the solar plexus or second brain. This area or “Cauldron” is where our primal awareness sits. Its where the yin and yang energies integrate. As this happens and polarities within ourselves resolve our three brains re-balance. The cranial brain, heart brain and second brain start to function in harmony with each other. It is important that we understand that the love we feel is nothing to do with a second person. Although it may be reflected back from another. It is self love, our natural state when we are connected to the cosmos and nature. We feel it “as all polarities within ourselves are resolved.”

Chi or God begins to flow unimpeded throughout our systems. We literally raise our own consciousness and by doing so natural physiological changes take place in the body eg our endocrine system re-balances itself as more light is allowed to enter our energetic system. The final frontier of human progress will in fact turn to adventure. This adventure will not be in external space and the cosmos although that may well happen. However that will only be the reflection of a much more profound adventure. The adventure I’m referring to is moving within and mastering self.

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Rebellion, Start Right Away

The true nature of rebellion is of individuality, of following a path rarely travelled by others. Unfortunately the masses choose mediocrity, security and sameness. In the past rebellion has been unsafe. Our cellular memories shout at us not to rock the boat. Our genes conform and remain in their shadow states. After all they have memories of torture and death at the same systems that rule today. For example the Catholic Church/Spanish Inquisition and the “witch hunts” that took place then.

And here we are again rebelling at the same dysfunctional systems but this time we realise that we must rebel maintaining energetic sovereignty and provide a pathway for the millions who remain closed and afraid. The traditional meaning of rebellion is only as good as the manipulated consciousness understands. True rebellion and what will be discussed in this article is a creative process. It uses as yet unexplored neurological pathways only experienced by the more “artistically” inclined. But which can be used by anyone once they follow their higher self.

Our living planet is rebelling and going through the same process against the rape of its resources. Parasitic systems of dysfunction are not being supported energetically anymore. Over a relatively short time they will cease to exist. The more each one of use maintains energetic sovereignty, refuses to compromise ones path and doesn’t feed the old systems via lower emotions the quicker they will disappear or morph into something more empowering for humanity. However it is up to each one of us to move into higher purpose and create the necessary systems to help humanity grow. Far from being another hierarchical structure based on power over and falling into parasiting energy the new systems will be based on heterarchy. They will grow from the hierarchal systems and many businesses will maintain both structures. In other words both yin and the yang will be in balance as nature intended.

Rebellion Directly Confronts Mediocrity


By accepting mediocrity and the same thinking as the masses one can never be their own hero or heroine. Instead we must look to others for their rebellious story or energy. In other words an authority outside of self. Mediocrity serves the machinery of society whereas rebellion forges a new pathway. Rebellion, properly harnessed as a “fire” energy, is the cutting edge of creation. It comes into being via ones own uninterrupted life force energy coursing through an unblocked energetic system. We must become aware of all our energy leaks, think five thieves (senses) and gain Self Mastery. Mediocrity makes you a slave and marries you to safety, predictability, sameness and more than anything the deluded consciousness of others. It is to believe and perceive one as separate from creation because of a compromised energetic system. It is to be stuck in the lower mind.

Rebellion and the Mind

Instead of feeling the crisp cool air of freedom one is trapped, twisting and squirming in their own frustration. Mediocrity is to follow the well trodden pathways of a compromised lifestyle conforming to the prevailing regimes and showing little or no creativity or spontaneity. Those well trodden neurological pathways in the brain are the calling card of the lower mind and therefore mediocrity. They can be changed because of the neuroplasticity of the brain but few entertain this empowering reality.  It is the time of the freethinkers but be warned it is only for the courageous. For those who want to morph into an expanded version of self. Remember courage is not about having no fear. It is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. You will have no back up, no security plan apart from the sweet comforting nature of life itself and a single minded attitude of no compromise.

Rebellion and Style

By being rebellious you will need to follow your own rebellious and stylish spirit in the world. Until you can feel, fully accept and surrender to this energy you will always be a prisoner to your own mind. Until you use a different yard stick than materialism and the hoarding of money you will not be able to have the confidence to follow your rebellious soul urgings. In this respect a truly rebellious nature cannot be faked. It cannot be imitated. It is experienced through the flowering of your own genetic gifts. By spiritualising and cleansing the body your rebellious and true essence will come on line.

Of course your rebellious nature will not sit well in mainstream society. Do you really care? Freethinkers are only interested in breaking the monotony of the imprisoned consciousness experienced by the human slave race. Rebellious freethinkers are only interested in freeing up other freethinkers so a new empowered and higher functioning society can be formed.

Rebellion is Nature Personified

The rebellious nature of true style mimics nature. It opens up a person who previously acted as a closed and separated self who compromised their life force into a mediocre pathway. Rebellion allows the cutting edge of creation to work through the individual’s unique genetic vehicle. It is wild and organic yet always has the discipline of self mastery. Previously the energy and work of these people was unappreciated very often until well after they had crossed over. Up until now that energy was expressed by the more artistic and therefore almost accepted as “normal” by humanity. In other words it was safely “controlled” to one area of society. Now many in all areas of society are awakening and allowing a creative force to run through them. This only happens when a suitable period of de-conditioning takes place. Yoga and meditation are becoming the new norm.

Self Mastery

A rebellious nature is one that centres itself in the belly, lower tan tien or second brain. A rebellious nature knows that to be creative one has to work with the cycles of nature and the universe. Mixing yin and yang energies in the “cauldron of the second brain” and at the same time keeping an open heart. To be both receptive and creative, to respond to creation and allow life to flow through ones purified body. To always move and abdominal breathe via the second brain. The abdominal area is both symbolically and scientifically the font of human power and fertility. The celiac or solar plexus is a complex network of nerves which feeds “fire energy” to the navel point. It provides the motivation and enthusiasm for life.

The solar plexus is noted for the place holding our personal power and will. This is the center of the spiritual and rebellious warrior because this is the chakra that gifts us with the ability to initiate one’s mission and complete it. This chakra is about action, being in integrity, and taking risks. Focus and the ability to use our feelings to fuel action come from this chakra.

“If you do not speak from the navel, you will never be alert, and if you will not be alert, you shall not have a mastery over time and space.” – Yogi Bhajan

Speaking from the navel point lends an air of authority as its base language is “command”.

