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Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant (Great Arcanuum)

The location of the Ark of the Covenant is in the head. A very important “process” (in the physical)...

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Focus on the New Banking System Not Covid-19!!!

I urge people to focus on the New Banking System which is quietly coming into being behind the Fake...

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Focusing on the Breath

Since people insist on wearing masks everywhere I thought I would bring your attention to a few facts which...

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Expectation Leads to Disconnection from Natural Cycles

Somewhere inside of us, we are living in expectation. We are waiting for our lives to improve and finally,...

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Impatience and Natural Rhythms

Impatience happens because we disconnect ourselves from the natural rhythms and cycles of life. We function from the mind...

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Neuroplasticity and Recreating Self

Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity describes the ability of the brain to accommodate change throughout a person’s life. In the...

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Consciousness and Body Alignment

Consciousness is important in our lives. In this article I want to make the affects of consciousness on the...

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higher self

Higher Self and Our Three Fold Being

To understand the Higher or God Self it is necessary to know that our being is threefold in nature....

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A Summation

A summation of all I have learned in 15 years is so perfectly summed up in this following post...

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diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing Brings Peace

Diaphragmatic breathing is our natural breathing pattern. When we breath the body this way in every moment we have...

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