Acceptance is Mastery of Life

To choose acceptance in every moment is a key skill of the "ascending" consciousness. The majority of humanity actively work against acceptance and the forces of nature. If we honour natural cycles we automatically move back into holistic balance. Being out of balance is to remain in dysfunctional patterns of the mind created reality and its out picturing in the world. The mind created reality is based on subconscious beliefs and perceptions and therefore creates the separation, anxiety and fear experienced daily by the average human being. By moving back into natural rhythms and cycles of the planet and cosmos we accept renewing energies into our energetic systems.

Acceptance & Renewing Energies

Acceptance is a key feature of moving back into natural cycles and the opening up of our personal energetic fields to universal energies. It represents the beginning of truth and knowledge and the understanding of the three fold nature of self. It moves us towards higher frequencies of vibration and an end to acting as a closed energetic system. The "illusion" often spoken of is the false matrix of energy and manipulated consciousness.

By changing our attitude to a higher frequency of expression the illusion can be transformed. It begins with transforming our own "matrix of energy" or human electromagnetic field. By doing this our own personal reality begins to change. Allowing more light into our energy fields or dropping beliefs and perceptions about life activates latent codes in our genes. Our "junk" DNA is activated. Unfortunately humanities willingness to participate in the illusion up to this point has created the group consciousness. This can be felt daily as unease, frustration, anxiety and fear. In other words humanity has been actually maintaining and "policing" their own enslavement.

However as we accept the feelings and apparent external circumstances we have made an important step. We have stepped into courage, the first positive emotion on the map of the scale of consciousness (Hawkin's scale). Providing we continually accept every emotion and situation that arises we move toward our natural state. Moving into courage and acceptance in every moment will transmute all lower or negative emotions (the fuel) to higher emotions. It is however necessary to have the willingness to go there in the first place.

Acceptance and Our Bodies

acceptanceIf we bring acceptance into our daily situations we begin to notice life and nature and our relationship to it. This automatically moves us back into universal principals and therefore yin/yang balance. We increasingly accept mother nature, the intelligence of our bodies or human design. It is then easy to see and feel the nonsense perpetuated by the mind created reality. By allowing life to take over, by becoming a passenger in our super cool intelligent vehicle, rather than an ignorant driver, we realise we have always been safe and secure. We automatically move inwards and want to learn more about ourselves.

It also means that most of the so called "self help" books are in fact a distraction. Most self help books are based upon proactive manifestation rather than responding to natural creation cycles. They pit our will against the creation and destruction cycles of nature. By the time we reach middle age we are exhausted and life force energy severely diminished.

All our answers lie within our genetic vehicle. We must move inwards and get to know thyself. We must learn that we are the value. Furthermore we don't actually create the situations that happen in our lives. Sure we may help to create seemingly negative circumstances by always having a low frequency of expression but the actual circumstance come through us. It is "given to us" to allow a response with a different attitude. Our attitude to the situation is what is so crucial. By accepting and loving ourselves no matter how we deal with a situation allows us to make the necessary adjustments. In this way any further "learning situations" can be more easily understood and used to transmute discordant energies in our fields.

Our Unique Journeys

You see there isn't really a route to self acceptance and everyones journey will be different. Usually acceptance begins with the motivation to change some or all aspects of our lives. But it's important to understand the type of change we are making.

At the beginning we all look for this change by trying to improve our lives or by becoming something that we don't feel at the moment. Certainly there is nothing wrong with this but only at the beginning. This type of change gives you the motivation and necessary force to seek. The whole self improvement and spiritual industries are built upon this type of change. Unfortunately it is a false change in as much as its about non acceptance of the present moment and being anywhere else but this moment. It's about being richer, thinner, fitter, more enlightened in the future. It is the journey of the ego and to a certain extent you may have to travel along it.

However there is another type of change that is so simple and yet so hard for many to grasp that when they eventually "get it" their life will transform over night. It is about acceptance of the present moment. By simply allowing everything, no matter how "bad" it appears, to be ok in this moment will begin to transform our lives. By not resisting it, by deeply feeling the pain, depression, unhappiness, sadness, fear, agitation or whatever it is in the moment will positively reconstruct it.

Acceptance not Control

Life (energy) is happening through us, not to us. Our resistance to it causes the problems. Eventually humanity will realise that this non resistance, this acceptance, brings awareness fully into the moment. This actually causes the transformation which releases life force energy back into our lives. The "light of our fully present consciousness" will naturally transform "negative" energy, the fuel required, back into a more positive emotion. This is so important because it is the state of our human electromagnetic fields which draw our experiences to us. Similarly humanities joint energetic field creates the systems and societies we experience.

It is by fully trusting and accepting the present moment that we begin to transform and transcend our genetics. We actually "rise above" the chemistry of our vehicles. Mother nature and natural cycles are to be deeply trusted. We either never knew this or forgot. We must once again trust in life if we are to function from a place of wholeness and power. If things seem bleak and we are unhappy we must learn to let go and trust. We must learn to give back control to something much greater than us. That something actually works through us therefore we are very much a part of it. We always want to control life. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have occurred to many that life actually knows better than us therefore acceptance is key.

The Shift

Life is again changing on this planet, in fact one of the biggest changes in 26000 years. We can accept it, transform with it, or resist it and cause all sorts of problems for ourselves. Only when we come to a place of pure acceptance of our life circumstances, warts and all will our minds stop worrying about the future. The self improvement and spiritual industries have often glamorised this state for profit. They call it enlightenment, being awake, living in the now and therefore something else that is in the future. Moving out of the present moment by constantly seeking to achieve yet another goal.

Being awake, living in the now or enlightenment is in fact our natural state. The majority of the population have not yet experienced it in this lifetime. To move into this state is essentially to release what we think we know about life so far. In other words our conditioning. Once we let go of our conditioning we are essentially back into our natural states. It is a process but once entered into we feel more and more connected to something much bigger. It all begins with moving back into courage in every aspect of our lives. From there comes a deep acceptance that we are just fine right now.

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