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The Chakras and Energy Flow

You may be aware that personal chakras or vortices exchange energy with the Universal Energy Field. The 7 major...

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Expectation Leads to Disconnection from Natural Cycles

Somewhere inside of us, we are living in expectation. We are waiting for our lives to improve and finally,...

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second brain

Second Brain and It’s Inevitable Reawakening

Growing awareness that the Second Brain in the gut area is not just responsible for digestion is becoming more...

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The Lightbody Process and Ascension

An understanding followed by contemplation of the 3 levels of LightBody (below) or Human Electromagnetic Field is important for...

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Resurrection – Reptilian Man integrates Spiritual Man

The process of the resurrection of the physical body intellectually is easy to comprehend once one integrates a certain...

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Constriction and its Removal Equals Love

The secret to love lies in not allowing constriction in our lives in any way. Love is our natural...

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Psoas Muscles and Higher Consciousness

The Psoas Major muscles (there are 2) are deep and powerful hip flexors. These are the muscles of perception,...

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Genes and the Spectrum of Consciousness

Our genes, their patterns and the potential spectrum of consciousness they can release give us the possibility in this...

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human electromagnetic field

Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura)

Understanding what the human electromagnetic field or aura is and how to maintain it is crucial. Our health and...

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Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Great Arcanuum)

The location of the Ark of the Covenant is in the head. A very important “process” (in the physical)...

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