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Ease or Dis-ease – It’s your choice!

I thought I would write a short article on the true nature of dis-ease because of the nonsense vomiting...

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Focusing on the Breath

Since people insist on wearing masks everywhere I thought I would bring your attention to a few facts which...

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Massage in Orgiva and Surrounding Area

Body massage here in Orgiva and the surrounding area has become very popular in recent years. Clients now have...

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Heal and Grow or Remain Closed and Separated.

Never has there been a better time to heal from unresourceful beliefs and perceptions. These keep us locked into...

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heart chakra

The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The Heart Chakra (Anahata), has been very closed in most of the population up until the last few years....

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Sovereignty and Proactively Taking it Back

An individual’s sovereignty is something which has been discussed on various levels for many years. Unfortunately it has always...

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Genius and the Move Away From Ignorance

Moving towards genius and away from ignorance in this lifetime is very much attainable by everyone! But first let’s...

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Mindfulness is Key to Transformation

Mindfulness and the breath are not separate from each other. Making a decision to watch and focus on the...

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Magnetic shift

Earth Changes and the Collapse of Corporate Governments

In 2012 I wondered why the physical ascension of this planet and those residing on it did not apparently...

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Meditation Wisdom and Value

There are numerous reasons why meditation is important to each of us and indeed to the collective. Although it...

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