The True Rebel

The rebel is never afraid to do things in their own unique way. They have unique flair but only because they have opened up their energetic systems to life. They refuse to compromise their wild and organic energies being now simultaneously connected to nature, the planet and the universe. This connection allows the rebellious creative energy to magnetise the right supportive and synchronised events and people to them as needed. As they follow their true calling they transmute poverty consciousness and the fear of success and draw to them all the material resources required to fulfill their soul plan and destiny. In doing so this world changes and morphs “in the twinkling of an eye”.

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Entropy and The Law of Vibration

For many entropy is all around them at the moment. One of the greatest weaknesses or blind spots in the human being is the refusal to be courageous. The refusal to move from illusion to reality until enough “way showers” have done it first. This “pack” or tribal conditioning has been built into our very genes because in times gone by it was unsafe to be different. Indeed this rigidity, this fear of being different has caused most on this planet to resent the prevailing systems of lack and sameness but do nothing about them. To continue to contribute to them by focusing their intent and energy in that same direction.

This sameness and conformity has caused many to constantly be in a state of inertia. They reinforce their illusionary mind “stories” created for them by the mass conditioning programs. This inertia, this rigidity of beliefs, or closing down of the energetic system creates entropy. Entropy causes the premature wearing down of the physical body. By refusing to allow renewing energies in from the universe and carefully policing and reinforcing outdated and rigid belief systems about how life really works.

This refusal during this changing cosmic cycle has slowed the whole process of human ascension (evolution) on this planet. Fortunately and especially for those still focusing their energy on the old electromagnetic matrix and stuck in the old systems of “maya”, the proverbial line in the sand has been drawn. In the coming physical events including the collapse of the Orion debt based slave money system many will realise that universal energies must be allowed to move through them unless they want to continue to inhabit the lower Orion/reptilian based network of separation, fear and competition. It’s now time to choose the reality you want to focus on. It’s time to completely let go of those outdated beliefs about how life really works. But only if you are to ascend to a higher understanding of self and the universe.


According to the mind we cannot do anything about entropy. The mind is in illusion though. A simple definition of entropy could be:

“A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a CLOSED system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.”

Human beings generally think they are closed systems. They generally want to stay separate. The more closed you are the more rigid are your beliefs. As human beings we generally do not accept ourselves which creates a kind of apathy or gloom. Entropy could be said is the opposite of love. We have shut down our system to source energies so much we feel alone and separated. Entropy is the black hole to creativities white hole.

However entropy is actually an extremely fertile state of awareness. Providing we don’t suppress this apathy or gloom but sit with it we can wait and it will automatically move to creativity. Human beings try to avoid the feelings of apathy and gloom like the plague. They constantly keep themselves in a false state of creativity and joy by distractions such as addictions or unresourceful behaviours. They then become the target for todays hyped up marketing nonsense. Promising fulfillment from something outside ourselves.

Entropy and Contemplative Awareness

entropyThis is impossible because life cannot live without a certain amount of duality. Instead of waiting patiently in contemplative awareness we immediately distract ourselves from the lower emotions. We try to “fix” them which doesn’t allow the cycle to finish. Since there is a physiological process taking place chemicals are released into the body. If this process doesn’t complete then we risk hardwiring lower states such as depression into the body. Depression usually comes about because we resist certain shadow frequencies. Every time a person moves cleanly through the lower frequencies, not attaching to them but just watching them they illustrate the creation myth….

“Out of the darkness there was light”.

Suddenly we find ourselves moving from the lower frequencies and into joy and the creative need to express it. As you are able to go through this process repeatedly and cleanly without trying to avoid it, a sense of freshness and newness will enter your life. Your vessel will become clearer for the creative process to take place as cellular frequency increases. The Law of Vibration begins to make itself tangible.

The Law of Vibration

Sometimes called the Law of Hierarchies, the Law of Vibration is in total contrast to our existing systems of hierarchy. They consist of an out of balance yang energy and therefore based on fear. Contrary to popular belief the spiritual realm is built on hierarchy but that is where the similarity ends. The higher a human being vibrates then the more awareness and therefore wisdom and unconditional love that being will demonstrate. This is simply because they are aware of how life really works. This automatically and naturally puts those souls who are of a higher frequency of vibration “overseeing” souls whose frequency doesn’t quite allow them to see the bigger picture. These higher frequency souls then become the way showers of “younger” or less experienced souls.

Contrast this with our 3D world. It is set up at present with lower frequency souls (the power over brigade) at the top of the pyramid. Older souls are left quietly embodying their divinity (higher energetic aspects). Thereby forcing the total collapse of existing slavery systems as group consciousness vibrates higher and higher.

Self mastery and the Older Soul

Another obvious tell tale sign of the “older soul” in this changing cycle is the focus on Self Mastery and the journey within, the fusion of the physical body with his or her higher energy bodies. We are quite literally allowing higher aspects of ourselves (spiritual bodies) to integrate into the physical body. At the same time purifying our lower bodies (the mental, emotional and physical bodies).

This fusion en mass by older souls all over the planet in tandem with the planet doing the same thing and us now being inside the photon belt is having a profound effect on human consciousness. This is in spite of those “ruling” powers causing chaos and dysfunction. Trying to lead humanity down the path of fear and terror. The new reality is about expanding our consciousness into the unseen, unheard and invisible realms. We mustn’t be ruled by the logic of the mind. To do this we first have to balance our polarity thinking whilst we focus on unconditional love.

The Resolution of Polarity Thinking

Polarity or duality thinking is the cause of all the problems in our lives and on this planet. We create our whole lives in the mental plane first. If there is duality here then it filters down into the emotional body as lower emotions. The physical body becomes tight and eventually diseased.

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration; True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art” The Kybalion

The process of evolution is the taking back of control of our mental processes and therefore energetic sovereignty. It is to realise that the mind is not who we are. However it is a tool which must be used correctly. Many still remain stuck in the mind to such an extent that that is who they think they are.

One Consciousness in Individual Bodies

We are One Consciousness inhabiting unique and individual biological vessels with a different perspective and understanding of life. As a human race we are all moving towards enlightenment. This is the regular habit of coming out of the mind and being this one consciousness. To do this we must come away from constantly “inhabiting” the mind and become aware of other areas of the body especially the heart and second brain. It is about seeing the bigger picture and therefore having a deeper understanding and wisdom about life. As we do this our thinking mind begins to calm and something rather extraordinary happens. Chi or qi energy in the body begins to flow again unimpeded by “mental/emotional” blocks. This has a huge beneficial effect on the physical body.

