Boxes & Labels

It’s funny, or rather frustrating actually, when people want to label you. The reason they do this is they want to either exclude you from their particular group, that is, their particular belief system, or welcome you to their particular group to make them feel safer. This is genetic (think tribal/past survival based living). However we are in the transition to a new era… Many are now inhibiting themselves by choosing various lower energy groups to feel safe or focusing on ridiculous external narratives.


Because you do not know who you are. Remember you are not the Mind or the Body. So what’s left? The Soul/Spirit of course. This is the reason all “our” (their) systems are the wrong way round. For example in the Medical Industry, Scientific Community, Legal Systems etc there is no recognition of the Soul/Spirit, the underlying intelligence of everything….doh!? So…when a collective focus on not being the soul or someone else’s version of the soul (religion) what happens? They get stuck in their own minds and its illusions/beliefs/nonsense. They are then so easy to control and manipulate. We created this polarity world and what you are experiencing is the correction which will take some time. This appears as chaos. Its the ending of a cycle and beginning of another.

BUT….a plan was hatched before we came here….many of us agreed to awaken at certain times. To do this we had to undergo extensive training in many incarnations because the “dark” had such a hold on this planet’s population ie the population are stuck in their own minds. We remember!!! Get out of your heads!!!!! Anything that causes you to feel any negative emotions is a default pattern you have learned and is held in the body tissues. It must be integrated/released/transmuted.

Just for the record you cannot label me. This is the “End Times” (I’m not religious) which is also The “Beginning Times” because Life goes on in one form or another. I have left your world of boxes, polarity, beliefs and so on. For those who want to “win an argument” (polarity)…well done you have won because I’ve already left the building…I have no position …therefore please note I’m not interested in your labels. When you see a spiritual “post” from me…sorry but I’m not spiritual (I am spirit though in a human bod)…when you see a religious post from me I’m not religious but I understand concepts such as “The End Times” …when you see me post what’s labelled as a “conspiracy theory” sorry I’m not a conspiracy theorist although I see the many truths contained within these and the many “beLIEfs” of that particular author too. There is a big lie in beLIEf….it’s a position we hold, the false self.

Many of our words are like this and indeed if you studied the etymology of words alone this would help you release yourself from the duality matrix or lower consciousness (all the fake narratives). Indeed the Government change the meaning of words to manipulate your consciousness (ACTS, PERSONS, NATURAL for example). These are all designed to manipulate you so you unwittingly contract with them. I’m not a Trump supporter/Qnon supporter but am when I see Executive Orders being released for the good of people and the clean up of parasites/paedophiles/murderers.

Many of us are leaving the world of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is the polarity consciousness – the world of opposites to separate us!!! Many have travelled very far down this ladder and refuse to come back. The beLIEf in something other than Wholeness, Oneness, Truth, Unconditional Love ie The Christ Consciousness/Law of One is the Misunderstanding. Contrary to popular belief you do not “turn away” from the darkness within you. You integrate it!!


Because it’s an energy configuration which can only be transmuted because you cannot destroy energy. Hence practices such as Mindfulness, Neutrality, Abdominal Breathing etc.

When you do not integrate polarity within yourself this affects your body (for example, an overactive sympathetic nervous system(Active, Doing) will lead to dis-EASE (another one of those words) If you integrate polarities within yourself your parasympathetic nervous system(Being, Deep Relaxation, Meditation etc) will come on line more and more bringing your body back into wholeness/Oneness. When you move back into Oneness Chi/qi begins to flow. You are no longer acting as a closed system. The ego dissolves and is reflected outwards in peacefulness and calmness. Many are making this journey now. ie no matter what is going on out there your first priority is centredness and stillness in here. This is why we are seeing all the fake narratives to try and control your consciousness….to try and control you….to try and keep you in their false energy matrix by using lower emotion to contribute to their fake world….you cannot control Spirit…but that is what many are allowing through the lower energy configuration of anxiety, fear, anger, frustration etc.

Some of us have been quietly waiting for you to awaken, not to lead you, but to gently guide you. Why? Because we had to make the same journey. However we are just ahead of “the curve” …we see the bigger picture. You cannot follow us just like we cannot follow you but you can partake in this New World that we are creating. The only thing is you cannot bring your nonsense with you…sorry it’s an energy thing

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