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ok start with overview...from notes at back of jotter..vedic stuff

The body mind soul concept is as old as the hills. We could also call it the basic, conscious and higher self or even the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. Whatever we call it we are referring to a trinity of energy which is YOU. But is it? Which parts are you and which parts a merely tools that YOU use? Or perhaps in a world of confusion which parts do you think are you and therefore focus on and which parts are you but have neglected or even forgotten about completely? These are questions I hope to answer not so much from a logical or intellectual point of view but from experience. The first half of my experience of living as a body/mind unit with very little soul progressively moving towards more soulful activities and then the complete reversal. Living as a soul and using the body and mind as effective tools. So if you keep reading hopefully you will pick up a few useful tips.


Because I am an indigo and my "soul journey" incorporated what is known as and indigo 3 contract. This agreement was from birth. In a nutshell I am a polarity integrator. Which means in a relatively short space of time - approximately 10-12years I have gone from a place of extreme polarity and duality courtesy of genetics, conditioning and karma(energy imbalances) to a place of mindfulness, non duality and heart centered living. This has a hugely positive affect on the body. We could say that the body is going through the resurrection process and eventually the transfiguration process will also begin to make itself known.

When anyone lives as a body mind with very little soul we are completely taken in by conditioning and the genetics we have inherited. As we become older these limited patterns we call beliefs and perceptions play out as limited mental constructs which give us certain lower emotions which play out in the body as stiffness and inflexibility. If we are not careful to address this problem eventually leads to disease and a very limited functioning of the body. Our lives become very limited indeed. This ACTING we do as an individual "ego" or separated self is actually blocked energy and has dire consequences for the body/mind unit. It is of course complete illusion and yet we cling to it for fear of giving up our identity, reinforcing it, mostly unconsciously via body/mind identification. We do not allow renewing energies in from our higher bodies and the universe in general and we remain "cut off" from universal flow. The body becomes "more physical" and we are forced to eat denser foods as life force energy does not flow via our meridians. This is because the myofascial tissue in the body becomes very constricted and literally cuts off the flow of life. In other words there are actually physiological changes which take place in the body. We do not see the bigger picture(higher knowing) because our third eye (pineal/pituitary) mechanism closes. Our whole endocrine system, perhaps the most sensitive physical system in the body, becomes out of balance. This in turn affects other systems. Another hugely misunderstood system that reflects our state is our breathing system. If we re-learned how to breath properly via abdominal breathing every other system in the body would be affected Of course this is the "Fall" in consciousness that many are familiar with. You have lived through the worst times this planet and its people have had to endure.

add to above...fear and desire are could representations of the body/mind unit when you act as them instead of being a soul in other words you externalise these states into your life..look at your present is a mixture of these to sates...all the situations and things that happen to you are from these two states....fear comes from your memories aka genes/lineage torture..rape...abuse....starvation...death...mention amygdala.... and desire comes from wanting to be in a blissful state...bliss is a bery high frequency energy that needs to be downloaded other words moving from various of scale of consciousness...ascension in consciousness is progressive and happens over time so your body/mind unit can change and morph....enlightenment comes suddenly...look up in gene keys

Transitioning...the process of your ascension...becoming a soul because thats who you are....unfocused attention...the eyes...focus...3 eyes unfocused...coming out of mind regularly...the more intellectuall you are the more you wont like this...the more simplistic your life is...transmutation article....the more you respond to natural cycles rather than forcibly create....the world is upside down and back to front because it has been run by the mind which is separitis and not all inclusive like the soulĀ  that is because we are always worried about the safety of the body....becaus eof gross manipulation bt "authority" we hare solely bdependent on money(not food as previously)...if you dont have money you dont have food.

And now the rise...however you can perhaps put the above into paragrapgs...

Instead of acting as a body mind soul trinity of energy with emphasis on the first two (tools), the body and mind it would be much more accurate to call ourselves the soul because thats who we be. Then we can use the body/mind as the tools of the soul. From that point of view I think it is better to call ourselves a soul mind body unit with emphasis on the soul. Remember our world has been upside down and back to front. We can easily see this by examining any of the systems that we have lived through...the pharmaceutical industry treats symptoms instead of causes with the help of the medical profession (not individual doctors), the bankinking system creates money from your value ie your signature (all value comes from self- you are the source) the education system creates people who repeat existing patterns by repetition and sameness - instead of creative expression - which perpetuates the same dysfunctional society.

When we begin to realise that we are the soul and refuse to conform to the fears and desires of the body/mind structure because they are just tools then something begins to open inside you. A yearning for a more soulful life, a yearning for creative expression in all its different forms. The soul is your higher self or God self. As you transmute the lower energies of the subconscious mind, that is the default patterns of unresourceful behaviours(hint: concentrate on work that focuses on the lower chakras including abdominal breathing) you are beginning the process of merging your mind with The Mind and your higher self or soul can now express your reason for being, your higher purpose in this lifetime.

The soul is eternal, this lifetime is about putting on a particular set of clothes(the body/mind) which you will leave behind one day swopping them for a different set. Many people dont like to hear that because they are so busy trying to ignore death which is of course just a transition to another state. They are so busy trying to BE a body and a mind (the separated self) which is impossible because they are just tools. We are all SOULS and the sooner you come to terms with that and begin to focus on a daily basis on the soul and not the trappings of the body/mind unit the sooner you will free yourself from bondage and the lower functioning of your genetics. The sooner you will move into creative expression and away from resisting your higher purpose.

What people and society have done is invert their being. By calling yourself a body mind soul, concentrating on the body/mind we have inverted this structure. The body is the densest part of you and conforms to the higher vibrating mental body. because of the conditioning of society the mental body is sending all sorts of nonsence in the form of lower emotions to the body making it sick. When we allow the still higher vibrating body of the soul to send its messages to the mind we can turn things around. The soul is connected to the renewing energy of the universe. The soul is the Higher Mind. Instead of acting as a closed mind body unit we can open up to these renewing energies and start to unblock patterns of emotions and energy in the body that you inherited via genetics and reinforced via conditioning. The Soul contains the body and the mind. These soul energies are all around you and interpenetrate every cell of your body. Think aura or human electromagnetic field. Its time to focus on the REAL part of you by imagining these energies and by abdominal breathing. The body should be seen as the altar and the soul as your own personal "temple". We allow renewing energies in from the soul(temple) to the altar (body) via transmuting the mind and all it's conditioning.

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