“Qi then can be defined as the energy produced when complementary, polar opposites are harmonised. Vital energy, qi, arises when opposites are unified…….” The Way of Qi Gong” by Kenneth S. Cohen

As we progressively move out of polarity thinking into unity by spending more of our time in the body our energetic systems begin to function again optimally. We can then concentrate on using our minds as a focusing tool in tandem with our hearts’ desires. Moving out of these mind programs and into non polarity thinking moves us out of the highly charged fear paradigm. It moves us away from existing slavery systems and attachment to their inevitable collapse. After all they are just a reflection of humanities unconsciousness.

Unconditional Love

The road to unconditional love can only be travelled once non polarity or neutral thinking becomes a habit. This in turn allows negative emotions to be transmuted. Unconditional love is of a higher order or vibration because it doesn’t allow the lower emotions to have an input. The person who exhibits unconditional love is a very high vibration being because he or she comes from a place of absolute neutrality. This person will listen to others’ point of view, but doesn’t necessarily agree. This person understands that the others point of view will not affect them in any way because they are not vibrating at “tick tock” speed. Therefore they are not easily pulled into that lower energy frequency.

A being who is demonstrating true unconditional love gives up all mundane efforts and activities and follows his/her soul which is now the dominant force in his/her life. Any effort to follow or comply with the demands of society affords an adaptation to the lower frequency, anxiety and fear based self preservation patterns that control current society. From this perspective society is an enormous trap to the ascending being. Therefore it is imperative that one follows the callings of his or her soul and demonstrates unconditional love.

The Heart Chakra

The 4th chakra (heart) or emotional centre is blocked in most individuals. Therefore for this reason many are not able to experience unconditional love. Most people who are ascending in consciousness and away from the fear based paradigm can attribute many of their issues to a blocked or closed 4th chakra. The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the experience of various angst or fear patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the DNA by the soul and profoundly affect human behaviour.

The 4th chakra is associated with the thymus. As the 4th chakra opens the thymus begins to grow. The growth of the thymus can be associated with chest pains, asphyxia, episodes of severe bronchitis and pneumonitis. It is often misdiagnosed by doctors who are still in the dark about the ascension of humanity. One of the most disturbing symptoms is the sudden onset of heart arrhythmia which is due to the heart regulating itself to the new powerful astral energies which flow unrestricted in the body once the 4th chakra is fully open.

Enjoy the Ride

As I mentioned earlier we are in a new cycle and with that comes the “death” of the old and the chaos that is the transition period. The transition period has been here for some time and depending on the adherence to the urgings of your own soul and your “contract” in this lifetime you may be experiencing various levels of chaos. The important thing to remember is that you cannot control life, nor can you remain separate from it. You are in fact the “container” that life flows through. In other words your not a container at all so stop acting like it!! The level of chaos or joy is indicative of the level of letting go you are prepared to undertake. But one thing is for sure life will move on with or without you. Personally I would rather let go and enjoy the ride.


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Constriction and its Removal Equals Love

The secret to love lies in not allowing constriction in our lives in any way. Love is our natural state.

Why then do people remain constricted?

Most are unwilling to release their constrictions because it requires a release of the person that their mind tells them they are. They are afraid of losing their identity. This identity is illusion and is created by programming and the lower mind.

For those who are willing to move towards reconnection with their higher self, courage must be demonstrated in every moment. Courage is the first positive emotion on Dr Hawkin’s scale of consciousness. Courage is not a lack of fear, courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. The act of courage calls forth that deeper part of ourselves that supports and sustains us. Courage comes from the heart.

Constriction and the Bigger Picture

Constriction comes when we are focused in on the illusion, when we don’t see the bigger picture. Look up at the universe, the moon, sun, planets and the stars. That space between them and you is filled with energy from those heavenly bodies which affects you. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm, your cells need that energy/light to function optimally. This light comes from the ebb and flow of moon/sun 24hr cycles, from seasonal cycles and important planetary alignments such as the equinoxes. Without correct metabolism and cleansing of our cells dehydration and acidosis turn up. This is followed by disease. This lack of awareness, this shutting down of our systems happens because we are exposed to the mass conditioning programs of this planet from birth to death.

Constriction and the Body

constrictionBy tuning into our bodies we feel constriction. We feel it when we become disconnected from higher states such as inspiration, joy and enthusiasm. If we don’t relax and reconnect, our bodies become tighter and our lives increasingly consist of the mundane with denial and distraction to “keep us going.” We can however move into courage and sit with our fears and worries. By doing this we allow the light of our consciousness to expose any shadow parts of self.

If there is any constriction it is there for a higher purpose. The “fuel” to catapult us into higher states. Since constriction is felt in the body it can be felt in myofascial tissue which unwinds as we become more present, freeing up parts of the body that are tight. As our body unwinds chi or qi begins to flow unimpeded. As chi begins to flow without constriction this is always registered as “ah ha” moments and an increase in consciousness.

Constriction in our Communities

Constriction can be felt in most areas of life. It can be felt in our communities where bureaucracy and red tape hold us back, where passports and identification papers must be shown and where fences and walls keep us out or separated from others. It can be felt in our relationships where we cling to people and use them as “ballast” instead of allowing the natural flow of love. We do the same with money which gives us a false sense of “security”. We arrived on this planet naked and we shall leave with nothing. The security you pursue through money accumulation is a fear of death and if not contemplated and transmuted takes you further into illusion. Indeed the very preoccupation with survival keeps us away from who we are.

Fear and Ignorance

Fear creates a biofeedback system that ensures its survival. It is afraid of itself, which ensures that it never accepts itself, and guarantees its place in our lives. Fear is a vast constricting pressure choking the life out of everyone and yet ultimately it’s nothing more than illusion. However the fear associated with sudden adverse situations such as physical attack is natural and part of our fight or flight response.

Ignorance is also constriction. There has been a deliberate tendency for people to be ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss but another constriction which closes down the higher faculties. Ignorance is misery and the collective misery has been suppressed by distraction. We display ignorance when we are too serious about our lives. By trusting life we try to take control of the events that happen to us. We have a fantastic opportunity to remove constriction in our lives courtesy of the photon belt and set ourselves free so we can love again.

Anger is another constriction. People who remain angry are unwilling to own their stuff. They are not willing to take responsibility. They project their fears out into the world.

