crown chakra

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrar)

How are the crown chakra and happiness connected? Why are most people still looking for happiness outside of themselves...

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The Chakras and Energy Flow

You may be aware that personal chakras or vortices exchange energy with the Universal Energy Field. The 7 major...

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Massage in Orgiva and Surrounding Area

Body massage here in Orgiva and surrounding area has become very popular in recent years. Clients now have a...

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Harmonising The Nervous System

The harmonising of our nervous system is crucial during the whole ascension or awakening process. The autonomic part of...

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Genius and the Move Away From Ignorance

Moving towards genius and away from ignorance in this lifetime is very much attainable by everyone! But first let’s...

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nasal breathing during exercisee

Nasal Breathing During Exercise

Before we can even contemplate nasal breathing during exercise we must move away from dysfunctional breathing patterns. For example,...

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Inadequacy Feelings and their Origin

The feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem are in epidemic proportions on our planet today. This energetic imprint takes...

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Resurrection – Reptilian Man integrates Spiritual Man

The process of the resurrection of the physical body intellectually is easy to comprehend once one integrates a certain...

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Psoas Muscles and Higher Consciousness

The Psoas Major muscles (there are 2) are deep and powerful hip flexors. These are the muscles of perception,...

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Male Ejaculation and The Sublimation of Sexual Energy

The male ejaculation is deeply misunderstood. Instead of following full body awareness and a deep knowing (second brain and...

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