3D, Transition & New Earth

We have been moving very rapidly into the Second Harmonic Universe where our Soul Matrix exists. In other words 1D, 2D and 3D imperfect lower frequency energies are being over written with higher frequency 4D, 5D and 6D perfected energies. This means that all 3D timelines are coming to an end very quickly now. You can quite clearly see this as one of the main ones, the NWO and their Armageddon Timeline, has lost its potency. Up till this time most of the population have been living in the First Harmonic Universe where 1, 2 and 3D exist. It would be fair to say that this is a pretty gruesome and soul less environment where wars and various archetypes such as the victim/perpetrator was considered almost normal. This is where all sorts of “lower thought forms” were created by Deep State through mind control and unwittingly energised by the sleeping masses because of unresolved emotional issues.

The Ascension journey is of course the “spiritualisation” of our lower bodies (mental/emotional/physical) on an individual basis and the “spiritualisation” of group consciousness on a collective level. It will become increasingly hard for people to live with a “3D mentality” in a world that is already becoming 4, 5 and 6D. The “pressure to change” will be unrelenting. As each one of us integrates this new reality we “separate” from those who do not. We cannot abide being near people who are still trying to “inhabit” the lower worlds and negative thought forms. Their lower “egoic” energy frequency is completely at odds with our higher frequency soul energies. Over the next few months (and years) many will make the journey across to the new higher reality. Indeed the CV Scamdemic created by Deep State has had a higher purpose of allowing awakening people to transmute fear held in the root chakra. This will allow them to join the increasing number of soul infused people. In other words the global community, instead of working for individual selfish purpose will arise as one body. Those who refuse to support this new reality will quite simply find it more and more difficult to be part of the new consciousness and will probably leave via the death process in one form or another. It is not us who is making this decision. It is Prime Creator. The Line previously drawn in the sand is now clearly being seen by many.

Over the next few months(2020 onwards) we will continue to see rather bizarre and surreal happenings, depending on how awake each one of us is. On a more practical level we will see the return of our monetary system backed by assets such as Gold under the banner of QFS (Quantum Financial System). This will be a temporary measure, probably till post 2030 when most of the population will realise that they are in fact the Real Value.

You will also see the arrest and indictments of Global “Deep State” vermin for crimes against humanity which sadly also includes a widespread global network of pedophilia and satanic worship. Over the next couple of years we will see the building of new systems and society in general as the old fear created systems are now obsolete and dysfunctional. This has in fact already started. Welcome to the Transition and of course New Earth Arising.

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3 thoughts on “3D, Transition & New Earth

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    Kitty - October 26, 2021

    @Dani Divine. Your response made me think to go check on Nick Anthony Fiorenza ‘s website because he’s an Astronomer/Astrologer who’s research I’ve used a lot in the past. Only to learn that he just passed away two days ago!
    Just want to thank you for your comment that led me to checking up on him to learning this latest event in time to leave him a beautiful goodbye message on his obituary page.

    Also thanks to David for this wonderful article which is so on point!

    1. Reply
      David - October 27, 2021

      Your very welcome 🙂

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    Dani Divine - June 25, 2020

    There is a guy I follow called Nick Anthony Fiorenza who is a synodic astronomer and astrologer. You will find him on FB. He says exactly the same thing.
    Encouraging to read, although its hard to go through when its so in your face.
    Yet, probably, Fascism was also.

    Great work!

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