The Antidote to Constriction

By allowing the fear we are experiencing to rise up in ourselves we are owning the very sacred wound of separation which can then be worked with. As we allow ourself to feel it and accept it, it begins to transmute into a higher energy. The momentum of our life moves towards love. We are resolving polarity/duality thinking and allowing more energy into our system. We begin to feel more optimistic and joyful.

As we regularly feel acceptance in our lives and work through the various vibrational layers as with any emotion, the more we move into our natural state of love. By moving into acceptance and love the more we unwind and the more we open our hearts to human pain. As we do this we provide a huge service to mankind. Instead of being the problem we become the solution. Eventually we will make a permanent leap in consciousness whereby we have transmuted all our fear and it is no longer possible to “go back” into the lower vibrational dimensions.


It is our true natures that we all seek. It lies within our shadows and it is only by allowing ourselves to feel those shadows and accepting them that we will find it. Every situation and person we meet is a mirror or catalyst in helping our transformation. Accept all our suffering and don’t resist it because as energetic beings it is only in accepting everything that we can truly feel our hearts open. It is only when the heart is fully open that we can transform ourselves.

All spiritual paths are in fact an urge to stop suffering. Ironically it is our non acceptance of suffering that makes us seek in the first place. This very seeking is based on the urge to avoid the sacred wound of separation. It is only when we eventually get to acceptance and complete surrender to our helplessness that resistance to the wound falls away and our consciousness takes a huge leap. Our permanent state becomes love and we remove a huge genetic constriction from humanity. We have helped to raise the frequency of vibration of the planet immensely and Self Mastery is realised.


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Laughing Our Way to Enlightenment

Laughing our way to enlightenment and good health is an idea that came to me after reading Taoist philosophies and doing some of their practices. Working as a healer it is obvious that all our physical body issues including disease and suffering are caused by physiological stress. In turn this is caused by negative mental and emotional patterns and our caustic environment. This includes electromagnetic pollution and what we ingest. In fact eastern philosophies consider all negative emotions as the beginning of disease.

The first big step to enlightenment and good health is to be at peace with ourselves. The ‘lower’ emotions have to be transmuted!! To intervene and allow this process to take place we must allow more chi or cosmic energies to enter our human electromagnetic field (HEF). There are many tools and ways to do this. This is a process and therefore a disciplined healing or spiritual practice must be used on a daily basis. One of the easiest tools to use as part of that practice is the power of laughter.

laughingA good belly laugh, one in which tears begin to roll down our faces, has the most amazing physiological effects on the body. Laughing is a very natural and soothing method of calming the nervous system, for example by stimulating the vagus nerve, digestive, circulatory and immune systems. In this way more energy is generated and made available.

Deliberately taking the time to laugh as part of our “spiritual practice” is an easy way to connect and get to know ourselves. This leads to Self Mastery. Everybody wants to laugh. Laughing for our health teaches us how to connect way down in our lower abdominal area. Laughing will therefore strengthen our abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the urogenital muscles of the pelvic floor. When our lower abdominal area, that is the Lower Tan Tien in Taoist philosophy, is stimulated by deep belly laughing we create awareness and energy in this area. Laughing from our Lower Tan Tien or second brain stimulates all this area and also the heart, brain and thymus gland. Awareness and energy in this area allows us to release many fear patterns and to once again connect with our essence.

As a therapist I frequently become aware of clients holding patterns or tension in the buttocks, lower back and abdominal area. Many people hold tension in these muscles because of anxiety and fear. We have also forgotten how to naturally breath the body because of negative emotional patterns. A deep belly laugh will help to “reset” the system and move you from chest breathing back to abdominal breathing.

Allowing laughter to clear tensions in the abdominal area actually feels like a workout in the beginning if you are not used to having a good laugh. However this is only because of the tension that is held in this area. A good belly laugh will relax this area. The vibration created will also relax other areas such as the diaphragm, sternum, spine and organs of the body. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins and therefore will promote an overall sense of well-being.

You Must Laugh Every Day As Part Of Your Spiritual Practice

We live in a society where we are experts at knowing what colour of clothes goes best with our eyes yet we know little or nothing about our internal organs. Most don’t even know where they are positioned and consider it the job of experts to know. In other words something/someone outside of self. We therefore give over our power to them and due to our ignorance conform to the prevailing methods of treatment. This further limits us because the root cause is often never dealt with. That root cause always comes from you.

Earlier I said that all disease arises from physiological stress which comes from negative emotional patterns and our polluted environment. When you release negative emotions you automatically cannot keep doing things which are unresourceful to yourself. This includes eating chemically rich drinks and foods and living in a polluted environment. You will automatically improve your diet and living situation even if it means moving to a different area or country.

Laughter takes you into a different consciousness state. For most the everyday consciousness level is known as the beta wave. This is changing for some of us who are moving towards Self Mastery. When the beta rhythm is engaged only the left hand brain functions and is associated very much with the mundane world and linear thinking. For example organising a meeting, paying the bills or how to get from A to B. When we are in this state for too long life becomes a drag. When we move into other states such as Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. We are in altered states of consciousness where both left and right hand hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other.

Instead of taking part in sequential and mundane routine we become excited about our lives, more creative and begin to understand the underlying nature of reality. We are able to download higher understandings and knowledge. When we laugh we activate these other consciousness levels. A study done by Loma Linda University in 2014 demonstrated that:

“Subjects who engage in joyful laughter produce substantial brain gamma wave band frequencies (30 to 40 Hz), which, according to other published research, are now known to be similar to those experienced by people who meditate and reach a state of contentment and happiness……”

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Laughing:

  1. Regular laughing interrupts old outdated and repetitive negative thinking patterns and therefore those default “pathways” are no longer reinforced. There is then less likely hood of the negative emotional patterns which follow;
  2. Laughing eases all negative emotions with the corresponding positive effect on the physical body;
  3. Laughing improves your mood with the corresponding decrease in physiological stress leading to a much stronger constitution.

The Physical Benefits of Regular Laughing:

  1. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins and our whole body relaxes just as it does after a workout;
  2. ​It boosts the immune system;
  3. Protects the heart – just like a workout regular laughing improves the function of the whole cardiovascular system;
  4. It is a good pain relief;
  5. Laughter reduces physiological stress which ultimately has very beneficial effects on the physical body.

