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Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Great Arcanuum)

The location of the Ark of the Covenant is in the head. A very important “process” (in the physical)...

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solar plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The Solar Plexus chakra has caused many problems for humanity. This is the area where we keep emotions accumulated...

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sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)

In her book The Wisdom of the Chakras, Ellen Tadd prefers to call the Sacral Chakra the identity chakra....

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root chakra must knows

The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

The root or base chakra, also called Muladhara (sometimes spelt Mooladhara) is located at the coccygeal centre. The root...

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third eye

Third Eye Integration and Understandings

In yogic texts the ‘physical’ pineal gland is connected to the 6th chakra or ‘third eye’. The third eye...

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Separating The Wheat from the Chaff

The idea of a thing must always be “looked at” in a calm and balanced way otherwise the mind,...

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myofascial tissue

Myofascial Tissue Affects Your Life

My philosophy as a therapist is always of integrating modalities. The benefits of which are profoundly demonstrated by integrating...

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The Mask of Deception

Wearing a “Mask of Deception” during the Scamdemic is all part of the narrative given to you by those...

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Don’t Ever Shy Away From The Battle – Rest, Integrate It, Then Stand In The Middle of It In Perfect Peace!

A Call to all Lightworkers. As a polarity integrator and transformer or Builder of the New Earth I would...

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Meditation Wisdom and Value

There are numerous reasons why meditation is important to each of us and indeed to the collective. Although it...

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