The Social Benefits of Regular Laughing:

  1. Laughing is a universal language found in every race irrespective of social, ethnic, and cultural differences. It brings people together;
  2. Laughter automatically brings us into social interactions even with complete strangers. It therefore strengthens existing relationships and forges new ones;
  3. Laughter helps diffuse conflict and can turn a situation around;
  4. It enhances teamwork and promotes group bonding;
  5. Regular laughing will keep close relationships intact and help remove the monotony of mundane life.

In a nutshell because of the enhanced effects of regular laughing on mental and emotional patterns the human electromagnetic field will release lower energy patterns in the longer term. This filters down into the physical body as feelings of lightness, ease and general well being. It is therefore very important that we use laughter on a regular basis as part of our spiritual practice.

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Healing is all about Going Within

Can you imagine being healthy all the time? That when you feel slightly off or have a pain develop somewhere in your body you become aware of why it’s there? Envision being able to take the necessary healing steps to understand and integrate the significance of what your feeling…..

Imagine having this sort of body-mind awareness?

This is not some situation in the future, this is happening now! People all over the world are dumping what they thought was real in terms of what they have been taught and are now starting to listen to their intuition, that quiet small voice of wisdom, their very own higher self. You will only have access to your higher self as your body comes into holistic balance. As it reconnects to the cosmos you will move into your natural state of being.

People all over the world are starting ”the journey” back to ‘Source Energy’ … their creative source, to their essence.

Do you want to come too?

If the answer is yes then open your mind to possibilities. Don’t close yourself down by believing everything you have been taught. It was put there for one reason only and that was to give you the experience of lack, of suffering and being separate. Now it’s time to go ‘home’. Home by the way is a frequency of vibration, a refined and “cleansed” energy so…….

Take off the filters…that beLIEf system you have used to keep you unconscious and asleep…it’s time to go within and reach for the stars.

You are not ‘going anywhere’ you are just changing your perception of the world by removing a limiting beLIEf system. You are viewing it increasingly through the truth of the heart and objectivity of the third eye. This means your frequency of expression will increase and physiology will change.

Effective Healing Means Listening Within

Effective healing depends on what I call Conscious Therapy, which recognises the importance of consciousness in health. Can you imagine being so conscious, aware and intuitive that you know why you have the symptoms you have, are aware of the cause and even put it right. Most people can and just need pointers in the right direction. Conscious Therapy sees the body-mind complex as an integrated energy system which is part of the universal energy field. By unblocking energy passages healing takes place. The body always navigates towards homeostasis. By assisting with this and applying physical, energetic and ‘talking’ therapies with my clients these healing processes come about much faster. This allows the client to experience a greater connection to oneself thus allowing a greater sense of peace. I help clients master self.


All holistic healing therapies I use are integrated and therefore heal the body-mind complex on multiple levels.

The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physically focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer, meditation and energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.

(Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay)

Treat Yourself on Four Levels

All you have to do is understand how this works and you can reap the benefits right now. Effective healing strategies such as back pain remedies must address issues on four levels:

1. Physically

– structurally – they must reduce the pain, any other symptoms and the cause on a physical level (eg. a tilted pelvis). Modern techniques such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release are extremely effective for reducing body pain. Non invasive techniques should always be a first option. More invasive techniques can be explored at a later date.

– chemically – a balanced diet is very important to how we feel. We intuitively know when our diets are poor because we lack energy and generally feel bad. It is reasonable to assume that back pain for example, can be a symptom of a poor or chemically toxic filled diet. After all do you not feel physically achy and ’hungover’ after drinking too much alcohol containing chemicals?

Sometimes however, issues will resurface or treatment is not effective after treating clients on the physical level therefore it is important to integrate other levels of treatment;

2. Emotionally

– addressing energy blocks in the emotional body. If a negative emotion is not ‘dealt with’ and acknowledged it shows up in the physical body eg stress. If you don’t acknowledge and deal with it, it will get your attention by bringing you more severe symptoms. Eventually this will show up as a chronic problem or even disease. The underlying cause of this negative emotion (or energy block in the emotional body) is invariably a program which runs automatically in your subconscious mind. Is it not better then to acknowledge these emotions? Very often awareness of them is enough to heal them.

These issues can be effectively dealt with by using techniques such as massage, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Axiatonal Re-alignment (very powerful), Magnified Healing, Reiki and so on…..

3. Mentally

– addressing energy blocks in the mental body. We are a product of our conditioning (most of which is done before the age of 7 and usually before 12). This conditioning by family, friends, main stream education, government, media, religion and so on cause us to develop programs, very often negative ones in order to help us cope and get through our childhood. These programs run automatically in our subconscious unless we become aware of them. We developed them as strategies to protect ourselves when we were growing up. However many are no longer resourceful now we are adults and are often very limiting.
So the benefit of effective healing remedies is that they will address these issues which are very often the hidden real cause of chronic pain and suffering such as back pain and disease.

4. Spiritually

– severe back pain for example and all disease for that matter are there to lead us into higher states of awareness leading to powerful new perceptions of reality. They inevitably bring with them big changes in lifestyle. Part of the responsibility of the therapist or healer is to help find the best combination of healing remedies for the client. It involves exploring not just the physical problems, but metaphysical causes too.

The important issue is this:

Healing modalities must include treatment at a ‘quantum level’ and not just a physical level.

The Medical Establishment will eventually be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the quantum revolution.

(The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton)

Time to get out of your own Way

If we accept that the body has an intelligent consciousness all on its own, then why do we end up having body pain and associated issues?

Before answering this I think it is important to recognise something very obvious. Many millions of processes go on in the body successfully every minute without our input. So there must be a consciousness or intelligence present that is far superior to our finite minds, and therefore our understanding.

If we assume that the body is receiving exercise and all necessary vitamins and minerals. That it is not receiving harmful substances which is a big assumption given our busy lifestyles and chemically rich diets. Then there must be something else that is causing the body to work at less than 100% efficiency. Which then causes symptoms such as back pain and associated issues.

What is affecting the flow of consciousness or energy and causing us sickness?

The answer is of course our minds which have been conditioned with all the trappings and negative beliefs of this world – fear, anger, poor/fad diets, little exercise, stress etc. We have given away our responsibility and power to others eg doctors, lawyers, the church, government and so on and forgotten that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have free will and until now we have depended on others to make us well. Likewise those same people have held the lofty status of someone who is more qualified to know rather than someone who facilitates our own intuitive knowing. It is easy for us to go to a doctor and be subscribed pills which even the pharmaceutical industry has admitted aren’t very effective (and many of which cause numerous side effects).

Without the placebo response, the pharmaceutical industry would have perished by now, since most drugs are only slightly better than placebos, as the industry itself admits. The placebo response is seen as a nuisance by medical researchers, yet it is the basis of all healing. Drugs mostly help because they give us hope – and at hope or above, the body-mind begins to heal itself.

(Conscious Medicine by Gill Edwards)

So why do our present medical practices have limited results?

Holistic healing remedies must first and foremost acknowledge the client as having unique issues. The same diagnosis/treatment/one cure fits all strategy is antiquated by virtue of it compartmentalising diagnosis, treatment and cure. Furthermore the body-mind complex is a ‘river’ of consciousness and changes and evolves from moment to moment.

The traditional approach of ‘Segmenting‘ the body and working on one area is wrong. You cannot treat individual parts of the body at the exclusion of the rest.  This also includes other dimensions/levels too (emotional, mental etc). All effective healing strategies and pain remedies have in common the four level approach mentioned earlier and also the unique nature of each clients’ issues must be kept to the forefront at all times. Healing on just a physical level means more often than not dealing with symptoms and not causes.

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Heal and Grow or Remain Closed and Separated.

Never has there been a better time to heal from unresourceful beliefs and perceptions. These keep us locked into the 3D consciousness of lack, anxiety and dualistic thinking. By the way these unresourceful programs also keep our bodies tight, inflexible and diseased too. We are moving from the “out breath of Brahma to the in breath”. The point of change is approximately December 2012 to December 2017, the end of the Mayan calendar. It is obvious for many that there is now two very distinct worlds. Those who want to experience expansion and something new are automatically drawn to heal themselves, to transmute the mind programs. Those same people are all beginning the homeward journey back to Source. The others are desperately hanging on to outdated and limited views of self. They are acting as closed systems and are in fear.

The inward journey will now be the focus of increasingly more of humanity. For too long we have been externally focused and ignored our own ‘back yard’. We refused to look inwards and heal or clean up the unresourceful programs which were creating our lives. By moving inwards and becoming conscious of those programs we automatically transmute or heal them. We cannot continue to keep doing something that is in our awareness and not in our best interests. By healing ourselves on all levels we can once again be conscious creators. We are moving into self mastery. This will improve and expand our lives as we learn to manifest and create purposefully. As opposed to creating unconsciously via the back drop of subconscious and unresourceful programs.

Let’s look at a couple of definitions of healing…..

Wikipedia writes:
Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Healing may be physical or psychological and not without the mutual reception of these two dimensions of human health……..

Longman dictionary writes:
Healing is “the treatment of illness using natural powers or prayer rather than medicine” This dictionary goes on to say that “The medical establishment is taking healing increasingly seriously.”

So we can see even from these simple definitions that healing is most definitely a process that doesn’t just take place on a physical level. Many people, because of conditioning, still believe that all our physical ailments have only a physical reason for being there when in fact that is not the case. To heal effectively and permanently, healing must takes place on multiple levels, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. One area affects another.

The True Cause of Disease

All disease is caused by physiological stress. This stress comes from one of two possibilities or a combination of the two. A belief system that causes negative emotions which are held in the physical body and not released over time, for example anxiety and fear. The second is toxic overload in the physical body caused by poor food choices and pollutants/heavy metals including electromagnetic interference to the human energy field by wifi, mobile networks and so on.

Until you become more conscious your belief system will only allow healing to take place at a certain level, for example only believing in ‘medicine’ and physical modalities. This was summed up well in Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay when he wrote:

“The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physical focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer/meditation/energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.”

We Can’t Heal if We are Focused on Symptoms

It could be said that humanity has for too long been ‘kept in the dark’ by a bunch of powerful oligarchy. However that can only be the case when as a collective we ACTED as slaves and forgot who we are. Humanity are conditioned to focus on the symptoms instead of the causes. We disconnected from the higher mind and the cosmos. By opening up our awareness, moving into courage in our individual lives and reconnecting we can once again be the divine creators we were. In other words we heal.

“Reality” is an out picturing of our group consciousness or lack of. Our individual realities are created from our own consciousness levels but affected by group consciousness. This is why we must take back control of our individual human electromagnetic fields. By shutting our awareness down physiological changes in the body took place. We became sick. What is happening now is we are going through a process of awakening and with that a reversal of these physiological processes – our “junk” DNA is activating. We are taking back control of our individual electromagnetic fields and healing on all levels. But we are doing this individually. The work is individual. Collectively as more and more join in it becomes easier for the next.

The Future of Healing

New bio-energetic healing therapies are being thrust to the forefront in spite of many in the medical fields and corporate pharmaceutical industries trying desperately hard to keep the status quo. The fact is that many of the old ways of treating people have become obsolete as people waken up to the ethics of those same structures and the general focus on cost and profit models and treating symptoms rather than the underlying emotional and physical imbalance. New healing modalities are quite simply an out picturing of an increase in group consciousness and are really about knowing thyself and keeping our energetic bodies in balance.

We are indeed in a new era, one that is just beginning and as the energies become more powerful healing will progress at an even greater speed. For those just joining the “Renaissance” the big secret is to concentrate on self, on your own process. It is only when you heal yourself can you help others effectively. Focusing on others when you are out of balance was a big part of the spiral down in consciousness. It is only when we achieve a certain level of self mastery that we can contribute to the New Earth Societies and be the divine creators we are meant to be in this lifetime.

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Yoga Wisdom or Confusion?

What is yoga and how can people understand this discipline in an era when maya or illusion has been so strong?

In Psalm 46.10 of the King James Bible, we read “Be still, and know that I am God…….”

Those few words sum up the science of yoga. It can be understood just as it can be understood in another famous text compiled by Pantanjali. In his compilation of Yoga Sutras, an important book of aphorisms, he sums up yoga as:

“The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff….”

Both texts refer to the mind and its habit of putting beliefs and perceptions between who we really are and who we think we are.

The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga. Another way of saying this is to be cautious as to the belief systems we apply directly to reality. In this particular sutra, Patanjali gives the whole goal of Yoga. A keen student will realise that this one sutra is enough to understand yoga. The rest only explain this one important aphorism. If the restraint of mental modifications is achieved, one has reached the goal.

The Yoga Process

This ancient spiritual science offers a direct means of stilling the turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of the body that prevent us from knowing who or what we really are. [Hint: we are not the body/mind complex but are spirit having a human experience via the soul which uses the body/mind complex to create experiences.]

The soul is able to use the body/mind complex more effectively once it is cleared of lower emotions and physical toxins. Until that point we are very “human” and believe ourselves to be separated from source or god. Once we follow a yogic lifestyle and begin clearing our stuff and cleanse the body, the soul begins to shine. The lower self becomes more peaceful and compliant. This allows the soul to express its essence and creativity in a way that the body and mind will be more than happy to ground into this reality.

Yoga is a simple process of reversing and controlling the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness into the external world. The mind then becomes a dynamic center of direct perception. It no longer is dependent upon the deceptive information from the five senses or “thieves”. Instead it experiences truth. This also means we have to control all excessive stimulation from the five senses. Otherwise we lose life force energy or chi especially through ejaculation and genital orgasm. The middle road is the preferred option in our modern world ie. everything in moderation 🙂

The Yoga Confusion

Most people think of yoga as physical postures or asanas for flexibility and stress reduction. This is one aspect of yogic science, and although important, is only a small part and relatively recent in development. Physical Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of yoga. That is, the understanding and complete one pointed focus and mastery over the mind using meditation. It was found that to master the mind the restlessness of the body and mind needed to be addressed before mastery could be accomplished. The restlessness comes from physical toxins and negative emotions held within the body tissues. Yogas’ postures and asanas are therefore used to rid the body of physical toxins and transmute negative emotions.

People trying to sit quietly found they couldn’t. They encountered pain, stiffness, indigestion and general restlessness. They realized it was due to toxins from eating the wrong foods. Those people pondered many things about yoga over many years and formulated the yogic diet, free of meat, fish, eggs, stimulants, and excessive use of spices. The most important aspect of this in our modern age is the chemical ridden foods we now eat. We must eat organically.

The next problem was what to do with the toxins already inside the body especially lower emotions. They concluded that these could be gotten rid of by squeezing the body in different directions and by using different techniques and postures. Although Hatha Yoga is several thousand years old, it never becomes outdated. The truth of it is always current because we are immortal souls having limited human experiences in a body/mind complex. Although other things lose their value over time yoga will not as long as we have a body and a mind.

The Meaning of Yoga

yogaThe science of the mind is yoga. Traditionally the word yoga referred to Raja Yoga, the mental science. With the current burgeoning of interest in expanding consciousness and in mental science in general, it is natural that we turn to Raja Yoga. The primary text of Raja Yoga is called The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The study and practice of Raja or Ashtanga (eight-limbed) Yoga as it is sometimes called transmutes body/mind impurities and before we know it the light of wisdom dawns. Our “junk” DNA is activated leading to discriminative discernment and abilities that we acquired in “past” lifetimes. The eight limbs of Yoga are:

  1. Yama (abstinence);
  2. Niyama (observance);
  3. Asana (posture practice);
  4. Pranayama (breath control);
  5. Pratyahara (sense withdrawal);
  6. Dharana (concentration);
  7. Dhyana (meditation) and;
  8. Samadhi (contemplation, absorption, or the super conscious state).

Yoga Truths

The Higher Self or Soul (Self) abides in its own nature. You are the Soul, not the body or the mind (lower self). You will eventually see the mind and body acting before you as your practice continues. The mind creates thoughts; it distinguishes and desires. The soul knows that but is not involved in it. To understand that eternal peaceful you, the mind must be quiet; otherwise, it seems to distort the truth. As meditation improves and quantum DNA comes online you become more of your higher self, have access to your akashic records and realise that you are a little drop of God incarnate in a human body.

It’s interesting that the whole illusion has been created to stimulate the body (mainly through emotions and sex); and the mind through left brain intellectualism and/or reactive emotional patterns held in the body. We have been conditioned to live as the body/mind complex. When we allow the conditioning to fall away we are left with our essence or soul and higher purpose. The soul can now download more of itself and use the spiritualised or cleansed body/mind complex to create the new earth.

Why Yoga?

Physical postures or Hatha yoga exists so we have a means to purify the body of physical impurities and emotions held within the tissues especially myofascial tissues. Once a certain level of purification has taken place meditation is much easier, more effective and “one pointed” as junk DNA is activated. There are various paths that lead toward this goal, each one a specialized branch of one comprehensive system.


  • Hatha Yoga — a system of physical postures, or asanas, whose higher purpose is to purify the mind and body. This gives one awareness and control over internal states and renders oneself fit for meditation;
  • Karma Yoga — is about selfless service to others. To do this we must not only be aware of our larger self but empowered without attachment to the results; in other words we must know that we are God incarnate and not the separated self;
  • Mantra Yoga — centering the consciousness within oneself through the repetition of certain universal root word sounds representing a particular aspect of Spirit;
  • Bhakti Yoga — all surrendering devotion through which one strives to see and love the divinity in every creature and in everything, thus maintaining an unceasing worship;
  • Jnana Yoga — the path of wisdom, which emphasises the application of discriminative intelligence to achieve spiritual liberation; and
  • Raja Yoga — the royal or highest path, immortalized by Bhagavan Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita and formally systemised in the second century B.C. by the Indian sage Patanjali. This system combines the essence of all the other paths.

Perhaps more significantly, yoga provides us with the transformative tools that we can use to approach a supreme reality—extending from practices of asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing techniques), to visualisation, mantra (sound) and meditation—so that we can experience it directly for ourselves. Yoga’s practicability and accessibility is much more appealing to the modern mind that is not interested in dogmas or assertions and prefers individual experience and realisation.

The Experience of Yoga

The complete experience of our essential Spiritual Self and the practices done to reveal that true nature is called yoga. It is both a science of self-mastery and the art of pursuing that goal with self-discipline, compassion and contentment. Never has it been more important to turn within, know thyself and live the life your soul wants to live. This cannot be achieved until you give up the lower emotions and come out of the monkey mind. For many this resistance to higher purpose is because they are too afraid to step into courage and progressively realise that they are not who they thought they were. It is only when we step into courage that we realise that fear is an illusion and the fear of doing something is much greater than actually doing it.

Open post

Healing Awareness and DNA Activation

What is healing?

Well first of all let’s look at a couple of definitions of healing.

Wikipedia says:
Healing (literally meaning to make whole) is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Healing may be physical or psychological and not without the mutual reception of these two dimensions of human health……..

Longman dictionary says:
Healing is “the treatment of illness using natural powers or prayer rather than medicine” This dictionary goes on to say that “The medical establishment is taking healing increasingly serious.”

So we can see even from those simple definitions healing is a process that doesn’t just take place on a physical level. Yet society in the main still thinks it does. We have been brainwashed to think that all our physical ailments have a physical reason only for being there. That is not the case. Healing takes place on multiple levels, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. We are in fact a gradient of frequencies of vibration finally manifesting as a physical body.

Healing and Disease

All disease is caused by physiological stress.

This stress comes from one of two possibilities or a combination of the two. A belief system (usually unconscious) that causes negative emotions for example anxiety and fear. These then filter down into the physical body. Holding onto these for too long will cause physical problems and eventually disease. The second is toxic overload in the physical body caused by poor food choices and pollutants/heavy metals. This includes electromagnetic interference to the human electromagnetic field by wifi, mobile networks and so on.

Until a persons’ awareness increases his belief system will only allow healing to take place at a certain level. This is demonstrated, for example, by only believing in ‘medicine’ automatically barring you from the healing benefits of other healing modalities. This was summed up well in Edgar Cayce’s Energy Medicine by Simone Gabbay when he said:

“The best dimension for healing a specific person depends on the overall consciousness of that person. A strongly physical focused person responds to a more physical treatment. Those more spiritually inclined will respond better to prayer/meditation/energy healing. Each treatment will affect the whole person.”

Healing and Bechamp

Bechamp, a 19th century French scientist hypothesised that germs were constantly present everywhere. He said that it’s the internal environment of the body (holistic balance) that determines how vulnerable we might be to disease. He observed that flies are attracted to garbage because it offers them a place to feed. But they certainly didn’t cause the garbage. Without it, they would go elsewhere to feast. The same is true, he reasoned, with the human body.

There must be some inherent condition in it that allows microbes to feast on us and cause disease or illness. So Bechamp’s theory boils down to being in holistic balance and therefore possessing a strong immune system regardless of what’s in the atmosphere, to prevent disease. Bechamp’s theory was in direct opposition to Louise Pasteur’s theory, another French scientist from the 19th century. He hypothesised that the reason we become ill is because microbes invade the body penetrating the mucous membrane in the sinuses or lungs contaminating our system.

Pasteur rescinded his position towards the end of his life. He agreed that the key to disease is indeed the internal environment of the body. Incredibly however this outdated theory has underpinned modern medicine.

It also gave rise to pasteurisation, vaccination and the development of antibiotics to attack and kill invading bacteria in the body.

The establishment have deliberately manipulated consciousness by hiding previous scientific knowledge to promote their monstrosity we call the pharmaceutical industry.

Healing and Limited Beliefs

healingHealing occurs when the mind allows universal energies into the systems of the body releasing and transmuting mental and  emotional patterns and therefore physical issues. These patterns keep us locked in to a certain narrow or focused perception of life which gives us a certain limited experience. Healing occurs because we drop limiting beliefs. As healing moves forward more chi circulates through channels in the body unimpeded. As the body comes into balance the physiological stress that it once felt lessens and eventually disappears.

Healing is actually about awareness and activation of dormant codes in our DNA strands (the so called “junk” DNA). This happens as we allow more light to pass through our crown/third eye system. In other words dropping limited beliefs or better still moving towards dropping all beliefs about how life really works.

As our awareness increases we cannot keep doing certain things which keep us in limiting patterns. We can’t keep eating junk food for example, or living a particular lifestyle or being a certain way. We feel the need to release or transform negative emotions which are keeping us locked in to a certain life experience. As we become more aware, we notice our mental and emotional patterns and our aches and pains in the body. We also notice higher intelligence and universal laws such as The Law of Magnetic Attraction. Healing therefore means keeping the 4 levels of our being – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in perfect balance, as our awareness develops over time.

You Are Not Fixed

We are dynamic ever changing points of awareness. We therefore must keep re-balancing daily as higher light comes to the planet. This is especially important at times of increased activations/light accretion, for example during a full moon cycle. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm and must reflect that. The only alternative is to remain in fixed belief patterns and emotions and act as closed systems functioning as a limited lower self/ego. This is becoming increasingly hard to do.

We know we have found our balance (for that day anyway) when we can be very focused enjoying what we do one minute and completely relaxed and into our being the next. The master knows how to do this using various breathing and yoga techniques. As we find our balance time begins to stand still, the present moment, and certain high level states of awareness come into being. States such as enlightenment, oneness, unconditional love allow a tremendous amount of light/chi/god into our body/mind/soul unit and healing accelerates.

Healing and Knowing Thyself

Never has there been a better time to heal from the unresourceful programs and thoughts which are keeping us locked into the 3D consciousness of lack, fear and dualistic thinking. We are moving from the “out breath of Brahma to the in breath”. In other words we are on an ascension/evolutionary cycle as opposed to a descension/involutionary cycle. Consciousness is increasing. We are becoming more aware. Our DNA, acting as antennae is picking up higher frequencies of light externally and internally. This has the affect of transmuting cellular memories keeping us locked into a limited experience. In a way we could say we are all beginning the homeward journey back to Source.

Therapies and Mastering Self

Healing therapies are again being thrust to the forefront. This is in opposition to many corporations still trying desperately hard to keep the status quo. Many of the “modern” ways of treating people are fast becoming obsolete as people awaken to the ethics of the pharmaceutical companies. People are more aware of the general focus on cost and profit models and treating symptoms rather than the underlying emotional or physical imbalances. New healing modalities are an out picturing of an increase in group consciousness. They are really about knowing thyself and keeping our energetic bodies in balance. The inward journey will increasingly be the focus of humanity from now on. For too long we have been externally focused and ignored our own ‘back yard’. We refused to look inwards and clean up the unresourceful programs which were creating our lives.

As we become more aware we notice our human electromagnetic field. We become conscious of the low frequency of vibration of our energetic bodies and their reflection into the world. This low frequency of vibration is constantly hijacked by those who want to control (eg their social and economic structures) and our reality thus created. By moving inwards and becoming conscious of the programs and patterns we automatically heal them. We cannot continue to keep doing something that is in our awareness and not in our best interests.

We automatically create a “firewall” and keep lower frequencies out. As we heal ourselves on all levels we can be the powerful divine conduits of source energy. We can create systems of service to evolve our consciousness and the planet. This will improve our lives as we learn to manifest and create purposefully. This is in direct opposition to what has been created so far by our hidden and unresourceful mind programs.

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